Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Putin feigns anger with US during meeting with Secretary or State Rex Tillerson.

Oh shucks. I could never quit you.
Okay so after at first putting out the message that Putin would not meet with Tillerson, thereby getting the press all atwitter about a rift concerning Syria, that meeting finally took place.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

After Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson waited for much of the day, wondering whether he would get to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin, the two men sat down at the Kremlin late Wednesday afternoon in the first face-to-face meeting between the Russian leader and a top official in the Trump administration. 

Relations between the United States and Russia have grown so tense that it was unclear whether Mr. Putin would agree to see Mr. Tillerson, a man he once gave a medal of friendship. 

Their meeting lasted almost two hours and ended just before 8 p.m. local time.

So what we are supposed to take from this is that Putin is really, really pissy with the United States right now so he threw shade at them by making the Secretary of State cool his heels like some peasant, before finally giving in and taking the meeting.

(A meeting by the way that Putin showed up on time for, even though he is famous for showing up late to meetings, including one with former Secretary of State John Kerry and even the Pope. )

Keep in mind that Tillerson is a such a good friend of Putin's, that he once gave him the Russian Medal of Friendship.

But now we are to believe that he would suddenly dis his old friend over something as silly as politics?

According to statements by Tillerson after the meeting things were supposedly chilly between the two old friends.

Courtesy of CNN: 

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that relations with Moscow are at a low point after meetings in Russia that seemed to do little to bridge a deepening diplomatic divide over a chemical attack in Syria. 

Relations are "at a low point, there is a low level of trust between our two countries," Tillerson said at a news conference with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Of course we have to simply take Tillerson's word on this because....
That's right, no press allowed.

For all we know Tillerson and Putin greeted each other with high fives and air kisses, because let's face it the only group of people who lies more to the press than the Russians, are the folks associated with Donald Trump.

But it sounds good right?

Good enough to fool even the folks over at Vox, who actually wrote this headline: 

Rex Tillerson’s first visit to Moscow showed that the Trump-Russia lovefest is dead

WTF? So we are to believe that in just five days since the missile attack in Syria that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin went from braiding each other's hair to writing nasty messages in each other's school lockers?


I like the folks over at Vox, I really do. But they are acting like it is their first day on the job of covering Donald Trump and his use of Tourette Syndrome like distractions.

Here is an observation from former presidential candidate Evan McMullin:
Yeah, if the Trump Administration has really had enough of Putin's shit why not hold his feet to the fire over this?

No, take my word for it this "lovefest" is far from dead.

They are just waiting for the media to get distracted before they start tongue kissing again.

Just keep your eye on those Russian sanctions.


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Perhaps Putin will give Tillerson a Friend of Russia medal to take home to Agent Orange.

  2. Anonymous5:02 PM

  3. Anonymous5:26 PM

    That's press allowed. "It happened this way because I said it did." Anybody believe that BS? I don't.

  4. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Go Rachel! Maddow.
    Rex T. Pos just smiles about disrespect. He is nothing. These people wirh t rump are so ignorant.

  5. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Tillerson was scheduled to meet with Putin early in his days as Secretary of State.

    Trump was supposed to meet with Putin in Slovenia some time ago.

    1. Anonymous3:52 AM

      Will Trump's third father-in-law get to do the introduction? That would seem appropriate given his former career.

  6. Anonymous5:55 PM

    If you read the headlines, Trump is no longer saying NATO is obsolete because all this drama with North Korea and Syria made him realise America cannot fight these wars alone. He knows he needs Nato.

    1. Anonymous2:47 AM

      NATO should tell Trumplethinskin to f*ck himself ( as should ALL the other nations that he's insulted; Germany, Australia, etc.). He's a simpleton who only NOW, when he's IN DEEP, realizes that he needs OTHER nations help?!?!? But I thought 'only he could do it' and 'America First' and all that! /s He's made us collectively look like fools. We seriously need to redeem ourselves in the midterm elections of 2018. If it is still allowed.

  7. Anonymous6:07 PM

    “I am my own strategist,” Mr. Trump told the New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin in an interview on Tuesday, a pointed reference to what aides described as his growing irritation that Mr. Bannon’s allies are calling him the mastermind behind Mr. Trump’s victory and the torch bearer for the nationalist, conservative brand of populism that has defined his presidency.

    In an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Mr. Trump made clear Mr. Bannon’s subordinate role, calling him “a guy who works for me.”....

  8. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Foreign Agent Paul Manafort Started Taking Money From Trump Companies The Day He Left Campaign

    Manafort claimed he was an unpaid member of the Trump campaign – if you don't count the millions he received from Trump-affiliated businesses after stepping down.…

    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      The day Paul Manafort stepped down, he received $13 million from Donald Trump’s associates

      One day after his bank records were found to have aligned with Ukrainian records asserting that he was paid tens of millions of dollars by a Kremlin intermediary (link), Paul Manafort announced today that he’ll be retroactively registering as a foreign agent (link). But now another shoe has dropped. According to the New York Times, the day Manafort stepped down from the Donald Trump campaign, he created a shell company which Trump’s allies filled with $13 million in “loans.”

      The stunning new revelation suggests that Donald Trump may have had his financial associates pay the radioactive Paul Manafort to go away, after allegations of the Kremlin payments surfaced during the height of the 2016 campaign. Manafort had been running the Trump campaign while taking no salary, so his departure from the campaign would not have placed any sudden financial strain on him. Yet nonetheless, Manafort instantly borrowed millions from Trump associate Alexander Rovt, who has a long financial association with Trump hotels.

  9. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I assume that Trump and anyone in his administration or campaign is lying through their teeth unless there is absolute proof otherwise.

  10. Anonymous7:09 PM

    My favorite gunhumper is at it again.

    1. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Fuck. That. Bitch.

    2. Anonymous6:45 AM

      How about your favorite 1/2 sisterhumper, Track Menard Palin?

  11. Anonymous7:10 PM

    We all know that Trump is a peice of shit as President. When are the Republicans going to decide America comes first.

  12. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Must read. Follow the money folks

    New York Times
    After Campaign Exit, Manafort Borrowed From Businesses With Trump Ties

  13. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Hmmmmm! No wonder Trump likes NATO now.

    North Korea's hidden submarine threat is another worry as regime warns it's 'ready' for war

    • The chilling thought of North Korea's fully submersible submarines firing a nuclear ballistic missile isn't as far-fetched as some might think.

    • The submarine threat adds to growing fears in the region as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's nuclear weapons ambitions show no signs of slowing.


  14. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Obama to visit Merkel during Trump's first European trip

    (CNN)As President Donald Trump makes his foreign debut in Brussels next month, his predecessor Barack Obama will be sharing a stage on the same day with a key European ally across the border in Germany.

    Obama's presidential foundation said the recently departed commander-in-chief would joinGerman Chancellor Angela Merkelin Berlin to mark the Protestant church's 500th anniversary, his first public appearance abroad since leaving office....

  15. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Let's just hope they get this false President.

  16. Anonymous10:59 PM

  17. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Anonymous 5:55PM "tRUMP IS NO LONGER SAYING NATO Is obsolete"...........
    I don't know, ....could be the "BIG BOYS " gave
    him an ultimatum , either--or. Either you do what
    we tell you , or you are out!


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