Wednesday, March 01, 2017

That infamous Russian dossier was so filled with "fake news" that the FBI planned to hire the MI-6 agent who compiled it to continue his research.

Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

The former British spy who authored a controversial dossier on behalf of Donald Trump’s political opponents alleging ties between Trump and Russia reached an agreement with the FBI a few weeks before the election for the bureau to pay him to continue his work, according to several people familiar with the arrangement. 

The agreement to compensate former MI6 agent Christopher Steele came as U.S. intelligence agencies reached a consensus that the Russians had interfered in the presidential election by orchestrating hacks of Democratic Party email accounts. 

While Trump has derided the dossier as “fake news” compiled by his political opponents, the FBI’s arrangement with Steele shows that the bureau considered him credible and found his information, while unproved, to be worthy of further investigation. 

Ultimately, the FBI did not pay Steele. Communications between the bureau and the former spy were interrupted as Steele’s now-famous dossier became the subject of news stories, congressional inquiries and presidential denials, according to the people familiar with the arrangement, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

I think that most of us already gave that dossier quite a bit of credibility, especially after portions of it were confirmed by US investigators.

And this just further proves the point, as does much of what we have learned since, that there are some deeply troubling connections between Donald Trump and the Russians, that make him ultimately unfit for the office he is currently holding.

Part of me wonders whatever happened to that MI-6 agent, and if he has not been working with European and American intelligence ever since he fell off the radar?

And somehow I think that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin wonder the same thing.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Steele's in hiding, I bet. Hiding from a polonium-laced drink or dish. That's pootie's way, polonuim.

    1. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Likely some serious plastic surgery being done as well. Wouldn't want to be him right now.

    2. Anonymous3:56 PM

      According to David Corn, who interviewed him early on, he has gone into hiding.

  2. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Another Wapo hit piece with nothing new.

    It is going to be a long 8 years for you.

    1. If you say so comrade.

      Damn I am getting a lot of traffic from Russia these days.

    2. Anonymous12:45 PM

      LOL it is the 8 year troll, posted on every thread, is this the briebart meme of the day?

      This troll isn’t very creative or original. Like all the sheep even uses snowflake comment, Oh, I am so offended :)

      The morons don’t realize that snowflakes are unique, one of a kind, but then they would have to open a science book.

    3. Anonymous4:53 PM

      And a short trip to hell for rump and ASScientologist.

    4. Anonymous4:55 PM

      smells like that russian swamp, the oil field of dung.

  3. Anonymous12:58 PM

    They hate him, they really, really hate him.

    The early television news reviews of the Drumpf presidency are in and they are not good — not even on Fox News.

    Donald Trump's failure to draw a big audience for his joint address to Congress suggest that America is already tired of the President Trump show and is considering a 2020 cancelation.

    The early ratings are in for Trump's first speech to Congress, and former President Barack Obama beat the President big league. Trump drew 17% fewer viewers that Obama did in 2009.

    1. Anonymous9:54 PM

      Russia is pissed they picked asho trump. What a nightmare for poot. And it is going to get very very bad. The innocent Russians will be running to the border begging for sanctuary from a evil dictator feeding them heroin and vodka.

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Guys, last night was "the night Trump became president" if you watch D.C. pundits. Yes, because President Trump managed not to vomit on himself or grab any p*ssy on live TV, he is now Presidential.

    1. Anonymous4:58 PM

      Pathetic unethical spineless ass kissers.

  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    'Terrible Abuse Of A Grieving Widow': Ex-NSA Analyst Says Trump 'Trapped' Dead SEAL's Wife

    Former NSA analyst and columnist John Schindler reacted in horror on Tuesday after seeing Trump “exploit” Carryn Owens, the wife of slain Chief Petty Officer William (Ryan) Owens.

    According to Schindler, the president crossed the line during his address to a joint session of Congress when he used Carryn Owens as a political prop.

    Schindler immediately expressed his disgust on Twitter.

    1. Anonymous5:03 PM

      I found it extremely distasteful for the widow of this honorable soldier to be in congress and used by a liar and unethical congress.

  6. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Patriotic Millionaires Condemn Trump’s Plan to Gut Healthcare to Benefit the Wealthy

    Former managing director at BlackRock and Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires Morris Pearl has released a statement in response to Donald Trump’s “abhorrent plan” to gut Obamacare for the benefit of wealthy Americans, saying,

    “Gutting the ACA funding would only further add to our already egregious levels of economic inequality.”

    According to Pearl,

    President Trump did not campaign on a promise to get rid of people’s healthcare in order to give yet another tax cut to millionaires. Rather, he campaigned on a promise to fix the system and better the lives of everyday Americans. He needs to keep that promise and stop promoting the idea of repealing the Affordable Care Act and the ACA funding through taxes. The ACA taxes – capital gains, dividends, and interest – target the wealthiest amongst us. The tax code already taxes their income at much lower rates than wages; gutting the ACA funding would only further add to our already egregious levels of economic inequality. Wealthy Americans do not need yet another tax cut, we need a funded government to sustain a growing economy. That’s what will truly benefit all Americans.

    Addressing Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy, Pearl said in a separate statement,

    In an economy that is 70% consumer driven, the last thing we need to do to grow and sustain our economy is give millionaires yet another tax cut. The exhausted policies of “trickle-down economics” have failed spectacularly. President Trump needs to rethink his goals – rather than offer these faulty tax cuts to our nation’s wealthiest, he should instead commit to a $15 minimum wage. Business owners and investors need consumers with more disposable income. President Trump should work to improve the lives and wallets of the lower and middle class because that is how we all prosper.

    We are supposed to believe that the tone of Trump’s joint address to Congress was positive and conciliatory, but it was full of lies and cynicism. But as fact-checker Daniel Dale put it, the speech equalled “New Trump language, same Trump content, and a lot of question marks.”

  7. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Don't worry about MI6 guy.
    He knows what he's doing.

  8. Anonymous2:07 PM

    So, all these papers, passports, ... by US mean nothing in the USA. Yep destruction. We as in our tax dollars paid all the US govt workers to do jobs to make passports and now all are null and void mostly by dumpy fat dumpy. Talk about economics! This fat ass has got to go.

  9. Anonymous2:32 PM

    GOP lobbyist: Russia murdered DNC data analyst to cover up pro-Donald Trump hacking

    Republican says DNC analyst was onto the Russian hackers before he was killed

    ...Jack Burkman, a GOP lobbyist, now claims he’s found digital evidence that Seth Rich had discovered Russia was behind the DNC hack, which he believes provides motive for Rich’s murder. The timeframe fits. The leaked emails were released on July 22nd, suggesting that the hacking itself took place sometime not long before Rich died. And his death has made no sense, as his wallet and other valuable items were left in plain sight on his person, suggesting it wasn’t a robbery.

    So how credible is Jack Burkman? He’s not yet revealing what the specific evidence is. And he’s given an exclusive interview about the revelation to a tabloid newspaper, The Daily Mail in London, which isn’t the best of signs. Then again, the British press have been in some cases more willing to report on legitimate aspects of the Trump-Russia scandal than their U.S. counterparts. The Washington Post published a largely fruitless investigation into Rich’s death six weeks ago, but the storyline has since tapered off.

    On the other hand, Burkman is an extremely conservative Republican operative, and he has no ideological reason to want to solve the murder of a Democratic National Committee employee. He’s offering a six figure reward for additional evidence that leads to the identity and conviction of Seth Rich’s killer.

  10. Anonymous2:35 PM

    White House Admits Putting Out Fake News To Get Good Coverage From The Press

    White House officials admitted that they lied to reporters and network anchors when they claimed that Trump would change course on immigration reform, which means that the Trump administration intentionally put out fake news.

    CNN Sara Murray said on Inside Politics, Let’s just change gears entirely and talk about the bait and switch that the president pulled on immigration yesterday. He had this meeting with the anchors. He talked about a path to legal status. They fed up things that they thought these anchors would like, that they thought would give them positive press coverage for the next few hours. A senior administration official admitted that it was a misdirection play, and you will note that when the president was out there talking to the American public, he didn’t talk about a path to legal status.”

    The White House’s behavior with the media is a reminder that the biggest purveyor of fake news in the United States is President Donald Trump and his administration. Since Trump can’t force the media to give him positive coverage, his White House is going to tell lies that will net the President positive coverage.

    Trump is obsessed with his own media coverage, and his White House has shown that they will do anything to manipulate and mislead the press. Just remember, that when the White House lies to the press, they are also lying to the American people.

    Nothing that this administration says should be taken at face value. Reporters and citizens alike should ignore the words and only focus on the deeds of this President and his White House.

  11. Anonymous2:36 PM

    House Republicans have come up a new version of their Obamacare replacement legislation, and this bill is so bad that they are not making it available to the public.

    Bloomberg Politics reported, “House Republican leaders have a new version of their major Obamacare repeal and replacement bill. They just don’t want you to see it. The document is being treated a bit like a top-secret surveillance intercept. It is expected to be available to members and staffers on the House and Energy Commerce panel starting Thursday, but only in a dedicated reading room, one Republican lawmaker and a committee aide said. Nobody will be given copies to take with them.”

    House Republicans are trying to avoid criticism of the legislation by not allowing the public to see it. They are also limiting access to the bill to prevent leaks. If the legislation is so bad that Republicans don’t want the public to know the details, the ACA replacement plan is likely toxic.

    1. Anonymous4:11 PM

      My husband and I have ACA coverage and we are going to make certain to have all of our preventives and anything else that needs doing prior to them sunsetting the program in 2018.

      Anyone on ACA, we have a little less than a year, take advantage of it so you can survive the next 20-30 years without it.

    2. What makes you think you have until 2018?

  12. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Democrats Are Winning As Trump Has Fewer Nominees Confirmed Than Any President

  13. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Donald Trump’s Weaselly Blame-Shifting Doesn’t Go Unnoticed by Press

  14. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Steele come out come out wherever you are...

    Come to Daddy Trump and I will protect you from the Russians.

    You believe me don't cha?

  15. Anonymous3:17 PM

    March 01, 2017 - 06:02 PM EST

    AP: White House staff ordered to preserve Russia records

    White House staffers have been told to preserve any materials related to Russian intervention in the 2016 presidential election, according to The Associated Press. 

    The White House counsel’s office handed down the order on Tuesday in a memo to aides, the news wire reported.

    The move comes after Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked the White House and law enforcement agencies to keep materials related to Trump associates’ alleged ties to Russia


    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Right, like that's gonna happen. They've already shredded, burned or erased voice copies of any Russian shit that might get them in hot water.

      Face it, this is the next 8 years.

      If you want to know why how about reading Jim Wright's latest at Stonekettle. He nails it.

      We handed it to them, and now they own it, all of it.

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      So much evidence. It is already everywhere and safeguarded to convict and prison the criminals. Tick tock tick tock.....only a fool could believe this will go away. It is only beginning and it will get bloody.

  16. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Where do you get this 8 year crap? Your listening to the folks who voted for a reality TV star. He gives 1 speech where he actually followed the script to a T, its going to be a long long 4 years, it will seem like 8.

  17. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Mr Steele got out of town within 24 hours of the announcement about his analysis going mainstream because he knows what russian intelligence would quickly take care of him given the chance. His sources have been terminated and he knows he is on the list. I hope he can make it thru this scandal.

  18. Anonymous9:41 PM

    This is just shameful, all our other presidents knew what Russia was about. I have never seen a president defend Russia and Putin like this. Trump and his cohorts will soon be drowning in that pee shower they created or there is no justice at all. The Republicans are so crooked, they are willing to hide this shit. At least Graham, Issa and McCain seem to want an investigation and I am no fan of theirs, but hopefully more semi honest Republicans will come to the conclusion that a special prosecutor needs to be appointed. Sessions is a liar, get rid of him too.

  19. Anonymous10:03 PM

    The Trumps do not have any plan for america except to pay his mob debts to Russia and China. They can care less about American issues. It is their global debt they care about paying off with American blood, guts and money..


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