Friday, March 17, 2017

Look what McDonald's "accidentally" tweeted at Donald Trump.

Well hard to argue with that. Seems quite accurate to me.

I think I suddenly have a hankering for a Big Mac.

But wait....
Oh, and here I was all excited about the patriotism of our most famous fast food chain.

Personally I think that McDonald's stands to win more customers with that first tweet than with the second.

After all let's face it the typical Right Wing voter has the body fat index of your average hippopotamus. There is NO WAY they are going to be able to allow their indignation to interfere with their daily 6,000 plus caloric intake.

On the other hand the more discerning liberal palate can avoid fast food for sometimes years at a time.

Come on McDonald's, you know you meant that initial tweet, embrace your disgust, and allow America to embrace it right along with you.

(H/T to Mediaite.)


  1. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Hear hear, I second that!! add piss poor excuse of a ugly man. man boy boobs, short fingers, pea brain, tiny weenie, no gonads, lard ass, little man complex, lousy actor, chitty hair, and a nasty pos floating in the swamp waiting to be flushed.

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    McDonald's has some very interesting business practices. Did you all know that they have their own website for black people?

    It's real and it's really confusing to a lot of people.


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