Saturday, April 29, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from any investigations concerning Michael Flynn.

Uh...I think I'm busy that day.
Courtesy of Politico:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday that his recusal from Justice Department investigations into the 2016 campaign for president will extend into inquiries into the activities of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, under fire for his ties to foreign governments. 

“My recusal deals with the campaign issues,” Sessions told NBC’s “Today” show. “But I would expect not to be involved in this one.”

"You would recuse yourself from any decision dealing with general Flynn?" asked Today anchor Matt Lauer. 

"Yeah," Sessions replied.

This to me is a fairly clear indication that the Trump folks know that Flynn is well and truly fucked.

First the FBI and Justice Department refuse to grant any deals for immunity, and now the sitting Attorney General makes as much space as possible between himself and the former National Security Adviser.

If I were Flynn I would be flop sweating like crazy.


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Sessions and Trey Gowdy (who the GOP wants to replace Chaffetz for investigation) remind me of the young boy sitting on the porch in "Deliverance".

  2. "Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from any investigations into Michael Flynn."
    Well, la-di-dah. Are we supposed to give him a cookie, or a gold star, or something?

    When he steps down as attorney general, then I might consider him to be doing the rright thing.

    1. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Cuz that's what a good attorney general appointed by dRump does.

      Unless there is an independent committee that does this investigation, does anyone think the Trump-appointed are going to go against? HELL NO. Right down to the silent and complicit Congress.

  3. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Sessions is a racist pig and should be dumped from any position he holds in D.C. People despise him throughout the country.

    Trump sure knows how to pickum! NOT!

  4. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Must be nice to talk shit to 80 year old women at work and then post about it on Facebook. Good luck holding your job.

  5. Anonymous1:36 PM

    In a tent deep in the woods of rural Kentucky, an old neo-Nazi spoke bitterly of how he feels “betrayed” by Donald Trump.

    “I’m sorry I voted for the son of a bitch, I really am,” said Art Jones, who the Anti-Defamation League identifies as a Holocaust denier who has been dressing in Nazi garb and celebrating Hitler since the 1970s.

    “I’m sorry I spent $180 out of my own pocket to buy three big banners that said, ‘President Trump, build the wall’,” the blazer-clad Jones said, to a tent full of about 100 men, some of whom wore paramilitary-style uniforms. “Now he says, ‘Eh, what wall?’ I’m embarrassed that I voted for him.”

    Jones blamed Trump’s failures on the “Jewish lobby” and the president’s son-in-law and aide, Jared Kushner, who is Jewish.

    “If I could take the vote back,” he said. “I would.”

  6. Anonymous1:40 PM

    WATCH: Serious Shade On Ivanka Trump's 'Feminism'

  7. Anonymous1:42 PM

    IMO, Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions is complicit in Russiagate.

  8. Anonymous1:48 PM

    He can't hide his insecurity of his ill gotten position. He knows he's an illegitimate POTUS, so he tries and tries to convince people he didn't suck Putin's dick, even though EVERYONE knows he did, and with squealing gusto.

    Trump asked Washington Post to run 2016 electoral map on front page to commemorate first 100 days: report

  9. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I'm heartened by seeing the numbers of people protesting today in Washington. I didn't realize there were going to be many, but at least in DC, there was a good turnout. I want that SOB out of office one way or another. He is the worst thing to happen to this country in my 55 yr lifetime.

  10. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Flynn is a weasel and he will talk to save his ass and blow this shit house wide open. And he should. The little guy will be losing all his assets and military retirement benefits and will need to write that tell all book very soon. He is finished and trump and stumps threw him under the trump train full of evil clowns and liars.

  11. Anonymous1:59 PM

    ‘I feel kind of dumb, honestly’: Trump voter admits being ‘bamboozled’ by candidate’s ‘progressive-ish’ rhetoric

    You ARE dumb...and fucking ignorant, uninformed and lazily led around by your nose. Fuck you and your family.

    ‘He’s a pathological liar’: Watch Rob Reiner destroy Trump for blaming his Michael Flynn woes on Obama

  12. Anonymous2:09 PM

  13. Anonymous2:11 PM

    GOP insiders slam Trump’s wrecking ball, desperate, ‘totally insane’ last-minute push for 100-days accomplishments

  14. Anonymous2:19 PM

    ‘Just knowing he’s here makes me feel good’: Women at NRA convention cheer Trump

    They couldn’t be happier with Trump, these women said in nearly two-dozen interviews. Even if they felt uncomfortable at first with the president’s attitude toward women after a race in which he was accused of being a sexual predator — even if they didn’t support him in the GOP primary, they’ve spent the past 100 days developing a profound sense of loyalty to him.


  15. Anonymous2:24 PM

    President Obama may have been baiting Donald Trump by demoting DOJ’s Dana Boente

    ...If this was the plan all along, it means the person in charge of prosecuting Trump-Russia is precisely whom Obama wanted in charge of it all along – and now it’s realistically too late for Trump to stop it.

  16. Distancing himself? What's he afraid of? That he'll be next?


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