Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trump takes to Twitter to ask why the House Intelligence Committee is not investigating Bill and Hillary instead of his ties to Russia, and to bitch about losing that healthcare vote.

Okay well first off neither Bill or Hillary Clinton are politicians anymore, so the priority for investigating them would be low.

Secondly that Uranium scandal is a Right Wing conspiracy theory that has already been debunked.

This is just another simple minded attempt by Trump to distract from his own scandalous behaviors.
If the Affordable Care Act were to "fold" that would suddenly leave millions of Americans without healthcare and possible kill hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

This is NOT how a president talks about the people he was elected to protect.

There are a number of ways to improve Obamacare that the Democrats would gladly support and that would help it to cover more people more effectively.

Hell Trump could even take credit for "fixing" the law if his ego demands it, neither the Democrats or even President Obama would care, just so long as it helped the American people.

THAT is all that true leaders and public servants care about.


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      Interesting DATES cough

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    ryan 'too':

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      "Cambridge Analytica boasts of targeting undecided voters on social media and serving them targeted messages and advertising based on the firm’s “psychographic data models,”


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    So now he needs the Democrats to govern. There must be a word for this...

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      Actually he doesn't. With the GOP controlling the WH,house,and senate the republicans are free to put forth any healthcare plan they want to and push it through.
      The problem is that they don't have a better plan and have finally figured out how many of their voters like Obamacare and rely on it. They can push through any plan but the consequences will land squarely on the GOP and they will not be able to blame anyone else.

  6. Bill and Hillary aren't in charge, comrade Trump. You are.

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      But, oh how I wish Hillary Clinton was the POTUS! America would be in such better shape today if she were!

      Trump and Melina Trump will never measure up to President Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton much less that of President Obama and First Lady Michelle.

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    Throw the orange BUM out!!#

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    Orange shitgibbon prez is a TRAITOR! IMPEACH!!!

    Now ivanka horse face, i guess is there to give pills and wipe shitgibbon's arse.

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      We all know that this conspiracy theory was promoted and debunked,all of us except little Donnie and his rabidly clueless followers.

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    Russia’s attack on our democracy is of the utmost seriousness. An independent commission is the only way to ensure there is no repeat in the future


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      They walked out on their people in 1917 And leeched abroad. Now they think it's time to play that card, but they will be stunningly stung when it doesn't happen. Shrug. Dumbfucks.

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    Paul Ryan Commits A Crime Against America By Helping Trump With Russia Cover-Up

    By giving a three-word answer at his weekly press conference, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan revealed that he is using his power to assist President Trump with his Russia cover-up.

    By giving a three-word answer at his weekly press conference, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan revealed that he is using his power to assist President Trump with his Russia cover-up.


    Ryan was asked by NBC’s Kasie Hunt if Nunes should recuse himself from the Russia investigation, and if he knew who Chairman Nunes’s source was. Ryan answered, “No and no.”

    Speaker Ryan is putting his partisan politics ahead of the fact that the President and members of his administration may have colluded with an enemy of the United States to win a presidential election. Ryan is using his power as Speaker of the House to assist President Trump in covering up his potential crimes. Paul Ryan has no interest in finding out the truth about the Russia/Trump relationship. He is allowing the White House to sabotage the only House investigation into the matter by allowing a Trump transition official to chair the investigative committee.

    No one in the mainstream media will say it out loud, but Paul Ryan is assisting the White House cover-up, which means that the Russia scandal is no longer an Executive Branch issue. The Legislative Branch of the US government has also been compromised.


    Adam Schiff Says the American People Deserve the ‘Benefit of an Open Hearing’

    'Was today's open hearing cancelled because WH did not want Sally Yates to testify re Gen Flynn's deception? Didn't want to assert privilege?'

    ...Schiff’s question is a good one, and he is not alone in demanding answers Nunes has so far been refusing to give. He was joined this morning by Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) who told “CBS This Morning,”

    “I think there needs to be a lot of explaining to do. I’ve been around for quite a while and I’ve never heard of such thing.”

    McCain added, “There’s so much out there that needs to be explained by the chairman.”

    After all that we’ve seen from the conduct of Nunes, McCain’s call, blunt as it was, is an understatement. As Schiff explained in his statement this morning, Sally Yates has valuable information to impart to the American people.


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    Sally Yates to testify before Senate panel — even if she doesn’t appear before House committee


    Who Was Devin Nunes' Secret White House Source?


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    Donald Trump is a fucking asshole and does NOT have the majority of Americans behind him!

    He is the worst example of a human being in our country! There are many more important things to follow than Donald Trump and his family members as they bring nothing but fear, hate, ugliness, lies, racism, evil to every one of us and the constant 'elite-ness'/lifestyle they live - having zero knowledge or empathy to the poor and middle class throughout America!

    Shut them off -- radio, TV and newspapers. Don't give them ANY relevance as they don't deserve it!

    Besides, why aren't Democrats and the 'higher ups' going after the fat ass of Donald Trump? He needs to be impeached for treason!

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    Trump Argues He's Immune From Accuser's Defamation Suit As POTUS

    Trump is looking to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed in New York state Supreme Court by Summer Zervos, a past contestant on Trump's reality television show, "The Apprentice." Zervos filed the lawsuit in January, after Trump denied her allegations that he kissed and groped her inappropriately in 2007 at a hotel in Los Angeles.


    1. He's not immune for criminal behavior he committed before he was elected.

    2. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Im no lawyer but Im pretty sure you CAN'T sue someone for behavior that they cheerfully admit they enjoy doing. Drumpf boasts of kissing and groping women against their will and seems to be good at it. Is that a crime? Women say yes. Drumpf says no. If all those women were president we could believe them.

      But remember, Drumpf is president and they aren't.

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    Spicer: Media Would See Conspiracy If Trump Ate 'Russian Salad Dressing'


    1. Anonymous10:31 AM

      That is the funniest thing Spicer has ever said!

      But, he works for a lying sack of shit and has become one himself!

    2. Anonymous7:26 PM

      How about "Russian Salad Undressing?"
      I.e. some of those golden shower surveillance tapes?

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    Fox News Launches Racist Attack Against African-American Trump Critic Rep. Maxine Waters

    ...The reason why Fox is attacking Waters is that she has been a consistent and vocal critic of Trump’s corruption and the Russia scandal.

    Rep. Waters believes that Republicans are going to have no choice but to impeach Trump after all of the information on the Russia scandal comes out.

    Waters told Joy Reid recently on an episode of MSNBC’s AM Joy, “I think in the final analysis they are going to have to move away from him, and we will see that he will be in a position where he will meet the standards for high crimes and misdemeanors, and I maintain that’s where impeachment comes in.”

    The Fox News attacks on Rep. Waters are a sign that the scandal is gaining traction as Fox is going to lowest low in an attempt to save Donald Trump’s sinking presidency. The Russia scandal is consuming the Trump presidency, and Fox is going racial in an attempt to silence an outspoken critic of Trump.


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    Devin Nunes’ company suddenly tries to cover up the business it conducts in Russia

    Congressman Nunes has most of his net worth tied up in the company

    But as of now, the company has suddenly rather clumsily removed Russia from its distributor list.

    Devin Nunes has an approximate net worth of $51,000, and he has $50,000 of it tied up in a company called Alpha Omega Winery, according to the Los Angeles Times (link). This stood out as potentially suspicious in light of Nunes’ bizarre recent behavior with regard to Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, in which he’s gone to great lengths – including sharing classified intel with the public – to protect Trump on his Russia scandal. Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump had documented that Alpha Omega listed itself as doing business in Russia through Luding Trading Company (screen shot). But if you look at Alpha Omega’s distributor list now, Russia has since been removed (link). So what happened?

    In apparent response to our article, Alpha Omega Winery posted the following message on Twitter on March 23rd: “The only time Alpha Omega did business in Russia was in 2013 when a broker handled a one-time transaction for 22 cases of wine” (link). However, this is refuted by the Russian distributor itself, Luding Trading Company. Its website still lists itself as selling three types of Alpha Omega wines in Russia (link). As such it appears Devin Nunes’ company Alpha Omega merely deleted the Russian distributor from its website in attempt at covering up the connection, despite continuing to do business through it. This makes the connection more suspicious, not less.


  19. Anonymous10:30 AM

    O'Reilly is another asshole! Bloviated piece of shit! He should look as good as Rep. Waters!

  20. Anonymous11:02 AM

    She says Trump groped her, and she's suing for defamation; Trump's lawyers say he should be immune because he's president


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    Internet Has Brutal Reminder For Ivanka After She Takes Picture With Elephant At D.C. Zoo

    Part of her strategy is to promote herself (and her brand) on social media as family-friendly and fun. Along with tweets about her father’s policies, she regularly posts pictures of her and her family enjoying vacations and activities. She recently thought this would be a fun picture to add to her Twitter account. Who doesn’t love an elephant?


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    What does President Cheeto McTinyhands do best when someone’s about to make him look REALLY stupid or bad…or criminal? He jumps on Twitter to deflect as hard as he can, and often makes himself look even worse. The House Intel Committee is falling apart at the seams thanks to Chairman Devin Nunes inability to maintain any semblance of integrity, and now it’s been revealed Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has met with a Russian bank with ties to the former KGB, and other undisclosed Russian officials as well.

    This is in addition to the possibility that Michael Flynn has flipped on Trump, the uncertainty surrounding three former Trump aides’ sudden willingness to testify in the Russia investigation, and the growing calls among Democrats for Nunes to recuse himself from the investigation (or resign entirely).

    Trump’s latest deflection is simple:

    Oh gee, could it be because Trump is in the White House and Hillary isn’t? The Trump Russia story is a real story. The Hillary Russia story is what’s a hoax. Twitter isn’t listening to this – they know better:


    1. If Flynn has flipped and there is any public testimony, Flynn is a dead man. Putin will take him out to protect Trump just like he's eliminated all of his "troublesome" critics and witnesses.

      Taking out Flynn would be nothing to Putin. Trump wouldn't even have to ask.

      Just watch. As U.S. investigations heat up and it gets closer to impeachment, those U.S. witnesses are going to start to have mysterious accidents and deaths just like Putin's.

      Flynn will be a the top of the list.

    2. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Flynn knows brass whose only job was to make people disappear. He's gonna be fine.

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    That vengeful Orange motherfuc_er is doing everything he can to wipe out the first African-American President's accomplishments

    The Associated Press
    Twitter › AP

    BREAKING: President Donald Trump signs executive order rolling back Obama's efforts to combat climate change.

    27 mins ago - Twitter

    1. Anonymous2:00 PM

      So basically trump is just screwing over the American taxpayers AGAIN!!!
      Trump's executive order is a gift to coal executives. It won’t do anything for coal miners.
      Don’t expect any new coal production or jobs.

      In January 2016, the Department of Interior placed a temporary moratorium on the leasing of federal land to private companies for the purposes of coal mining.

      Today, President Trump signed an executive order that, among other things, reversed that moratorium.

      The resumption of federal coal leasing won’t boost short-term coal production. It won’t slow, much less halt, the ongoing decline in coal mining jobs, or affect the price of electricity. It will do nothing for the coal miners to whom Trump has so vigorously pandered. All it may do is subsidize the future profits of a few coal company executives.......

      There’s a moratorium because the federal coal leasing program is under review
      DOI placed a moratorium on new coal leases last year because it was launching the first comprehensive review of the federal coal leasing program in three decades.
      It was clear to all concerned that the result of the review would be higher prices for leased land. It would be silly to allow coal companies to race to buy up a bunch of artificially cheap leases before the review concludes. Thus the moratorium....
      By selling its coal at bargain-basement prices, the US public is effectively subsidizing coal companies — to the tune of, according to one study, $28.9 billion over the past 30 years.

      Last year, in response to such criticisms, then–Interior Secretary Sally Jewell launched a formal, comprehensive review of the program — a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), to be specific. You can read about it here.

      Anyway, the review process is ongoing. While it is ongoing, the DOI had resolved not to issue any new leases, because “it would not be responsible to continue to issue new leases under outdated rules and processes.”

      That’s the moratorium Trump just lifted......

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I hope a massive storm hits his palace in Florida with him in residence! That just 'might' teach him a massive lesson?

  24. Anonymous11:07 AM

    On Monday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer decided to pour salt in the gaping wound that was left when Trump and the GOP suffered a massive failure in gaining approval for their disastrous plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. The American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare, not only failed to get enough votes, but Trump pulled it from the House floor because it was such an obvious, humiliating defeat.

    In speaking to reporters during his daily briefing, Spicer likened Trumpcare to a “bad deal” — which was a pretty odd thing to say, considering how much Trump has bragged about what a good negotiator and dealmaker he is. To diss something that Trump supported full-heartedly is definitely not going to make Trump happy. Spicer said:


  25. Anonymous11:08 AM

    A Chicago man is in critical condition after the mother of all epic f*ckups by Trump’s “Deportation Force.” On Monday morning, ICE agents raided the home of Felix Torres. It is unclear why they would choose to raid the home — not a single person inside is undocumented — but apparently, we are not too concerned about accuracy when we kick down brownish people’s doors in Trump’s America.

    At approximately 6:00 a.m., immigration agents entered the home, refusing to tell any of the residents why they were there. According to officials, Torres pulled a gun on the armed men who had forced their way into his home and refused to explain their presence — Torres’ family says that’s utter hogwash.

    “They didn’t say anything. They just came in and pointed pistols in our faces and dragged us out,” Torres’ daughter Carmen says, noting that she was not even allowed to dress or grab milk for her one-year-old daughter, who was sleeping when the armed men invaded the home. “It’s a lie when they say he was holding a gun. He doesn’t even own a gun,” she said. “They shot my dad. They shot him, and I don’t know why.”


    1. And so the American Holocaust starts.

  26. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Nunes ADMITS He Was Secretly At WH Right Before He Magically Found Source ‘Vindicating’ Trump

    ...In yet another example of the lengths Trump’s cronies will go to cover for him, the Republican House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, was just exposed as having been secretly at the White House the night before he magically “discovered” an unnamed source that seemingly vindicated parts of Donald Trump’s wiretapping claims. Nunes claims that this visit was harmless and wasn’t about coordinating with Trump. And Nunes thinks you are stupid enough to believe that.

    Speaking to Eli Lake at Bloomberg, Nunes feigned innocence:

    In an interview Monday, Nunes told me that he ended up meeting his source on the White House grounds because it was the most convenient secure location with a computer connected to the system that included the reports, which are only distributed within the executive branch. “We don’t have networked access to these kinds of reports in Congress,” Nunes said. He added that his source was not a White House staffer and was an intelligence official.

    But Daily Beast reporter Tim Mak — who recently broke the story that Nunes had disappeared the night before his “bombshell” came out — noted how ridiculous the premise was. Of course the House Intelligence Chairman has access to secure locations in the Capitol. He’s the House Intelligence Committee Chairman. His whole job is working with sensitive information in a secure way.

    'Just a reminder that the committee Nunes chairs has its own secure area, and he could have easily used that '


  27. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Russian oligarch threatens to sue over AP’s Manafort-Putin reports — and offers to testify before Congress


    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Lol aww is their cash cow going away before their lying eyes! I can breathe when I stop laughing. Poor fucks they shall become!

  28. Anonymous11:31 AM

    So the Groper-In-Chiefs cries immunity because he's the president and not because he's innocent


    Trump claims immunity from 'Apprentice' contestant's lawsuit

    President Trump’s private attorneys asserted in court this week that he should be immune from a defamation lawsuit filed against him because of his presidential duties....


    1. So, he opened his mouth and removed all doubt regarding his command of the Constitution and laws regarding the office he holds (for now.)

      Yes, Donnie, you CAN be held legally liable for crimes committed before you were handed the presidency by a brain dead electoral college.

      I suppose you can try to pardon yourself, but I think you have to be convicted first.

      I'm sure Donnie figures that now that he'd president, he doesn't even have to pay to settle out of court any more. He should just get a free pass.

  29. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Impeach the bastard.

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      For what charges Charlie?

    2. Anonymous2:01 PM

      Here are some of the charges:
      Well, Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) is calling Trump on his horrible approach to handling the Affordable Care Act.

      Ted Lieu
      ✔ @tedlieu
      "President" @realDonaldTrump: You truly are an evil man. Your job is to help Americans. Not intentionally try to destroy their lives. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/845645916732358656 …
      11:43 AM - 25 Mar 2017

      Ted Lieu
      ✔ @tedlieu
      Mr. "President": Art II of Constitution requires you to faithfully execute laws passed by Congress. Subverting #Obamacare violates your Oath https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/845645916732358656 …
      2:49 PM - 25 Mar 2017

      Dem Rep Calls Out Trump's Tweet Hoping Obamacare Will 'Explode' As Unconstitutional—And Evil.

      Reports have begun to emerge suggesting that both Trump and the GOP now intend to sabotage the Affordable Care Act in an effort to kill it. However, Trump is obligated by his oath of office (whether or not he bothered to pay attention to that oath) to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. That is explicit in Article II of this country’s Constitution, and is known as the “Take Care” Clause:

      ... The Constitution obligates this President to ensure that the Affordable Care Act is faithfully executed. Failure to do so is a violation of any President’s oath of office, and a violation of the Constitution......


    3. Anonymous3:23 AM

      Anon at 1:10 pm. In a move to undermine the ACA, one of Trump's first executive orders was to "order" federal employees at any and all departments that are involved in the implementation of the ACA to subvert it deliberately in order to undermine its effectiveness. It's hard for me to imagine a president, on the night of his inauguration, telling federal employees to break a law. And to think that the law chosen was the ACA, a law that provides health care to millions of Americans, is unconscionable. Even on the face it it, the executive order was unconstitutional.

  30. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Sally Yates has Trump like...


  31. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Isn't it great having a psychopath for prez? One who wishes the worst on everyone in the country who relies on Obamacare, hoping it will fold? What's wrong with this ASSHOLE of all ASSHOLES???

    1. It would be easier to ask, what's right? And the answer would be, not much.

  32. WA Skeptic12:21 PM

    Don't turn off the lights on this; keep up the exposure and let everyone see what a corrupt asshole is sitting in our sacred White House. Kick the bastard out, along with his entire coterie of thieves.

  33. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Petition demands Melania Trump pay up or leave NYC

    An online petition is calling for first lady Melania Trump to move to the White House or pay for her own security at New York City's Trump Tower.

    The Change.org petition, addressed to the U.S. Senate, has collected tens of thousands of signatures since it was started a week ago.

    "The U.S. taxpayer is paying an exorbitant amount of money to protect the First Lady in Trump Tower, located in New York City," the petition reads. "As to help relieve the national debt, this expense yields no positive results for the nation and should be cut from being funded."....


    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      Keep dreaming. Not going to happen and it just makes the libs look more petty every day.

    2. Anonymous1:29 PM

      @ 1:09 actual they are using similar wording that the secretary of the treasury is using to cut Sesame St. PBS and meals on wheels in little donnie’s budget.

      Cutting security funding for trump tower would be compassionate for the taxpayer !!!

      Sounds more like a teabagger petition than liberal, because it takes the government out of Melanomia’s life.

    3. Anonymous3:32 PM

      I've noticed that Sesame Street is now being shown on cable TV channels...a way they can protect it from Trump...which they should!

      The show is extremely good for young children - especially the poor kids throughout the country.

      But, we know Trump could give a shit less for the poor and middle class!

      Screw his fat ass!

    4. Anonymous7:39 PM

      1:09 -- I see you've moved on from "lol" to "libs". What, do you guys get a new instruction sheet every now and then?

      And couldn't you guys make it be just a little more witty, geez.

      (Sorry, Gryphen, I know you said not to feed them. But sometimes they're just so cute you can't resist, you know?)

  34. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I have a tweet for the halfwit, why are you not stopping corruption in your presidency you dirty rotten scumbag?!

  35. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Here is something that really needs investigating. Trump’s spending sprees!!!

    Let him tighten his belt, like he wants the American pubic to do. In fact we shouldn’t be paying for him to stay at his own resort at all !!!!

    The forgot to add in the cost of dumb and dumber’s business trips and vacations

    Watchdog to examine cost, security of Trump's Florida trips
    By RICHARD LARDNER - The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) A government watchdog will examine the taxpayer-funded travel costs when President Donald Trump travels to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and the security procedures surrounding those trips, several congressional Democrats announced Tuesday.

    The lawmakers requested the inquiry by the Government Accountability Office after reports that Trump, accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, openly discussed North Korea's launch of a ballistic missile while at the resort. They also raised concerns about the cost to taxpayers.......

    .... GAO also will examine what measures, if any, the Secret Service and Defense Department have to ensure that charges for travel-related expenses incurred with providing protecting for trips to Mar-a-Lago are fair and reasonable. The Air Force operates the presidential aircraft, commonly known as Air Force One.

    The Democrats, citing press reports, said each of Trump's weekend trips to his Florida estate costs about $3 million. Noting that Trump is accompanied by members of his staff, military aides and Secret Service agents, the lawmakers said it's not clear "how many of these individuals incur travel and room expenses using taxpayer dollars and if they are being charged fair and appropriate rates."

    They have also asked GAO to determine if Trump is making good on a promise to voluntarily donate to the U.S. Treasury all profits his hotels earn from payments made by foreign governments. Donating the money would avoid the appearance of self-dealing, according to the lawmakers.

  36. Anonymous1:36 PM

    WHAT DA?




    ...."Mrs. Trump will be moving to DC and settling in to the White House at the end of the school year, splitting her time between New York and DC in the meantime," she said in a February statement. "Mrs. Trump is honored to serve this country and is taking the role and responsibilities of first lady very seriously....


  37. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Why doesn't the gibbon cut taxes for citizens who earn less than 80k. Increase corporate taxes. Cut all benefits for congressional seats, staff, ... really make changes. As it is fatty is only doing stuff (not actual work) for himself. Filthy scum.

  38. 1:09, and every day the repubs in office look more and more criminal. And dems are petty? F off

    1. Anonymous4:57 AM

      Libs, not dems. Calliing dr. freud?
      Freud off. How's Debbie and Donna? Still lying their asses off?

  39. Anonymous2:25 PM

    But, but, but, Officer, why did you stop me? What about that other guy who was speeding, huh? What about him? I wasn't even speeding! You shoulda stopped that other guy!! With all the murders in this country, you're wasting time stopping me for maybe 10 miles over, at the most? WHAT?? 25 over? No way! 15 at the most! And that other guy was going 50 over! And you never found the guy that stole my car in 1986! What about THAT!!! DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM???

    1. Anonymous9:03 PM

      2:25 -- Right on. May I copy?

  40. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Neither the 45th president nor a single member of the GOP wants to help the American people. It's that simple. Putin can simply arrest or murder his opponents; Trump thinks he can also put his opponents in prison too. Who needs laws or a constitution in Trumpland? At least, that's the way the thinking goes in the White House of 2017.


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