Sunday, April 30, 2017

More voters trust Donald Trump than trust the media covering his presidency. Because facts simply don't matter anymore.

Courtesy of the New York Post:  

President Trump has largely eroded America’s trust in the national political media during his first few months in the White House, according to a new poll. 

On the eve of Trump’s 100th day in office, a new national poll by Morning Consult finds that more voters trust the president than the reporters covering his administration on a daily basis. 

Thirty-seven percent of voters believe the White House has been more forthright than the media, versus 29 percent who favor the press. Another 34 percent were unsure or had no opinion. 

Trump has made media criticism a staple of his administration, often claiming that mainstream outlets are egregiously biased and guilty of disseminating “fake news.”

And that is how you dumb down America folks.

Undermine public education.

Push religion on the masses.

And convince people that the press is biased against a certain political party and their candidates. 

The next thing you know you have a disaster, which we have now come to know as the Trump presidency.


  1. Anonymous4:45 AM

    He seems to end every tweet with either SAD or SICK. We should start naming him the SICK< SAD PRETENDER.

  2. Anonymous5:16 AM

    "Plus, there's just so much more we can do outside of the office, because we won't have the burden of political baggage," Obama added.

    In other words, please stop talking about my husband's secret gay lifestyle.

    I will concur that the US media is full of immoral pieces of shit, especially when it bullies republicans and acts as if they should be Jesus incarnate.

    If a republican would have said what Michelle did, they wouldn't been called cowardly. NO one expects kids to be attacked when a parent runs for office yet they all are. There's a reason Malia O always looks like the unhappiest kids alive.

    Politicians kids are the strongest souls in the world. They shouldnt be put in the position to defend their parents. They know truth. Media doesn't.

    1. Anonymous6:15 AM


  3. WA Skeptic5:22 AM

    Hey, it worked for Vlad. Not to mention Adolf, Benito, etc.

  4. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Recently visited the National WWII Museum in New Orleans and saw an exhibit on propaganda during Hitler's rise prior to and during WWII. Both fascinating and frightening to see the similarities between Trump and Hitler's use of propaganda. Overheard many people murmuring the same sentiment. I honestly think Trump has broken us.

    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      I wish a major network would run a special in propaganda without naming names. Maybe it would be a wake up call to people who still think it's possible Trump might change. His fans are already a brainwashed lost cause

  5. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Trump is a bit confused. There should be no enemies of facts truth and information. He has a major problem because the world is exposing the 70 yrs of don john trump. He cannot hide, deny or excuse himself. There is one station that puts out lies "FOX NEWS". There are a couple of scabs like "RT" breitbart. Take fox and RT off the air waves and those folks may get real news instead of propaganda. Trump is that confused 12 yr old bully sent to military school to get his ass kicked and be programed to become the ugliest liar on earth.

  6. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Someone should buy fox news channel and turn that swamp into real news.

  7. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Beware the Reichstag. That sh*t is coming.
    They WILL find a way to take over and take away your rights even if they have to create it themselves.

    1. Anonymous6:57 AM

      Using Ni&&er Pigs...Next thread...

    2. Anonymous8:39 AM

      Ignoring 6:57. 6:36 you are definitely correct. 9-11 was that to go to middle east in the first place.

  8. Anonymous8:24 AM

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

  9. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Trump is a sociopath. He lies and has no remorse. He is evil and disgusting. He does not represent America. He is a dangerous liar and must resign today or face the bloodiest impeachment in usa history. He will not win. He will destroy his family and friends. The guy is a dunce and failure. He is a documented bully and documented liar.

  10. Putin's been at it for years. He perfected his technique on the Russians and is now branching out. How gullible the Americans are.

    In other news:

    "A bipartisan group of 46 lawmakers wrote to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Friday, urging him to schedule a debate on Congress’ role in authorizing wars ― and on the need for President Donald Trump to get their approval before he takes any further military action overseas.

    “It’s long past time for Congress to take responsibility for the war against ISIS by finally holding a debate and vote on whether to authorize any future military action,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), a leading voice on the issue who signed Friday’s letter.

    “With his recent military strike against Syria, we are also declaring that President Trump must not undertake any new military operations without the approval of Congress,” he said. "

    Yeah, good luck with that. Whenever Trump needs a bump in the polls, he's going to drop a bomb.

  11. Anonymous5:49 AM

    The only enemy of the American public is donald trump! He is SICK!


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