Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I think that once Donald Trump has lost the support of Matt Drudge it's really only downhill from there.

Courtesy of Mediaite:  

Drudge Report founder Matt Drudge emerged on Twitter on Tuesday in order to blast congressional Republicans for not doing more for tax reform. 

In recent weeks, Drudge has aired his anger at the GOP for not doing enough to cut taxes and come up with a suitable replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Today, Drudge appeared yet again, and he seemed to say blast the lack of momentum on legislation to help President Trump lower tax rates.

You know it might be illegal to be enjoying this as much as I am. Especially in Donald Trump's America.

Matt Drudge, along with Alex Jones, was an early Trump supporter, pushing conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda out as fast as he could find it or simply make it up.

And now, much like the Russians, he is confronted with the reality of the creature he helped to create.

Of course in Drudge's case the creature is simply not monstrous enough for his liking.


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    Monica Crowley
    "is now lobbying on behalf of a Ukrainian oligarch who has recently advocated greater concessions to the Russian government, according to newly filed documents.
    Monica Crowley told the Justice Department's National Security Division that she will represent billionaire Victor Pinchuk in discussions with U.S. government officials “and other policy makers” regarding “issues of concern to Mr. Pinchuk.”Trump labeled Pinchuk’s financial support for the Clinton Foundation “crooked.” But Pinchuk also had financial ties to Trump himself, and they raised red flags among charity watchers concerned that Trump was drawing funds from his tax-exempt foundation."

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  3. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Monica Crowley, who nearly joined Trump White House, registers as pro-Kremlin foreign agent

    Crowley would have been Michael Flynn’s deputy

    ...According to her official filing on the U.S. government website, Monica Crowley will now be acting as a foreign agent of Viktor Pinchuk, a businessman in Ukraine. If you take a look at Pinchuk’s recent history you’ll find that he’s been a leading voice in his nation for essentially handing things over to Russia and the Kremlin (source: Wall Street Journal). This is remarkable, considering the controversy now surrounding Donald Trump over his decision to remove a pro-Ukraine plank from the Republican Party platform at the Kremlin’s urging, even as the Kremlin was rigging the election for him – and then he nearly hired Crowley, who now officially works for a pro-Kremlin political figure.

    One thing to note here is that while Michael Flynn is retroactively filing as a foreign agent for money he now admits he took during the campaign, Monica Crowley’s filing indicates that her work as a paid foreign agent is just beginning now.


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    ...Political capital is defined for a president by his approval rating, which in turn is defined by how the middle views him. And at a time when Donald Trump desperately needs to find a way to sound presidential, he’s instead hitting them with a conspiracy theory about a popular former president that’s so absurd on its face, they don’t even need any political knowledge to inherently understand that it’s offensively and unnervingly false – and that Trump is either shamefully lying or he’s nuts.


  5. Anonymous1:19 PM

    "I said it wouldn't be that bad. See, I was right. Why do we spend so much money when I'm smarter than all the scientists." POTUS on snow.

    POTUS suggesting that there may need to be a bigger Secret Service contingent for Mar-a-Lago visits, in light of last weekend's breach.

    POTUS angry that AHCA bill imploding. Blames Priebus for not managing Ryan well enough. Wants to start forming contingency plans.


    1. Anonymous11:09 AM

      I simply cannot picture Donald Trump as "POTUS." That acronym belongs to President Obama, especially in light of the video showing Josh Earnest's very little boy in Halloween duds, after a brief conversation with the president - at small child level - saying to his father: "That was POTUS!"

  6. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Silly Matt thought they meant REAL tax cuts, not just a transfer of tax cut benefits from poor-middle class people (who then spend the money to boost the economy) to wealthy people, who hoard it ad offshore it. Silly, silly Matt.

    1. Anonymous3:33 AM

      Somehow I do not really think that "Drudge" wanted tax cuts that would benefit poor or even middle class people. "Drudge" has never espoused anything that could remotely be called altruistic or politically liberal.

  7. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Oxford Fellow GLORIOUSLY Buries Trump For Trying To Discredit CBO Report On Trumpcare


  8. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Trump Just Had The Most AWKWARD Moment With Saudi Crown Prince, HUMILIATES Himself (VIDEO)

    Earlier today, Trump met with Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and pretty much ruined the meeting by trying to impress the prince. Desperate for approval and a good first impression, Trump decided to make a sarcastic remark and throw the press under the bus, and he humiliated himself when it failed to have the desired effect.


    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Donald looked ready to cry,and he seemed to be gasping for air.

  9. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Texas GOPer Angrily Demands Voter ‘SHUT UP’ When He Complains About Violence Against Women (VIDEO)

    ...Barton says he voted against the bill because he believes violence targeting women — which happens literally everywhere — is a “state issue, not a federal issue.”

    His audience was not pleased. The crowd responded with a chrous of boos. “Violence against women, that’s a national issue!” one person yelled in response. “That’s an issue that impacts everyone everywhere, not only in this country, but everywhere!”

    But Barton wasn’t done. Pointing his finger at the man who had the audacity to suggest that he take a moment to care about women, he demanded:

    “You, sir, shut up.”

    “You don’t tell anybody to shut up!” the man shouted back. “You work for us!”

    Close to 1,000 people attended the town hall. It’s safe to say that most of them left knowing for whom they are not voting in the next election. Watch it below:


  10. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Until today I didn't even realize that Drudge was still around.

  11. Anonymous3:06 PM

    What are they talking about, their healthcare bill is one giant tax cut for the rich !!

    Do they mean tax cuts for the middle class? no can do, there won't be any tax revenue coming in if they cut middle class taxes, we are the only ones left stupid to pay.

  12. So Drudge regrets his vote because Trump isn't doing enough.

    This guy also regrets his vote for the same reason. But totally opposite than what you'd expect.


    He expected Trump to do MORE to help people and provide healthcare. Tsk tsk. How very gullible.

    In the end, a lot of Trumpsters are going to regret their votes for a lot of different reasons. But they'll all turn on him.

    Poor Trumpy McTrumpface. Time for another "Victory Tour."

    1. Anonymous3:40 AM

      Ah yes, mlaiuppa. Not too long ago many here were disparaged on this very blog by a person claiming education made us stupid. Oh REALLY? It's hard to sit back quietly as this all unfolds and, as their world crumbles beneath them, not say "I told you so."


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