Sunday, April 30, 2017

White House considers giving Milwaukee Sheriff, who once called Hillary Clinton a "morally bankrupt," "straight up cop hater," the position of Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security.

Courtesy of Politico: 

The White House is considering David Clarke, the sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, for a position at the Department of Homeland Security, three people familiar with the administration’s planning told POLITICO. 

Clarke is in line to be appointed as assistant secretary at DHS’ Office of Partnership and Engagement, which coordinates outreach to state, local and tribal officials and law enforcement. The position does not require Senate confirmation. 

A senior administration official cautioned it’s “not a done deal yet.” 

Clarke, a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump, has long been rumored as a possible candidate for a job in the administration and met with Trump in November at Trump Tower. He also spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last year.

Besides making the aforementioned remarks about Hillary Clinton, he was also sued for negligent homicide after a prisoner gave birth and her baby died in one of his jails.

That was only one of four deaths that happened in a six month time frame.

So considering this man's considerable baggage, and the fact that he is not exactly lily white like most folks hired by the White House, what was the deciding factor that made Clarke such an attractive candidate?
Ahh, say no more.

Nothing says you have the right stuff for a job in the Trump Administration like ties with Russia.


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    That pos will not get confirmed. And don john will be impeached.

  2. Anonymous6:32 AM

    This is Trump's Administration: Pick the shittiest people possible.


  4. Anonymous7:03 AM


  5. Anonymous7:08 AM

    “If you want to go around making people uncomfortable, you’ve got the problem, not the rest of us.”
    “It all starts with Mike Enzi who has enraged the BLT&GQ community by declaring a simple fact. If a guy walks into a bar in Wyoming, he’s probably going to get punched.”

  6. Anonymous7:16 AM

    If it gets this pos out of Milwaukee, I'm cool with this.

  7. Hedgewytch7:59 AM

    Its almost laughable - every person that has anything to do with DT, also, just coincidentally, ALSO has been noted to show admiration for, and/or hang around with Russians.

  8. Anonymous9:35 AM

    This person committed negligent homicide but you lead with *He said mean things about Hillary*. I'm beginning to understand why some people refer to liberals as whiny children. Thanks for that. Great job.

    1. That was to explain why Trump would want him, since insulting Hillary is always a prerequisite.

      And the only people who call us "whiny children" are ignorant Trump supporters.

    2. Anonymous10:50 AM

      He wasn't "charged with negligent homocide". No homocide charges were ever filed. He was accused in a civil suit with wrongful death. That's a big difference. The difference between us and them should be how we treat facts.

    3. You are right 10:50, thanks for the correction.

      I changed the post.

  9. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Baby dies in his jail. Also.
    , Female inmates remain shackled while giving birth.

  10. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Man without water for 7 days in his jail.

  11. He is currently being investigated (and sued) for the death of a prisoner who died of dehydration after being denied water for 7 days. The prisoner had mental issues, didn't have his meds, they shut off his water and it isn't clear he had the capacity to ask for water.

    In other words, Trump's dream candidate for Homeland. He always finds the absolute worst possible nominee for the job.

    Oh, and he's putting an aggressive anti-abortion bitch in a key health position.

    "President Donald Trump on Friday said he intends to appoint Charmaine Yoest, a prominent anti-abortion advocate, as assistant secretary of public affairs for the Department of Health and Human Services."

    I think his head of Health and Human Services is a misogynist if I recall the article a few weeks ago.

    Trump. What a piece of work. Makes you want to believe in hell just so he can go there for eternity after he fucks us all over.

    1. Anonymous6:15 AM

      Isn't this the nut case that claims abortions cause breast cancer, just what we need in HHS.

  12. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Men like this guy hate Hillary because she's an uppity woman who won't stay in her place. Women who hate Hillary do so because she reminds them of who they will never be - smart, well educated, very accomplished, a respected mother and some who lives her Christian faith, not just paying lip service to it.

  13. Anonymous10:37 PM

    He has also been mentioned as a challenger to Sen. Tammy Baldwin next year, a top target of Republicans.


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