Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Defining Democracy.

This needs to be shared.

With everybody.


  1. Anonymous2:45 AM

    At some point, as we entered the 21st century, Republicans forgot all about what living in a democratic society means.

    In our area, a nearby county, which boasts the lowest taxes in the state (because of negligible county taxes), wants to make its vulnerable, elderly people pass a means test before receiving any senior citizen assistance. This is to make up for a shortfall caused by the county government's refusal to seek taxes increases, ever. A few years ago, in the same county, commissioners discouraged job growth in the area accusing the regional Chamber of Commerce of being part of a global UN conspiracy. The prevailing attitude was that young people could leave the area for job opportunities and then return perhaps once they had made their fortunes.

    I grew up learning and believing that we are all "our brothers' keepers," that we share a profound duty to provide for the common good and that we should be willing to pay and sacrifice for it. I may not use a bridge in Minnesota but I'm willing to help pay for it because I know that the people of Minnesota are willing to help pay for bridges here. Fixing the water issues in older cities and towns is as important to me as it is to the people who live there.

    We are all in this together. But the GOP has forgotten all about that.

  2. Anonymous3:39 AM

    Or, to put it more directly to the dipshit COngresscritter, "Why shoudl I, a 56 year old woman pay for "Rod" Blum's Viagra?

  3. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Exactly Barbara. Politicians forgot, it is all about 'how much do I get and not pay for anything'.

  4. Way to educate the unwashed pissants in Congress, iowans!

  5. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Yeah? Then why did the baby boomer generation pay for the elite healthcare of the 50's 60's 70' 60's 90's 2000's that never paid into a system that they benefited from more than ANY generation. Boomers have been the most taxed generation ever. And paid for the greatest generations social security and healthcare. Most of those people did not pay into the system at all.

  6. Anonymous5:36 AM

    The hateful republicans have spent years dividing friends, family and usa citizens. Divide and Conquer is their motto. Turning people against people. It is a society and democracy that shares in the cost. We can encourage to be healthy and smart but to turn on fellow citizens because of age, health, gender, disease, poor, genetics, is not America.

  7. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Another argument is why do I pay taxes that pay for public education when I do not have children in school? The belief and value of contributing to society for the greater good and benefits to self seems to have declined.

    The article last week about Republicans having a world view that deletes facts that do not support their view is spot on in my experience. An old friend has stopped speaking with me since I explained what insurance deductibles are regarding her Medicare drug coverage. She is convinced she is the victim of Medicare fraud taking money from her so she pays for other to have Medicare. While she bitterly rants she does not consider any of my tax dollars contribute to Medicare although I and others do not yet have the benefit.

    1. Anonymous7:40 AM

      The meanness, lack of civility, and ignorance of most Republicans today is frightening. And, to make matters worse, they like to wrap themselves in their pseudo-Christianity and fake patriotism. They are all little Donnies now.

  8. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Would the recipient of a newly paved road, funded in part by my tax dollars, please return the favor? My road hasn't been resurfaced in the 18 years I've lived here, and it wasn't in great shape then. I'm not sure where my tax dollars are working, but it sure ain't here.


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