Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rachel Maddow ignores the distractions from Syria and North Korea and refocuses on the most important story, the ties between Donald Trump and Russian hackers.

Good for Rachel in keeping her eye on the ball and reminding all of us that THIS is the most important story and that everything else is just background noise.

Though clearly there are those who wish that journalists don't pick up on that.

This is why Maddow's ratings and her audiences continue to grow.

Along these same lines it should be noted that even if some members of the press have turned to other things, the investigation continues forward.

Courtesy of CBS News: 

CBS News has learned that U.S. investigators are looking into whether Trump campaign representatives had a role in helping Russian intelligence as it carried out cyberattacks on the Democratic National Committee and other political targets in March 2016. 

This new information suggests that the FBI is going back further than originally reported to determine the extent of possible coordination. Sources say investigators are probing whether an individual or individuals connected to the campaign intentionally or unwittingly helped the Russians breach Democratic Party targets. 

In March 2016, both Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton had emerged as their parties’ most likely nominees.

According to a declassified intelligence assessment, it was in March when Russian hackers “began cyber operations aimed at the U.S. election.” In May, U.S. officials say the Russians had stolen “large volumes of data from the DNC.”

March is significantly earlier than early summer, which is when we had previously been told possible collusion may have begun. 

And I would suggest that the FBI did not get to March without a trail of evidence to lead them there.

This does not sound like the FBI just throwing things against the wall to see what will stick, this sounds like something that would result from digging deep only to discover they have just barely scratched the surface.


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    Go Rachel. Happy she doesn't get distracted. Objects in the mirror are larger than they appear.


    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      You beat me to it.dang it!
      Everything you said. True that.
      I find it very empowering to listen to an intelligent journalist (Rachel Maddow).
      I understood and thoroughly enjoyed listening to her articulate intelligent report.
      Sarah still looking for morsels of scrapes of attention. Go away you sewer rat Sarah Palin.She is an ay beyond anything meaningful or intelligent!

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      POST-menopausal has-been. Thank you.

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  5. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Yes and the Russian trumpster hackers continue the last ditch effort to trump the world. Well the fools are only piling the charges up. It wont be long now and they be mighty embarrassed. The alt fact scientologist from the 7 mountains are out of their minds!!!!! So pathetically obvious.

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  9. Anonymous4:03 PM

    What Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know About His Twitter Followers

    Fake views.

    It turns out a substantial chunk of President Donald Trump’s followers on Twitter hail from shadowy, anonymous sources.


    1. Anonymous7:18 PM

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  10. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Russia set to take over US oil supplier to become second largest foreign owner of our oil supply


  11. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Is Spicer coordinating his stupidity with Russian official disinformation


  12. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Donald Trump Is the Personification of Toxic Masculinity

    President Donald Trump is like an erect penis: He’s single-minded, obsessed with invasion, and dying to shoot. (He’s also wrinkly, rigid, and a dick—I could go on.) He seems to function as the symbolic phallus of his fans, as if he’s the embodiment of testosterone. Trump makes them feel masculine and energized and powerful, like a political Viagra.

    Many seem to envision Trump’s penile qualities as a good thing—as if by swinging his dick around in his first months in office, he’s shattered conventions and magically improved a staid, corrupt, overintellectualized Washington. Never has he seemed more macho to his people than when he punched Bashar al-Assad in the face with a slew of Tomahawk missiles. In reality, it may have been more of a strong kick in the shins—that airstrip they bombed was reportedly operational the next day—but hey, bombing the Middle East will always warm certain American hearts. Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is over 80 percent and the assault on Syria won’t hurt.

    So much of Trump’s appeal is wrapped up in his sense of machismo, but he borrows almost exclusively from the worst of American masculinity, clinging to an old school version of manliness that’s about toughness, bluster, an imperative to superiority, a disdain for humility, and a need to dominate others—especially women.


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  14. Anonymous4:17 PM

    The whole Trump family- and the Knavs family- are firmly embedded in the Kremlin. Make no mistake about that.

    There is so much to uncover that the FBI will be years investigating it.

    Which begs the question did those fuckers at the FBI that framed Hillary Clinton intend to get Agent Orange into the White House while they investigated his crimes at their leisure?

  15. Anonymous4:56 PM

    How is Maria doing Sarah? So she died in 2001 and lived by prator lake? Why did you lie to her while trying to kill her child?
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  17. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Reward time for not suing Trump U!!!!

    Trump taps lawyer involved with Trump U case for federal job
    By MICHAEL BIESECKER and GARY FINEOUT - The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) As a top aide to Florida's attorney general, Carlos G. Muniz helped defend the office's decision to sit out legal action against Trump University. Now the president is naming him to be the top lawyer in the U.S. Education Department.
    President Donald Trump has announced his intent to nominate Muniz to serve as general counsel to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The Senate would then consider the nomination of the Republican lawyer.

    Emails reviewed by The Associated Press show that in 2013 Muniz, who served as Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's chief of staff for three years, was included in discussions about student complaints alleging fraud with Trump's namesake real-estate seminars.
    An investigation by the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights is still underway, presenting a potential conflict of interest if Muniz is confirmed.

    Emails from August 2013 obtained under Florida's public records law showed that Muniz was copied on discussions about how to respond to the newspaper's request for comment, though he did not actively weigh in.

    Emails show Muniz did help direct Bondi's public defense on the issue, including rewriting an October 2013 fact sheet distributed to reporters.

    Days after Bondi's office said it was reviewing the Trump U case, a political committee supporting her re-election received a $25,000 check from Trump's charitable foundation. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, also added $500 more to support Bondi.

  18. Anonymous5:59 PM

    "Republican control of the presidency, senate, and House of Representatives for the next two years is a precious—and fleeting—gift to conservatives."


    Hardcover – March 28, 2017

  19. Anonymous7:06 PM

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  20. Anonymous8:36 PM

    White House ineptitude represented in its spokesman Spicer
    Rachel Maddow reviews in grueling detail White House spokesman Sean Spicer's ineptitude at speaking for the White House and cleaning up his own messes, with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson doing his part to make ridiculous statements as well.


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  23. Anonymous10:37 PM

    I told you Hillary was going to lose.

    Told you.

    Are we going to hear the Russian excuses for the next four years? Get it thru your head dude, she was a terrible candidate. Starts high then loses ground every time she opens her mouth. She is the billionaire liberal (cough) class. People saw right thru her shit. She lost. You backed a terrible candidate. Accept it, admit it, and move forward.

    1. Anonymous5:19 AM

      Pretty sure that's not the topic of this thread. Thanks for playing, though.

    2. Anonymous6:13 AM

      Nope. You may be a tad confused and bamboozled by the fake news. You are clearly trumped and an idiot. Make sure to stay tuned for the big finale when the real shit trickles down to the swamp.

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  24. Anonymous3:23 AM

    Good for Rachel Maddow. While most of her male counterparts were excited at the prospect of waging war with expensive weapons, she was doing her job. Thank you, Rachel Maddow, for keeping your sanity while your fellow "journalists" fell for the charade.

  25. Anonymous6:09 AM

    That's odd? No post connecting stale tea bag aip sarah and todd palin to Russia even though their daughter vacations with one Russian woman after the fake marriage never happened and it dissolved and then she was pregnant with another child out of wedlock. Yep that is odd that sarah and todd have not been arrested for prostitution and racketeering, human trafficking and espionage and treason yet. It sure is strange don't ya think?

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Not considering Captain zero did Sarah HUGE favors.
      Walker is an idiot.

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  26. The Russian ties won't get Trump impeached.

    The emoluments clause will.

  27. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Did sarah get permission to use lipton tea and Kermit on her hate drivel? She should know better, is she looking for another lawsuit to sleaze out of?

    1. Anonymous7:06 PM

      A sociopath pushes the legal limits with illusions of immunity from prosecution. That's Sarah!


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