Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New watchdog groups forms just to keep an eye on the Trump Administration.

Courtesy of The Hill: 

A former State Department lawyer and the founder of another Washington watchdog group have joined forces to form an organization they say will serve as a check on the Trump administration. 

American Oversight will primarily use litigation and open records laws to “uncover and publicize information about malfeasance and corruption by administration officials,” it said in a release announcing its creation on Monday. 

 “Congress has abdicated its constitutionally mandated oversight responsibilities of the executive branch — from failing to vet individuals before they take office to explicitly refusing to investigate conflicts of interest and misconduct,” the announcement says. While key figures in the group have ties to Democrats, American Oversight bills itself as non-partisan. 

Austin Evers, who most recently served as a senior counsel at the State Department, will lead the non-profit and Melanie Sloan, who founded Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, will be working as a senior adviser. She served as executive director of CREW for more than a decade and left in 2014 after David Brock was elected to the board of directors.

Yeah I think we need all the help we can get with this cadre of criminals.

Though personally I would like to see dozens of organizations like this form. 

With enough pressure, and enough exposure, we just might be able to hold the damage done to the country to a minimum.

Read more about American Oversight here.


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      {RT}Ed $hultz

  2. I like it. The more organizations the better. Trump cannot dodge them all.

    I can see why Austin Evers may not have clicked with David Brock.

  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Boy they sure are going to be busy!!!

  4. This is the best news since November 8

  5. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Little Mikie sure was busy, wonder what other mischief he was into?

    Payoff! Debunked Benghaaazi FBI Agent Was Paid By Flynn

    Rachel Maddow reports on how the documents filed by disgraced former Trump national security adviser Mike Flynn to declare himself a foreign agent lobbying on behalf of the interests of Turkey also show Flynn making payments to an FBI official at the center of a Fox News-hyped Clinton e-mail scandal that was ultimately debunked.

    Fox News covered for three solid days in October the "cover up" of Hillary's emails, and there was so much Fox coverage that "real" media had to cover it. Once that happened, the story quickly dissolved, though not within the Fox News bubble.

    And it turns out the FBI agent at the heart of the story was receiving payments as a "consultant" from Michael Flynn. Talking Points Memo:

    A recently retired FBI agent, Brian McCauley, was the fact witness at the center of yet another Clinton email 'scandal' which broke about three weeks before the November 2016 election. This was the 'quid pro quo' story about email classification which broke in mid-October. It turns out that about two weeks before that story came out, McCauley had been placed on retainer by Trump advisor Michael Flynn, a retainer/consultancy agreement which eventually totaled $28,000.

    The fees were for research tied to Flynn's foreign agent advocacy on behalf of the Republic of Turkey
    Can't wait to hear Mrs. Greenspan's full hour-long apology to Hillary Clinton.
    ... pic.twitter.com/Celalhc80C
    — Nicolas Roose (@Rooseken) February 17, 2017


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    Kuddos for any person or group that is brave enough to step into this hornet's nest of deceit/treason/etc. to hold these weasels' feet to the fire. Every hour of need throws up hero, in this case, heroes.

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      THAT^^ Is Telling. Now this>

  8. @Conga110:34 AM

    Hi! It's been a little while. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for the news of American Oversight above. Always good to hear of another watchdog group. Would like to recommend a post from DALLASNEWS Commentary "What you -- yes, you -- can do to save America from tyranny" I read at least some of my print out of it almost every day. http://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2016/11/21/learning-history-can-save-america-tyranny It's also on Pocket if you Google the title.
    Want to add my two cents about the oxymoron of the AHCA. It's not American. It's not haelthy. It's not care. It IS, however, a despicable act. My Lord, 14 million to lose health insurance by 2018? And we know at least some of them will die prematurely as an effect. Paul Ryan and his ilk are committing premeditated murder if this horrible act is passed.

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      AHCA vs ACA, very easy to mix them up, the trump morons won't know which plan they are talking about.

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    A private law group seems to be the only way that anything in this admin can be investigated, since the BFF of Putin is firing anyone and everyone who is in the Federal Government and might be going against him.
    Kudos to those guys, and I hope that more people will join them. (Like that Preet Bharara (sp?) !)

    1. Anonymous1:34 PM

      Sounding more and more like the tribes in general, come back tomorrow, signature to push through payments,...the new White House. Chaos from day one.

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    Talk about bugging, plagerizing, cheating, alternative facts omg all these corporate, sarah, the con, flynn, ...using alternative servers, countries, emails, facts, ....
    Hey Hills was just the same as them swamp dwellers, all of them, and the swamp dwellers judged Hills so bad so often!!! Just a pile of sh#t in the WH!

  12. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Wow the prez is looney, he didnt mesn wiretaps. But typed it.

  13. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Stupid ec gave us the dumbest guy. They should rot in hll.

  14. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Just think there are 46 prosecutors out there looking for work !!!

  15. We can't just watch Trump.

    There needs to be a watchdog for every plutocrat in his putrid cabinet.


    Tillerson used an alias e-mail to discuss climate change at Exxon with other executives, also hiding their identities.

    It's unknown if those e-mails will be produced or if they were purged by Exxon.

    If only there were a stronger word than CORRUPT!

    We are sinking from flawed Democracy to failed Democracy.


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