Tuesday, March 28, 2017

So why is the Trump administration so afraid of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates?

Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

The Trump administration sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying to Congress in the House investigation of links between Russian officials and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, The Washington Post has learned, a position that is likely to further anger Democrats who have accused Republicans of trying to damage the inquiry. 

According to letters The Post reviewed, the Justice Department notified Yates earlier this month that the administration considers a great deal of her possible testimony to be barred from discussion in a congressional hearing because the topics are covered by the presidential communication privilege.Yates and other former intelligence officials had been asked to testify before the House Intelligence Committee this week, a hearing that was abruptly canceled by the panel’s chairman, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). 

Yates was the deputy attorney general in the final years of the Obama administration, and served as the acting attorney general in the first days of the Trump administration.

Well gee that seems suspicious.

Why would the Trump administration not want the American people to hear what Sally Yates had to say?  

Yates and another witness at the planned hearing, former CIA director John Brennan, had made clear to government officials by Thursday that their testimony to the committee probably would contradict some statements that White House officials had made, according to a person familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The following day, when Yates’s lawyer sent a letter to the White House indicating that she still wanted to testify, the hearing was canceled.


For their part the White House is denying all of this.

Courtesy of TPM: 

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, in an emailed statement to TPM, called the Post’s story “entirely false.” 

“The White House has taken no action to prevent Sally Yates from testifying and the Department of Justice specifically told her that it would not stop her and to suggest otherwise is completely irresponsible,” he continued.

And boy we know how dedicated to the truth old Spicey is, don't we? 

Okay well now I want to hear what Yates has to say more than ever.

Time to start applying the pressure.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    You can bet Trump wouldn't hesitate hitting the first ball at the PGA Championship

    By Associated Press
    March 28 at 3:29 PM

    WASHINGTON — The Washington Nationals say President Donald Trump has declined an invitation to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before their game on opening day.

    President Barack Obama threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Nationals’ opener in 2010, marking the 100th anniversary of a presidential pitch to start the season. William Howard Taft first did it on April 14, 1910.


    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Remember the Chris Christie NYPD baseball uniform pic? Imagine HIM. I

    2. Anonymous4:59 PM

      He knows that at this point he'd get booed out of the stadium....He's bound to get better reception at one of his 'stroke my ego' rallies...

    3. Anonymous3:24 AM

      He would rather be screwing the American taxpayer with another needless trip to FL, besides he wouldn’t be able to hide his fat ass in the uniform.

      Also baseball isn't popular in russia.

  2. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Another prominent Russian apparently just bit the dust.........the 11th suspicious death possibly linked to the Trump-Russia scandal. And you know what? Trump is a narcissist, so he probably doesn't even feel a twinge of remorse/guilt/sadness for these people. If he has done what he is suspected of doing, he needs to go to prison for a very long time.

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Nikolai Volkov reportedly murdered, eleventh prominent Russian to die during Trump-Russia scandal

      Yet another Russian body has dropped

      An official for the Russian Interior Ministry has reportedly been shot and killed in Moscow, which would make him the eleventh prominent Russian to die under suspicious circumstances since the beginning of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. Radio Free Europe is reporting that the Interfax news agency believes Nikolai Volkov was just murdered. Russian state police are labeling it a robbery, but they have a history of falsely blaming political murders on non-political circumstances.

      Volkov worked for Vladimir Putin but is not known to have any ties to Donald Trump. However his murder stands out in that ten other prominent Russians have died since the Trump-Russia scandal began. Volkov’s death comes just five days after the murder of a fellow Russian political figure, Denis Voronenkov, who had fled to Ukraine (link) and who would have been a star witness if Ukraine succeeds in its attempt at putting former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on trial for his role in propping up Kremlin puppet Viktor Yanukovych.

      This also comes just seven days after a Russian dissident was propelled from a fourth story window just as he was about to testify in a trial which would have cost Putin money (link). Incredibly, he survived.

      The latest prominent dead Russian, Nikolai Volkov, is not to be confused with Yugoslavian-born Josip Peruzović, who performed as a popular pro wrestler in the United States under the fictional stage name “Nikolai Volkoff.” You can read more details about the real Volkov’s reported murder from Radio Free Europe (link). We’ve also previously published a roundup of the first nine prominent Russians who have died during Trump-Russia (link). Voronenkov was the tenth, and Volkov is apparently the eleventh.


      It's only a matter before an American witness is taken out.

    2. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Using the internet will bring them down!
      The GUN - global underground network is laughing out loud at the latest US 'skit'. Shrug. It will be EPIC when they 'dump' data and the oligarchs squirm.

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Washington Post
    Nearly 1 out of every 3 days he has been president, Trump has visited a Trump property

    By Philip Bump March 26

    For the eighth weekend in a row, President Trump has visited a property that bears his name. He has done so on 21 of the 66 days he has been in office, meaning that for the equivalent of three full weeks of his just-over-nine weeks as commander in chief, he has spent all or part of a day at a Trump property — earning that property mentions in the media and the ability to tell potential clients that they might be able to interact with the president. And, despite his insistence on the campaign trail that he would avoid the links — “I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” he said in August — he has made 14 visits to his own golf courses since becoming president, likely playing golf on at least 12 of those occasions.

    Below, a breakdown of Trump’s visits to his properties. They include:

    Trump International Hotel in Washington.
    • Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Va.
    • Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla.
    • Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla.
    • Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla.


  4. Anonymous5:01 PM

    White House staffer‏ @AngryWHStaffer 8h8 hours ago

    POTUS was on the phone all day yelling at Nunes about Sally Yates. "That bitch better not get to open her goddamn mouth," was one quote.

  5. Anonymous5:05 PM

    As much as President Trump goes golfing why isn't that fat pussy grabber bastard losing weight?

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Because he's president and you're not.
      Right, donnie boy?

    2. Anonymous5:49 PM

      Because practicing routines for "Dancing with the Stars" is not nearly as taxing as being a megalomaniac. Oops, sorry, wrong chubbette......

      Wild Tortoise

    3. Anonymous6:24 PM

      The only exercise associated with golfing is walking, and Trump rides in a golf cart.

    4. Anonymous3:25 AM

      Because he really isn't playing golf, they are photo ops.

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    "I have no dealings with Russia."

    "I have no deals that could happen in Russia, because we’ve stayed away."

    "And I have no loans with Russia."

    "I have no loans with Russia at all."

    Trump's business network reached alleged Russian mobsters

    To expand his real estate developments over the years, Donald Trump, his company and partners repeatedly turned to wealthy Russians and oligarchs from former Soviet republics — several allegedly connected to organized crime, according to a USA TODAY review of court cases, government and legal documents and an interview with a former federal prosecutor.

    The president and his companies have been linked to at least 10 wealthy former Soviet businessmen with alleged ties to criminal organizations or money laundering.

    Among them:

    • A member of the firm that developed the Trump SoHo Hotel in New York is a twice-convicted felon who spent a year in prison for stabbing a man and later scouted for Trump investments in Russia.

    •  An investor in the SoHo project was accused by Belgian authorities in 2011 in a $55 million money-laundering scheme

    Trump told reporters in February: "I have no dealings with Russia. I have no deals that could happen in Russia, because we’ve stayed away. And I have no loans with Russia. I have no loans with Russia at all."...


  7. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Money laundering was an issue for Trump's Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, which was fined $10 million in 2015 for failing to report suspicious transactions. Federal rules are designed to protect the U.S. financial system from being used as a safe haven for dirty money and transnational crimes, Jennifer Shasky Calvery, then-director of the U.S. Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen), said at the time. It was the largest penalty the agency ever levied against a casino since reporting requirements began in 2003, according to The Wall Street Journal

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Oh honey money laundering started long long ago and far far away - cough - Russia. It's just coming full circle and some don't like it. Shrug. Well no one likes a thief...

    2. Anonymous6:50 PM

      or a liar! I can't stand them.

  8. Anonymous5:19 PM

    "The Trump Organization admitted that it failed to implement and maintain an effective (anti-money laundering) program; failed to report suspicious transactions; failed to properly file required currency transaction reports; and failed to keep appropriate records as required by (the Bank Secrecy Act)," FinCen said in a statement

  9. Anonymous5:19 PM

    The Trump SoHo project "was largely financed by illegally obtained cash from Russia and Eastern European sources, including money provided by known international financial criminals and organized crime racketeers," former prosecutor McCallion wrote on his blog in October. McCallion was an assistant U.S. attorney in New York from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s under presidents Carter and Reagan.

  10. Anonymous5:20 PM

    President Bannon we want to see your puppet Trump's tax returns

    1. Anonymous6:01 PM

      President Bannon we want to see your tax returns

  11. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Could this be the reason why Trump is so eager to start the mines up? The Russians ordered him to or they will release his golden shower tapes?

    USA Today
    Alexander Mashkevich
    Mashkevich, a Kazakh mining billionaire, was a source of money for the SoHo (Trump) project, according to a Bayrock investment pamphet.

    1. Anonymous6:43 PM

      If they both aren't careful they might get tossed down a mine shaft for an inspection!

    2. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Hey is there gold down there boys? Boys? lol

  12. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Anatoly Golubchik, Vadim Trincher And Michael Sall

    Three Trump condo owners — Golubchik,  Trincher and Sall — were convicted in 2013 in federal court in New York of participating in an illegal high-stakes sports betting ring for a Russian-American organized crime group.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      Does anyone actually live in any of the drumpf property besides immediate family?

    2. Anonymous7:24 AM

      @5:57 Or Ru$$ians?


  13. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Viktor Khrapunov

    Khrapunov, a former Kazakhstan energy minister and mayor of Almaty, owns three units in the Trump SoHo through shell companies, according to lawyers for the Kazakh city who filed a 2014 federal lawsuit against him in Los Angeles

  14. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Peter Kiritchenko

    Kiritchenko, a Ukrainian businessman who owned two condominiums with his daughter at Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla., was named in a money-laundering scheme involving former Ukraine prime minister Pavlo Lazarenko.

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      Beginning to wonder if there are any actual residents. Seems the units are 'owned' but not lived in.

  15. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Me thinks Trump owes Russians and is paying them back with America.

    1. Anonymous5:53 PM

      THANK you for voicing this; it has been my considered opinion all along. "Hand over America; we relieve your debt." That includes golden boy Jared. It's all there to see.

    2. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Include the Palins in that, too.
      Think back, IMers....

    3. Anonymous6:00 PM


    4. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Devin Nunes’ company suddenly tries to cover up the business it conducts in Russia


    5. Anonymous6:26 PM

      Uhhhmmm...yeah. ^^^THIS^^^. He handed it over without no compunctions whatsoever.

    6. Anonymous6:40 PM

      Oh good then we can send Sarah to Siberia?
      Isn't Steven Segal there right now? hmmm

  16. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Somewhat off-topic: Over the past few weeks, I've become a Rachel Maddow fan. If you have not watched her show on MSNBC -- 9:00 PM Eastern, repeated at midnight -- watch for a few days and see what she is about.

    She is digging and digging into the Trump-Russia connections. Most of her shows feature one or more investigative journalists who are digging into Trump's financial ties to the Russian mob . . . and it's UGLY.

    It's a shame the mainstream media is not on this topic with the same ferocity as Rachel . . . maybe they'll catch up.

    1. linda7:13 PM

      I like Rachel Old Redneck, but her presentation style drives me crazy. She does long lead ups that are repetitive and even what she reports is repetitive. I feel like she is trying to be entertaining as well as reporting her story. But also she seems to be talking to the audience as though they are first graders.

    2. Anonymous8:50 PM

      Rachel is really just digging into the brains of her simple followers, feeding them exactly what they want and leading them along towards these big expectations.... which eventually are just going to die out in committee at some point.

      Don't worry though kids, she is sure to gin up some new controversy in 6 months that you can all wag your tongues at and keep her salary intact.

      You do know that when you make millions a year, it is all about the money right? Her cash cow came in with Trump... do any of you think she actually wants to kill that?

    3. Anonymous11:10 PM

      Wow. Those first graders must be quite bright and with excellent precocious critical thinking skills to know how to analyze the connected dots presented clearly by Rachel!

      High caliber journalism is so rare that perhaps the dumbed-down do and can have a real problem with comprehending the discussion.

      Try harder, have more patience.

      Rachel must keep up the good work for America.


    4. Anonymous11:54 PM

      and you're about as fucking anti american as they come - go choke on your snot, eh

    5. Anonymous5:55 AM


      Maddow is wealthy enough now, she could hire a team of investigative reporters out of her own multi-millionaire pocket.
      But she doesn't.
      The Rachael Maddow on MSNBC is NOT the Rachael Maddow from Air America all those years ago. I much prefer the progressive Maddow I first got to know from AirAmerica.

  17. Anonymous6:02 PM

    The Russian wagons are circling...sort of.

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) on Tuesday said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has the "full confidence of the Republican conference," though one GOP lawmaker has already called for Nunes to recuse himself from investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

    "Devin Nunes is a man of high integrity," Chaffetz, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, said on MSNBC. "He's done a great job chairing a very difficult committee, has the full confidence of the Republican conference, the Republican leadership and myself and Trey Gowdy and a host of others."

    In fact, Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) on Tuesday became the first Republican lawmaker to call for Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation.

    “Absolutely,” Jones told the Hill when asked if Nunes should step down. "How can you be chairman of a major committee and do all these things behind the scenes and keep your credibility? You can’t keep your credibility!"


    --'It takes a special brand of obliviousness to utter these words on the same day that the nation's leading mainstream, non-partisan newspaper runs a front page article detailing the extensive financial ties between the leader of your party and the Russian mob.

    Of course, Chaffetz is the same genius of political optics who said that people could afford health insurance if they just didn't buy iPhones.'

  18. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Desperate Donald Spews More Lies About Hillary Clinton As Russia Scandal Keeps Building


    ...“In his tweets, Trump seems to suggest that the Clintons and their associates were working on behalf of Russia’s interests,” the fact-checker continued. “That’s hard to square with the intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia interfered in the election in order to harm Hillary Clinton and elect Trump instead.”


  19. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters delivered an epic smackdown of Fox News and Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday night, following O’Reilly’s racist attack against the representative on Tuesday’s edition of Fox & Friends.

    The controversy started this morning when O’Reilly was asked to respond to a clip of Waters speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives, and he said this: “I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig.”

    While O’Reilly faced bipartisan outrage after making the comments and eventually was forced to apologize, Waters seemed unfazed when she appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes and issued a brutal takedown of O’Reilly and Fox News as a whole.



    Hillary Clinton Emerges To Give Brutal Takedown Of Trump And GOP’s Racist Attacks On Women

    ...Clinton said:

    Just look at all that’s happened in the last few days to women who were simply doing their jobs. April Ryan, an immensely respected journalist with unrivaled integrity, was doing her job just this afternoon, and she was patronized and cut off as she tried to ask a question. One of your own California congresswomen, Maxine Waters, was taunted with a racist joke about her hair. Too many women, especially women of color, have had a lifetime of practice taking precisely these kinds of indignities in stride. Any woman who thinks this couldn’t be directed at her is living in a dream world.


    1. Anonymous5:50 AM

      Why is Clinton "coming out of the woods" and "emerging"? Why leave the scene if you truly want to make some progress?
      When a horse bucks you off, you get straight back on. She lost, then she hid until the inauguration, then she hid again.
      Couldn't attend the Women's March, too busy hiding. Oh, but she managed to tweet her support(DJT's fave, that Twitter), so we should cut her some slack?
      Be an example to women everywhere by hiding out after you lose. She's supposed to be 'tough'.

  20. Anonymous6:17 PM

    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil: which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith, and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10

    Not a believer but I do think they got it right here. I don't give a goddamn how much don'T loves his $, as long as it doesn't send the rest of us to hell on this earth.


  21. David Daleidan and Sandra Merritt Charged with 15 felonies for Planned Parenthood bullshit they pulled6:25 PM

    Off Topic


    Two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of Planned Parenthood were charged on Tuesday with 15 felonies in California, the Associates Press reports.

    1. Anonymous7:31 PM

      YES!!!!!!!. Will they let DaLiarden be bunkies with little Jimmie O'Keefe? - give him time O'Keefe will land there again.

  22. Anonymous6:41 PM

    OMG, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters delivers an epic smackdown. I stood up and cheered, Gryphen. This must go viral!

    'I'm a strong black woman and I cannot be intimidated,' says Rep. Waters in response to Bill O'Reilly's disparaging comments about her appearance.


    Continues to talk about 'the issues'. Be sure to watch both video segments.


  23. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Rachel lays it out beautifully.


  24. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Hey @DevinNunes did you illegally view #FISA evidence on @BorisEP via Michael Ellis? #TrumpRussia


    Did Nunes Leak FISA Warrant Info via White House Lawyer Michael Ellis?

    Following our exclusive report that Devin Nunes leaked information about transition team member, White House staffer and named subject of a failed FISA court application, Boris Epshteyn, I can exclusively report that sources with links to Congress state that staffers working on the Russia investigations believe that lawyers connected to the White House are illegally sharing information with Nunes – and illegally pressing him to leak it.

    While sources are not yet definite as to which lawyer or lawyers they suspect of repeatedly breaking the law on leaks and obstruction of justice, several have named Michael Ellis, of the White House General Counsel’s office for National Security, as one they suspect.

    Mr. Ellis previous job was the General Counsel for the House Intelligence Committee, working for Mr. Nunes directly. Sources indicate that Nunes recommended Ellis for the White House national security post.

    Yesterday it was reported that Nunes’ friend Mr. Ellis, described as his “close aide”, only started working for the White House this month, when leaks started.


  25. Anonymous7:14 PM

    First report that makes any sense for me of the Nunes/Ellis/Trump/midnight-phone-calls mystery. And if true?...WOAH.


  26. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Trump son-in-law sought for Russia questions
    Rachel Maddow reports on the background of the former Russian spy-turned-bank-official who met with Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, and notes the remarkable number of significant tasks Trump has assigned to Kusher.


    1. Anonymous5:44 AM

      Keep JKush busy, and that's more time with Ivanka for donnie!

  27. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Done, RETHUG Senator and Congresscritter contacted. Dem Senator got an "atta boy!"

  28. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Trump can’t stop obsessing about the Clintons

    The president’s vanquished general election opponent is a convenient foil as Trump battles controversy.

    When President Donald Trump is backed into a corner, there’s one target he loves to fire at: the Clintons.

    Whether trying to divert attention from investigations into his campaign’s possible Russia ties, attempting to sell a troubled health care overhaul, or simply looking for an easy mark, the beleaguered president has taken to attacking the family that Republicans have maligned for decades.


  29. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Now we know why Trump panicked about Russia probe

    ...You know things are looking grim for President Trump when he starts tweeting about Hillary Clinton again. Monday evening he sounded trapped and wounded: “Why isn’t the House Intelligence Committee looking into the Bill & Hillary deal that allowed big Uranium to go to Russia, Russian speech.” Well, perhaps it is because she is not president, did not hold back her tax returns, did not constantly cheer for Vladimir Putin, did not hire a host of pro-Putin flunkies and did not have aides who lied about contact with Russian officials.


  30. Anonymous7:45 PM

    First Republican finds the courage and patriotism to call for Nunes’ recusal


  31. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Trump’s Inner Circle Has Slowly Been Found to Have Deep Russian Connections- Are We Supposed To Think This Is a Coincidence?

    In Trump’s first two months in office, several of his closest staffers and inner circle have been found to have connections and communications with Russia secretly- including Trump himself. Slowly, the list is growing as more and more Trump advisors and staffers are found to be deeply connected with both Russian businesses and the Russian government itself.

    Just recently, it was discovered that Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a top advisor, was found to have had an undisclosed meeting with the CEO of ‘the bank that financed Vladimir Putin’s grandest ambitions’. The bank, Vnesheconombank, is state owned and directly tied to Putin and the Russian government as the states development bank. The secretive meeting was in December 2016 with Sergey Gorkov, the Vnesheconombank CEO. Gorkov was directly appointed by Putin as CEO, and Putin is said to have took “personal control over key lending decisions” according to Bloomberg.

    Michael Flynn was briefly Trump’s National Security Advisor, until revelations in February about his ties with Russia came to light, forcing Trump to fire him. Flynn was found to have had an undisclosed meeting as a private citizen with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about the sanctions on Russia imposed by the Obama Administration, and was also found to have attended a paid appearance alongside Vladimir Putin at an anniversary party in a Kremlin-funded Network, which violates the emoluments clause prohibiting any federal officer from receiving payment from any foreign country without Congressional approval.

    Another example of a close Trump associate is Paul Manafort, he was the campaign manager for Trump until he resigned in August. Manafort was is alleged to have modified the GOP platform on some issues to benefit Russia and was found to have worked closely with Putin in the business world where they signed a $10 million annual contract starting in 2006 and ending in 2016. Manafort also came under fire for having a close relationship with a Russian Army-trained linguist turned-Ukrainian political operative and the conflict of interest that came with that.

    The Trump campaign and President himself are under fire for having possible relations with Russia and Putin. US intelligence agencies were able to intercept repeated calls and communication between the Trump campaign staff and Russian intelligence officials back in February, they are investigating possible collusion and are reportedly concerned about the timing and volume of communications between the campaign staff and Russian intelligence.

    Now, in March,


  32. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I will be so disrespectful.
    Ok, I get it universe, why the orange fatty look alike christie, prez, it is to reveal all money laundering by corps, rich people. And of course Russia. That is why all this crazy arsed orange fatty christie look alike is in office.
    Well now we must all take them all down!
    And get on with a decent prez. Universe.

    Take them all down!

    1. Anonymous5:42 AM

      You're a day drinker, aren't you?

  33. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Lindsey Graham: Devin Nunes conducting an ‘Inspector Clouseau investigation’

    Sen. Lindsey Graham joins TODAY live to talk about the controversy surrounding House Intelligence chair Rep. Devin Nunes. He says that Nunes has “lost his credibility” and is conducting an “Inspector Clouseau investigation” of the Trump administration’s alleged ties to Russia.



    Do Not F*ck with Sally Yates

    The former acting attorney general is one hell of a poker player.


  34. Anonymous7:55 PM

    The Devin Nunes wiretapping saga, explained

    As in any good spy story, the twists and turns in the real-life spy drama gripping Washington right now can be hard to follow.

    There are three questions that the House and Senate intelligence committees and the FBI are trying to answer with their own investigations:

    1. What is the extent of Russia's meddling in the U.S. election to help Trump win, as intelligence agencies have concluded, and what can be done to prevent it from happening again?

    2. Did Trump campaign associates collude with Russia on said meddling?

    3. Were Trump campaign associates caught up in unrelated spying of foreign nationals, and, if so, who leaked that fact to the public? (The identity of any U.S. national caught up in surveillance is kept secret from all but a handful of people.)

    But in the eyes of national security experts, Democrats and even some Republicans, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has jeopardized the impartiality of his committee's investigation into the above questions by appearing to work with the White House to uncover information.

    Now, Democrats are publicly calling for Nunes to step down from the House investigation.

    Here's a timeline of everything you need to know about what led to this point:


  35. Anonymous8:01 PM

    In the Nunes Affair, Don’t Lose Sight of the Unanswered Questions

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/446210/devin-nunes-investigation-chairman-house-intel-committee-michael-flynn

    1. Colbert did a fabulous black board explanation of the entire thing resulting in Nunes having his head up Trump's Ass. It was masterful and highly amusing. Check it out on YouTube.

    2. Anonymous7:44 AM


  36. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Devin Nunes Should Step Down as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/446179/devin-nunes-trump-surveillance-campaign-investigation-house-intel-committee-russia

  37. Anonymous8:07 PM

    REVEALED: Devin Nunes Canceled Russia Hearing Same Day Sally Yates Promised to Testify About Mike Flynn

    The findings raise new questions about the congressman's possible obstruction of justice.

    “The real story, the real issue here, is not so much about the midnight run by the chairman onto the White House grounds, it’s really that they wanted to cancel the hearing this week,” Bash told MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

    ...“The hearing this week was going to hear from Sally Yates, the former acting attorney general, and I’m told that she had some very interesting things to tell the committee, to tell the public about when she told the White House counsel that Mike Flynn had, in fact, been lying to the vice president,” Bash continued. “She was only going to be able to speak those things in the context of a congressional hearing, and so the White House and the chairman needed to shut her down. This was an elaborately choreographed gag order on Sally Yates.”


  38. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Read the letters on Sally Yates's potential congressional testimony on Russia


  39. Anonymous8:14 PM

    The White House Asked for Veto Power Over Sally Yates’s Testimony at Russia Hearing

    She refused. Then Nunes cancelled the hearing.


    'POTUS was on the phone all day yelling at Nunes about Sally Yates. "That bitch better not get to open her goddamn mouth," was one quote.'


  40. Anonymous10:11 PM

    FBI arrests ten people in New York City with alleged ties to Donald Trump and Russian mafia

    Feds turn up the heat

    The FBI and NYPD Joint Organized Crime Task Force have arrested ten men in New York City today on charges of running a racketeering conspiracy as part of an organized crime effort. What’s notable is that these men and their crime family have alleged ties to the Russian mafia and to Donald Trump – raising the question of whether this move was made as part of the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Trump and Russia.

    The ten men arrested today are associates of the Bonanno organized crime family (source: NBC New York). But a bit of digging by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump has revealed that a lawsuit alleges that same crime family is partnered with Russian businessman Felix Sater (link). Sater has a long history of financial ties to both Donald Trump and the Russian mafia, and in fact has done prison time for his Russian mafia ties (source: Esquire). So it’s not difficult to draw a straight line from today’s arrests to Trump and Russia. But what is the FBI suddenly up to?

    If today’s ten FBI-NYPD arrests are indeed related to the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation, as the connections suggest, it may be an instance of rounding up the lower level mafia associates in order to see which of them is willing to cut a deal by selling out their bosses. This could also be a sign that the FBI is further along in its Trump-Russia investigation than had been believed, having completed its phase of gathering information externally, in favor of a phase of actively prompting little fish to flip on bigger fish, presumably leading all the way up to Trump and his direct associates.


  41. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Republican Retreat: GOP Abandons Border Wall And Planned Parenthood Fight After Trumpcare Loss

    After suffering a humiliating defeat last week when their seven-year effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act went up in flames, Republicans are in all-out retreat, which is terrible for them and great for the country.

    It’s so bad that they’re abandoning, at least temporarily, funding for Trump’s border wall and efforts to deny Planned Parenthood any federal funding.

    According to a report from The Hill, Senate leaders are so afraid of being humiliated again, that they “signaled Tuesday they would set aside President Trump’s controversial request for a military supplemental bill that would include funding to begin construction of a wall along the southern border.”

    Top Senate Republicans Mitch McConnell and Roy Blunt said the legislation involving the border wall funding would have to wait until “a later time,” according to the same report.

    Even better? GOP members of Congress also appear to be backing away from another crusade they’ve been on for years – to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides critical health care coverage to millions of Americans.

    “Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), meanwhile, sought to avoid another political landmine Tuesday by arguing that language defunding Planned Parenthood should be kept out of the spending legislation that needs to pass by April 28,” the report noted, signaling yet another victory for not just Democrats but the country generally.

    The colossal failure of Donald Trump and Republicans to agree on a plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act isn’t just a temporary setback – it’s a defeat that is already having wide-ranging effects. The GOP is quickly coming to grips with the reality that Americans aren’t in favor of their agenda, and the majority of them voted against Trump last fall.

    For Trump, the next four years will likely be defined by fierce opposition to his agenda, and Republicans are starting to recognizing that aligning themselves with a deeply unpopular president who’s pushing a dangerous agenda is political suicide.



  42. How long do we have to put up with this crap? How long must we endure the ILLEGITIMATE presence of a despot in our White House?

    When are all involved, including the REPUBLICAN PARTY going to be exposed and taken out?

    Do we need a military coup? Do we need a formal rebellion? A revolution?

    Even the Deplorables that voted for him are discovering they were duped and he is NOT a patriot, he is NOT their saviour and he is NOT making this country great, he's DESTROYING this country.

  43. Don't mess with California.


    "California prosecutors on Tuesday charged two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood with 15 felonies, saying they invaded the privacy of medical providers by filming without consent.

    The charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress come eight months after similar charges were dropped in Texas.

    State Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a longtime Congressional Democrat who took over the investigation in January, said in a statement that the state "will not tolerate the criminal recording of conversations."

    Prosecutors say Daleiden, of Davis, California, and Merritt, of San Jose, filmed 14 people without permission between October 2013 and July 2015 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and El Dorado counties. One felony count was filed for each person. The 15th was for criminal conspiracy to invade privacy."

    That's right. California is going to take David Daleiden DOWN!

  44. Anonymous3:08 AM

    The desperation, the lies, the ultimate closing. The death of the trump circus. The lawsuits the prison and the big end. All the lousy actors in one place on the trump show.

  45. Anonymous3:31 AM

    The Trump administration sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from testifying to Congress in the House investigation of links between Russian officials and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign
    Obstruction of justice=Impeachment


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