Tuesday, May 16, 2017

So do all Trump supporters secretly want to bang their daughters? Because that might explain some things.

So that was posted by Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's lawyer.

I assume I do not have to point out just how creepy that is.

However some on Cohen's Twitter feed took it upon themselves to do just that.
This put Cohen on the defensive, and he tweeted a response.
Okay well I just threw up in my mouth a little.

There were a couple more exchanges with Cohen becoming increasingly angry and defensive. 

Of course the immediate thing that jumps to mind is Donald Trump's ultra creepy relationship with his own daughter.

But I also thought about those bizarre purity balls where conservative Christian dads dress up their daughters in slinky gowns and parade them around in front of other dads, as if to say "Look how fuckable MY daughter is."

Now if you will excuse me, I have to shower. Until the hot water runs out completely.


  1. Go to alternet.org and read part two off Dutch investigation.
    Also Palmer Report. Let's focus on the really big stuff

  2. Anonymous4:22 AM

    How do the wives of these creepy conservatives feel about their husbands viewing their daughters as sexual objects?

  3. The old ladies always said, "Don't leave children alone with men." As a young kid that angered me since it suggested all men were perverts, but the older me recognizes that a bunch of my cousins may have had those problems.

  4. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Lmao, good one Bonnie

  5. Anonymous4:46 AM

    Does he know that Edie Sedgwick died of a drug overdose when she was 27? Not someone his so-smart daughter would want to emulate.
    Plus, why was this picture taken, and by whom? Is this daughter angling for a modeling career after she drops out of her Ivy League college? Did she post it on her Facebook page, or just shared it with Daddy?
    What and where was her mother in all of this?
    Creepy from every angle.

  6. Anonymous4:48 AM

    From Wikipedia. This guy should be keeping a low profile!

    "In late January 2017, Cohen met with Ukrainian opposition politician Andrey Artemenko and Felix Sater at the Loews Regency in Manhattan to discuss a plan to lift sanctions against Russia. The proposed plan would require that Russian forces withdraw from eastern Ukraine and that Ukraine hold a referendum on whether Crimea should be "leased" to Russia for 50 or 100 years. Cohen was given a written proposal in a sealed envelope that he delivered to then-National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn in early February.[13]"

  7. Anonymous4:51 AM

    Here's a question, where the he'll is Mrs Cohn. First of all, it would never cross my mind to look at pictures of my daughter in lingerie, let alone send them out. Secondly, if I did, my wife, Lord, my wife, don't want to think how she would react. Oh, and I definitely wouldn't compare her to some who was a longtime drug abuser and died at 28 from an overdose.

  8. Anonymous5:03 AM

    And let's not forget Scott Brown.

  9. Channeling her inner Edie Sedgwick?
    Didn't Edie Sedgwick's dad try to molest her? Didn't she die of an overdose?

    No need to channel that . . . .

  10. Anonymous5:17 AM

    I STILL do not understand WHY tRump thinks Ivanka is so "hot". I think she is plain, even after extensive plastic surgery. She tries to come off as highly intelligent, and it does not work. Those tRump apples did not fall too far from the orange.

  11. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Don't forget huckle B, he likes to watch his daughter lie on national tv. He has a different fetish.

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      And isn't she an angry chunk of flabby flesh?

  12. Anonymous5:23 AM

    obviously does not have beauty nor brains. First off she should not allow her father to display her photos and exploit her on tweeter or anywhere. That is a no brainer. Next? she aint that beautiful.

  13. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Most fathers do not want men drooling over their daughter. They know what some men think.

  14. Anonymous5:53 AM

    This is the original Edie Sedgwick photo


    Mr Cohn's little girl is just a pale imitation.

  15. Anonymous5:56 AM

    So little donnie said it was his right to blab info that he was told not to share with the russians and the russians are saying he didn’t tell them anything.

    Whose pants are on fire?
    The Latest: German lawmaker questions Trump as security risk
    The Associated Press
    6:40 a.m.
    Russia's foreign ministry spokesman has denied reports that President Donald Trump revealed classified information to senior officials during the Russian minister's visit to the Oval Office last week.

    Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, on Facebook on Tuesday described the reports as "yet another fake."

    7:25 a.m.
    President Donald Trump is using Twitter to defend his sharing of information with the Russians.
    Trump says he wanted to share with Russia "facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety." He notes that as president, he has an "absolute right" to do this.
    The Washington Post reported Monday that Trump divulged highly classified "code-word" information that could enable the Russians to trace the source of the intelligence.
    Trump added a line in his tweet suggesting why he did it: "Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism."

    8:25 a.m.
    The Kremlin has dismissed reports that Donald Trump shared classified information with Russian officials last week as "complete nonsense."
    Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday dismissed the reports as "yet more nonsense" and said that Moscow doesn't "want to have to do anything with it," adding that "there is nothing to confirm or deny."

    8:25 a.m.
    A senior German lawmaker has expressed concern about reports that President Donald Trump revealed highly classified information about the Islamic State group to Russian officials.

    Burkhard Lischka said in a statement to The Associated Press that "if it proves to be true that the American president passed on internal intelligence matters that would be highly worrying."

    Lischka, who sits on the German parliament's intelligence oversight committee, noted that Trump has access to "exclusive and highly sensitive information including in the area of combating terrorism."

  16. Anonymous6:02 AM

    I read a story a couple days ago I think on Huffington post. It was about the dining area off of the oval office. Trump touted that he personally paid for a quick redo of the room. He claimed to find gold in the walls of that room. It was not said whether it was coins, bars or what and it was also not said what he did with it. The next day his friends from Russia showed up to celebrate the friendship. Not sure but anything found in the people's house (white house) is the property of the people and our history. Trump does not own the house, he does not own the military nor does law enforcement work for him.

  17. Here is the link to part two of the Dutch expose. I would say this is of highest importance for today.

    1. Anonymous7:08 AM

      JEW Diamond$!

    2. Anonymous11:53 AM

      FUCK off, 708$!

    3. Anonymous6:58 AM

      11:53 ????

  18. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Most countries know what has happened to us in the USA. They know the Russians hacked our election to get trump or cruz in place to destroy our democracy. They are working also to expose this mess and get don and buddies out of business. Plain and simple Americans were bamboozled by the under world of mobsters with the help of citizen united republicans. And we shall learn from it. And we shall fix it and betting it wont happen again.

  19. Anonymous7:11 AM

    So little donnie not only leaked the info to russian officials, but also to the russian news agency. Good job donnie!!!

    Nothing like screwing our friends in the intelligence community while aiding and abetting the enemy. Rumor is the info came from Israel, should make for an interesting trip, maybe Mosad will do us a favor.

    What did little donnie get in return, a lower interest rate on his loans?


    Kremlin news agency that was in the Oval Office for Trump-Russia meeting brags to Russians about leaked intel

    Tass, a news agency owned by the Russian government, reported on Tuesday that President Donald Trump likely passed highly classified information to Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak.

    In a Russian-language report on Tuesday that pointed to The Washington Post‘s original reporting, Tass said that Trump talked “in detail about the new threat posed by the [Islamic State], involving the use of laptops on flights.”

    “Trump said the terrorists may carry out some attacks, and explained what kind of damage they can cause,” the Tass report explained. “He also called the city on the territory controlled by the group where the partner of the US on the exchange of intelligence discovered a new threat.”.....


  20. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Conservative Erick Erickson claims source who leaked latest Russia bombshell was a Trump supporter

    Conservative blogger Erick Erickson on Tuesday morning made a shocking claim: Namely, that the person inside the White House who leaked the latest Russia bombshell was at one time an ardent supporter of President Trump.

    “I know one of the sources,” Erickson writes. “And the source is solidly supportive of President Trump, or at least has been and was during Campaign 2016.”
    So why would a Trump supporter leak a damaging story about the president to multiple news organizations? According to Erickson, it’s the only way to get Trump to change his behavior.

    “The President will not take any internal criticism, no matter how politely it is given,” Erickson explains. “He does not want advice, cannot be corrected, and is too insecure to see any constructive feedback as anything other than an attack. So some of the sources are left with no other option but to go to the media, leak the story, and hope that the intense blowback gives the President a swift kick in the butt.”

    Additionally, Erickson’s source claims that “what the President did is actually far worse than what is being reported” and that “the president does not seem to realize or appreciate that his bragging can undermine relationships with our allies and with human intelligence sources.”


    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Of course not. Narcissists exist only in the moment. The moment that must please THEM in the moment. No past loyalties or promises, not future to think of, becuase the future them is not THEM now.

  21. Anonymous7:25 AM

    So turtlehead’s real reason is to get another republican on the DC Circuit Court !!

    McConnell: I recommended Merrick Garland for FBI director

    .... While Republicans have framed Garland as a figure who could get bipartisan support in the Senate, nominating Garland would give the president an opening to appoint someone to the D.C. Circuit, the most powerful court aside from the Supreme Court. There are currently seven Democratic and four Republican appointees on the court.....


  22. Anonymous7:32 AM

    So why would his daughter pose for a professional photo like that? Is she auditioning to be the fourth wife?

    1. Anonymous6:53 AM

      Who would take pics of teenage daughter on his lap,in bed? Agent Orange.

  23. Anonymous7:41 AM

    drumpf 'got off' on watching Ivanka Pee in her diapers.


    "Trump voters are now more likely than people who voted for Hillary Clinton to say life is getting better for
    “people like them.” V-A-L-U-E-S


    the mission:
    "This blog is dedicated to finding the truth, exposing the lies, and holding our politicians and leaders accountable when they fall far short of the promises that they have made to both my fellow Alaskans and the American people."

  24. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Impropriety? On whose part?


  25. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Edie Sedgewick seemed to be neither happy nor stable, so why would you want her for your role model?


  26. Anonymous2:16 PM

    The "jealous?" remark is really creepy.

  27. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Edie Sedgewick was a totally messed up psycho rich kid with anorexia form an early age, weirder daddy issues, multiple sibs who were suicides, and who eventually committed suicide with an alcohol barbituate OD.

    He's bragging about his daughter's inner Edie Sedgewick? What a clueless ass - oh, now I see the (R) after his name. "Clueless ass" is a redundancy then.

  28. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I'd bet that Trump is sleeping with Ivanka and that this Cohen character is hoping for the same with his daughter.

  29. Anonymous6:50 AM

    The Mos call it Daddy Daughter dates.


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