Wednesday, March 29, 2017

When will Donald Trump comment on THIS act of terrorism?

Courtesy of Time Magazine:  

A white racist accused of fatally stabbing a 66-year-old stranger on a Manhattan street because he was black says he'd intended it as "a practice run" in a mission to deter interracial relationships. 

James Harris Jackson, 28, spoke with a reporter for the Daily News at New York City's Rikers Island jail complex. 

He said he envisioned a white woman thinking: "Well, if that guy feels so strongly about it, maybe I shouldn't do it." 

The victim, Timothy Caughman, who was remembered as a gentleman and a good neighbor, was alone and collecting bottles for recycling last week when he was attacked from behind with a sword. He staggered, bleeding, into a police station and later died at a hospital. 

Jackson was in court Monday, as prosecutors charged him with murder as an act of terrorism in addition to the murder as a hate crime charge he'd already been facing. Jackson did not speak, and his attorney had no comment.

A man travels to New York with the expressed intent of terrorizing people into changing how they live and who they love, through an act of murder.

If that is not terrorism I don't know what is. 

And yet the man who ran for office on the promise of protecting this country from terrorism says nothing.

Is it because this man has the wrong color skin to fit into Trump's idea of what a terrorist should look like? Or because banning Muslims would have done nothing to stop his attack?


  1. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Or is it because this man is one of Trump's deplorables? Just saying, there's no doubt this whack job voted for Trump in the election.

  2. Anonymous4:46 AM

    I have no hope for it to get better. There are so many that still defend trump.

  3. Anonymous5:05 AM

    He needed to have that goiter looked at instead of going on some racist rampage.

  4. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I do hope he enjoys his time at Rikers. I have read a bit about this place. Nothing, not one thing good.

    Did you know that there are actually people there that are a darker shade of white? Whoa, talk about uncomfortable.

    I hear solitary is nice this time of year.

  5. Anonymous5:17 AM


    As a business man and president, Trump you should know you have to do your research before telling coalminers they're going back to work. No wonder you filed for bankruptcy more than double your failed marriages, you suck.


    Trump promised to bring back coal jobs. That promise ‘will not be kept,’ experts say.

    By Darryl Fears March 29 at 8:00 AM

    President Trump lifted a moratorium on federal coal leases Tuesday, paving the way for excavation of a fossil fuel on public land in the West that few mining companies seem to want.

    With coal miners gathered around him, Trump signed an executive order rolling back a temporary ban on mining coal and a stream protection rule imposed by the Obama administration. The order follows the president’s campaign promise to revive the struggling coal industry and bring back thousands of lost mining jobs in rural America.

    “I made them this promise,” Trump said, “we will put our miners back to work.”

    But industry experts say coal mining jobs will continue to be lost, not because of blocked access to coal, but because power plant owners are turning to natural gas. At least six plants that relied on coal have closed or announced they will close since Trump’s victory in November, including the main plant at the Navajo Generating Station in Arizona, the largest in the West. Another 40 are projected to close during the president’s four-year term.

    Read more at:

  6. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Don't hold your breath, trump will not comment, only unless it will somehow benefit him.
    I hope more trump supporters are seeing all the harm he is doing to our country and to the world.
    He is dumb selfish sociopath , a bonified clown and quite a disgusting individual.Zero leadership qualities.
    Resist everything he touches.

  7. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Tue Mar 28, 2017 | 6:07 PM EDT

    Trump to offer federal coal to industry awash in reserves

    ...He added that re-opening federal lands to new leases could also play into a production upswing if demand ultimately increases. The U.S. Energy Information Administration has forecast a 9 percent increase in western coal production to 443.4 million short tons by 2018, driven mainly by higher natural gas prices.

    Others were less optimistic about the U.S. coal industry's outlook, saying the best Trump could do is slow the sector’s decline. Since 2012, coal production has plunged more than 25 percent to the lowest levels since 1978 due to falling prices. The industry has been hit with massive layoffs and bankruptcies....

  8. He wanted to dissuade white women from breeding with men of color. Other white men feel the same way, so they don't say anything.

  9. Anonymous5:31 AM

    If Melania paid for her own security to protect Barron in New York maybe the New York Police Department can afford to hire more police officers to protect their citizens from white homegrown terrorists?

  10. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Los Angeles Times:
    I pity the poor coal miners who allowed themselves to be used as props by Donald Trump. On Tuesday, a group of them stood with the president as he signed his executive order gutting Obama-era climate change regulations. After signing the document with his flamboyant flourish, Trump turned to them and said, “You know what this is? You know what this says? You’re going back to work.”

    Well, maybe not....

  11. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Russian banker who met with Jared Kushner has ties to Putin

    (CNN)The Russian bank chairman who met with Jared Kushner in December isn't your ordinary banker.

    His state-run bank has been under US sanctions for nearly three years.

    He was appointed to his job by Russian President Vladimir Putin after eight years at Russia's biggest state-owned commercial bank.

    And he graduated from the Russian academy of Federal Security Service, which trains people to work in Russia's intelligence and security forces.

    Sergey Gorkov's meeting with Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and one of his closest advisers, will be scrutinized by congressional investigators probing links between Trump associates and the Russian government.

    Read more at-

  12. Anonymous6:05 AM

    The silence of the White House on this outrage is simply deafening. But, I must say that it is not surprising given the number of white supremacists who are working there now. What an abomination this new administration is.

  13. Anonymous6:13 AM

    I'm surprised he's not a dating a Palin.

  14. Anonymous6:59 AM

  15. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Trump won't say nothing because most of his supporters want a pure white race and to shoot brown people.


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