Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Democrats seem united in their calls for Devin Nunes to step down as the lead in the Trump/Russia investigation.

Courtesy of CNN: 

Key House Democrats are calling on Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes to recuse himself from an investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, widening a stunning partisan split over the probe. 

"The Chair of the House Intelligence has a serious responsibility to the Congress and to the country," House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement to CNN Monday evening. "Chairman Nunes' discredited behavior has tarnished that office. (House) Speaker (Paul) Ryan must insist that Chairman Nunes at least recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation immediately. That leadership is long overdue." 

Her request came a little more than an hour after Rep. Adam Schiff, the committee's top Democrat, requested Nunes' recusal. 

"We've reached the point, after the events of this week, where it would be very difficult to maintain the credibility of the investigation if the chairman did not recuse himself from matters involving either the Trump campaign or the Trump transition team of which he was a member," Schiff told CNN on Monday.

Rep. Jackie Speier, also on the Intelligence Committee, said this:  

"Through his bizarre and partisan actions over the last week, Chairman Nunes has demonstrated to the entire nation why he is unfit to lead our critical investigation into ties between President Trump's administration and Moscow," she said.

And  Eric Swalwell, another member of the committee, added this as well: 

In the Senate, chairman Richard Burr has sometimes appeared to be working as a part-time committee leader and part-time publicist for the White House, batting away reported Trump-Russia connections at the behest of the White House. In the House, our chairman and Trump transition team member Devin Nunes seems to be running his own intelligence service, receiving classified information regarding our investigation and exclusively briefing it to the president. And now he has cancelled Tuesday’s open hearing – where witnesses had already submitted testimony to the committee – proposing instead to have future hearings conducted in secret.

The Democrats usually have very little power to effect change over who will head these investigations, but if they keep applying pressure, and rally the people to call their Representatives to express no confidence in the ability of Nunes to lead this investigation, Paul Ryan may decide that he has no choice.

Like Dick Cheney said, what Russia did was an act of war, and we need Congress to treat it as such. And punish those who worked in collusion with them.


  1. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Nunes needs to quit his seat or face Obstruction of Justice charges.

    1. I think he'll face an opponent in 2018. Even California Republicans don't support this level of corruption. The more he embarrasses himself, the less likely he'll survive his next election.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    First Republican Lawmaker Says Nunes Must Recuse Himself From Russia Probe

    Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) on Tuesday became the first Republican lawmaker to unequivocally call for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) to recuse himself from investigating Russia’s interference in the presidential election.....


  3. Anonymous2:15 PM

    So now you're quoting Dick Cheney and using his comments as backup? That ass would love nothing more than a war with Russia. Yet he still loves and supports Trump. Don't play into their manipulations.

    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      After what he did to this country, I don't give a tinker's damn what the hell he thinks. Spot on, 2:15 PM.

    2. Anonymous3:54 AM


      One of the LAST people who needs to play Captain Hindsight is dickie.

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Cut the crapola !! Republican's "YOU people" are pathetic liars. "YOU people" are aiding obstruction of justice. "YOU people" are the communist party of the United States of America and WE the People demand that you resign your seats and face the charges of treason and espionage.

    1. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Lol. Still drinking too much coffee 2:28. It is hard to face charges when no charges exist.

    2. Anonymous3:24 PM

      @2:48 PM Nunes must be your Daddy.

    3. Anonymous4:28 PM

      Just call me 'realist' daddy.

      What are the treason charges 3:24 lol?

  5. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Donald Trump’s favorite judge, Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro, went on a rant three days before the election about how America simply cannot and will not accept have a president who is under investigation.

    Pirro was talking about Hillary Clinton, but her argument pretty much negates the entire Trump presidency.

    You might recall that Pirro is the person Trump tweeted about this weekend, urging his Twitter minions to watch her show Saturday night where she called on Paul Ryan to resign as speaker.

    As William LeGate, who first tweeted this, noted: “Just replace ‘she’ with he’.

    “We cannot have a country led by a president subject to ongoing criminal investigations, potential indictments, and never-ending hearings. We cannot have a president under that level of scrutiny that inevitably leads to even more questions and more investigations. And irrespective of what happens to HIM, whether HE'S indicted or even guilty, it doesn’t matter. HIS guilt is a moot point. HE cannot take the Oval Office. Now in any other business, when the head of a corporation is plagued by scandal, that person steps down and is replaced because the board knows the business cannot succeed without respect and authority. How do you think the world is going to look at the United States when a MAN under federal criminal investigation, who’s lied repeatedly to the American people, is elected? Do you think they’ll take HIM at her word?”


    1. Too many people fail to read "Republispeak."

      They mean a DEMOCRATIC president. Pretty much whether under investigation or not.

      This has nothing to do with a REPUBLICAN president, who basically can do no wrong and for whom nothing can exempt them from their legitimate authority, even being a traitor in cahoots with the Russians.

      Just let anyone point out this hypocrisy to good ol' Jeanine and watch her turn purple and then rival an olympic gymnast proving that what's sauce for the goose is NOT sauce for the gander.

      It's your traditional GOP double standard.

  6. Anonymous3:03 PM

    --POTUS was on the phone all day yelling at Nunes about Sally Yates. "That bitch better not get to open her goddamn mouth," was one quote.


    --I'm telling you straight up Nunes got his "info" from the West Wing. I saw him in here.



  7. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Banking sources tell @nbcews Trump’s ex-campaign chair Manafort’s multiple accounts in Cyprus were flagged for suspicious activities.

    Cyprus AG tells @nbcnews that his money-laundering squad passed info on Paul #Manafort's banking in Cyprus to US Treasury Dept


  8. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Things are getting even more......::ahem::'interesting' now;


  9. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Was The National Enquirer The ‘Source’ For Devin Nunes’s Claim That Trump Was Surveilled?

    All the essential elements of Nunes’s story appeared in the tabloid only days earlier.


  10. Anonymous4:08 PM



  11. Anonymous4:15 PM

    i've heard enough to know the entire administration is criminal through and through. the rest is just the history lesson in all its gory details.

  12. Anonymous4:17 PM

    The White House seems to have gone to great lengths to make sure Sally Yates doesn't provide public testimony to Congress. Why would someone who was elevated to the position of acting Attorney General for a total of 10 days give Trump officials such a scare? Because every time Yates is at bat, she hits it out of the park. And she's no Devin Nunes—she’s not playing for their team.

    ...In just 10 days on the job, Sally Yates has helped deliver Trump’s White House two of its biggest failures by simply telling the truth, which is like kryptonite to this administration. Who knows what kind of damage Yates could do with another round of truth-telling, at a Congressional hearing no less. So far, she's batting a thousand.


  13. Repeal and Replace Devin Nunes.



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