Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Here is more of that poor man dragged off of United Airlines the other day.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Yet another video has emerged of the man who was violently dragged off a United Airlines flight on Sunday, and it shows that the passenger’s face was covered in his own blood. 

The video shows the man leaning up against the doorway between first-class and economy seating, while he repeatedly says, “Just kill me” and “I have to go home.”

Okay this poor man was clearly NOT the right person for United to choose to take off the plane that day.

He seems incredibly disoriented and is clearly terrified of the police.

Oh and that bloody mouth is NOT from "accidentally" hitting his face on an armrest.

I predict a HUGE lawsuit in United Airlines' future.

By the way here is how this incident affected United Airline's stock prices.


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    2.66 pts is NOT a huge drop. That chart has been enlarged to make it misleading. However, I wish it had been 50%.

  2. Anonymous6:27 PM

    They fucked up big time, they picked on someone that could afford to hire a great atty, I hope they have to write him a huge check! They picked on the quiet unassuming Asian guy because they thought they could get away with this.

    1. Anonymous7:08 PM

      Where do you come up with your whacked theories lol?

    2. Anonymous8:20 PM

      Passenger is Dr. David Dao. At first he volunteered to get off, but changed his mind. He has a criminal record, traded drugs with a male patient for sex, and was charged with 98 counts of trafficking painkillers.

      License has been suspended off and on. Currently he's only allowed to practice one day a week at an outpatient clinic.

    3. Anonymous9:35 PM


      Reputable citation needed, please.

      Otherwise, I call BS.

    4. Anonymous10:18 PM

      So? He was behaving just fine on the flight according to all the eye witnesses, until the thug cop slammed his head into the armrest. BTW your past doesn't make it so you can't sue you fucking idiot. You are so stupid you must either be one of the United trolls that are spamming the internet today or a Palin.

    5. Anonymous11:03 PM

      Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, numpty. Court records. TV and newspaper coverage in Kentucky going back over a decade. First lost his license in 2005.

    6. Anonymous11:22 PM

      Lol. Libs always pick bad 'victim' heroes. 8:20 is absolutely correct about this guy.

      The fact that he is a scumbag, however, is somewhat irrelevant to the reality that no-one actually has guaranteed rights to a seat purchased, as can be determined at will by an airline.

      When it comes to flying these days, and it doesn't matter the airline, if law enforcement tells you to vacate the seat, it is going to happen one way or another.

    7. Anonymous7:12 AM

      @1122. May it happen to you. Then we'll see how understanding you are.

    8. Anonymous9:14 AM

      7:12, if Johnny law is called into a plane to remove you, you are going to be removed one way or another, even if you are right and they are wrong. Why is this concept so hard to understand? When did everyone become so entitled?

    9. 8:20

      Dr. Dao's history has NOTHING to do with this.

      It implies his behavior in the past justifies the beating he took and he deserved it.

    10. Anonymous1:12 PM

      What maiaiuppa said.
      What's more, the story about Dr. Dao's "sordid past" turns out to be bogus:

    11. Anonymous1:31 PM

      Dr. Dao's history speaks volumes about his refusing to give up his seat. Angry and disruptive at work = angry and disruptive on a plane. The other 3 passengers asked to leave did so like civilized adults.

      United is the goose that laid a golden egg in the lap of an unstable, unscrupulous man. He created the maximum drama, guaranteed to be caught on video, laying the groundwork for the biggest settlement possible. He told reporters he is hurt "everywhere" and "isn't doing well."

      He wasn't "beaten" in the video. He was pulled from his seat because he chose not to comply with a lawful order. In his place, I would have been angry but I would't have acted like a spoiled child.

  3. Terrible! I fully agree with Gryphan's comments.

    I believe that passenger has gone into shock, as a result of being assaulted. Repeating a phrase over and over is typical of someone in shock.

    The only consolation is looking on twitter at the hashtag #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos It is hilarious!

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      "United Airlines, you'll take a beating, so we can keep seating."

      We put the hospital in hospitality!

      Once you're seated, you'll be mistreated.

      Aisle, Window or Stretcher?

      "Rows 1-10 are now waterboarding."

      The captain has turned off the no dragging sign.

      "United, where we treat you like a king, Rodney King."

      "Our in flight meal is a knuckle sandwich"

      We gave 'seat belt' a whole new meaning.

      United Airlines. Pay for the seating, stay for the beating.


  4. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Yep fat orange turd in the WH world. Impeach and send the fat orange @ss to prison.

    1. Anonymous8:23 PM

      Ah yes the nutjobs still thinking this is a result of a Trump Presidency lol.

      Not happening 7:45, he is your President.

    2. Leland2:26 AM

      So now you know exactly the future, 8:23? We shall see what happens after everything is examined.

      And at the very least - even if he isn't successfully impeached - the odds are looking very good that the repubes will lose control of the House. Races are already tightening up.

    3. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Who is talking the future Leland besides you? Trump is currently your President.

  5. Anonymous7:57 PM

    And United stock lost $750 million today?

    1. Anonymous8:20 PM

      And it will gain it all back in 4 weeks. One man refusing to leave an airplane (a United carrier no less), is not taking down United.

      They will settle with no fault, make many public apologies and promises. And that will be that.

    2. Anonymous11:34 PM

      Now's the time to buy United :-)

    3. Anonymous7:16 AM

      I had the same (evil) thought, 1134pm, except for one thing: This incident is playing horribly badly for F-UA in China, which they had targeted as a major growth market. The story could have actual legs.

  6. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Turns out, Dr. Dao is not the only United passenger who was fucked over:


    Fearns needed to return early so he paid about $1,000 for a full-fare, first-class ticket to Los Angeles. He boarded the aircraft at Lihue Airport on the island of Kauai, took his seat and enjoyed a complimentary glass of orange juice while awaiting takeoff.

    Then, as Fearns tells it, a United employee rushed onto the aircraft and informed him that he had to get off the plane.

    “I asked why,” he told me. “They said the flight was overfull.”

    Fearns, like the doctor at the center of that viral video from Sunday night, held his ground. He was already on the plane, already seated. He shouldn’t have to disembark.

    “That’s when they told me they needed the seat for somebody more important who came at the last minute,” Fearns said. “They said they have a priority list and this other person was higher on the list than me.”

    But at least they showed an ultra rich frequent flyer some respect, right?

    “I understand you might bump people because a flight is full,” Fearns said. “But they didn’t say anything at the gate. I was already in the seat. And now they were telling me I had no choice. They said they’d put me in cuffs if they had to.”

    You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

    It shouldn’t make any difference where a passenger is seated or how much he or she paid for their ticket. But you have to admire the sheer chutzpah of United putting the arm on a full-fare, first-class traveler. If there’s anybody whose business you want to safeguard and cultivate, it’s that person.

    But at least they tried to make his flight as enjoyable as possible despite the downgrade, right?

    So how could United possibly make things worse? Not to worry. This is the airline that knows how to add insult to injury.

    A United employee, responding to Fearns’ complaint that he shouldn’t have to miss the flight, compromised by downgrading him to economy class and placing him in the middle seat between a married couple who were in the midst of a nasty fight and refused to be seated next to each other.

  7. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Very much appreciate the comment from "Orange" @ 7:02. Could these actions from the United staff have triggered a PTSD episode?

    Wild Tortoise

  8. Anonymous10:48 PM

    "Here is more of that poor man dragged off of United Airlines the other day. "

    Ohhh the poor poor man who refused to comply resulting in forcible removal. He doesn't own the seat or the plane, he is a paying guest with little rights as are the rest of us on planes.

    The same poor poor man who lost his license to practice medicine because he was trading drugs for sex. The poor man who had previously been put on a corrective action plan at the hospital he previously worked at because of disruptive behavior and anger management issues.

    Think about that, this is a Doctor that used to trade prescription drugs for sex. A Doctor. That is the level of person putting on this show.

    He will take a settlement, probably lower than you think, with a no admitted fault on the defendants, and that will settle it because neither party really wants this to blow up as it will make them both look bad. He just wants money anyways, and the airline just wants it to go away.

    1. Anonymous5:51 AM

      What does this have to do with him being assaulted and dragged off of the plane?

      If all of these reports of his professional conduct are true, I am NOT defending that. But that has nothing to do with his treatment by United Airlines. Or are you suggesting that United specifically picked him, based on these reports, to be one of the passengers kicked off of the plane?

      Two wrongs DON'T equal a right.

    2. Anonymous8:20 AM

      Being forcibly removed from a plane when he would not comply, does not constitute assault. If someone refuses to move in such a situation, at some point physical removal is required. There certainly is a lot more of the story to come out... did he fight, take a swing at, and resist law enforcement?

  9. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Hardin Memorial Hospital disciplined Dr. Dao for disruptive behavior and set up a correction plan for him, to include anger management.

    That's in addition to his drug and sex offenses, and yah it's all there in his Kentucky licensing board entry.

    1. Anonymous5:20 AM

      NONE of that has ANYTHING to do with how he was treated on the plane, OR how he should have been treated. Got that?


    2. What the FUCK does this have to do with anything?

      Are you saying he deserved to be beaten and dragged off the plane?

      Does this justify what United did?

    3. RAinNc

      Dao's long history of antisocial behavior is relevant to his response when he was asked to leave his seat--which was no doubt upsetting, but hardly justifies Dao's extreme reaction. Presumably the other three people asked to leave did so without incident. Dao had a tantrum.

      Dao's conduct was angry and disruptive at the hospital where he was on staff. He was a sexual predator who used drugs to coerce a young man to have sex. He took illegally obtained drugs while working as a physician. All of that can be read at the Kentucky physician licensing board.

      Reported in news outlets (and therefore perhaps exaggerated) is that Dr. Dao has a serious gambling problem.

      Dao is a man with a pattern of severely dysfuctional behavior before he set foot on that plane. Had the crew known that, I expect he's the last person they would have asked to give up his seat.

      Now "that poor man" (a drug trafficking sexual predator with anger problems) is going to milk this for all it's worth.

      P.S. I've been kicked off a plane, trying to get from Okinawa to Pusan with my four children, ages 2 to 12. I felt like crying, but I didn't pitch a fit like Dao. The seats were needed for some top brass. That's life.

  10. Anonymous5:14 AM

    Simple solution to overbooking: disembarkation auction. "Who will take $500 plus a free ticket to give up their seat? No one? Who will take $600? No one? $700? No one? $800? Continue until your stock price doesn't take a $100m+ hit.

    Also, the good doctor appears to be mighty sketchy if the reports are true.

    1. How sketchy the doctor might be is IRRELEVANT!

    2. Anonymous1:14 PM


  11. Anonymous5:49 AM

    And just wait for it -- the United employees who he was bumped for probably wanted the seats for personal reasons and not to get to another flight for work.

  12. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Wow some troll is really concerned that United Airlines should have the right to treat it customers like crap!!!

    Remember everyone, United Airlines is a person not a corporation.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Donald Trump's Amurica, dammit.

  13. This is not United's first run-in with the law. They have a history of shady business practices including corporate bribery.


    "United has faced other legal problems beyond the New Jersey bribery probe. In 2016, the airline agreed to pay $2.75 million in fines as part of an agreement with the U.S. Department of Transportation for violating rules protecting disabled airline passengers and rules related to extended tarmac delays. The airline had also been fined $1.1 million for violating tarmac delay rules in 2013. And United faced a public relations storm this year after refusing to allow young girls to board a plane while wearing leggings as pants."

    Munoz, United CEO at first tried to put the blame on Dao for not leaving the plane, then labeling him disruptive and belligerent. (I think the many videos taken of this incident prove Munoz is talking out of his ass.)

    So now, in true fascist fashion, they are attacking the victim. Digging into his past to make it look like he deserved what he got. I don't care if the guy was a pedophile, a rapist, a murderer and kicks dogs. No one deserves to be treated like this.


    "No one is getting on a soapbox to defend Dao’s past actions, nor is there any need to. But in the current context, putting a spotlight on them serves an insidious purpose: It searches for some sort of justification for the corporate violence and police brutality we all witnessed.

    This isn’t what journalists are supposed to be doing. And journalists are ethically obligated to “minimize harm” and “avoid pandering to lurid curiosity.”

    We can’t just blame the individual writers of the articles. There are editors involved in the processes, so more than one person had to green-light this piece. This is a fundamental issue with how we the media report stories.

    There are ways of reporting further details about this particular story that don’t imply what happened to Dao on that plane was something he had coming. It’s important to give the public additional background information when it’s relevant to the narrative being discussed. For example: This is prime time to look into what else United has done to deserve the public flogging it’s currently getting."

    And United has done PLENTY. They are the villains in this incident and that fact should not be misdirected by trying to paint Dao as some sort of criminal that deserved what he got.

    When journalists delve into the pasts of the victims, looking for justification for their murder, beatings or whatever, it is MUCKRAKING and we need to call a spade a spade. It's about time we started to resurrect some of the vocabulary we used to use to describe exactly what deplorable behavior our press and our politicians were displaying.

    Muckraker. Yellow journalism. Carpet bagger. LIAR!


    "Detailing the criminal records of victims of police brutality — especially in cases where the victims are minorities — is a tactic commonly used to explain away police misconduct."

    And there has been a history of police misconduct in this case as well. But they're not reporting that.

  14. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Can this everyday sociopath's 15 minutes be over soon?

    Now his bullshit lawyer is comparing Dao to Rosa Parks. It's all for a noble cause, like the rights of all of us "bullied" by the airlines. Heaven forbid this shyster and his grifter client should net a fat settlement.

    God, I hate lawyers.


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