Thursday, April 27, 2017

After first stating that he will not seek reelection, and then hinting he may quit before end of term, now Jason Chaffetz is saying that a 12 year old injury has flared up and he needs a leave of absence. Hmmm.

Sorry, would love to investigate Trump's ties to Russia, but I have a boo boo on my foot.
Courtesy of Politico:  

House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz announced Wednesday that he will take a leave of absence from Congress to undergo surgery on his foot, with an estimated return in mid-May. 

The Utah Republican posted a picture of an X-ray on Instagram and wrote that a foot injury he sustained 12 years ago is now prompting him to undergo "immediate" surgery.

The estimated recovery time is three to four weeks. Chaffetz said avoiding the procedure could put him "at risk for serious infection." 

Chaffetz's absence comes amid a crucial stretch for House Republicans and the Trump administration. There are looming votes on a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown and, potentially, a close vote on legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. 

"I’m sorry to miss the important work we are doing in Washington," Chaffetz wrote. "This is not an opportune time to be away but medical emergencies are never convenient. I appreciate my constituent’s patience and understanding as I take time to recover."

Look I hate to get all conspiratorial here, but I have had rotting fish heads in my trashcan that gave off less smell than this is giving off.

I am not at all sure of what is happening, but I am all but positive that SOMETHING is happening.


  1. You may have fish heads. He probably had a horse head in his bed after his last tv appearance criticizing Flynn!

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Isnt that the same injury that kept our Douchebag-in-Chief from serving in Vietnam and then magically healed once the danger of serving had passed?

    Who knew heel spurs were contagious?

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Obamacare...Use it before you lose it!


  4. Like he couldn't use a wheelchair in DC?

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    100% Freudian.

    Talk about hiding under the blankets....

  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    He has only one constituent?

  7. Anonymous3:11 PM

    There are rumors of a long term affair, by this family values "husband and father" Also, did HE dip into the Russian money also, too??

  8. Anonymous3:30 PM

    how do we know those are his x=rays? And the timing of this supposed surgery is ......very interesting.

    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      I saw them and noted several loose screws.

    2. Anonymous3:31 AM

      @ 6:18 I thought the problem was his foot, not his head.

  9. He won't be back . . . . .

  10. Sounds like this medical emergency is VERY convenient.

  11. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Maybe his foot has been spending too much time in his mouth.

    1. Anonymous8:50 PM

      ahhhhhhh.....Thank you, 3:49 for a much-needed chuckle!

  12. Anonymous3:58 PM

    SOMETHING is happening all right and, depending on which "anonymous source" you can believe, it sounds like there's a lot of hands in the pot!

  13. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Exclusive: Federal probe of Fox News expands

    The U.S. Justice Department's investigation of Fox News has widened to include a second law enforcement agency.

    Financial crimes experts from the United States Postal Inspection Service are now involved, according to four sources connected to the investigation.

    Mail fraud and wire fraud cases are part of the USPIS purview.

    Investigators from both the USPIS and the Justice Department have been conducting interviews in recent weeks -- including with some former Fox staffers -- to obtain more information about the network's managers and business practices, the sources said.

    The existence of the federal investigation was revealed in February. At the time Fox News and its parent company 21st Century Fox said they had not been subpoenaed, but a spokeswoman said, "we have been in communication with the U.S. Attorney's office for months — we have and will continue to cooperate on all inquiries with any interested authorities."

    Sean Hannity issues dire warning about the 'total end' of Fox News

    Federal investigators asking about 'friends of Roger' at Fox News

    Federal investigators probing Fox News' business practices are beginning to turn their attention to mysterious consultants once employed by the network's former CEO Roger Ailes, CNN reported Thursday.

    Ailes, who was ousted from the network in July amid a deluge sexual harassment allegations, employed a number consultants and political operatives – known internally at Fox as "friends of Roger" – for reasons that remain unclear.

    In addition, the Justice Department's investigation has been expanded to include financial crime experts from the United States Postal Inspection Service, CNN added, whose purview includes mail fraud and wire fraud cases.

  14. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Trump tweets draw 'tidal wave of threats'

    Trump’s security detail can’t stop him from tweeting, but it must deal with the consequences.

  15. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Republicans Attack The Resistance With Bill To Punish College Students Who Protest

    As college students around the country protest against their universities who book conservative speakers that traffic in hate speech, Republican state legislatures around the country are taking up bills that would punish students for resisting and exercising their free speech rights.

    Democrats Ready To Use Their Own Money To Wage Lawsuit Against Trump’s Business Conflicts

    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) defended a free and open internet Thursday in a speech on the House floor, as she spoke out against former Verizon counsel FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plans to reverse net neutrality rules and end open and free Internet.

    “The FCC’s new Chairman, who used to work as counsel for Verizon, wants to turn the internet into a system of pay-to-play fast lanes for big money and those who can afford it, leaving everyone else behind in the slow lane.”

    Watch here:

  16. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Was he even born 12 years ago ? At any rate he is a spineless , smug , immature hypocrite!

  17. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Remember when Reagan had surgery on his asshole and Bush had finger surgery at the same time? Just saying......

  18. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I have zero sympathy or respect for this man. The way he has conducted himself over the last few years really questionable. He is part of the problem, he is a liar, and he has motives for his outspoken nonsense. Never trust a republican because they are liars. You can not trust them if they nominated trump.

  19. Anonymous5:01 PM

    One less republican vote in the house!

  20. Anonymous5:44 PM

    It is so funny/ludicrous to me, that ANYBODY thinks, in this day and of internet, they have any privacy, especially if they are involved with politics or religion. Quantum physics. When chickens come home to roost.


  21. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Does anyone think this is reaching Nunes levels of ridiculousness?

  22. Anonymous8:45 PM


  23. Whatever it is he's getting ready to exit quickly. Ok, here's my reading straight from my bullshit meter that's never wrong......

    Pay attention to those things that appear out of the ordinary. For example.....raise your hand if Jason's recent smack down on Flynn made you stop, cock your head to the side and say, "HUH?" And did your eyes get squinty as you said..." hmmm, what the hell is he up to now"?

    If so, good! Because that's the right response. It's ALL a bullshit screen - laughably transparent but hey - republicans, right? This guy probably knows that Flynn is about to get served up as the sacrificial lamb. I believe it will happen within days after shithead Jason leaves for his emergency life threatening foot surgery. First, Jason had to get assurance he wasn't being set up so they had to send him out there with Eliaja to make a few cryptic remarks about Flynn being in deep shit. So now Jason thinks he just created an awesome reason for all the Dems to slobber all over him and love him for turning on a fellow republican- I smell fish just like you guys do. Also, too, there may be some very interesting things about to surface regarding the attacks on HRC's campaign and Jason also needs to make a case that he's really not a dickface, lying shithead Republican that never shut the eff up about emails and crazy shit like that. He needs us to think he's just a swell guy.

    Second reason for his sudden exit - trump and putin owe him a few favors so they want him out of range - not on guard duty when Flynn's life turns into a shit storm - he'll be kryptonite - I think Flynn offered to talk if given immunity because he knew what was coming - he drew the short straw.

    I believe trump and putin are about to pull some very heavy shit to stop this Russian investigation - N. Korean threats to nuke us have helped deflect but still not quite enough. Putin prob called cheeto and Jared and told them to wrap Flynn in a big slab of bloody meat and throw him into the jaws of the investigation.

    Or, I could be crazy. You decide. 😎😜😱

    1. Anonymous12:01 AM

      Sounds about right!


    2. Anonymous4:52 AM

      Sharon, IF you are crazy, it is only because everything about this administration and the republican side of our government is also batshit crazy. Interesting food for thought there, thank you.

  24. This brings to mind when our own asshole senator Pete Wilson had himself carried on to the floor on a stretcher (after an appendectomy I think) in order to make a big show of being their to vote for some shit. The guy had the worst voting record in the senate when he was healthy, but have an operation and he's grandstanding how diligent he is.

    Yeah, something smells.

  25. Anonymous1:06 AM

    These little stale tea bags, don't tread on me clowns are so boring. The scam is idiotic. Some of Our fellow American's fell right into it. Why? don't know except trusting and believing in a fake no news channel. "Fox News" fox nation of liars, crooks and rapist. "The most trusted network" Oh how the shit ran deep in that swamp. As I told a person yesterday, just turn the channel, cancel you satellite/cable contract, and tell them why. Just don't listen to the liars. Watch World news, watch racheal maddow, Read up, Speak up, Never shut up. This is a silent attack and war and this deadly war against America and the World will not be won. America will win. The World will win.

  26. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Watch the clown show unfold. The desperation, the embarrassment, the sweating and lying to justify their crimes. Sadly each will develop a foot infection and will slime away and hope we do not notice. But each have been identified and each branded. We now know the bad actors. Just watch every trump rally and event for over a year. Research each associate, each employee, each business and each lawsuit carefully. It is before your eyes.

  27. A rat leaving a sinking ship?


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