Tuesday, March 07, 2017

New HUD Secretary, and apparent idiot savant, Ben Carson claims that slaves were really just immigrants who came here to "pursue prosperity and happiness."

Courtesy of CNN: 

Ben Carson appeared to liken slaves to immigrants who choose to come to the United States while addressing employees at the Department of Housing and Urban Development Monday.

"There were other immigrants who came in the bottom of slave ships, who worked even longer, even harder, for less, but they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land," said Carson, who is black. 

"And do you know of all the nations in the world, this one, the United States of America, is the only one big enough and great enough to allow all those people to realize their dream. And this is our opportunity to enhance that dream," he added.

Yep those silly old African immigrants all chained together for safety who came to this country to pursue their dreams of not being whipped to death or raped by their white masters.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson responded quickly on Twitter.
Later Carson tried to walk his remarks back:

I’m proud of the courage and perseverance of Black Americans and their incomprehensible struggle from slavery to freedom. I’m proud that our ancestors overcame the evil and repression that we know as slavery. 

The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and forced against their will after being sold into slavery by slave traders. 

The Immigrants made the choice to come to America. They saw this country as a land of opportunity. In contrast, slaves were forced here against their will and lost all their opportunities. We continue to live with that legacy. 

The two experiences should never be intertwined, nor forgotten, as we demand the necessary progress towards an America that's inclusive and provides access to equal opportunity for all. 

We should revel in the fact that although we got here through different routes, we have many things in common now that should unite us in our mission to have a land where there is liberty and justice for all. 

Dr. Ben Carson 
Secretary of HUD 

Nice try. However this is response cobbled together for damage control, while the initial statements were just off of the top of Carson's pointy head.

Which one do we think more accurately portrays his way of thinking?

Oh yeah, and there is also this.
Carson also famously suggested that the Egyptian pyramids were used to store grain, so his understanding of history in general seems to be suspect.

And these are the people who are now in charge of our country.


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  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    benny with Je$u$


    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      HRC with drumpfy


  3. Somewhere in his house, Ben must have thirty of the finest pieces of silver humanity ever saw.

    1. Anonymous1:30 PM

      That does not end well.....

  4. Anonymous11:42 AM

    "When it comes to reality (not to be confused with reality TV, alternative facts, or fake news), we can see first hand that Republican methods sound much better than they really are."


  5. Anonymous11:43 AM

    His noodles are scrambled and he was a brain surgeon? This fellow is a clown.

  6. Anonymous11:48 AM

    OT?" Filipino Freethinkers meet regularly for group discussions, with topics ranging from religion and politics to sex and dating."


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    I love the way Lewis Black described Ben Carson. I cannot believe ben has made it as far as he has in life. The guy is a complete idiot. How on earth could you take your love one or self to such a person that cannot use his own brain to communicate. What a dangerous dope, par for the trump insane course of deplorable lousy actors.

  8. Anonymous11:56 AM

    He's an idiot. No savant there.

  9. True story. I have a friend who is a retired psychologist with a PHD from University of Maryland - and is as liberal as she can be - who worked with Ben Carson at Johns Hopkins. She said that years ago he was as smart and outgoing and easy to work with. Then, about 10 years ago or so, something changed, flipped, circuited out, in any case, he became what we see now. Very strange, she said.

    1. Anonymous12:25 PM

      We really should have some type of requirement that our senior Administration officials get a Walter Reed Hospital full medical evaluation as part of the confirmation process...and of course, as part of the eligibility to run for POTUS.

    2. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Thanks. I'll believe this person. But if not for someone truly legit standing up for him, I'd have to think that this guy somehow managed to get through medical school and his surgeries were done half with luck. He is so freaking bizarre.

    3. Anonymous1:35 PM

      12:25-- When I first glanced at your post, I thought it said "Walter White full medical evaluation."

      Ahahaaaa, that one, Dr. Carson would probably pass with flying colors!

    4. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Yes, I have also heard that he was actually a pretty good and renown brain surgeon.
      No idea what went wrong and where and why.

    5. Anonymous9:32 PM

      No. He wasn't. His ego got in the way and he left quite a few families destroyed.l

  10. Anonymous12:23 PM

    This is the destruction of America that Bannon has had in his diseased mind all along. The only difference is he thought he could be Queen Sarah's Rasputin, getting her elected and controlling her- he didn't count on the fat orange fuck having so many mental problems and so many Russians ratfucking him.

    And President Bannon didn't count on the law, about which he clearly knows very little.

    If you have kids debating a career in law, encourage them to ignore family law and go where the real money is, because Bannon's breathtaking ignorance coupled with Trump's mental deficiency and the abject corruption of the GOP will keep the courts full for years.

  11. Anonymous12:32 PM

    The token black man in the Trump group - showing himself to be an idiot while trying to fit in w/the white crowd. He's betrayed himself, his history and our fellow Americans - the black folks. I'm embarrassed for him as a white person!

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM

      True, as a black man i completely disagree with most if not all of ben carson's stances. The man is a fucking idiot, i dont want him speaking for me.

  12. Anonymous12:33 PM

    'Carson’s public opinions have not always aligned with his famous credentials in medicine.'


  13. Anonymous12:38 PM

    "Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and forced against their will after being sold into slavery by slave traders". NO! FREE MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN were ripped from their families and their homes and forced against their will...

    AC from NJ

    1. Anonymous2:29 PM

      I see that you are believing all that fake liberal news again.


  14. Anonymous12:42 PM

    '...his words to HUD employees on Monday were nearly identical to those he has used over the past two decades.'


  15. Anonymous1:17 PM

    He's also just made a claim about drilling a hole in the head and inserting electrodes for memory that multiple sources are saying is false.

    1. Anonymous3:47 AM

      Did he do that to himself? Is that why his memory of the history of his own people is so skewed?

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    I don't see him staying head of HUD. No way can he handle it. My feeling has always been that Trump is glad to have him as a rare non-questioning black supporter and Trump will have other people in that office to do the hard work for Ben and make him look good (except when he talks off the cuff--no one can help there, but other people will handle the real work). So, Carson may actually stick around. But he doesn't know what the hell he's doing, and never will.

  18. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Paul Ryan Tells Kids And Disabled People He’s Doing Them A Favor By Killing Their Health Care

    ...Obamacare is not collapsing. This is the rationale that Republicans have created to justify taking away health care from millions of people.

    Speaker Ryan’s act of mercy involves taking away health care from millions of children and disabled Americans by ending the Medicaid expansion and capping federal Medicaid payments to the states.

    Medicaid currently provides health care for, “33 million children, 27 million adults (mostly in low-income working families), 6 million seniors, and 10 million persons with disabilities.”

    ...The “mercy killing” that Speaker Ryan is performing involves throwing millions of children and disabled people off of health care. Many of these people won’t be able to get insurance, so they will join TrumpCare’s growing masses of uninsured in America.

    Paul Ryan isn’t performing a mercy killing. He is attacking some of the most vulnerable people in America society, and if he is successful, his effort could prove fatal for millions of Americans.


    TrumpCare Gives A Tax Cut To The Wealthy While Gutting Vaccinations For Children

    Buried in the Republican Obamacare replacement bill is a gutting federal funding for childhood vaccinations that would be an unprecedented and dangerous attack on America's kids to pay for tax cuts for the rich.

    ...Where is this $20 billion going?

    It is going to used to help offset the loss of revenue that will be caused by the Republican repeal of Obamacare’s taxes on the wealthy.

    Children are going to get sicker, and childhood diseases that we long assumed were virtually eradicated from the United States will make a comeback, because there will be less federal money to vaccinate kids.

    The wealthy get a tax cut while children get sick and possibly die.

    Welcome to Paul Ryan and Donald Trump’s version of making America great again.


    Trump and Ryan Face Humiliating Defeat As GOP Obamacare Replacement Opposition Avalanches

    The White House is trying to defend Paul Ryan's Obamacare replacement bill, but they may be too late as the GOP opposition to the House bill has grown into an avalanche.


    1. Anonymous1:59 PM

      The GOP health bill doesn’t know what problem it’s trying to solve:


  19. Anonymous1:38 PM

    The Trump administration sent HHS Secretary Tom Price out to promote the House Republican Obamacare replacement bill, and when he was asked by reporters if the Republican plan took health care away from millions of people, Price dodged the question.

    ...The HHS Secretary answered, “What I can say is that the goal and the desire on the Hill is to make certain that this does not increase the cost to the federal government.”

    Price ignored the other half of the question, which concerned millions of people losing their health care, which said everything that the American people need to know.

    Leaving out the part of the Republican plan where millions lose their health insurance is a devious act.

    Republicans are doing their best to bury the reality that the increasingly doomed looking ACA replacement coming from the House will take health insurance and health care away from 20-40 million Americans.

    They are hoping that the American people won’t notice that their health insurance is gone.

    What Republicans are trying to pull isn’t just bad public policy, it is an unspoken act of cold, compassionless, evil.


    1. Anonymous2:08 PM

      What assholes! Vote every Republican you can out of office in the next election cycle....assuredly the ones in Congress that will be up for reelection!

      I cannot print the words I want to here to describe them and their awful actions!

      But, I know one thing! They do NOT represent the majority of the folks that put them in office.

      Americans DO want health insurance for themselves and their families and NOT at higher costs. The Republicans are making The Affordable Care Act far worse than it is....it truly wasn't and isn't as awful as they have been indicating for the past nine years! I've used it and it's helped me immensely.

      The Republican plan is to charge more for preexisting conditions - and make it more difficult to obtain the medical coverage for a person w/a pre existing condition. People see right through them!

      The Republican party sucks big time....on the national, state and local levels. Get rid of them voters!

    2. Anonymous2:24 PM

      A few things we can be sure of with the GOP so-alled health care plan: 1) in the end it will be much more expensive, 2) it will exclude more people than it will include, 3) only the insurance companies and possibly some very rich doctors will benefit, and 4) it will be disastrous.

      Whenever the GOP has control, there is mayhem and then Democrats get elected to fix the mess that's been made by the other party. Why can't Americans learn?

    3. Anonymous3:43 PM

      That's a very good question, Beaglemom, but they won't until it hits them where it hurts. In the pocketbook, and it's coming.

    4. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Hey, Beaglemom, I wonder when FMLA will hit the chopping block???

  20. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Leave it to Trump to find an Uncle Tom to hire as his token black cabinet member.

  21. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Black women (2) shuffle Andrea out>

  22. Anonymous2:24 PM

    How can he be so ignorant about his very own heritage? Does he think he's white now? And why are his lips so pink? Did he have them treated instead of his whole body?

    1. I think that it is a systemic problem from his residency in neurosurgery.

      He operated on his own 'brain'.

    2. abbafan6:58 AM

      "He operated on his own 'brain'; translates to, "he excised a wart off of his ass"!!

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    Al Franken Accuses Jeff Sessions Of Perjury As Russia Scandal Roars Back To Bite Trump

    ...Sen. Franken (D-MN) said, “He answered a question that he asked himself, which is, did I meet with any Russians? And he answered it falsely. He said no. I hadn’t. Listen, I’ve been cutting him a lot of slack. I’ve been refusing to say that he lied. I wanted to wait for this letter to come out. It’s hard to come to any other conclusion that he just perjured himself.”

    Even when the White House tries to change the subject, and they have been trying to change the subject for two days now, the subject always eventually returns to Russia.

    It is plain as day to anyone who isn’t looking at Sessions’ answer through a deeply partisan lens that Attorney General made a false statement and perjured himself. So far, Senate Republicans have been protecting their former colleague, but there is only so much protection that they can offer for so long.

    A United States Senator just accused of the Attorney General of the United States of perjury.

    In any other time, this would be at the top of the headlines, but the Trump administration has so many scandals going on that the belief Jeff Sessions perjured himself is a subplot in a bigger thread.

    The Attorney General lied under oath, which is why if the American people are going to get answers on the Trump/Russia scandal, the nation needs a special prosecutor.


  25. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Blow Hard Jobs:

  26. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Donald Trump campaign signed off on adviser Carter Page’s trip to Moscow during campaign

    Page vindicated after Trump campaign tries to throw him under the bus

    ...And yet we now have confirmation that when Carter Page traveled to Moscow to give a pro-Russia speech in August of 2016, the Donald Trump campaign did sign off on it in advance, thanks to this new report from Politico. Gordon advised him not to go, but Corey Lewandowski – who was running the campaign at the time – approved the trip on the condition that he not officially do so as an adviser. And as we’ve previously reported, despite the campaign’s denials, it was Sessions who first introduced Page to Donald Trump.

    These developments make the enigmatic Carter Page look incrementally more credible, and the Trump campaign look like it’s merely trying to scapegoat him, as he prepares to testify about the Trump-Russia scandal before the Senate Intel Committee. And crucially, J.D. Gordon is backing up Page’s assertion that Trump himself was behind the platform change.


    Donald Trump met Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during campaign, greeted him warmly

    This destroys Trump’s plea of ignorance

    ...The Trump campaign invited Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to attend Donald Trump’s very first foreign policy speech – the one in which he first laid out his ‘kiss Russia’s ass for no good reason’ doctrine – back in April of 2016. Before the speech there was a backstage reception which was attended by Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Kislyak. Politico has confirmed as much. Further, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed that both Trump and Sessions met Kislyak during that reception, and that Trump greeted the Ambassador “warmly.”

    This blows apart Donald Trump’s premise that he wasn’t aware of any contact between his campaign and the Russian government, because he himself met and embraced the Russian Ambassador nearly a year ago. It also means Trump was present for at least one of the instances in which Jeff Sessions met the Russian Ambassador, destroying Trump’s assertion that he didn’t know Sessions had met with Kislyak.


  27. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Did the rethug troglydites rush to Wikipedia to rewrite history like they did after Sarah the quitter Palin's mangling of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere??

  28. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Read that walk back paragraph outloud. Carson (or as SLJackson and I prefer,
    "That idiot muthafucka") thinks he is white! Black Americans = 3rd Person, which is followed by "Our ancestors" =first person plural. Ol' Benny thinks he's passing. Nope. Not as a white person or any sort of intelligent human. Benny is just pure stupid shit.

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Uncle Tom.

  29. Anonymous5:37 PM

    In his creepiest voice Dopey tries to rewrite history,to people of his own race,no less.

  30. I question whether Carson had anything to do with the composition of the second statement. I think someone else wrote it and he just slapped his name on it.

  31. ericafromdallas12:00 AM

    Remember Carson said he stabbed his brother but didnt pierce his skin because it hit his brother's belt. That is normal. Didnt Carson say he prayed his demons away?


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