Friday, April 21, 2017

Having successfully hijacked the election in America Russia set their sights on France.

Marie Le Pen and Vladimir Putin.
Courtesy of Salon: 

As the French prepare to vote Sunday in a presidential election marked by acrimonious debate about Russian influence in Europe, there’s little doubt about which candidate Moscow backs.

Last month, the combative populist Marine Le Pen of the right-wing National Front flew to Moscow to meet with President Vladimir Putin. It was a display of longtime mutual admiration. The frontrunner in a field of 11 candidates, Le Pen shrugs off allegations of corruption and human rights abuses against Putin, calling him a tough and effective leader. Her hard-line views on immigration, Islam and the European Union win praise from Putin and enthusiastic coverage from Russian media outlets. Her campaign has been propelled by a loan of more than $9 million from a Russian bank in 2014, according to Western officials and media reports. 

Meanwhile, aides to Emmanuel Macron, the center-left former economy minister who is Le Pen’s top rival, have accused Russia of hitting his campaign with cyberattacks and fake news reports about his personal life. Although French officials say the computer disruptions were minor and there is no conclusive proof of links to the Russian state, President François Hollande and other leaders have warned about the risk of interference comparable to hacking operations that targeted the U.S. elections. The French government, aided by briefings from U.S. agencies about their experience last year, has beefed up its cyber defenses.

“The Russians have had an aggressive espionage presence here for a long time,” a senior French intelligence official said. “The Russians now have more spies, more clandestine operations, in France than they did in the Cold War.”

This is really the lesson that the world needs to take from the election of Donald Trump, and that is that the Russians wish to disrupt their democracy in such as way as to not only select an incompetent leader but to also show that their political process is deeply flawed.

In short Russia wishes to completely undermine western democracy.

(Let's not forget the UK officials are also accusing the Russians of interfering in the Brexit vote.)

One would think that at this point rational people would immediately reject ANY candidate that was complimentary toward Vladimir Putin, or who had actually traveled to meet him, but sadly there are literally millions of irrational people driven by deeper feelings of racism and nationalism.

These are people who use their fear and insecurities to choose a candidate, and not logic nor intelligence.

If Putin gets his way Trump may soon be joined by a number of deeply flawed, and easily manipulated, world leaders who will either refuse, or be unable, to stand in the Russian leader's way as he accumulates even more riches and positions himself as a key power in the world.

And that, in no way, bodes well for the future of America or Western Democracy.


  1. Anonymous6:45 AM

    OMG, all the lipstick in the world smeared on this pig...

    Donald Trump Whines About Feeling No Love for First 100 Days

    Earthshattering accomplishments! LOL!

    1. Anonymous8:01 AM

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Jason Chaffetz Is Fleeing Scandal—But Maybe Not His Own

    ...The election of Donald Trump seriously interfered with Chaffetz's plans.

    ...But even as he announced that he was stepping away from politics, Chaffetz and his supporters seemed to be quietly planning his political future. In early April, his campaign committee registered the domains and

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Then Donald Trump got elected and everything changed.

      “Trump getting elected was the worst possible thing for him,” says one Utah political insider. “Under a Hillary Clinton presidency, he would have had a nightly gig on Fox News. It would have been Crooked Hillary every night. Instead he got Trump.”

      Had Clinton won, Chaffetz would have used the platform to attack the administration at every turn, the subpoena power literally resting in the pen in his pocket. But now, he was suddenly limited by demands to play team ball for a team that was already struggling, fumbling healthcare right out of the gate. And whatever Trump and the fractious House Republicans did, he would be held accountable, even though he would have little control.

      ...No one has presented any evidence for these claims and it’s unlikely that someone will. But it is certainly a karmic reversal to see Chaffetz, one of the foremost propagators of the Benghazi conspiracy theory, getting a taste of his own medicine.

    2. There are rumors he'll run for governor too.

  3. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Seems to me the united nations and world leaders would have an interest in removing the dictators of Russia, North Korea and Syria as in any country. This international republican party of spies and liars have caused enough discourse from their behavior. It is time to remove the dangerous dictators from power and demand law and order in this world.

  4. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Liberal redneck: Don’t let ‘literally treasonous’ Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’-y military actions distract you

    “We’re at war, ain’t we?” asked “Liberal Redneck” Trae Crowder in his newest video, referring to President Donald Trump’s military engagements in Syria and Afghanistan and threats against North Korea.

    “Look, man, I don’t know what’s going on with all this stuff, but it all feels a little ‘Wag the Dog’-y to me,” Crowder said. An unpopular Trump knows that “nothing gets the thick syrupy blood flowing to his base’s freedom boner quite like a war.”

    The problem Trump didn’t account for, he said, is that for those voters, “their Bible says you have to hate everything a black president does.”

    Those people spent the last 8 years telling Obama to stay out of Syria, Crowder said, “and also quit playing basketball and running the country so well and talking so g*ddamn good.”

    And the distractions have been working for Trump, Crowder said, because we’re not talking about Russia anymore, are we?

    “It’s worth paying attention to,” he said, “but all I’m saying is we can’t let it completely distract us from the potential that this administration is literally treasonous. And if that turns out to be true, then none of the rest of this sh*t matters.”

    “I don’t give a damn if he starts talking about dropping the Meemaw of all bombs, that’s all I’m saying,” Crowder concluded. “This sh*t’s wild.”

    Watch the video, embedded below:

  5. Anonymous7:25 AM

    President Obama is keeping his promise to promote engagement and train the next generation of political leaders by holding his first post-presidential event in Chicago on Monday.

    1. Anonymous8:14 AM

      He looks so happy.

  6. Anonymous7:34 AM

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    2. Anonymous7:53 AM

      "The fact is that American conservatism is anything but moral, conservative or even decent. It is sexist, violent, abusive and hates women."

    3. Anonymous8:05 AM

  7. Jeezuz - I feel as if I'm caught in an alternate universe or a never ending nightmare or both. Russian influence appears to be spreading like an evil slime across the western world and seeping under our doors and windows.

    This is damn scary stuff and I fear the worst is yet to come. There's no way this will be fixed from within our govt - it appears our own leadership has become far too corrupted and complicit.

    The Russian threat cannot be denied - there's absolutely no question the damage has been going on for years now. I still believe 100% that Mitch McTurtle was in on the scheme with trump when he got the repubs to block Obama's SCOTUS nominee - HOW would he have known HRC wouldn't be the next president?! I questioned it then but I certainly don't question it now. He knew what the outcome would be because he was fully on board to steal the election.

    I believe after all the evidence we've seen so far that Putin has been courting these snakes for a long time now - including this POS - Marie la Pen. She's another version of trump but more intelligent and possibly more hateful if that's possible.

    If she wins, Putin will have gained control in another country's leadership and his plan to become the world leader is a little bit closer to reality. Anyone that underestimates this dictator shouldnt be allowed to vote. I know that sounds just as wrong as voter suppression but the stakes are too high.

    I don't think we can afford to remain silent or rest on our laurels with the mistaken belief that our leadership will stop trump's destruction of our country - it's become way too corrupt and we need to march every week if necessary to take back our govt and get this mess of Russian interlopers OUT!

    Perhaps we'll have a stronger position to deal with this crazy bitch Marie le pen and her evil deal with the devil - putin is fucking crazy.

    1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    2. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Putin on the move: Russia is moving back into Ukraine, as the Trump administration does nothing

      Meanwhile, another Putin critic is killed, and Rex Tillerson's ex-company gets a present from Russia

      Nikolai Andrushchenko is 12th prominent Russian to die suspiciously during Trump-Russia scandal

    3. Anonymous9:47 AM

      France’s elections are just the latest in Russia’s shadow war in a wary Europe

      Fears of Russian meddling in a French vote reflect an overt and covert influence campaign

  8. Anonymous7:58 AM

    POTUS has been looking into using Hatch Act in similar way to silence dissent w/i government. Part of reason he's registered 2020 candidacy.

    Lawyer: Protesters violated Trump's First Amendment rights by presenting "dissenting views" at his rally

    He thinks he's a King.

    1. This is how Fascism works.

      Only a select elite have democracy, rights and privilege.

      The rest of us lowly bastards live under totalitarian authority.

  9. Anonymous7:59 AM

    OT?" rump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference"
    Dr Bandy Lee, agrees with the Goldwater rule but is troubled by its recent expansion (as of March 16, 2017) and the silencing of debate. She hopes that the public and politicians will understand that mental health issues are not to be used as a weapon, just as other health issues are not."

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Those 'doctors' need to have their heads examined and have their licenses revoked for such a miscarriage of medical ethics.

    2. On the contrary, these are experts in their field and they do have a duty to warn when the danger is this close.

      And I might add obvious.

      It's no secret. None of us are experts and even we know there is something seriously wrong with Trump.

      Olbermann did a resistance on it and laid it out pretty clearly.

      Trump is DANGEROUS. The only reason he is free and where is is that his family and those around him have been enabling and protecting him rather than getting him help or at the very least, protecting society from him. They've done it for personal gain and power and now they have it. They're not going to do anything. Neither is the GOP who got their dream president along with both houses of Congress and are on their way to owning the Supreme Court too.

      So, who is left?

      If it is a doctor's duty to do no harm, it is their duty to see that this dangerous man doesn't harm the nation and the world.

  10. Anonymous8:08 AM

    The National Front is no joke. Be worried, y'all.

  11. Anonymous8:09 AM

    BREAKING: Russia flew more Bear bombers and spy planes off Alaska coast over last two nights. This time, no response from US Air Force

    Cash-strapped Venezuela a major funder of Trump inauguration

    President Nicolas Maduro may be struggling to feed Venezuela but his socialist administration still managed to make a $500,000 donation to Donald Trump's inauguration, records released Wednesday show.

    Inaugural committee records filed with the Federal Election Commission show Citgo Petroleum, a U.S. affiliate of Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA, was one of the biggest corporate donors to events surrounding the swearing-in ceremony.

    The donation topped that of some U.S. corporate giants including Pepsi ($250,000), Walmart ($150,000) and Verizon ($100,000) and was on par with the likes of JP Morgan Chase and Exxon, which each donated $500,000. It came in under Bank of America's $1 million contribution.

    «FSB’s infiltration of political party Parnas aimed at Norway»

    Leader of the regional party office in Murmansk, Andrey Kapitonov, was recruited by Russian agents as part of a plot involving liberal Parnas and the Norwegian secret police. Then it all backfired on the Russian security service.

    1. Do we know if that money was really Russian funneled through Venezuela and Citgo?

  12. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Russia flew Tu-95 Bear bombers or IL-38 spy planes past 4 nights near Alaska, stayed in international airspace but into US Air Defense Zone

  13. Gryphen - I come here every single day and often several times on the same day - the state of affairs is far worse than what we faced when the Palin's gypsies invaded the US.

    I follow you that much because I find reassurance with your posts that I'm not crazy or paranoid- these things are really happening.

    You're one of the few sources I have that gives me hope there are many more of us who see the same things and they're not good.

    Palin was more of an embarrassment- more of a dipshit who's reign would end and we could all laugh as we watched the dumbass slide down the slope of obscurity.

    Putin is dangerous and I'm not laughing anymore. Trump is dangerous because putin owns him and most of his administration- thanks for keeping these important stories in front of us each day. Really grateful for your great efforts and skill in connecting the dots, presenting facts, being honest and offering opinions. You're doing an excellent job!

    1. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Vice presidential nominee.
      Sarah Palin.
      Sarah Palin's candidacy for Vice President of the United States was publicly announced by then-presumptive Republican Party presidential candidate John McCain on August 29, 2008.


    2. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Lol what 'dots' have actually been connected Sharon? Visiting blogs like the IM is most definitely NOT good for your mental health, as you are far to susceptible to bullshit.

    3. 8:39 - So, why are YOU here you effin moron? Lol

    4. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Please do explain in detail what 'dots' have been connected Sharon.

    5. Anonymous5:24 PM

      @8:39 Ya know, one thing to which I am truly looking forward -- after the parade of Republican perp walks, and the dismantling of this bogus administration, and a SCOTUS decision declaring a fucking election re-do -- is the fact that I won't have to read your goddamned fucking troll "lol"s on my favorite blog any longer.

      You're new here and add nothing. Can't wait until you're no longer useful to whomever is paying your pathetic ass and you disafuckingpear.

    6. Anonymous5:42 PM

      lolol. There is no such thing as a presidential "redo" you dumbass moron at 5:24.

      Get it thru your dumb head.

  14. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Right when you might have been starting to really lose faith in your fellow citizens, here comes a PPP poll showing you are not alone. By a “51/43 split, voters would rather still have Obama than Trump as President overall.”

    Thirty-nine percent of voters think President Trump will get us into World War III, and only 40% don’t think he will according to the PPP poll. Trump’s foreign policy “isn’t inspiring a ton of confidence,” they noted dryly. Perhaps it was the ships going in the wrong direction or the saber rattling at North Korea, Iran, and Syria followed by either no or impotent action that actually made the United States look weak and ridiculous.

    There is a reason Russia wanted Trump, they saw him as “soft” on Russia. Soft, big bark no bite, mercurial, slightly crazy but crazy without being intimidating enough to be workable, act now ask later — this has been the Trump doctrine thus far.

    A majority of voters would rather have Obama handing foreign policy. By 51/39 spread, they “think Obama had a better handle on foreign policy.”

    Donald Trump is not popular.

    “Things are so bad for Donald Trump that United Airlines can bloody and drag a passenger off of one of their planes and they are still more popular than Trump according to a new poll,”

    By a 51/43 split, voters would rather “have Obama than Trump as President overall.”

  15. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Trump wades into French elections

    The president tweets about the terror attack in Paris after months of staying on the sidelines.

    ...She also has a supporter in Putin, who recently hosted her at Kremlin for a friendly photo-op. "It's now the world of Putin, the world of Donald Trump," Le Pen declared after the meeting. Western officials say Russian intelligence has sought to influence France's election in support of Le Pen.

    Trump’s Friday tweet did not name Le Pen and left his preference unstated. But foreign policy experts read it as implied support for Le Pen

    1. I should think that having the support of both Putin and Trump would be a red flag any sane French voter could recognize.

      If Trump is for Le Pen, vote for the other guy.

  16. Anonymous8:28 AM

    How Trump Blew Up the Conservative Media

  17. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Let’s keep defending our progressive values. Thank you for this discussion @BarackObama.

  18. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference

    Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional'

    Donald Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is not fit to lead the US, a group of psychiatrists has warned during a conference at Yale University.

    Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.

    Speaking at the conference at Yale’s School of Medicine on Thursday, one of the mental health professionals, Dr John Gartner, a practising psychotherapist who advised psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, said: “We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump's dangerous mental illness.”

    “Worse than just being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking and he proved that to the country the first day he was President. If Donald Trump really believes he had the largest crowd size in history, that’s delusional,” he added.

    Chairing the event, Dr Bandy Lee, assistant clinical professor in the Yale Department of Psychiatry, said: “As some prominent psychiatrists have noted, [Trump’s mental health] is the elephant in the room. I think the public is really starting to catch on and widely talk about this now.”

  19. Anonymous8:54 AM

    France Votes: What You Need to Know Ahead of Election That Could Determine Europe's Fate

  20. Anonymous8:56 AM

    US could end visa-free travel for Europeans, Donald Trump's Secretary of Homeland Security says

    Move could affect around 14 million European citizens who visit the US without a visa each year

  21. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Donald Trump's first 100 days: The madder he gets, the more seriously the world takes him

    The more dangerous America’s crackpot President becomes, the saner the world believes him to be. Just look back at the initial half of his first 100 days: the crazed tweeting, the lies, the fantasies and self-regard of this misogynist leader of the Western world appalled all of us. But the moment he went to war in Yemen, fired missiles at Syria and bombed Afghanistan, even the US media Trump had so ferociously condemned began to treat him with respect. And so did the rest of the world.

    It’s one thing to have a lunatic in the White House who watches late night television and tweets all day. But when the same lunatic goes to war, it now emerges, he’s a safer bet for democracy, a strong President who stands up to tyrants (unless they happen to be Saudis, Turks or Egyptians) and who acts out of human emotion rather than cynicism.

    How else can one account for the extraordinary report in The New York Times which recorded how Trump’s “anguish” at the film of dying Syrian babies had led him to abandon “isolationism”?

    Americans like action, but have typically confused Trump’s infantile trigger finger with mature decision-making. What else is there to think when a normally sane US columnist like David Ignatius suddenly compares Trump to Harry Truman and praises his demented President for his “flexibility” and “pragmatism”?

    This is preposterous. A madman who goofs off at something he doesn’t like on CNN is just plain wacky. A man of unsound mind who attacks three Muslim countries – two of which were included in his seven Muslim nation refugee ban – is a danger to the world. Yet the moment he fires 59 missiles at Syria after more than 60 civilians die in an apparent chemical attack which he blames on Assad – but none after far more are massacred by a Syrian suicide bomber – even Angela Merkel takes leave of her senses and praises Trump, along with the Matron of Downing Street, Signora Mogherini and sundry other potentates. Hasn’t someone cottoned on to the fact that Trump is now taking America into a shooting war?

  22. Anonymous9:05 AM

    House investigators invite Sally Yates to testify on Russia

    The House Intelligence Committee is working to reschedule a hearing on Russia with members of the Obama administration, including former acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

    The committee announced Friday it has invited Yates, along with former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, to testify before the panel. The open hearing would be scheduled after May 2, the committee said.

    The three had been scheduled to testify in March, but Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) abruptly canceled the session after the Trump administration raised concerns about it. Nunes has since stepped aside from leading the Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the presidential election, with Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas) taking the helm.

    The panel’s top Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff of California, has been urging Republicans to reschedule the hearing — and has hinted that Yates’ testimony could be damaging for President Donald Trump.

    The earlier hearing, Schiff said in a March statement, would have “provided the opportunity for former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates to testify about the events leading up to former National Security Advisor [Michael] Flynn's firing, including his attempts to cover up his secret conversations with the Russian Ambassador.”

    The Intelligence Committee also announced Friday that it has invited FBI Director James Comey and the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Mike Rogers, to appear at a hearing behind closed doors on May 2.

    It should be PUBLIC!

  23. Anonymous9:15 AM

  24. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Roger Stone Convinced Trump to Hire Paul Manafort, Former Officials Say

    The former Trump adviser, who disliked first campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, helped seal the deal to get Paul Manafort on board in 2016, according to former Trump officials.

    Manafort, now the subject of a FBI investigation pertaining to alleged connections between Russian officials and Trump’s campaign, initially joined the campaign in April 2016. His role began with delegate operations, ensuring that the Republican National Convention went off without a hitch and ended in Trump securing the nomination. By May, Manafort was named the campaign chairman and by June, Trump’s first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was out.

    According to the officials familiar with the deliberations, at the outset of Stone’s time with the campaign, he made a strong case to Trump to bring in Manafort. Manafort himself backs that version of events up in an interview for the upcoming Netflix documentary Get Me Roger Stone, which premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23.

    “It was all Stone. Every bit of it was Stone. Right down to suggesting that he go salary-free,” one source familiar with the process told The Daily Beast.

    As detailed in a recent New York Times article, Manafort reached out to Trump with memos in February 2016, pitching himself as a professional who could help Trump’s operation. According to the Times report, Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a friend of Trump’s who went on to become the chairman of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, provided Trump with the Manafort memos. Trump subsequently requested a meeting with Manafort, according to the paper.

    That’s where Stone came in.

  25. Anonymous9:24 AM

  26. Anonymous9:58 AM


    1. Anonymous11:16 AM

  27. Anonymous10:43 AM

    11 Republican AGs file on behalf of Exxon, claiming climate investigation is a ‘witch hunt’

  28. Anonymous10:47 AM


    "Five civil rights and civic engagement groups have filed suit against Georgia and its secretary of state for attempting to block registered voters from participating in a closely watched runoff election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District."

  30. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Billy Joel - Leningrad (Live in Frankfurt 1994)

  31. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Sarah should stop this game.
    Sarah should just make the call.
    Sarah should try to avoid jail.
    Sarah won't do such a wise thing.
    Sarah will end up in a bad place.
    Make the call Sarah.
    Time is not on your side.
    It never had been.
    Might want to remember that...


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