Saturday, April 15, 2017

FBI Director James Comey warns Americans to beware of efforts by foreign countries to undermine our elections. Really could have used that warning way back in 2016.

Courtesy of the AP:

FBI Director James Comey said Americans should be aware of foreign efforts to undermine confidence in U.S. elections and mindful of the possibility that what they're reading might be part of an organized disinformation campaign. 

U.S. adversaries, including Russia last year, have "used all kinds of vectors to try and influence and undermine our own faith in our democratic processes" and have relied on increasingly sophisticated tactics, the FBI director warned. 

Speaking at a Newseum event Wednesday night, he said the FBI would be transparent in publicly calling out efforts to meddle in American politics and that the public also should take steps to guard against foreign influence. 

"The most important thing to be done is people need to be aware of the possibility that what they're reading has been shaped by troll farms looking to push a message on Twitter to undermine our confidence" about the electoral process, Comey said.

It should also be pointed out that it is not just elections that these  foreign governments, IE Russians, are trying to influence as we recently saw for ourselves in the aftermath of that Syrian chemical attack.

Comey also attempted to explain away his own interference in the 2016 election:

On Wednesday night, he acknowledged the FBI "did a lot last year that confused people." 

"If you see the world through sides, the FBI doesn't make a lot of sense to you 'cause you're saying, 'Why did they help this person?'" and hurt someone else, Comey said. 

"We don't see the world that way. We are not on anybody's side, we really don't care. We're trying to figure out what's true, what's fair, what's the right thing to do," he added.

Yeah look I am in total agreement with Comey when it concerns the Russian's attempt to shape our opinions and influence our elections, but that bullshit excuse about our inability to see the world from their perspective does not pass the smell test with me.

The fact is that what Comey did, in writing that letter suggesting that Hillary Clinton was still under an FBI investigation, had an immense impact, and may have actually changed the outcome of the election.

And since all of that turned out to be just bullshit there really no legitimate excuse for what he did.

However I hope that he intends to seek redemption for his sins by investigating the shit out of Trump's ties to Russia.

After all, that is the least he can do at this point.


  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    If you have to "figure out" what's true, fair, and right, why are you in charge, Comey?

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Well, Russia has always tried to influence "us."

    I saw an article about a Canadian hospital that has an ER that remains so backed up that a woman with internal bleeding was left in a stretcher for 5 days.

    1. Nice try. Idiot. A woman with internal bleeding would not last five days.
      But I am sure you have a link from some fake news rag, right comrade?

    2. abbafan1:31 PM

      laurensd1 - see the article at Unfortunately, this did occur in Brampton, ON, west of Toronto. Due to overcrowding, the lady was in a hallway ward for five days, along with three other patients. Their only privacy was portable dividers, and they had to share a public washroom. Unfortunately, these situations do occur here, and receive quite a lot of publicity.

      However, as a Canadian, I do realize our health care system does need some improvements. But I do consider myself fortunate, compared to what our American neighbours are dealing with right now, especially with that orange asshole and his entitled cronies purging and profiting on peoples' misery!

    3. Anonymous1:44 PM

      11:51-- Source, please? I have friends in Canada and I call total bullshit.

      They even get coverage for braces. Teeth braces.

    4. Anonymous5:48 PM

      I hate to burst your bubble,but both my 89 year old mom and my husband have spent their time in the hallway ward right here in the USA in the past year. My husband has good insurance from work and my mom has Medicare/Medicaid.

  3. Still trying to cover his ass? Too late. Comey and the rest of "Trumpland" need to GO. The investigation needs to be into them and their interference with the election. The FBI put Trump in the White House just as much if not more than the Russian fake news.

  4. dlbvet12:11 PM

    Now he f--king says this?
    It's too f--king late. We're on the brink of war, possibly...not to be an alarmist or anything, but good f--king grief.
    We could have used this insight BEFORE the election.
    Sorry, I don't mean to be profane. Or rant.
    But seriously, I am so over the maniacal, egotistical, ignorant, xenophobic, misogynistic, chocolate-cake-eating pussy-grabber in the white House. Also too in the "southern WH/AKA rotting-fish Mar-a-lago cesspool."

    1. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Nor do I mean to be profane, but his weekly address for Passover and Easter last week -- "A Season Of Great Hope" as he's bombing the sh*t out of people. Oh, excuse me....not "him" but the military that he gave free rein. Riiiight. Give me a f-cking break, x-tian POS. I didn't even read what it said.

  5. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Do we really know who has Comey by the balls now? Remember we were told a long time ago that if they have them by the balls their minds and hearts soon will follow.

  6. Anonymous12:30 PM


    This is how trump and the GOP will win the next election.

  7. Sarah is tweeting about how the U.S. Air Force is showing North Korea its muscles.

    Uh. Sarah. If that were true, it would be the Navy.

    "That woman is an idiot."
    It wouldn't be Easter without America's Dumbest Bunny.

  8. Anonymous1:11 PM

    How's that protest coming along?

    Did you tear yourself away from the computer and actually take your cardboard
    sign outside?

    Did the fresh air make you puke?

    1. Anonymous2:03 PM

      Are you talking to yourself again?

    2. Anonymous2:16 PM

      Did your cardboard sign work on the freeway off ramp? Enough to get a bottle of Thunderbird?

    3. Anonymous5:45 PM

      The quality of trolls has gone way down. They seem more like angry guys from the corner bar now.

  9. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Maybe Dear Leader will recognize the threat to our electoral process and suspend free elections whilst he uses his instinct, knowledge of the best words and the support of 36% of surveyed Americans to get to the root of the problem.

    Hint: the root problem is probably Crooked Hillary and Obama, bad(sick?) guy!

    Join the GOP in taking back our country:
    *Make America Great Again!
    *Replace LIBERAL Democracy with SENSIBLE Autocracy!
    *Temporarily replace failed Constitution with simple national business plan prepared by actual members of Drumpf's own family!
    *Celebrate the beginning of 1000 year reign of Emperor Drumpf and his descendants!
    *Report your own traitorous neighbors and loved ones to Customs and Immigration authorities today.
    *Donate scrap metal, rubber products and old newspapers to help build the largest network of re-education/detention facilities for dissidents, intellectuals, negroes, jews, hispanos, atheists, gypsies and homersexuals. Do it today!

    Remember, Dear Leader says you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs and you can't 'Make Amerika Great Again(tm)' without a little fascism.

    1. Anonymous10:47 PM

      Indeed, well said.

  10. Anonymous3:59 PM

    KellyAnn also spread many lies around election time; I remember her stating “Hillary has been indicted” and the moron media person did nothing to challenge the lie.

    KellyAnn is probable a russian agent like many others in the trump admin

  11. Anonymous9:37 PM

    NOPE. mr commie is just that. A person manipulated by commies and they got the dirt on him. So he does as he is told. This election has sorted out the bad and good humans on this planet. We the people of the good side have fallen victim to it temporarily but you can bet this shit will end very soon. This is a huge criminal network that will not succeed in the mission of breaking down everything good in the world. It just wont happen. But in the minds of these wacko mental patients it can. Time to lock um up and stop the nonsense. Enough evidence has been collected and criminals identified. Round um up.

  12. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I still can't deal with all the nepotism, reversal of positions, and narcissism/ expense at Maro Largo. It's disgusting.

  13. Anonymous10:53 PM

    BTW, Comey makes me sick. FBI, indeed.


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