Saturday, April 22, 2017

He's back! Barack Obama is about to reenter the world stage and the timing could not be better.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Barack Obama will make the first public appearance of his post-presidency life on Monday. 

Obama will join young leaders to discuss community organizing and civic engagement at the University of Chicago, the school where he once was a law professor. The former president began his career as a community organizer on the city’s South Side and is in the process of building his presidential library there. 

“This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world,” Obama’s office said in a statement, adding that students from schools in the Chicago area had been invited to the event.

This is just the first of many appearances that the former President has planned.

And this includes a visit with the current de facto leader of the free world, German Chancellor Angela Merkel:  

Former President Barack Obama’s upcoming trip to Germany is scheduled to coincide with President Donald Trump’s first meeting abroad with foreign leaders, potentially complicating the kick-off of Trump’s summer tour of Europe. Obama will arrive in Germany on May 25 to participate in celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. 

He’ll appear alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a panel discussion titled, “Being Involved in Democracy: Taking on Responsibility Locally and Globally.” Obama and Merkel will talk on stage in front of the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of European unity where Obama spoke in 2013. 

There has been some recent talk lately as to who is the leader of the Democratic party, but I think I agree with his former Deputy Chief of Staff that it remains Barack Obama.
And yes despite what people may want to think Bernie Sanders DID just publicly reiterate that he is still an Independent and NOT a Democrat.

In order to lead the Democratic party you have to actually BE a Democrat. That is something that Bernie Sanders is not, and that Barack Obama definitely is. 

It appears that Obama is planning to play things cool, by offering advice to Democrats and young people in private while resisting the urge to take Trump on in public.

However considering what seems be coming down the pike for Donald Trump, and many of his associates, I am not at all sure that the former president will be able to stay on the sidelines for long.


  1. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I am really sick of Bernie's bullshit. His run for the presidency was just an ego trip and he needs to sit down and shut the hell up.

    1. Anonymous5:04 PM


    2. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Good to go until Jane His Wife got her 10M. Anyone remember the Jetsons?

    3. Anonymous5:50 PM

      I've never warmed up to Bernie. He's always appeared to me to be nothing more than an attention getter. If he had run for the presidency, he would not have won! He'd have run as an Independent, Hillary as Democrat and Trump as the Republican! The wrong one won, that is for sure! Should have been Hillary!

    4. Anonymous6:54 PM

      I agree. He was and continues to be a saboteur.

      He has a right to speak out about the DNC, however, he should not have done it during an election, because he caused a chasm in the party that continues to this day.

    5. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Yes, me thinks that too. He is fake and sticking to being an independent and always wiggling in on dnc does not sit well.
      He she create hus own inc. And try to win on his own.

    6. Anonymous8:42 PM

      He had some fantastic ideas and still does, but America is still way to partisan to ever elect an Independent.

      I'm happy how things turned out. Sanders is in the Senate which is right where he should be. We need to hold on to each and every progressive voice that we currently have in Congress, because history shows us that the midterm apathy that pervades the left will prevent us from seeing the addition of more progressive voices anytime soon.

    7. Bernie has some shady people he hangs with...

    8. Anonymous6:12 PM


  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Let the chastising begin. "Here comes the black man!" Because the "rightie tighties we love whiteys" have no clue on what this country was built on.

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I am delighted that we'll all be able to see President Obama tomorrow after his long-warranted vacation.

    America needs him now even more than ever. The Dump Trump will never measure up to President Obama - a fact he knows that badly effect his insecurities.

    Has anyone else noticed in the recent photos of Trump that his face is looking horrible and very unhealthy? Bloated, blotchy skin, redness and his eyes are mere slits! Plus, he has that anus mouth which is horribly repulsive!

    1. Anonymous7:09 PM

      He has always looked repulsive to me, like a cross between a human and a reptile.

    2. Anonymous8:42 PM

      Love it Mr. O in the house!

  4. Anonymous6:00 PM

    President Obama is a centrist. Sen Sanders is to the left of him.

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      Sanders is to far left. President Obama was forward thinking but pragmantic at the same time.

      Trump is old school corporate. Trump is a spoiled rich brat that has always lived an entitled life.He runs to Mar A Lago to get his ego trip, he holds rallys to pump himself up. By the way do you know he is holding another rally on the same date as the journalist dinner that every President has attended for years? Our tax dollars are paying to feed this no nothing assholes ego.

      Ivanka is hiring a chief of staff for her so called non paying job as an advisor to her Daddy. How much are we willing to put up with? Since when did it become acceptable that a Presidents family has that much influence and we foot the bill. Our tax dollars are going to support this.

      They want it to all go away and the Republican Party is ok with this bullshit. This is not the norm, do not accept it as the norm because if we do we will have pissed away everything the forefathers fought for.

      Trump want's to be a King.We the people can not give up. It may sound extreme but look at what is happening. Trump is using the Presidency to make money for HIS properties, his children and getting away with it.

      Can you imagine the outrage if President Obama had his kids declared as special consultant to the President while getting permission from China to manufacture their shit with full accsess to world leaders while the absent First Lady sits on her ass costing us and New York thousands of dollars a day?

      We should demand higher principles, hell you would think a President should have them but we have an ass for a President who has none, a draft dodging idiot who has no concept of war.It makes you wonder if he thinks this is some kind of reality tv show.

  5. Anonymous6:12 PM

    And yes despite what people may want to think Bernie Sanders DID just publicly reiterate that he is still an Independent and NOT a Democrat.
    I AM a lifelong Democrat and Sanders represents my views and values just fine, regardless of his party affiliation. Besides, he has been out stumping and supporting the mid-term DEMOCRATS and pushing party unity a lot more actively and visually than Clinton.
    "A rose by any other name..."

    1. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Bern screwed up. He should have stayed an Independent. His hats were made in china. He caved in on recount. I cannot support someone who wavers and quits. The Independent party got infected with hateful republicans, they were not independents and do not carry the mind set of independents.

    2. Anonymous6:49 PM

      Watching Bill Maher last night, he commented on how she didn't stump but relied on her rich donors. I have to agree although I voted for her.

    3. That is more of that Russian misinformation shaped from hacked data and served to the Bernie supporters who they sucked it up like flies on shit.

    4. Anonymous7:06 PM

      A fucking LIFELONG DEMOCRAT doesn't vote for an independent.

      Sanders has been out promoting HIMSELF. He doesn't give a shit for Democrats AND NEVER DID.

    5. Anonymous7:10 PM

      And what "values" are those? Shit on the hand that feeds you?

      Fuck you.

    6. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Really Gryphen? The Huffington Post article is "Russian misinformation"? The support for Ossoff and Mello, the speeches at the rallies in Nebraska and Texas? Are the Ruskies using a Sanders doppelganger?
      Seriously, you can use the Russians like drumpf uses the fake news, but you will have the same credibility he does.

    7. Anonymous7:26 PM

      @6:39 No, the DNC screwed up. They allowed/encouragec Bernie to run as a Democrat. Why? Because they thought that if there was a three way race in the general election, Bernie would syphon votes away from Hillary and possibly give Trump the win. They knew they had to eliminate him in the primaries. If Bernie had run as a third party Independent, there is a very good chance he would be POTUS.

    8. Anonymous8:48 PM

      The DNC DID screw up. No matter how you paint it, it was theirs to lose and they did.

    9. Anonymous8:51 PM

      Hillary had her chance in 2008 but Obama won the primary. She needed to consider Secretary of State the last feather in her political cap before retirement.

      I'm an Indie, I held my nose and voted for her, only because I didn't consider Bernie to be the infusion of fresh blood that was desperately needed either.

      The Democratic party has a lot to address in the next few years and by 2018 they need to be pushing their 2020 offering into the spotlight. He or she needs to be young, energetic and operate along the same political paradigm as did Obama in order to get people excited again. There was already buzz about Obama prior to the 2004 campaign and a lot of excitement leading up to his announcement in 2007. Currently Dems aren't even talking anyone up. Mistake, because even a weak Republican will probably be able to beat Trump in 2020, because, well, because Trump, what else can you say?

      To have two old codgers fighting for the left's votes was very disheartening after such a vivacious 8 years of Obama, but I closed my eyes and did my duty as one who generally votes left of center, but it didn't excite me, I don't know anyone who was excited.

    10. Anonymous9:53 PM

      @8:51 - You don't know me but I was excited to vote for Hillary. Media reports have covered lots of people who were excited Clinton supporters.

      Any way, I question the whole idea about being excited about a candidate. I think democracy is compromised when it takes a candidate's personality, rather than their competence, to get voters to the polls.

    11. Anonymous12:44 AM

      Gryphen6:54 PM

      "That is more of that Russian misinformation shaped from hacked data and served to the Bernie supporters who they sucked it up like flies on shit."

      lol you are such a fucking idiot. thank you for proving it. Russia lol.

    12. The DCCC is still screwing up.

      Where were they in Kansas?

      Where were they in Georgia?

      I think they've finally decided to do something in Montana.

      They're making the same mistakes they've been making for 8 years. They assume people will vote Democratic and they don't bother to support candidates they don't think will win. That's why they didn't bother with Kansas and Georgia. And yet both of those candidates did way better than expected. What might have happened if the DCCC had backed them? They wheedle out of responsibility by saying their support would have made things worse and hurt the candidates. Mealy mouthed bull shit.

      What the fuck are they waiting for?

      Then today I hear more about them assuming support from voters. Or they assume Trump's disapproval polls will translate into Democratic votes.

      Nothing has changed under Perez. Same old same old. When it comes to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, no one does it better than the Democratic Party.

    13. Anonymous3:37 AM

      Mello is a DINO; anti-woman, anti-choice, pro-republican. That St. Bernie would support him is not to his credit.

    14. Anonymous3:45 AM

      G? That "misinformation" was on every network on satellite, cable and rabbit ears. Many ceo's of media were right there allowing it. And MSNBC morning joke and Ukraine meeky were giddy as hell about "their friend" don john trump. Many of the journalist were just reporting the disinformation because they were too lazy to investigate for themselves. I blame the FCC, FEC, FBI, CIA and several others agencies for not stopping the crime in its beginning. The only excuse is that "certain people" scabs, were put in position in every city, county, state across this country to make this outcome happen. They are certain board of supervisors, governors, elected representatives, sheriffs, etc. And they have slowly been Identified and will be removed, resigned, voted out, impeached and disgraced. There is a huge difference from Knowingly vs Unknowingly committing a crime. Most Republicans knew it and did nothing to stop it.

    15. Anonymous6:07 AM

      @12:44 AM Your drunken rants against Gryphen only show how stupid you are, 'lol' troll. Do you ever have any positive comments, slug?

  6. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Erin Burnett; "And what advice could you give her[Ivanka Trump]?"

    Alyssa Mastromonaco; "I would say, to really define her portfolio..."

    Ivanka Trump; "What's a portfolio?"

    1. Anonymous8:45 PM

      Is that dad's bellybutton. Ivanka.

  7. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Oh finally someone to believe in again. So thankful he is getting back from his most deserved vacation. America sure needs him right now. Journalist and Leaders need him right now. He has been missed terribly. YES WE CAN impeach trump and YES WE WILL impeach trump. I believe WE CAN and WE WIL remove everything trump from history and bury it in a swamp in Russia. 75% of Americans will throw trump out of office by the end of this year along with his cult, bags, orders and trash.

    1. Anonymous7:05 PM

      And yet there's a part of me that wants him to relax and enjoy after all he went through, but we know he can't.

      That's service to your country, not a hillbilly pic in the Oval desecrating everything the office stands for.

    2. Anonymous8:53 PM

      It would be nice if "we the people" had the power to impeach, but alas, it's out dysfunctional congress, who we really can't count on to ever do the right thing. Nice thought though.

  8. Anonymous7:03 PM

    The Republicans will be crapping into their jockey shorts. So will Sarah. How TF are they gonna defend Agent Orange with a sane president standing by for comparison?

    The whole world will be watching. And laughing.

    The Trump clown show might well put network TV out of business.

  9. Anonymous7:09 PM

    TG my President's back.


  10. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I hope that Palin and her pimp Drumpf have fucking strokes and die in the wake of it all.

    1. Anonymous8:23 PM

      Democratic congresswoman: “I would not be surprised” if Pence is caught up in Trump Russia investigationRep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) has made no secret of her opinions on Donald Trump and his administration.

      She was one of nearly 70 Democratic lawmakers who did not attend Trump’s inauguration, and was a vocal opponent of his Muslim travel ban.

      One month into his term, she told a town hall audience that Trump was an “illegitimate president,” leading an administration “defined by dysfunction and ineptitude coupled with philosophies of hatred and division” that is akin to “the Titanic approaching the iceberg.”

      And at a more recent town hall in Brooklyn, Clarke was just as clear, and just as powerful, in her condemnation of Trump and his White House.

    2. Anonymous12:28 AM

      Many of the 'outlier' Democrats have really been making asses of themselves with their stupidity that is for sure.

      I feel bad for the Democrats, future is not so bright.

    3. Anonymous9:06 AM

      12:28 AM Feel bad for yourself, you are sick.

  11. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Mean girl Sarah will sharpen her claws and try to go for the jugular, but as usual Barack will pay her no heed , which will make her fume and spit and snarl even!

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      Sarah will be dry humping the air around him.

  12. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Today Trump awarded a purple heart to a recently wounded vet.

    from NPR:

    According to pool reports, Trump kept his remarks brief. "When I heard about this I wanted to do it myself. So congratulations," Trump said. "Tremendous."

    He offered congratulations to a guy who just lost half of his leg...this man is beyond tone deaf.

    I bet Obama would have handled this a bit more tactfully, whaddya think?

  13. Anonymous9:59 PM

    On one hand, I look forward to Pres. Obama's active engagement as Citizen Obama and leader of the Dems. On the other hand, Mr. Donald will be intimidated by Obama's enthusiastic crowds and positive media coverage and will go farther off-the-rails. We're fucked unless House GOP's wake up and start impeachment proceedings soon.

  14. Anonymous10:49 PM

    The Diabolical Plot Behind Trump Cabinet’s Weekly Prayer and Bible Lessons

    ...Americans are skeptical when they hear there is a concerted effort to create a theocracy to replace the democratically-elected government and replace the Constitution with the Christian bible, but they are wrong to be skeptical; they should be absolutely terrified.

    It has always been a mystery as to why the Attorney General of the United States said the Separation Clause in the U.S. Constitution’s 1st Amendment is “unconstitutional and unhistorical” when his job is to know what the Constitution entails. After all, he has taken the oath of office swearing to uphold the Constitution. But a recent revelation makes his statement a tad easier to understand; not accept, just understand.

    In a report in Raw Story citing about weekly prayer meetings and Bible study held to proselytize Trump’s cabinet into evangelical fundamentalists’ worldview, it turns out that Jeff Sessions is a close and devoted friend to a fanatical Christian preacher responsible for the indoctrination. The man who was disavowed by his own congregation for being too bigoted and extreme is Pastor Ralph Drollinger. Drollinger runs the website Capitol Ministries whose stated purpose is making disciples of Christ in the Capitol and spreading Christian fundamentalism among the people leading the U.S. government.

    Obviously, that teaching includes convincing Sessions that the Separation Clause is unconstitutional and that should concern every American; especially when this religious extremist is holding three weekly Bible and prayer lessons for Trump’s cabinet as well as members of the House and Senate. Remember, Drollinger’s stated goal is spreading Christian fundamentalism to America’s leaders.

    ...This is already happening in America with an Education Secretary intent on using public schools and taxpayer dollars to advance god’s kingdom. The Supreme Court just heard arguments intended to tear down the barriers between church and state, and Trump is panting to give churches more political power by repealing the Johnson Amendment.

    Any one of these abominations are frightening in and of themselves, and yet there is nothing anyone can do to stop them; the media is as guilty as the religious fanatics. But combined with a concerted effort, apparently with Trump’s blessing, to spread Christian fundamentalism throughout the halls of power and Trump’s Cabinet, Americans should be terrified, not skeptical because this is real and it is happening now.

    1. Anonymous3:53 AM

      Notice most of trumps nose pickers are short, short sided, short in education, short in service, short in temperament, short in honesty, short in value, short brains, short fingers, odd looking bullies that were last in class and ethics. Losers seeking god, guns, guts and glory. But remain the biggest losers.

    2. This prayer group, Capitol Ministries, also has established offices and ministry in guess where?

      The Ukraine and Russia.
      That is pretty much their focus besides D.C.

  15. Anonymous3:31 AM

    The Democrats have several Men and Women that have sound positions and ideas. They have not been noticed nation wide yet but will. Dems need to grow a strong backbone, lean center, moderate, progressive, bold, and sound. There are several that fit that agenda. But one thing for sure. Republicans are out! ALL of them. They sat there and clapped and cheered while our country was bamboozled by criminals, bad actors, liars and cheats. For that reason only, not ONE republican can be trusted until the entire party have dissolved in bannons bath tub toxic water. Republicans are GUILTY OF TREASON. They ALLOWED ESPIONAGE AGAINST AMERICA. They ALLOWED CITIZEN UNITED TO HAPPEN. They are the most unethical, unprofessional, uneducated bunch of nothings on the planet today. And nobody can save them from their most deserving demise. 8 straight years of obstruction and hate from insane assholes on the right is long enough and the American People are awake and ready to overturn this outhouse and set fire to it and throw it in the Russian swamp. Get them out, Lock them up, hold them accountable, make them confess, and send them out the doors in handcuffs for harming democracy and trust in America.

  16. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Here you go G:


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