Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trump inaccurately blames the Ninth Circuit for shooting down his order to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, calls for it to be broken up.

Courtesy of the Washington Examiner:  

President Trump said Wednesday that he has "absolutely" considered proposals that would split up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where judges have blocked two of his executive actions. 

"Absolutely, I have," Trump said of considering 9th Circuit breakup proposals during a far-ranging interview with the Washington Examiner at the White House. "There are many people that want to break up the 9th Circuit. It's outrageous." 

"Everybody immediately runs to the 9th Circuit. And we have a big country. We have lots of other locations. But they immediately run to the 9th Circuit. Because they know that's like, semi-automatic," Trump said.

Of course as I pointed out yesterday the sanctuary city order was NOT shot down by the Ninth Circuit but rather by a District Court judge in San Francisco.

So not only is Trump's anger misplaced, but he is calling for a complete reorganization of a the largest circuit court in the country simply because they do not agree with his often unconstitutional policy decisions.

Apparently Trump believes they simply do not understand what he is trying to do: 

"The language could not be any clearer. I mean, the language on the ban, it reads so easy that a reasonably good student in the first grade will fully understand it. And they don't even mention the words in their rejection on the ban," Trump said. "And the same thing with this [sanctuary city decision]. I mean, when you have people that are being enabled to commit crime. And in San Francisco, when you look at Kate Steinle being shot and here is the court, you know, right in that same general area. And when you look at a Kate Steinle, when you look at so many other things."

Yes clearly it is an issue of reading comprehension which is causing these judges to reject Trump's admittedly elementary school arguments for why he should be allowed to crap all over the Constitution.

And that Kate Steinle argument is especially weak.

That was one fatal shooting among the thousands of fatal shootings each year, and statistically undocumented immigrants are far LESS likely to engage in violent crime than actual citizens.

But the problem is that these are facts, and in Trumpland facts are the enemy.

So instead of accepting the fact that the policies that he wants to put in place are illegal, unwanted, or just plain wrong, he instead attempts to bully those who will not let him have his way into submission.


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Trump thought he would be crowned emperor or king of the world and he is getting a much needed lesson is how much power he really has and a reminder that he isn't as important as he thinks it is. Kate Steinle has nothing to do with this. He is just an idiot.

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Please proceed, Trumplethinskin...

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Gosh that sob pos is ugly inside and out. His eyes are even crooked. He looks like swamp shit. What a disgusting human being or maybe scientologist alien from Ur Anus. Aint my president.

    1. Anonymous11:40 AM

      Pig eyes.

    2. Anonymous6:42 PM

      I'd agree with you, except that pigs have been proven to be more intelligent than dogs. T.Rump on the other hand....

  4. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Before the year is out, Trump will announce that his executive orders are protected from court overview because he's the president. He already thinks that he is above the law in about every area.

  5. Anonymous9:13 AM

    OT?"Even though Carlson doesn’t talk about “white genocide” conspiracy theories on his show, many members of the white nationalist movement appreciate the dripping disdain he regularly shows toward women and people of color." Carlson as “a one man gas chamber who gasses Jews and feminists on a nightly basis.” “far edgier and less CUCKservative” than O’Reilly, while also praising him for maintaining some mainstream appeal despite being

  6. Anonymous9:15 AM

    He's such a fucking asshole. I abhor the idiot and he is the very worst representative America could ever have! They need to get rid of him in some manner - impeachment comes to mind!

    1. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Until you said impeachment, I couldn't tell if you were talking about T.Rump or Tucasshole Carlson. Both are so derriereish.

  7. Dolt45*'s lack of knowledge, refusal to read, inability to understand are absolutely stupefying! Each interview, public appearance, statement is another nail in the coffin, another slap against the power & prestige of the Presidency. He is an abomination, and Lucretia, Uday, and Qusay are just as atrocious! Our long national nightmare continues.

    1. Anonymous9:30 AM

      " the rape itself became a major theme in European art and literature."

  8. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Besides that, his "judge shopping" or "circuit shopping" claim is nonsense. When the city of San Francisco and the county of Santa Clara file lawsuits, where are they supposed to file, except the federal district court in San Francisco, which is . . . in the Ninth Circuit. Where are they supposed to file? Kansas? It's like Trump has no idea about venue rules. "Indeed, in a related suit brought by Richmond, California, Trump lawyers agreed in court papers that "the venue properly lies within the Northern District of California, because Richmond is a public entity in this judicial district.""

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Trump hasn't a clue how the three branches of the US government work. He'll never understand it because he doesn't think he has to. To him, he's president and can do no wrong. God help us.

  9. Anonymous9:40 AM

    "“From the indignity of judges halting multiple executive orders on immigration-related matters—most recently this week—to his responses to repeated episodes of North Korean belligerence, it’s all been more complicated than Trump had been prepared to believe.”

  10. Anonymous9:47 AM

    This Report Outlines All Of Trump’s Efforts To Undermine Free Expression So Far
    PEN America details approximately 60 times Trump has threatened the press and public discourse.

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      Act.TV did a side-by-side comparison of Trump's homes with those of dictators like Romania's Nicolae Ceaușescu, Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Libya's Muammar Gaddafi. The similarities are both hilarious and haunting.


    2. Anonymous2:57 PM

      @10:04 If drumpf says it enough it might cum true.
      "i'm really really rich"

    3. Anonymous6:15 PM

      @10:04 White trash knows no boundaries. :)

  11. Anonymous9:51 AM

    A Trump White House official told Politico, “I kind of pooh-poohed the experience stuff when I first got here. But this sh*t is hard.”

    Here it is, all that you feared about the Trump White House.

    President Trump invited a pair of Politico reporters into the Oval Office to sell them on his success narrative and this is what happened when they tried to corroborate his claims.

    “But interviews with nearly two dozen aides, allies, and others close to the president paint a different picture – one of a White House on a collision course between Trump’s fixed habits and his growing realization that this job is harder than he imagined when he won the election on Nov. 8,” the Politico team of Josh Dawsey, Shane Goldmacher and Alex Isenstadt reported.

    “From the indignity of judges halting multiple executive orders on immigration-related matters—most recently this week—to his responses to repeated episodes of North Korean belligerence, it’s all been more complicated than Trump had been prepared to believe.”

    “If you’re an adviser to him, your job is to help him at the margins. To talk him out of doing crazy things,” a Trump confidante told the reporters.

    Trump is using his mixture of threats and wooing but it’s not working. In fact, Trump’s entire team’s lack of knowledge about Congress caused the embarrassing moment when Trump had to pull his Obamacare replacement bill that he ran on.

    What have they learned? Not to listen to anyone else. Referring to Speaker Ryan, one senior administration official told Politico they aren’t listening to “anyone else” on taxes. Also, Trump is huddling with Matt Drudge in the White House, due to his desire for better media coverage (talk about a bad idea, wow).

    Politico reports on the “melodramas” in the Trump White House, including that various administration officials have their own PR representatives now, due to the infighting and backstabbing.

    They were even upset about not getting credit for pulling off the Easter Eggo Roll. Are things so dire that we are to give the Trump administration credit for pulling off an Easter Egg Roll? I’m not sure it’s possible to lower the bar more than that.

    1. Anonymous6:50 PM

      Wonder what they'll expect when the turkey they pardon actually lives (unlike those in the background on that Skankarah Palin video.) That's right $arah, we'll NEVER let you forget.

  12. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Paul Ryan Just Admitted That He Doesn’t Have The Votes To Pass Trump’s Health Care Bill

  13. Anonymous9:54 AM

    A Top Democrat Just Made A Major Move To Take Away Trump’s War Powers

    ...The new authorization is a stripping away of Trump’s war powers. The Executive Branch has been seizing more power away from the Legislative Branch for decades on the issues of military action and war powers. Schiff’s authorization is not about partisanship. It is the latest development in a Constitutional tug of war that congresses and presidents have been fighting since LBJ, Vietnam, and the erosion of the War Powers Act.

    Trump’s behavior and temperament have given congressional advocates for a return to the constitutional balance of power a new sense of urgency.

    Make no mistake about it, Democrats and Republicans are worried about Trump having unilateral control of the military, and Rep. Adam Schiff just stepped up to do something about it.

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      It will be interesting if any Republicans actually vote to take away some of the war powers appropriated by the White House in the past few decades.

    2. Anonymous6:51 PM

      I'm seeing Schiff as a Presidential contender in 2020 or 2024.

  14. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Robert Reich: Trump's Latest Tweetstorm Is Grounds for Impeachment

    An assault on the federal judiciary is an abuse of the president's constitutional authority.

    One way dictators take over democracies is by threatening the independence of a nation’s courts. Donald Trump is doing just this.

    Connect the following dots:

  15. Anonymous10:00 AM

    A Display of Unbelievable Ignorance: In a Real Country With a Real President,
    Trump's AP Interview Would Destroy Him

    Our president thinks the Pentagon is a company, terrorism was a recent invention and 9/11 was a ratings coup.

    ...Both aspects of Trump’s ignorance were on mind-blowing display for his recent one-on-one interview with the Associated Press. It was a journey through the Hieronymus Bosch hellscape of Trump’s brain, and not even a legendary news outlet like the AP could decipher Trump’s incoherence — peppering the interview with more “unintelligible” parentheticals than an interview with Ozzy Osbourne.

    Let’s dig into the three worst quotes.

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      Ozzy Osbourne at the height of his drug use and brain damage, we might add.

  16. Anonymous10:02 AM

    100 Days of Gibberish—Trump Has Weaponized Nonsense

    The Trump White House approaches language with the same roughshod entitlement he’s applying to the presidency. His sloppy lies and vague promises must not stop us holding him to account.

  17. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Trump's Nightmarish First 100 Days Gets the 'Simpsons' Spoof It Richly Deserves

    Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon and Ivanka Trump all make cameos.

  18. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Donald Trump Wants To Break Up The Court That Blocked His Travel Ban

    ...There are some flaws in Trump’s logic.

    The most recent ruling against Trump, in which Judge William Orrick issued an injunction blocking his executive order targeting so-called sanctuary cities, wasn’t handed down by the 9th Circuit. Orrick sits on the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, which is one level below the appeals court.

    In addition, judge-shopping did not occur. The case was brought by the city and county of San Francisco and the nearby county of Santa Clara, which are within the jurisdiction of that District Court, as well as within the jurisdiction of the 9th Circuit.

    The statistic Trump cited about the appeals court’s rulings being overturned 80 percent of the time was also misleading.

    According to The Washington Post, 80 percent of the 9th Circuit decisions taken up by the Supreme Court were reversed in 2015-2016. Yet only one-tenth of 1 percent of the 9th Circuit’s decisions were heard by the Supreme Court. In addition, other circuit courts had even higher reversal rates.

    Finally, Trump can’t break up a circuit court on his own. He needs the help of Congress. And while some Republicans have pushed the idea of splitting the circuit and creating a new court, Democrats in the Senate would almost certainly block the move.

    Responding to Trump’s comment that he “absolutely” was looking at breaking up the court, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) responded with two words:

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      Someone needs to read a grade school version of the Constitution to Trump. They need to read it slowly, giving him time to absorb each phrase and then they need to read it to him again. Perhaps every morning and evening. Hopefully in a few months he'll understand the three branches of the US government and how they function. He's not a real emperor, only an emperor-with-no-clothes.

    2. Anonymous6:54 PM

      Grade school? the cheeto-haired, loofah-faced orange shitgibbon needs the picture book version for preschoolers.

  19. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Sense is that POTUS is virtually a lame duck. When a preexisting condition is politically safer for GOP than investigating spies, it's bad.

    POTUS feels slighted by Puerto Rico because of the Teacher of the Year gathering.

    Enough about Puerto Rico, Mr. President. Congress isn't going to kick them out just b/c you're taking the TOY thing personally.

  20. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Donald Trump is Sarah Palin without the Belmonts!

    "In a new interview with ABC News, Sarah Palin left the door open to running for national political office in the future. She said that the “frivolous ethics violations” that plagued her during her time in Alaska wouldn’t be as much as a problem if she were in the White House because of the all-powerful “Department of Law” that the President has at his disposal:

    I think on a national level, your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out."

    1. Anonymous3:13 PM

      Someone should tell Sarah Palin the story of Richard Nixon.

      Obviously Sarah needs people to send her lots of money - right now. She's supporting a huge and growing family of grifters.

    2. Anonymous6:58 PM

      July 3, 2009.

  21. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Is a Management Shake-up Looming at Fox News?

    ...By refusing to back Shine at this tumultuous moment for the network, the Murdochs may finally be signaling that they’re prepared to make the sweeping management changes they’ve so far resisted after forcing out CEO Roger Ailes last summer. Shine’s continued leadership has angered many Fox News employees, especially women, who view him as a product of the misogynistic Ailes culture. Shine joined the network in 1996, served as Sean Hannity’s producer, and rose through the ranks to become Ailes’s deputy. In that role, sources say he had the power to stop multiple instances of sexual harassment, including that of former Fox booker Laurie Luhn, but did not do so. He’s currently a defendant in a federal lawsuit filed this week by former Fox host Andrea Tantaros.

    Good. Take 'em all down.

  22. Anonymous10:26 AM

    The Failure of Trump’s First 100 Days Is a Win for America

    ...I know people who claim they can turn Trump off and tune him out, and I congratulate them on their self-discipline and mental health. For the rest of us, living through the chaotic first hundred days of his presidency has often felt like standing under an enormous fire hose raining down a nonstop deluge of raw sewage.

    Trump Has a Button He Pushes So a Butler Brings Him a Coke

  23. Anonymous10:42 AM

    CNN says the Drumpf administration is blaming the Flynn problem on Obama. What a bunch of dumbasses.

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Well, Trump has blamed all of his goof-ups on President Obama so why not this one!

  24. Anonymous10:44 AM

    As the Russia-Trump investigation heats up, Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz suddenly needs surgery for a long-standing pre-existing condition.

    Chaffetz posted an x-ray of his foot on Instagram, writing, "Almost 12 years ago, I shattered several bones in my foot which required 14 screws and a metal plate to repair. Yes, I wish I could say I was cliff diving in Mexico but the truth is I fell off a ladder while repairing something in my garage."

    It now needs sudden attention!

    ...Maybe he just wanted to deal with his pre-existing condition before Congress takes that protection away, since he's leaving Congress in 2018?

    1. Anonymous1:48 PM


    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Will his health insurance cover that pre-existing condition? He won't want to lose that kind of coverage, now will he?

  25. Anonymous11:02 AM


  26. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Ok, they now know he is going down, impeachment. Omg do we have to watch all this sheet, lying, hiding, cheating, stealing (take inventory on gold curtains, portraits,...) all crap from these shady bunch all before impeachment?

    Alternative facts-I'm so glad tump was impeached it was well known he was not right in the head and could not hold a thought or remember anything other than longtime things. Tump impeachme t was all for the best.

  27. Randall2:06 PM


  28. Anonymous2:50 PM

    In the Beginning>

  29. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Impossible for me to state the depths of my hatred for this cartoonish president. He is like a bad joke. Where is Batman? Gotham needs saving! The Joker is in charge and he has lots of Russian clowns helping him.

    1. Anonymous8:29 PM

      Don't give SNL ideas.

  30. Anonymous4:35 PM

    So he just admitted that his E.O’s, most of which are illegal or worthless, are written at a first grade level.

  31. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Does Fucktard Shitgibbon, aka T.Rump ever speak in full sentences? The only reason a first grader could understand any of his spew is because a first grader also doesn't have the attention span it takes to get to the end of a sentence of more than two words.

    And here are a few words that further describe the treasonous Russian puppet currently illegitimately occupying the White House:
    Incompetent, deranged, criminal.

  32. Trump says he thought being President would be easier.

    "“I loved my previous life. I had so many things going,” Trump told Reuters in an interview. “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.” "

    "More than five months after his victory and two days shy of the 100-day mark of his presidency, the election is still on Trump’s mind. Midway through a discussion about Chinese President Xi Jinping, the president paused to hand out copies of what he said were the latest figures from the 2016 electoral map.

    “Here, you can take that, that’s the final map of the numbers,” the Republican president said from his desk in the Oval Office, handing out maps of the United States with areas he won marked in red. “It’s pretty good, right? The red is obviously us.”

    He had copies for each of the three Reuters reporters in the room."

    Fuck. FIVE MONTHS and this buffoon is still obsessed with the election?

    Geez. If he wants his old life back he can just resign.

    "He frequently turns to outside friends and former business colleagues for advice and positive reinforcement. Senior aides say they are resigned to it."

    Oooo, that's not good.


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