Monday, April 24, 2017

Sean Hannity becomes the latest Fox News personality accused of sexual harassment. Update!

Debbie Sclussel and Sean Hannity.
Courtesy of the Daily Beast:

During a Friday interview with Tulsa, Oklahoma-based radio host Pat Campbell, former Fox News guest Debbie Schlussel accused Hannity of inviting her to his hotel room before and after a debate with a pro-Palestinian guest in Detroit. 

Schlussel said she rejected Hannity’s alleged advances and that she was never invited on his show again. Schlussel and Hannity were scheduled to speak together at the Detroit show, Schlussel said. But before the show, Hannity allegedly invited her to an event at a nearby bookstore. The Daily Beast was not able to confirm whether the pair ever spoke at such a show. 

“He had some event at a bookstore where he signed his book for people standing in line. He asked me to come meet him at this book signing,” Schlussel said on Campbell’s show. “So I met him there and it was very awkward. He had me up there with him while he signed books and I felt very weird. These people don’t know me and they didn’t come for me to sign their books. Then I left to get ready for the show, and he said, ‘Why don’t you come back with me to my hotel?’ and I said no, I have to get ready for the show.”

Schlussel claims that Hannity hit on her again even though her family was present and when she rejected him a second time that ended her appearances on his show.

Of course Hannity is denying any of this occurred, but then so did Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly.

To be honest I have no idea if these charges are factual or not, but I do know that in an environment like the one at Fox News it would be almost expected that the male "talent" would compete to see who could be the biggest asshole.

I remember watching Lawrence O'Donnell on the day that we learned of the accusations against O'Reilly. By way of pointing out that not all celebrities get accused of sexual harassment, which was part of the O'Reilly defense, O'Donnel mentioned that there were no accusations directed at Hannity.

At the time I remember thinking "Wait for it."

And sure enough it is here.

And there are likely to be others, and not just directed at Sean Hannity.

As the Daily Beast is pointing out today, we seem to have all forgotten that all of this started with Steve Doocy: 

On July 6, 2016, former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sued Roger Ailes, alleging she was sexually harassed. The suit prompted an investigation of Ailes, his eventual firing, and a $20 million settlement for Carlson. 

The investigation of Ailes, and the public standard it set for Fox News, set the predicate for the ouster of Bill O’Reilly last week, following numerous allegations of sexual harassment. 

But Carlson’s problems with Ailes began when she complained to him about the conduct of Steve Doocy, her co-host on Fox & Friends. 

According to Carlson’s complaint, Doocy “engaged in a pattern and practice of severe and pervasive sexual harassment of Carlson.”

Like I said "compete to see who could be the biggest asshole." And let's face it there are plenty of assholes involved in that competition.

The only question to ask is who is the next asshole to follow Ailes and O'Reilly out the door?

Update: Now Schussel is claiming that while her story is accurate, that she does not believe it rises to the legal definition of sexual harassment: 

“I would never accuse him of that. Sexual harassment has a special meaning under the law, and I would never accuse him of that,” Schlussel, an attorney herself, said. Schlussel said the interaction happened in the early 2000’s when Hannity was in Detroit taping a show.

This is of course after Hannity's lawyers threatened legal action. 

Make of that what you will.


  1. You are mischaracterizing the statement by Schlussel. On The James Show, she stated what really happened. Get your story straight! Communist pushing propaganda machine! I will be reporting you.

    1. Well you are a little late, I already corrected it.

      Thanks for the new title by the way.

    2. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Wingnut Debbie Schlussel Says Sean Hannity Perved All Over Her

      Now that Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly have gone bye-bye from Fox News thanks to sexual harassment lawsuits that ended up with the boys-will-be-boys receiving far more payout money than the accusers who accepted settlements, it’s time for more shoes to drop. Or perhaps be lobbed with great force. The latest came on Friday, when former Fox News guest and professional anti-Muslim rabble rouser Debbie Schlussel accused Fox host Sean Hannity of asking her to go to his hotel room, then when she refused, shutting her out of speaking during an interview and then dropping her from his roster of regular guests.

      Here’s the Friday interview with Tulsa, Oklahoma, talk radio host Pat Campbell:

      ...Hannity was Most Displeased, and sent an angry statement to several media outlets; LawNewz ran an unabridged version. Following the best stylistic practice for press releases, the statement uses all-caps, because Hannity is a man of the internet-commenting people:

    3. Gryphen 9:09 AM wrote: Well you are a little late, I already corrected it.

      When you add an update to an article, would you consider including the time of the update? Sometimes an early commenter appears totally unhinged, until one realizes that they haven't read the update(s) yet.

      Communist pushing propaganda machine! Huh?

      I will be reporting you. To whom?

      Well … maybe this one really does have a few keys missing from her mental keyboard.

    4. Anonymous2:20 PM

      Hey Carrie, while you are at it, report those voices in your head.

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Lou Sarah should talk to Sarah Palin about coming out the closet and revealing the sexual harassment at FOX she may experienced and the sexual harassment her husband may have done to women in Alaska because his wife was a mayor, a governor and vice presidential and he may felt like he has power over women. These women may not have come out to reveal they were harassed in Alaska because Sarah Palin is known to get revenge and won't forget what Alaskans has said about her and her family. Sarah should talk to Shailey Tripp to find out what may have happened to her and what Sarah can do to make it right.

    1. Anonymous9:29 AM

      yea right 8:59 sp apologize, please that will never happen.

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Nobody wants to touch sara with a ten foot pole. Toxic. But sara can identify with how predators operate and what wifes do to protect their predator husbands. Oh the dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Yep. The old gal used quite a few tactics on innocent women, denied rape kits and did nothing to the old ugly horny lousy husband for bangin other women. Did he give her herpes? maybe. Warts probably, and more. Sara could speak up about what happens when yer old man bangs other women. And then she could testify what was done about it.

    3. Anonymous10:35 AM

      I sincerely doubt Sarah has had sex for years! She's a cold fish and it's so apparent!

      All I can say is 'Poor Todd' in having been married to her all these years!

    4. Anonymous11:31 AM

      "hoping to bring the Lower 48's fracking revolution to Alaska"

    5. Anonymous11:42 AM

      " half of the women in Alaska have experienced violence at some point in their lives. And nearly half of the children who experienced abuse were younger than age 5.Domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse know no socioeconomic or regional boundaries. Sadly, violence in our state transcends race, class and geography. It is both an urban and rural problem. It's what fuels drug and alcohol addictions, and drives our disproportionately high suicide rates."
      "In 2016, we requested a statewide inventory of SEXual assault kits, and discovered thousands had not been submitted for testing. We secured federal funding to aggressively process the backlog of evidence, pursue perpetrators and provide justice to victims."protect victims from employers who would penalize them for reporting a crime or participating in the investigation, and equipping victims with information to better track offenders' sentences and release dates.

      Starting June 30, the Alaska Safe Children's Act will require school districts to provide evidence-based, age-appropriate child sexual abuse and assault awareness training"

  3. If I had a dime for every time I was sexually harassed, I'd have a bunch of dimes. I brushed them off. OTOH, no one physically grabbed me because they knew I'd fight. I don't quite know what to think about all this. She was invited to his room? That's not earthshaking. I think we have to be careful not to cheapen the claim.

  4. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Expected Hannity accusers would be teenage boys.

  5. Anonymous9:32 AM

    OT? LIKE?
    "“I want to thank Ambassador Nikki Haley for her outstanding leadership and for acting as my personal envoy on the Security Council. She is doing a good job. Now, does everybody LIKE Nikki?” Trump said. “Otherwise she could be easily replaced, right? No, we won't do that. I promise you we won’t do that. She’s doing a fantastic job.”

    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      Trump says the most weird things! Always wanting to create a problem or negative spin!

      Haley was probably pissed at him after the support she has provided him!

    2. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Is Trump the country now? Haley is the US representative on the Security Council, not Trump's "personal envoy." the lunacy of the 45th president continues to stun me - and frighten me too.

  6. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I have been reading that Preet Bahara was investigating fox as they were paying out sexual harassment fines to the tune of $68,000,000 and not reporting it to the stockholders . They were saying the fines to FEC as something other than what they were.It is illegal.So they must be paying for others besides Billo and Ailes.Maxine Waters called fox a sexual harassment enterprise.

    They need to clean house at Fox. James Murdoch wanted to get rid of Billo right away but Laclan and Rupert resisted. Then Laclan's wife convinced him Billo needed to go but human garbage Rupert still was standing behind Billo.So his sons finally persuaded him to kick Billo to the curb.Way Way past due.Hopefully when Rupert croaks they can change Fox. I've heard they are much more moderate than their father and are not pleased about Fox's current course.One can only hope.

  7. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Palin Posts Despicable Meme About Veterans To FB – The Stupid Is Real (IMAGE)

    For all the right’s claims that they’re the real pro-life political group, they’re really not. From their disrespect of the lives of poor Americans to their disrespect of the lives of members of the U.S. Armed Forces in thinking it nothing to start war after war, it’s pretty clear that the right, as a rule, isn’t actually pro-life at all.

    Former Alaska Governor and failed Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin displayed this disrespect for the lives of members of the Armed Forces on her Facebook page on Monday, posting a meme that mockingly tells protesters seeking free college tuition to “earn it.” Palin explains what it is that she feels these concerned citizens should do to “earn” their desired free college tuition by including an image of a clearly battered soldier in the meme.


    The problem, beyond the initial, unsurprising callousness put on display with Palin’s post, is that neither the image of the protesters or the image of the soldier included in the meme are “random.” Both represent very specific snapshots in time, and neither should be used to make generalizations as Palin has done by posting this (already popular) meme.

    The image of the protesters, which has a less troubling background, is of individuals venting their frustrations with the end of an over 100-year-old tradition of free tuition at Cooper Union College in New York. Cooper Union is an elite New York college meant for the demonstrably brilliant student.

    The bottom image — that of the soldier — has a much more troubling background. The individual pictured, Blake Miller, fought in the Iraq War and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The image of him included in the meme became famous in 2004 after appearing in the Los Angeles Times.

    In 2008, Rolling Stone caught up with Miller, characterizing his life as having “been thrown into a strange and purposeless blend of chaos and inertia.”

    Palin may or may not know the identity of the individual whose image she includes in her post. She may or may not even care.

    That, however, is the point. While political figures like Palin make their name by posting crap like this on Facebook, the rest of us will continue to seek to respect the lives of American servicemen and not treat them like meme-material.

  8. Anonymous10:05 AM

    "“I didn’t share his world view,” Camerota said. “And he said ‘You’re not saying the conservative things I want you to say.’” Seeking objectivity, she said she asked Ailes “Isn’t this supposed to be ‘Fair and Balanced,’” which is Fox’s ludicrous motto.

    “There is no other side,” Ailes told her."
    "It has been reported that a federal investigation of Fox is underway in Manhattan regarding the reporting of payments to female victims of Ailes and O’Reilly, because that hush money may have been reported falsely as compensation, a trick that could mislead investors."
    "highlight came early when Stelter showed a video clip of O’Reilly in 2004 explaining why big-shot stars like himself must be wary of chicks, dames and broads.

    “I think that the sexual harassment thing is used as a club, as I said, by many women, all right?” O’Reilly said. “It’s something they have against men, a threat to keep men at bay.”
    “Liberals like war,” Brother Tucker said. “It’s true.”

    Peggy "Noonan said “I don’t know what was in the water over there, but it wasn’t good, it was poisonous. And I’m glad they’re doing environmental cleanup.”

    1. Anonymous10:14 AM

  9. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Dan Savage Raises $100K With ‘Impeach The Mother F*cker Already’ Swag

    ...“This morning I had the distinct pleasure of mailing off checks to Planned Parenthood ($33,333.34), the ACLU ($33,333.33) and the International Refugee Assistance Project ($33,333.33)—money we raised selling ITMFA (“Impeach The Mother F*cker Already”) buttons, t-shirts, hats, stickers, coffee cups, and lapel pins,” he wrote. For those not so interested in curse words, Savage suggested a few alternative wordings, too. “If there are kids around you can go with ‘Malicious Fascist’ or ‘Malodorous Fart’ or ‘Malignant Fraud,’” he wrote.

    I just bought mine!

  10. Anonymous10:53 AM

    OT - let us not fool ourselves there is no russian investigation going on (except by a few honest hardworking journalists)

    Report: Senate's Russia probe understaffed
    "The Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into Russian election interference has no full-time dedicated staff members, a Daily Beast report revealed Sunday.

    Three months into the committee’s investigation, there are no staff members dedicated to it full-time, those working on it do not have backgrounds in investigative experience and no interviews have been conducted with key players, The Daily Beast added.
    Two sources familiar with the matter told the site that the committee has not interviewed former national security adviser Michael Flynn; Roger Stone and Carter Page, two advisers during Donald Trump's presidential campaign; former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort; and White House adviser Jared Kushner, who is also Trump's son-in-law.

    “It’s either a real investigation or not,” an individual with knowledge of the committee’s activities said. “You have to have an approved investigative guide. You have to make it formal.

    "Can you have a credible investigation with only seven part-time staffers, doing everything in secret?”

    So far, the committee has been focused on reviewing an intelligence community assessment that concluded that Russia, with a preference for Trump, took steps to influence the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

    The public version of that assessment did not draw conclusions about ties between Russia and the Trump team.

    The committee announced earlier that seven staff members had been assigned to review documents relating to the investigation. But the Daily Beast reports that of none the seven have investigative experience or is a lawyer."

  11. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Rachel Maddow Is Poised To Be #1 On Cable News, And Conservatives Are Seriously Bummed

    With Bill O'Reilly gone from Fox News, MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow show is poised to be the top-rated program on cable news, and this new reality is massively bumming out conservatives.

    Less than 100 days into Trump’s time in office, conservatives never expected that Republicans would fail to repeal Obamacare, Trump has zero major legislative accomplishments, the president would have the lowest first 100-day approval rating in history, and Bill O’Reilly would be kicked off of Fox News and banished to podcasting Siberia.

    Liberals and Democrats couldn’t have imagined Trump’s first 100 days going much better for them. Special elections in deep red districts in Kansas and Georgia revealed that the left is energized, and Democratic momentum is real. Obamacare has gained popularity since Trump won, and Rachel Maddow has been consistently beating Fox News while MSNBC challenges for primetime cable news ratings supremacy.

    Matt Drudge should be depressed, and with O’Reilly gone, it seems like it will only be a matter of time until Maddow becomes the top-rated host on cable news.

  12. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I wonder if, under Roger Ailes, this wasn't the norm for male Fox News "stars." Unacceptable in the real world but in the world of fake news, anything goes, I guess.

  13. Whitey wingnuts have the temerity to accuse Blacks of ruining Detroit. Just having Hannity there made Detroit unlivable for ever.

  14. Anonymous11:26 AM


  15. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Jessica Farrar’s (D-Houston) Texas male anti-masturbation bill moving closer to law

    ...Well, Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar is the latest female politician to write a bill that put the shoe on the other foot. The reality is that this is a stunt. But according to the Houston Chronicle, the stunt is moving forward in the legislative process.

    In March, Texas State Rep. Jessica Farrar, D-Houston, filed a bill that would penalize men for "unregulated masturbatory emissions" and the bill has now made its way into the hands of the Texas State Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

    The committee is typically the panel that hears abortion-related legislation and it will now address Farrar's House Bill 4620, which is named the "Men's Right to Know Act."

    "A lot of people find the bill funny," Farrar told in March. "What's not funny are the obstacles that Texas women face every day, that were placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access healthcare."

    So what are the highlights of Rep. Jessica Farrar's bill?

  16. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Sean Hannity ,legend in his own mind.

    Does not know shit from shinola!

    Not very bright,likes to talk over everyone, fits right in with Palin ,ted Nugent,Alex Jones,Michelle bachman, Gannon,judge pirro . You get the idea. He is scum!!!!

  17. Randall3:07 PM

    Steve Doocy, my question is:
    how long does one have to watch Steve Doocy before realizing that he's a douchebag?

  18. Sean Hannity. Self-important creep. Promoter of false news for years. Accused, and then not accused, of sexual harassment.

    Accusations are not evidence. This fact may be dismissed by those who disagree with his politics. Not every conservative is a pervert.


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