Saturday, March 25, 2017

So why is Donald Trump's favorite tabloid, the National Enquirer, suddenly throwing Michael Flynn under the bus?

Inside the tabloid you see this:

The Enquirer claims that their source for this accusation is in the White House.

In the past the Enquirer has had seemingly unfettered access to Donald Trump, who by the way is also in the White House.

I'm just saying.

So exactly what has happened that would convince the White House to scapegoat Michael Flynn?

Well, it might have something to do with this:

Former Central Intelligence Agency Director James Woolsey told CNN Friday that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn met with representatives of the Turkish government in 2016 and discussed potential ways to send a foe of Turkey's president back to face charges in that country. 

As a representative of his consulting firm, Flynn Intel Group, Flynn met with senior representatives of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government in September 2016, Woolsey said. Woolsey was a Trump campaign adviser at the time and attended the meeting, but said he arrived after it was already well underway. 

Woolsey claims that those present discussed sending Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim leader who Erdogan has accused of being behind a failed military coup to overthrow him, back to Turkey to face charges -- possibly outside the legal US extradition system. 

"What I saw and heard was sort of the end of the conversation -- it's not entirely clear what transpired because of that," Woolsey said on "CNN Tonight" with Don Lemon. "But it looks as if there was at least some strong suggestion by one or more of the Americans present at the meeting that we would be able, the United States would be able, through them, to be able to get hold of Gulen, the rival for Turkey's political situation."

Yeah, that's pretty troubling. And when added to the fact that there are transcripts of conversations that Flynn had  a Russian ambassador, and that he was paid by Russian-related entities, I guess Trump might be thinking he needs to cut Flynn lose before things get traced back to him.

OR, it could be because of this:
Oooh, the plot thickens.


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Conspiracy to kidnap is a crime. Flynn is going down for the count.

    If they prove treason against a three star general Flynn will do many years of hard time.

    Flynn must be hoping for a pardon before Trump is impeached.

    Flynn lead chants of "lock her up". Hillary should start chanting "lock him up"

    1. Anonymous2:41 PM

      Yeah, a deal? Why should he get a deal?
      Lock the POS up and throw away the key!

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    National Enquirer? That's so below you. No,wait I've seen this before. Do you pass your read copy to Donald or visa versa?

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      John Edwards laughed at National Enquirer stories until ....

    2. Anonymous4:04 AM

      Trump and the National Enquirer owner are friends. This story was clearly a plant by a very desperate Trump White House.

  3. They need to discredit Michael Flynn and at the same time deflect all of the blame on to him.

    It's misdirection. This administration does it all the time.

    You're busy chasing Michael Flynn while Devin Nunes is fleeing his Uber.

    1. Anonymous10:43 PM

      1. Flynn registered as a foreign agent on behalf of Turkey after the fact of being removed from his post of NS Advisor, essentially admitting to felonies.
      2. Of the 4 listed Trump advisors commonly thought to be on the FBI's radar, Flynn is the only one not to volunteer to appear before Nunes' committee to cover for Trump. I believe he has cut a deal with the FBI to flip on Trump to save his own ass!

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I think Michael Flynn has already cut a deal with the FBI against Donald Trump

    There are times in every political journalist’s life when, based on limited and circumstantial evidence, he thinks he’s figured something out. For me, this is one of those times. I don’t have an inside source on this, just a pretty good gut feeling and some publicly known facts I can point to. So I’ll go ahead and make my case for why I think Michael Flynn has already cut a deal with the FBI against Donald Trump.

    Michael Flynn tried to pay fellow Donald Trump adviser to commit crime on U.S. soil on Turkey’s behalf

    Flynn was even more of a criminal than you imagined

  5. Anonymous2:53 PM

    So, is this the publication of choice that Trump's supporters pick up at the grocery stores in their towns?

    I've seen folks actually hide them in their carts so other shoppers don't see what they read.

    I've always heard it was a pretty tacky publication full of gossip. Didn't realize it covered politics too. Or, is it something the publication just started covering since Trump went to the White House (and his other locations?)

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Nope. It had our Sarah's affair with Brad Hanson and it had Todd's affair with his prostitute. Shailey Tripp

  6. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Trump "catches" White House Russian spy? Try being in collusion for years. Of course Pecker is going to make them print that title - they've been close friends for years.

  7. Haven't seen hardly anything about Flynn's doings nor whereabouts. But here is "The fall of Michael Flynn: A timeline"

  8. Anonymous3:21 PM

    And so the losers and liars club continues. and around the nation are rally's for the losers and liars to show their loyalty to ignorance and lack of mental health care like good scientologist falling off the 7 mountain's. What a bunch of idiots.

  9. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Yep -- agree with all your points.

  10. Anonymous3:45 PM

    My DC attorney daughter tells me rumors are all over the Hill that Flynn has cut a deal with the FBI and has flipped on the Trump Junta, ready to talk about the Trump-Russia connection.

    Apparently several calls have been made to some VERY high-powered DC defense attorneys.

    I love it when assholes get what's coming to them.

    1. Anonymous4:03 AM

      Thanks for the info. It is so hard for me, at my age, to think that such a crime should be unfolding in this country. For almost all of the twentieth century, communism and Russia were the chief bugaboos of the GOP. Their embrace of Russia once the rich oligarchs (and Putin is one of the richest now) took over in the vacuum left by the end of the old regime, is something that I simply cannot comprehend. I guess it means that the modern GOP is only obsessed with wealth, so they are willing to jettison everything that has made this country matter. No more wrapping themselves in the American flag, now they want to wrap themselves in the Russian flag. The fact that GOP members of Congress, especially those on the intelligence committees, seem incapable of outrage is simply astounding.

  11. Anonymous3:47 PM

    WATCH: David Corn eviscerates ‘dimwit’ Devin Nunes for his ‘bizarre’ handling of Trump investigation

    ...Speaking with MSNBC host Joy Reid, Mother Jones editor David Corn explained that he was stunned earlier in the week when Nunes told him he was unfamiliar with Trump confidantes Roger Stone and Carter Page — both of whom are under investigation.

    “You know, every once in a while you end up as a reporter, you ask a question, you get an answer and you’re flabbergasted,” a laughing Corn explained. “I was stunned. There was no logical explanation.”

    Corn then made a stab at explaining.

    “Either he’s a dimwit who hasn’t read a single story about the matter he’s supposed to be vetting or he has some brain disease and can’t remember or he was lying to me,” Corn remarked. “Those are the only options I can think of. It was a bizarre moment and you’re right, we could spend the next hour talking about all the weird things and bizarre things he did this week from cancelling hearings to coming forward with incomplete information to rushing to Trump.”

    “It is a breakdown, and I say this to be serious,” he continued. “It’s the breakdown of the Congressional intelligence oversight process and the only reason we let the Executive Branch do secret work in terms of espionage, counterintelligence, counter-terrorism is because they’ve overseen by the Legislative Branch. And Devin Nunes just showed this week that there is a complete breakdown in that process.”

    Watch the video below via MSNBC:

  12. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Don’t Forget—Trump’s Biggest Problem Is Still Russia

    The lies of Trumpworld are coming home to roost, and the walls are starting to close in.

    The more new information surfaces, the more inescapable it seems that “associates” of Donald J. Trump, when he was a candidate for president, coordinated with Russian operatives or their cutouts to coordinate the release of information damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s not just the Occam’s Razor explanation for the weird web of connections among Trump, his family, and people either connected to or from Russia. It’s the gist of the FBI investigation that has made the 45th president unique in American history; a bizarre combination of Dick Nixon and Alger Hiss.

    FBI director James Comey confirmed the investigation in an open congressional hearing this week. He and the director of the NSA went on to confirm, and to reiterate multiple times to resistant Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee, that the purpose of the Russian intervention in our 2016 election was to help Donald Trump; not just for the kicks of posting fake news on Reddit, Facebook and 4Chan.

    The FBI is also believed to be investigating at least four men associated with the Trump campaign: longtime Trump whisperer Roger Stone, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort (who is now under multiple investigations; including potential money laundering related to shady dealings in both Ukraine and Cyprus), and Trump national security advisers Michael Flynn and Carter Page.

    These are either a series of incredible coincidences, or they’re evidence of a fairly large plot by a group of Americans to collude with a hostile foreign power to tip a U.S. election in their favor. It’s a modern-day Watergate break-in layered over with what historian Douglas Brinkley has called the “smell of treason.”

    Donald Trump’s attempt to throw the media off this bombshell story by posting a tweetstorm of lies, alleging a fictional plot by former president Obama to wiretap Trump Tower, bore some fruit this week. Much of the media reliably ran down the rabbit hole of “did he or didn’t he” regarding Obama, and Trump’s minions in the House of Representatives, led by Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, led Republican committee members in a chorus of obfuscation, attempting to shift the focus of the hearing from potential collusion by Trump campaign officials with Russia to the evils of leaks. A rather intriguing exception was Miami Republican Ileana Ros Lehtinen. She’s a close ally of one John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, the former Florida governor and Trump opponent who is thought to have a connection to the person who paid for that infamous Christopher Steel dossier. Jeb’s father, in addition to being a former president of the United States, is also a former head of the CIA; just to add to the almost graphic novel-quality intrigue of Russiagate.)

    Nunes compounded the “change the narrative” plot late this week by turning himself from the chief investigator of the White House into its errand boy, This week, he rushed out to cameras claiming to have seen evidence that Trump’s transition team (of which he was a member) was surveilled. Nunes fairly boasted that before his media avail, he’d invited himself to the White House to share that information with the president—in other words, with the potential target of an FBI investigation. But by dropping yet another grenade into the insane Russiagate narrative, Nunes blew up his committee’s credibility along with his own. Days later, he couldn’t even stand by his bombshell assertion that he now knew for sure that the Obama era intelligence community wiretapped Team Trump.

    Despite Nunes’s pitiful subjugation of himself and his committee to the interests of an epically scandalized White House—the ruse has been a failure.

    The White House’s desperate attempts to disown him notwithstanding,

  13. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Bill Maher Mocks Republicans’ Health Care Fail: ‘This Looks Bad for Trump’

    The ‘Real Time’ host did not mince words when discussing the GOP’s failed bid to replace the Affordable Care Act.

    “In the last version they had cut hospitalization, doctor visits, maternity, mental health, lab tests, prescriptions, emergency room visits. Their version of health care was: if you like your doctor, go fuck yourself.”

  14. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Trump’s Keystone plan: 35 jobs for America, millions of dollars to Russian oligarchs

    Donald Trump's arguments for the Keystone XL pipeline, whether based on employment or energy, all fail to withstand scrutiny. And in fact, the only people who stand to benefit from the project are his friends in Russia

    Long thought to be dead after its rejection by the Obama administration, TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline project has been resurrected under Donald Trump.

    The project, which will link the oil-producing tar sands in Canada with oil refineries in Texas, officially received approval this week:

    1. Anonymous3:55 AM

      That ration (35 US jobs to millions for Russian oligarchs) seems to be about how Trump views "Make America Great Again." Pretty scary for the rest of us though.

  15. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Donald Trump's presidency could be finished by Russia investigations, former NSA analyst says

    'The administration isn’t getting away from this story'

    John Schindler, a security expert and former counterintelligence officer, said that if the US President was to face an indictment over allegations his campaign team colluded with Russia to disrupt the presidential election, it could put an end to his presidency.

    Speaking to CBC radio, Mr Schindler said: “If, not just people around him, but the president himself is facing possible indictment down the road, that could be a game changer. He could be removed from office for that, whether he wants to be or not."

  16. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Donald Trump is ‘He Who Must Not Be Named’ at UN climate change meeting

    Delegates seem reluctant to say the US President's name, much like Harry Potter avoided saying Voldemort

  17. Comey sneaked over to the WH a couple of days ago. He probably old Trump Flynn flipped on him. Thus, Trump's Enquirer buddy gave him some helpful ink.

  18. Anonymous4:51 PM

    UPDATED: RussiaGate blows WIDE OPEN in Abramson report

    In a stunning tweetstorm this evening, columnist and reporter Seth Abramson (Huffington Post, Dallas Morning News, Seattle Times, Washington Post) laid out all the details on the Russia-Trump connection. And folks, if true this is impeachment territory, and imprisonment territory, for the highest officials in the United States.

    1. Anonymous5:02 PM

      The plot to sell America's foreign policy for foreign oil _and_ steal an election in the bargain began at the Mayflower Hotel.

      Flynn And Nunes Met With Turkish Officials In Jan. How Many Dots Are There?!

      Washington Post Calls For House Investigation To Be Stopped, Nunes To Be Investigated.

  19. Anonymous5:11 PM

    You guys, everyone keeps focusing on Russia -- but do you notice how often Turkey is coming up? Hmmm.

    1. Anonymous6:07 PM

      Sure do!

  20. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Read "Winter is Coming" by Gary Kasparov.

    VERY scary and, so far, a spot-on description of the Trump Junta's approach to Russia.

  21. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Oh boris darling can you give me real conjob? Me think you so cute with lying eyes shifting back and forth. Oh yes trump and pooty will reward you with job and cash to pay your debts.

  22. Anonymous3:52 AM

    Ahh, so Trump caught the spy! Wow! Over the last couple of days I've been wondering who hired Manafort to be the head of the campaign? His political experience up to 2016 seem to be all centered in Putin's own sphere of influence, former Soviet states. Obviously Trump at least approved his having the top position in the campaign. No, National Enquirer, Trump is in it up to his neck.

    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Trump's family is implicated also, especially Ivanka and Jared Kushner, as being reliable decision makers for Trump.

  23. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Anybody else wondering where the hell Ghouliani is? He's been mysteriously quiet lately...I wonder why...::tapping cheek::


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