Monday, April 24, 2017

Trump takes to Twitter to threaten Democrats over Obamacare and to cryptically suggest that the Mexicans will pay for his wall "in some form."

Translation: "Nice health care program you have there Liberals. Be a shame if something happened to it."

By the way Obamacare is NOT in "serious trouble," but that does not mean Trump can't manipulate things until it actually is in serious trouble. 

Trump then ties the possible loss of this "big money" to his pet project.
I think the message here is pretty clear as well, "Give me money for this ridiculous wall I promised to build or I will allow possibly thousands of people to die without access to adequate health care."

In his next tweet Trump suggests that he has a plan to make the Mexicans ultimately pay for the wall.
So to sum up Trump will take health care away from potentially millions of people in order to force the Democrats to give him money to start a project, that ultimately he plans to make the Mexican government pay for.

But how?

Well that is where old Beauregard Sessions come in.

Courtesy of Politico:

Speaking on ABC’s "This Week," Sessions weighed in on the fight over funding for the wall, which is becoming part of the high-stakes negotiations between the White House and Congress over keeping the government funded after Friday.

“We're going to get paid for it one way or the other,” Sessions said of the wall. “I know there's $4 billion a year in excess payments, according to the Department of the Treasury's own inspector general several years ago, that are going to payments to people — tax credits that they shouldn't get. Now, these are mostly Mexicans. And those kind of things add up — $4 billion a year for 10 years is $40 billion.

"There are a lot of ways we can find money to help pay for this.”

Okay so first the IRS would have to determine who is not authorized to work in the United States, and then somehow get them to give back 4 billion in undeserved tax credits?

And THAT seems like a workable plan?

Sessions also claimed to have a plan for getting the Mexican government to reimburse the US for that down payment:

"We're going to get it paid for one way or the other," Sessions said on ABC's "This Week" when asked if there is any evidence Mexico will pay for the wall. 

He said he doesn't expect the Mexican government to "appropriate money" for the wall, but added there are ways "we can deal with our trade situation to create the revenue to pay for it." 

Yeah that's almost as well thought out as that tax refund plan. 

Here's what is actually going to happen.

The Democrats will NOT be bullied into approving a budget that pays for Trump's wall, and the Mexican government will NOT be bullied into paying for Trump's wall, and the undocumented workers in his country will NOT be bullied into paying for Trump's wall.

In short nobody is paying for Trump's wall.

But hey, he's supposed to be rich. Maybe he can simply pay for it himself?


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Fuck Trump. Let him shut it down and then he will have to deal with the fallout. Fuck the GOP.

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      "When the Radium Girls started to get sick, about five years after they started dial painting, the radium firms were determined that they would not link this insidious disease that was taking so long to show itself " Glenn Seaborg, who was a leading scientist on the Manhattan Project, literally wrote in his diary that he had a vision of the ghost girls, of the shining girls, the Radium Girls, and he therefore insisted that they had to do research into the materials that they were using on the Manhattan Project. It was found that they were biomedically very similar to radium, and therefore there were nonnegotiable safety guidelines put in place. And after the war, the Atomic Energy Commission officials actually said the Radium Girls were invaluable, because if it hadn't been for them, countless thousands of other workers would have been killed."

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM

  3. Anonymous6:27 AM

    It shpuld be there, not their. Don't criticize dumb Republicans when you commonly make the same mistakes. You should be embarrassed at your unwillingness or inability to proofread.

    1. Anonymous7:12 AM

      " YOU should be embarrassed"

    2. Anonymous7:17 AM

      It should be should, not shpuld. Don't criticize Gryphen's spelling unless you can spell correctly.

    3. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Yep -- it "shpuld" be, right! easy mistake -- we all make them in the heat of the post. But I agree: bad grammar, people, indicates ignorance.

    4. Anonymous7:26 AM,-Their-and-They%27re

    5. Anonymous9:19 AM

      "dark matter/energy is the abyss of ignorance and 94-95-96% of everything is just that^^^driving the universe" NDT

  4. Drumpf is a pathological liar. Any questions?

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      He IS a liar. Why can't one, ONE media person look this freak in the eye and simply state, that is a lie. You are lying.

      He lied his way through a year and a half of so called campaigning. Now he's lying about lying.

      The creepmaster. I have doubts he's even human.

      Oh shit! I just had a big tree go down right outside my window. Gotta go.

    2. Anonymous7:59 AM

      @7:31 TIMBER!
      drumpf is King OGRE.

  5. Anonymous6:45 AM

    I'd rather see a huge wall around the white house to contain the criminals, gangs, terrorists and thugs hanging out there. Bigly thugs. Tremendous thugs. The thugliest thugs anywhere.

    1. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Right on, right on, right on! Keep Trump locked up!

  6. Anonymous6:46 AM

    What in the hell is the head of the DOJ discussing paying for trump’s wall?

    I sure wish they had asked Mr. Tax Code specifically what is the section of the tax code that gives tax credits to Mexicans !!!!

    I know personally of H1B1 workers that pay federal and state taxes, social security and medicare. They can’t file tax returns and never collect social security. Where is the money?

    They could pay for they wall by getting reimbursed for secret service charges from Dumb and Dumbers business trips for starters. Also I want to know what we are being charged to get the kitchen health violations taken care of at Mar a Lago.

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      +1,000 I've been surveying the comments to see if anyone else wondered why the country's chief attorney was commenting on budget and foreign policy issues. He should get back to voter suppression and throwing spitballs at federal judges.

  7. Anonymous6:47 AM

    So if this twitter-person is right, maybe indictments all around will put a stop to a lot of it:

  8. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Pee! Wonder if recycled as golden shower's too?

  9. Anonymous7:19 AM

  10. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I hope someone decks both Trump and Sessions! What assholes! Neither of them think the way I do. I want both of them gone! One is no better than the other! No Wall should be built - period!

  11. No wonder Trump's Atlantic City casinos went under. Does he even know how to read people or situations? If he really thinks the democrats will be blamed if the ACA is repealed with a republican presidency, senate and house he is dumber than I thought. And if he thinks democrats will be a part of him building his ridiculous penis extender (the wall) he is even more insane than I thought.

    There is no upside to any of it for democrats---except for laughing at Trump as he bumbles through his presidency.

  12. Anonymous7:48 AM

    I would rather the tax dollars go to the conviction and impeachment of trump and friends and the swift removal of all appointed, nominated, assigned crooks that he put in place now.
    What a complete idiot dick head to threaten our healthcare system and citizens. Many drs would treat patients anyway without mr asshole interfering. He is the most disgusting human on earth today. He must go, he must resign, he must leave the building asap.

  13. Anonymous7:52 AM

    I bet he flunked out of military school too at age 12. His friends claim he is the same asshole now as he was then. A weak little stubby fingered bully. He looks like a dope head. The guy has zero integrity or honor.
    A pathetic lying little manboy that stole the election from a hard working woman.

  14. Anonymous7:56 AM

    F the wall. NO wall interfering with Americans and their Ancestors in mexico. Plenty of nationalities migrated across that land. It is our ancestors and historical sites that will be harmed. How about we work on trump and his crooks instead.

    1. Leland8:13 AM

      @ 7:56

      Don't forget the damage it will do to the environment and the abilities of animals to migrate as they were intended.

  15. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Trump appears quite worried about gangs coming to get him from mexico. Does he owe them money also?

    1. Anonymous8:37 AM

      "very bad MS 13 gang members"
      "Does he owe them money"?
      He knows them by name.

    2. Anonymous12:23 PM

      Sarah probably hooked it up.

  16. Anonymous7:59 AM

    So where is Trump’s plan, and why is he ignoring the Democratic Party’s offering?

    We were told back in March by The Wall Street Journal that Trump’s team was hard at work on a $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

    Obama assistant and Clinton adviser Robert Klain warned us almost immediately that Trump’s sketchy plan was no plan at all, but a trap:

    “Trump’s plan is not really an infrastructure plan. It’s a tax-cut plan for utility-industry and construction-sector investors, and a massive corporate welfare plan for contractors.”

    However, later in that same month we saw the first Trump budget and found out he had not increased but cut infrastructure spending, including key federal programs.

    Naturally, this is the Trump administration we’re talking about and we’ve heard a lot of different things.

    We have heard a lot, but we have seen very little. No plan to defeat ISIS, no healthcare for all, no Mexico paying for a wall – and no infrastructure spending.

    For a president with such big plans who likes to complain about Democrats refusing to work for him to ignore a proposal from those same Democrats without even a comment, is certainly suggestive of a president who, in infrastructure as in so many other areas, has nothing to offer Americans but lies.

    And if we do eventually see a plan, it will be not only a tax break for corporations but a plan for privatization, not a plan to fix our infrastructure.

    Tough On Crime Sessions Has No U.S. Attorneys To Prosecute Federal Crimes

    Jeff Sessions still hasn't filled even one of the 93 vacant U.S. Attorney positions he needs to operate, much less "get tough on crime."

    There are a lot of things Americans have learned about the Trump administration in just a couple of months. For the most part, Americans have learned that the Trump crew are liars, incompetent twits, corrupt, and they talk big and promise results. But they don’t, haven’t and can’t deliver; likely because they are liars, corrupt, talk big and most of all they are incompetent know-nothing imbeciles.

    Over the past week, lying Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised to get tough on crime and prioritize what he claims is going to be aggressive law enforcement. He issued orders to federal prosecutors nationwide to really bear down on undocumented immigrants and use all the tools at their disposal to pursue violent criminals and drug traffickers.

    This is big talk from an incompetent attorney general who has zero U.S attorneys to lead the Trump-Sessions’ “get tough on crime” campaign.

    Right now there are 93 vacant U.S. attorney positions including the 46 that Sessions asked to resign and the 47 who had already bailed instead of work for a corrupt madman. It is unclear why none have been replaced, but it could be because Sessions is too engrossed in attending weekly bible study and prayer meetings or criticizing a Federal Judge “on some Pacific island” for ruling according to the U.S. Constitution against the Trump .

    ...There may be a nefarious reason for holding up the confirmation of the man nominated to fill the number two spot at the DOJ. Upon his Senate confirmation, Rod J. Rosenstein has already been designated “to take on the responsibility of overseeing the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and any links between Russian officials and Trump associates.”
    Trump’s AP Interview Reveals Our Unhinged and Unintelligible Commander-in-Chief

  17. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Trump’s AP Interview Reveals Our Unhinged and Unintelligible Commander-in-Chief

    Not counting lies, an unprecedented sixteen (!) times AP couldn't figure out what the heck Donald Trump was saying in a one-on-one interview

    ...And this is our so-called president. The leader of the most powerful nation on earth. A president whose very language, even if you can weave through the lies, and therefore the ideas behind it is unintelligible.

    1. Anonymous8:49 AM

      " ignorance, not the unknown, is the real monster."

      Dick Fucking Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld..40years +

      Notice how many are named DICK or DONald

  18. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Sarah Palin uses Marine vet who suffered PTSD in Iraq to bash college students

    1. Anonymous12:24 PM

      Wait till he pops a cap in her head for mouthing off.

    2. Anonymous1:03 PM

      Or wait until she evicted him after helping him out? Sarah!

  19. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Trump's grand plans collide with 100-day mark

    Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump lives for superlatives -- he wants the biggest, the best, the greatest. So it's no surprise he's already fuming about uncomplimentary reviews of his first 100 days in office.

    Trump is approaching the first symbolic milestone of his presidency on Saturday with a familiar mix of bluster and smokescreens, meant to disguise the reality that he has produced one of the least-prolific first 100 day debuts of any president in modern history.

    "No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!" Trump wrote on Twitter Friday, despite playing up the significance of the first 100 days marker in the past.

    ... The tweet was classic Trump -- getting ahead of bad news by using his press critics as a foil while fogging the line between truth and falsehood to evade serious political harm.

    Read complete post at

  20. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Fourteen per cent of US Christians left their churches after Trump's election, new research finds

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    2. Anonymous9:30 AM

      85% didn't. Shows how one totalitarian regime loves another.

  21. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Cool video. ☮

    Why Trump should think twice before blaming someone else for his meh 100 days!

  22. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Fox News bosses 'made black employees hold arm wrestling matches against white colleagues for entertainment'

  23. Anonymous8:19 AM

    ‘It’s been a disaster’: Voter tells CNN he regrets his choice for ‘unpresidential’ Trump

    Although polls have consistently shown that President Donald Trump’s supporters are fanatically loyal, one Trump voter told CNN on Monday that he would not support the president again if he knew last year what he knows now.

    During a CNN panel of Trump voters, a man named Scott McCommons said that he thought Trump’s first 100 days were a “disaster,” and he said he regretted his vote for the president in November.

    “He’s got enough time to get on Twitter, and rant and rave, and on top of that lie on Twitter,” he said. “I voted for the man to make America great again, and I’m willing to give him a chance, but he’s not doing what I thought.”

    McCommons, in particular, found himself put off by Trump’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which he said showed someone who didn’t know how to negotiate with Congress.

    “I expected him to work a little harder [on health care],” he said. “Be a little more reasonable instead of threatening people. That’s unpresidential. I voted to send him to Washington strictly because I thought he would make change, nobody would push him around. He’s used his power against people, I think that’s wrong — it’s been a disaster, I think, in the first 100 days.”

    Watch the whole segment below.

  24. Anonymous8:20 AM

    WATCH LIVE: Barack Obama delivers speech on leadership and civic duty at University of Chicago

    1. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Well, this is going to get under Velveeta Voldemort's molecularly thin skin like a million genetically engineered chiggers. Two day tweetrum imminent.

      "Why would they want to cover that loser? Get him off the air. He lost and we won. Nobody cares about him anymore." POTUS re: Obama speech.

    2. Anonymous9:53 AM

      "Brief bullet points of whatever crazy thing POTUS happens to say, repeated over and over again isn't news coverage, it's proselytization."

  25. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Kids Know

    1. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come

    2. Anonymous10:58 AM

      @10:48 AM Thank you for that^.^

  26. Anonymous8:23 AM

    My awesome president steps up with kids.

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM

      Obama Delivers The Message That Republicans Fear Most In His First Post-Presidential Speech

      ...Obama’s goal was summed up when he said, “Look, in the presidential election you have maybe half of your peers voting. In midterm elections, about a third of your peers vote. I suspect that if you ask a lot of young people about a wide range of issues regardless of where they sit ideologically, they would say yeah, I’m very concerned about the economy. I’m very concerned about foreign policy. I’m very concerned about this, or that, or the other, but a lot of them feel like their involvement would not make a difference. It’s not worth their time, and in fact, their discouraged, but feel disempowered.”

      Former President Obama’s message is that younger people are the future of the country, and that future begins now. When younger people get involved in politics and shaping public policy, Republicans lose. The Republican Party is driven by white, rural, conservative, older Americans. There is a reason Republicans at the state level have made it a priority to make it more difficult for younger people to vote.

      There is a reason why Republicans support Citizens United and unlimited dark money in US elections. All of these things are barriers to keep younger people who are likely to support Democrats or run for office as a Democrat out of politics.

      Obama is out to change that by empowering young people and fighting back against the apathy and discouragement.

    2. Anonymous10:49 AM

      I'm so happy that President Obama is 'out there' again! We so need his presence and level headedness.

      Trump is the WORST potus our country and the world could have! And, it's no wonder his polling favorability ratings are so low!

    3. Anonymous11:06 AM

      Raced based study?

  27. Anonymous8:31 AM

    OT?"Temin uses a famous economic model created to understand developing nations to describe how far inequality has progressed in the United States. The model is the work of West Indian economist W. Arthur Lewis, the only person of African descent to win a Nobel Prize in economics. For the first time, this model is applied with systematic precision to the U.S.
    The result is profoundly disturbing."
    ". Temin says that today in the U.S., the ticket out is education, which is difficult for two reasons: you have to spend money over a long period of time, and the FTE sector is making those expenditures more and more costly by defunding public schools and making policies that increase student debt burdens."“the desire to preserve the inferior status of blacks has motivated policies against all members of the low-wage sector.”

    1. Anonymous12:25 PM

      Whahhh. You all LET Then!
      Stop giving your power away! Take it back.

  28. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Time to prepare. Several official spin lines being debated for inevitable questions about this weekend's botched Purple Heart presentation.

    More media incompetence today on @MeetThePress today as @chucktodd pathetically softballed @Reince's absurd claims about obstructionism.

  29. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Prediction: Rachel Maddow is Going to Dominate 9:00 P.M.

    ‘Welcome to Hell’: Drudge Mourns a Future Where Maddow Has Top Ratings


  30. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Trump takes to Twitter to threaten Democrats over Obamacare.

    He is also threatening Republicans too

  31. Anonymous9:08 AM

    ‘Bizarre to the Point of Alarming’: New Report Details Trump’s Cable News Addiction

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Bill Maher

    2. Anonymous12:26 PM

      Does it include blogs? IM?

  32. Anonymous9:12 AM

    OT? Ivanka and Jared?

  33. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Trump’s over-the-top, boastful AP interview, annotated

  34. Anonymous9:18 AM

    The first brick hasn’t been set, and Trump’s border wall is already going south on him

    Downside to holding Obamacare hostage to pay for Trump’s wall? Obamacare is more popular.

  35. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Republicans sound alarm on Trump's troubles ahead of 2018

    Donors, leaders and potential candidates begin to worry about an election that will be a referendum on the president’s performance.

    Republicans say President Donald Trump needs to turn things around fast — or the GOP could pay dearly in 2018.

    With the party preparing to defend its congressional majorities in next year’s midterms, senior Republicans are expressing early concern about Trump’s lack of legislative accomplishments, his record-low approval ratings, and the overall dysfunction that’s gripped his administration.

    The stumbles have drawn the attention of everyone from GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, who funneled tens of millions of dollars into Trump’s election and is relied upon to bankroll the party’s House and Senate campaigns, to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Adelson hasn’t contributed to pro-Trump outside groups since the inauguration, a move that’s drawn notice within the party, and McConnell is warning associates that Trump’s unpopularity could weigh down the GOP in the election.

    Potential GOP candidates whom party leaders want to recruit are afraid of walking into a buzz saw, uncertain about what kind of political environment they’ll be facing by the time the midterms come around — and what Trump’s record will look like.

    As tumultuous as Trump’s first 100 days have been, there’s still plenty of time for him to correct course. The president is projecting confidence that the GOP can resuscitate its stalled repeal of Obamacare, pass tax reform, and work with Democrats on a major public works package. Success on those fronts would no doubt calm the GOP’s current jitters.

    But interviews with more than a dozen top Republican operatives, donors and officials reveal a growing trepidation about how the initial days of the new political season are unfolding. And they underscore a deep anxiety about how the party will position itself in 2018 as it grapples with the leadership of an unpredictable president still acclimating to Washington.

  36. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Ivanka Trump worshiped as a 'goddess' by thousands of Chinese fans who love her because she is considered 'friendly' to the country


    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      Creepy should have made Bumstad ambassador to hell (where he rightfully belongs) and Vanky ambassador to China. Win win for Iowa and the entire U.S.

  37. Anonymous9:48 AM

    James Comey’s Fear of Everyone—Except Democrats—Helped Donald Trump Upset Hillary Clinton

    Comey thought a lot about the rabid Republican zealots he could offend by doing his job and enforcing the law, and not at all about the Democrats he trusted would be docile and play by the rules.

    ...Comey was often motivated by fear. Fear of how a certain group would react.

    We see in three instances that he feared the wrath of the Republicans. One, if he didn’t break precedent and speak harshly of Clinton while officially exonerating her last summer. So he spoke harshly. Two, if he didn’t announce in late October that the investigation was reopened. So he announced the investigation (which, as we learned too late, again amounted to nothing) was reopened.

    And three, if the Republicans in Congress decided post-election to include him and the bureau in its inevitable Clinton witch hunts. So he beat them to the witch hunt, and finally said she was clear just as she drowned. The article doesn’t say this, but surely Comey also feared GOP wrath if he did confirm before the election that Donald Trump was under investigation too, which he finally confirmed last month.

    We also see at least one instance in which he feared the anger of his own agents (again, with respect to speaking harshly of Clinton last summer. And we know thanks to the late Wayne Barrett’s work here at The Daily Beast that he had reason to fear them, as agents leaked freely to Rudy Giuliani, who then broadcast them on Fox News).

    We even see one instance when he feared the Russians—he knew they had a certain pivotal document, and he was afraid at one point that they would leak it.

    So fear of political fallout seems to have motivated almost everything he did. Kevin Drum made this point over the weekend.

  38. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Trump Is the New Insult on Playgrounds

    Bizarrely Trump-themed play is popping up in schools for children as young as four years old.

    ...“I don’t know what their level of understanding is. I don’t know if the kids know what the exact problem is, or if they’re just repeating bits of what they hear at home, but there’s some level of understanding that Trump’s presidency is bad for the people who go to that school.”

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      “I don’t believe you can shield kids,”

    2. Anonymous5:29 PM

      Kids from the age of 0- 18 watch the live entertainment.
      Poor kids. 10 going on 30.

  39. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I don’t buy the sudden claim that the Senate Intel Committee’s Trump-Russia probe is in tatters

    ...If the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Donald Trump and Russia were in tatters, it would be because the Republican majority on the committee wants it that way. And if that were the case, the powerful Democrats on the committee such as Mark Warner and Dianne Feinstein would be publicly griping about their dissatisfaction with their own committee’s investigation. You always know who isn’t getting their way on these things, because they’re the ones complaining to the media – just as the Democrats on the House committee were publicly complaining about Nunes until he stepped aside. And yet we haven’t heard a peep of dissatisfaction from any of the Democrats on the Senate committee.

    The Senate is back in session tomorrow, after a long recess. If fundamental problems truly have developed within the Senate Intel Committee’s investigation, I think we’ll soon start hearing about it from the Democrats on that committee. But as it stands, these sudden claims about the committee sound a lot like they’re coming from disgruntled staffers with an axe to grind. We’ll see.

  40. Anonymous9:58 AM


  41. Let me ask you a ?, Drumpf. When was the last time you did something early eventually?

    You can't possibly have been born this stoopid, could you?

  42. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I'm getting furloughed Saturday, woohoo!

  43. Anonymous11:46 AM

  44. Anonymous1:51 PM

    This wall is fucking insanity. I thought he would have dropped this by now. Looks like the idiot actually BELIEVES in this "campaign promise" himself. That's why he hasn't dropped it yet. It is stupid and racist enough for him to wrap his tiny intellect around, I suppose.

  45. The GOP owns both the House and the Senate as well as the presidency. If the party decides to give 45 his wall in exchange for some things they have been wanting and need presidential ramrodding to get, 45 will get his wall and there is nothing the Dems can do about. Can't even shut down government unless they get some Republicans to join them. Pathetic state of affairs. Frankly, it doesn't look good for the Dems. Much as the the country hates Trump, they won't support the Dem party at this time. That 45 got into the White House can be attributed to our Electoral College system and the stupidity and arrogance of Clintons campaign managers who did not get it. That the Dems have lost as many seats in Congress as well as state governorships is a serious issue that dates back to the Obama presidency and has far reaching ramifications. When the next SCOTUS vacancy occurs which is rumor d to be soon, it's going to be rough years for many

  46. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Well well, Beauregard Session - did you notice the initials are BS? Apropos. Because if you get them to "give back" tax credits, that means you would also have to give all those who paid SS taxes and never made claims (fake #'s) their input too. Bet it's a wash.

  47. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Well well, Beauregard Session - did you notice the initials are BS? Apropos. Because if you get them to "give back" tax credits, that means you would also have to give all those who paid SS taxes and never made claims (fake #'s) their input too. Bet it's a wash.


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