Saturday, April 01, 2017

Obama officials hand carried classified documentation concerning Russia probe to the Senate Intelligence Committee so that Trump could not bury them.

I've still got your back.
Courtesy of NBC News:  

Obama administration officials were so concerned about what would happen to key classified documents related to the Russia probe once President Trump took office that they created a list of document serial numbers to give to senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, a former Obama official told NBC News. 

The official said that after the list of documents related to the probe into Russian interference in the U.S. election was created in early January, he hand-carried it to the committee members. The numbers themselves were not classified, said the official. 

The purpose, said the official, was to make it “harder to bury” the information, "to share it with those on the Hill who could lawfully see the documents," and to make sure it could reside in an Intelligence committee safe, "not just at Langley [CIA hq]."

Now the Trump folks are calling this "interference" but I am calling it "patriotism."

And yet another example of how one of this country's greatest Presidents worked to keep us safe.


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    President Obama is so much smarter than Trump! Thank God he did what he did w/the documents as he didn't trust Trump as far as he could throw him -

    Remember, the majority in America do not support, respect or trust Donald Trump! He's the devil incarnate, inept, a liar, fraud and proves it to all of us daily.

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Maybe I am just super paranoid, but I am uneasy that we know this happened. Seems to me that all you need is someone like, or even him, Devin Nunnes, who has access to the list, to carry it to Trump or one of his other minions, and then see that list and all the documents it has just disappear. Shouldn't this have stayed secret?

    OR, maybe they are making it public so Nunnes or anyone else cannot do what I just suggested?

    My oh my, this is all so complicated. Best to just get rid of them all asap. Get them all on trial and then in prison where they belong.

    1. Anonymous11:42 AM

      It's like sending info to the NYTimes and telling your captors, "If anything happens to me, they will have the goods on you."

    2. Anonymous11:55 AM

      I, on the other hand, think it good that Americans have this information that President Obama provided!

      Trump hides things, is a bully, liar and fabricates like no other!

      I can hardly wait to read the book that President Obama is currently writing.

      I fear Trump being in the White House, but am even more fearful with his kids being there who are just as inept as their father. Plus, I detest that the taxpayers are having to pay for ALL of their security. Not one of them is worth the coverage - especially Donald himself!

      We are doomed if we don't resist and counter his/their every move! It's like a game of chess and many throughout our country are better (and smarter) than they!

      Business experience doesn't equal governmental experience. Remember, our country does not operate as do businesses throughout the country!

    3. Anonymous2:23 PM

      President Obama did the best thing possible. Every day I feel more proud of his presidency than the day before. Watching Trump and the GOP dismantle all the good that happened for all of us is disheartening and frustrating to say the least.

    4. Anonymous2:58 PM

      President Obama you can bet has protected the United States of America and her citizens. He is extremely patient and smart. He has stayed out of the mess visually but you can bet that he and any decent representative of this nation are working overtime to put a stop to this mess asap. You can bet the USA military is ready to go to work at right time. Trump may look and act like a moron but it is written on his face, "I fuc*ed up" "I want to go home" but sadly he is in big ass trouble with the world now.

    5. Anonymous7:38 PM

      The documents are all catalogued and no doubt copied and distributed and it would be a waste of time now for the Republicans to try to put a lid on this, whatever it is. They are only corrupt knee-jerking simpletons, they're not evil genii. ;)

  3. Anonymous11:36 AM

    One of the few things that console me during this wretched Trump so-called presidency is knowing that President Obama, his cabinet and staff worked to keep us safe and secure until the very minute they left their jobs. I'm beginning to feel more patient about Trump's inevitable downfall because when he does go down, it will be a very hard crash for the son of a bitch.

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      How dare Trump demand his party get in step with him. Mr. Dictator himself. Fuck him!

  4. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Inspiration Saturday:

    People are meant to be in your life when they know your weaknesses and would never think of using them against you.

    A bad person is in your life if they try to change you or they constantly use your weaknesses against you. Those are the weakest people of all.

    Good people let good people be.

    1. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Can you explain bad people that lie and harm you and your country. Please explain what to do with bad people forced into our life.

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      Read folks carefully that might enter your life! It's easy to do! Have a long conversation about things that might include the subjects of politics, family, religion, education, books, music, food, travel, etc.

      I have recently met a gal that I know I don't want in my life...our values are totally the opposite. It's so easy to determine!

    3. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Good people let good people be is the point of this blog, in case you haven't noticed. Save your sermons for tomorrow.

    4. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Is that a Palinbot quote?

    5. Anonymous1:38 PM

      President Obama was the goodliest!
      Is that what's bothering you?

    6. Anonymous1:59 PM

      Did you just wake up, $arah?

    7. Anonymous3:04 PM

      I thought this blog was about finding the truth and leaving religion out of it

    8. Anonymous6:28 PM

      159 she musta had another cracked out night stayed up!

    9. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Sooooo, if somebody that cares about you tries to get you offa that crack pipe, that's a bad thing?

  5. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Don Johns scam will forever haunt him. He will never escape the ghost in the white house that will make sure he is haunted and attacked for his lies. He will never be excused or forgiven by americans for his dishonest rigging of the usa presidential election. He will never be president of the united states of America. He is a traitor and weak pos that will go down in history as the worst usa citizen in this country. His family will forever be haunted and reminded of their ancestry and distasteful heritage.

  6. Anonymous12:47 PM

    @11:55. Huh?

    1. Anonymous2:14 PM

      One of the Palin's just got their fix.
      Or are coming down with help.

  7. Anonymous1:03 PM

    -The purpose, said the official, was to make it “harder to bury” the information, "to share it with those on the Hill who could lawfully see the documents," and to make sure it could reside in an Intelligence committee safe, "not just at Langley."-

    You know this just really makes no sense at all. If there was anything that was obviously illegal (or 'treasonous' as so many IMers love to throw around), there would be no reason NOT to do a full investigation including the public long before the election to avert disaster. Why wait until someone is actually President and has the reins of power?

    Frankly, this seems a lot more like a underlying political play in order to kneecap the Trump administration by the outgoing Obama Administration, which actually could be considered a criminal act. This could get extremely interesting.

    1. Anonymous1:18 PM

      It would be seen as partisan for a sitting Democratic President to took aim at the republican nominee. Investigations and convictions take a very long time. If Trump and his inner circle are guilty of treason, it will damage the repugs for many years to come.

    2. Anonymous1:28 PM

      Flynn, Nunes, Ezra Cohen-Watlick, and Michael
      Ellis are your criminals. Go somewhere else to deflect. Clinton Watts is a hero.

    3. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Don't forget Trump, 1:28 PM I'm in the corner of believing the Russians (Putin) have him on tape, both sexually and peeing!!

    4. Anonymous2:23 PM


      It makes complete sense.
      You don't.

      It appears that the illegitimate Trump/Russia administration is doing an almost vaudeville job kneecapping itself.

      Frankly, it seems likely a combined political play that won't end well for a lot of treasonous Repubs.

      N'cest pas?

    5. Anonymous2:50 PM

      I'm reading the many connections to mob and money laundering, human trafficking and more in the USA and around the globe. There is article after article of trump with ties to all of it. This is what putin has on him. Putin wants his sanctions lifted and his money from the trump family. All these fools are working for this reason. Unfortunately they will not succeed and all will go down for attempting this nonsense and ignorance. I would not doubt if Natalie Holloway is alive, drugged and a baby making machine due to scumbags like this. Blonde, young, fertile and pretty. If you want to catch cockroaches you must think like one.
      Certain little military contractors and little flynns are involved too. Where is Shailey Tripp? Boys will be boys right sara?

    6. Anonymous5:55 PM

      It is more disgusting that a gang of liars would even attempt this fraud. But heck who knew Russia could pull off the gig for trumpstein and ASSociate elites. The entire global ring of clowns will be taken out and down. That is the goal and its working.

    7. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Political ploy. This is going to definitely come back on Obama.

      Not good at all.

    8. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Barack Obama knew that
      1. there was no reason to think that America would elect Trump, and
      2. if he had said a word against Trump the Republicans would have moved heaven and earth to bury the evidence no matter how illegal it was... just like the fucking corrupt FBI made shit up about Hillary Clinton to help Trump. Laws are not for Republicans, they're only for Democrats. Kindly remember that.

    9. Anonymous11:55 PM

      This will forever tarnish the Obama presidency.

      This could end up with him in prison, and possibly rightfully so. Purposely sabotaging a presidency and the entire government. That is a crime against the country. That could be treason. Those are heavy charges.

  8. I think to myself that Pres. Obama trusts this Senate investigative opposed to everyone else. That said this information must be explosive and detailed.

    I hope by going high this will not take a whole lot of time to roll out. I truly don't want this nightmare to continue. And I hope Pres. Obama speaks up should things not progress to his liking.

    1. Anonymous1:17 AM

      lol. He has no power and he certainly has no President privilege anymore you dumbass. It doesn't matter one iota what he thinks or doesn't think. Just a citizen like you and me.

      You get dropped on your head as a baby or something?

  9. Anonymous12:00 AM

    I hope I don't bring everyone down off their Obama high, but he had the info about Fat Donald and the Russians way before the election. He held onto it for fear of being called "political". We will never know how much of an impact it might have had. Considering how this shitshow played out, I wish he'd have clued us in, and taken the "political" hit for the good of the entire world. I am a total Obama fan, but this time I think he made the wrong decision.

    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      He's the guy who appointed Commie/Comey, and we all know what that asshole did right before Hillary was supposed to be elected, so just how deep in this Russian shit is he?


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