Thursday, May 11, 2017

Donald Trump completely undermines the official White House story by admitting that he was going to fire James Comey "regardless of recommendation."

Did you hear that?

The official White House story was that Trump was only responding to recommendations from Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

And that was repeated by various White House personnel, including Sean Spicer and VP Mike Pence.

As you might imagine this caused a virtual explosion on the internet.

And believe it or not that admission was only one of the bombshells in this interview.

Courtesy of WaPo:

President Trump said FBI Director James B. Comey told him three times he was not under investigation — once at a White House dinner when Comey was seeking to remain in his post and in two phone calls, including one initiated by the president, according to an interview with NBC News. “I said, ‘If it’s possible, would you let me know am I under investigation?’ He said, ‘You are not under investigation,’’’ Trump said. 

Trump said Comey came to eat dinner with him at the White House. “I think he asked for the dinner. . . . And he wanted to stay at the FBI, and I said I’ll, you know, consider and see what happens … But we had a very nice dinner, and at that time he told me, ‘You are not under investigation.’ ’’ 

The exchange as described by the president is remarkable since he said the FBI director was discussing an ongoing investigation with the president — something Justice Department policy generally prohibits — at the same time Comey was seeking assurances he would remain in his job.

That dinner was only one of the times that Trump demanded to know if he was under investigation, according to him he also asked Comey two other times on the phone and was told no both times.

Okay, why would you ask THREE different times if you were not worried that you WERE under investigation?

Now try to imagine how you would feel if you were being asked by the president of the United States whether you were investigating him or not.

If the answer was yes, would YOU answer truthfully?

Trump went on to claim that part of the reason that he fired Comey was this:

“Look, he’s a showboat, he’s a grandstander,” the president said. “The FBI has been in turmoil. You know that. I know that. Everybody knows that. You take a look at the FBI a year ago, it was in virtual turmoil, less than a year ago. It hasn’t recovered from that.”

While you are reading this please keep in mind the HUGE fit that the Republicans threw after learning that Bill Clinton boarded Attorney General Loretta Lynch's plane while the private server investigation was still going on.

This is a sitting president demanding to know if he is being investigated and then later firing the guy in charge of that investigation for no clear reason.

I patiently await the Republican outrage that is sure to follow.


  1. 3 is the liars number... people who make up stories generally use the number 3... just sayin...

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    O/T The GOP fundraising firm the FBI raided, sounds so much like what Sarah Palin was doing. Fundraising and taking money from small donors and spending it all on "consultants."

    ''West’s 2012 complaint states: “These solicitations prey on civic-minded citizens who are led to believe that their contribution may actually be used in support of Allen West, and presumably have no idea that Conservative StrikeForce engages primarily in fundraising that pays for little more than consulting fees.” ''

  3. Anonymous2:41 PM

    FBI Directorgate=Troopergate. Trump is Sarah Palin without the hoohah.

  4. Anonymous2:45 PM

    From an attorney, explaining why Trump was lying/misleading about Comey telling him on three occasions that he was not “under investigation” by the FBI.

    "While this may sound like a clear, unequivocal statement, it isn’t. And it almost certainly isn’t what Comey told him. At best, it is a self-serving characterization of something Comey said, not what he actually said. Comey would have been far more precise.

    There is no such thing as “under investigation” in federal criminal investigations. Federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors use specific terms of art to describe the status of people who are somehow involved in federal investigations. “Under investigation” isn’t one of them."

  5. Anonymous2:46 PM

    And it looks more and more like Trump's only reason was the collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.
    Beagle mo

  6. Now reduced to throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks2:57 PM

    "Trump to NBC: "When I decided to [fire Comey], I said to myself, you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story."

    So- Obstruction of Justice!

  7. Anonymous3:21 PM

    What happened to ivanka? Could her and the dummy husband be running scared? Prison.

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      CRIMEa bound...

  8. Anonymous3:47 PM

    --While POTUS wants to push forward with plan to replace Comey w/ a lacky, most think it's impossible due to the blow back already seen.

    --Pence is furious for once again being made to look like a liar. Last time this happened, he leaked damaging info to the press.

    --People are actually afraid to go into the Oval. For the first time in history the Oval is most likely bugged.

    1. Anonymous4:33 PM

      Lacky =$TOOGE

    2. Anonymous4:39 PM
      "On June 11 we march for #Equality #Pride to #Resist- BUY and WEAR my special edition Pride Tee and help support @HRC "

  9. Anonymous3:47 PM

    This nasty dirty lying family is finished. Daddy dearest just completely ruined life for his entire family. He is a disgrace and pathetic liar. He deserves no respect nor mercy for his evil lies and behavior. He is the worst example of man.

  10. Anonymous3:49 PM

    This is freaking soap opera! What the heck happened to governance!And democracy,statesman?
    Holy cow!
    Why not fire turkey neck McConnell!Ryan the pervert! Prebius the retArded,Bannon the Nazi!
    What a fucking circus!

  11. Anonymous4:05 PM

    --Sarah Huckabee Sanders admits Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice by firing James Comey

    --Annapolis firm raided by FBI today has connection to Donald Trump’s money laundering Taj Mahal casino

    --FBI seemed to send veiled RICO message on Twitter just as it raided Annapolis GOP firm

    --Report: FBI raid in Annapolis is just the first of numerous Trump-Russia warrants being executed

    The FBI appears to be avenging the firing of James Comey today

  12. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Malcolm Nance Warns that Anyone Who’s A Part of the Trump Russia Plot Will Regret It

    "To anyone who may have been part of the plot? They're (the FBI) going to find out and they (the people who colluded with Russia) are going to regret it," counterterrorism analyst and intelligence expert Malcolm Nance said on MSNBC.

    ...“It’s the spy hunters of the United States who are investigating this case,” the intelligence expert told Wallace.

    Wallace asked Nance if Trump firing Comey affects the FBI’s morale and if it would impact the investigation. Nance said, “Nothing happens to their investigation.”

    “This particular division of the FBI these are people who hunt Americas enemies within the United States,” the counterterrorism expert explained. “This is not a normal investigation of the FBI by any stretch of the imagination. They are looking for Americans or foreign espionage officers who have had communications and affected this cyber warfare operations against the United States. They’re not going to let this up.”

    Asked if they will double down in response to the interference with their investigation, Nance answered, “Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what’s going to happen. These guys are bloodhounds… Any kind of obstruction of justice, that’s felony for them.”

    The FBI Just Rejected Trump And Forced Him To Cancel His Visit To Their Headquarters

    Trump has canceled a visit to FBI headquarters after it was made clear that if the President showed up, he would not be warmly received.

    The FBI Is Talking And They Saying That Trump Is Interfering With The Russia Investigation

    ...Although President Trump has now stated and written that fired FBI Director James Comey told him on three separate occasions that he was not the subject of an investigation, sources cast doubt on that claim.

    It would be out of character for Comey to have made that statement even once, much less three times, to the president, one law enforcement source told CBS News. Along with his firing, the source noted a high level of “interfering” in the Russia probe.

    While Trump was babbling to NBC’s Lester Holt about what a bad hombre James Comey is, sources inside the FBI were spilling the beans about what is really going on inside the bureau as they try to investigate the Trump campaign for potential collusion with the Russian government during the 2016 election.

    If he hadn’t before, Trump just made an enemy out of the FBI when he fired James Comey, and Democrats investigating the Russia scandal better pay attention because the FBI is blowing holes in every cover story that the Trump White House is coming up with.

    1. Anonymous4:42 PM

      "true story of how Putin’s spy agency, run by the Russian billionaire class, used the promise of power and influence to cultivate Trump as well as his closest aides, the Kremlin Crew, to become unwitting assets of the Russian government. The goal? To put an end to 240 years of free and fair American democratic elections."

  13. Anonymous4:31 PM

    O/T did this firm do work fro Sarah PAC? Well they said "shady" PACs. I believe hers WAS the definition of one.

  14. Anonymous4:57 PM

    "Patiently await" my tuchus!!! Call and email your senators and congresscritters, ESPECIALLY if they have an (R) after their names:
    Pressure to appoint the independent prosecutor.
    Consider impeachment.
    Pressure to invoke the 25th.

  15. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Trump Shows Signs Of Mental Illness While Blaming Democrats For His Russia Collusion

    During his interview with NBC News's Lester Holt, President Donald Trump showed signs of mental instability when he claimed that the allegations that his campaign colluded with Russia are a made up plot by Democrats.

    When asked about collusion with Russia, Trump said, “I think that looking into me and my campaign. This was set up by Democrats. Look, I had nothing to do. There was no collusion between me, my campaign, and the Russians. The other thing is that the Russians did not affect the vote.”

    Trump claimed that the allegations of collusion are a Democratic plot, but he also claiming that Russian election interference did not affect the vote, which is Trump’s way of saying that his campaign’s collusion with Russia was no big deal because it didn’t impact the outcome of the election.

    The problem with Trump’s answer is that it can’t be both that the collusion is a Democratic plot and that potential Russia election interference for Trump did not impact the outcome.

    A new NBC News/Survey Monkey poll shows that by nearly a 2 to 1 margin Americans believe that Trump fired Comey over Russia and not for any other reason.

  16. Anonymous5:07 PM

    "Trump is so undisciplined, so controlled by his anger and desire to dominate and be right that he cannot help going off script, adopting what is perhaps his third or fourth version of this story, and admitting what I think has to amount to an impeachable offense."

  17. Anonymous5:14 PM

  18. Anonymous5:55 PM

    This interview was best described as "when you tell your client to take the Fifth and instead he confesses".

    Trade your popcorn for vegetable crudites and a rotating list of nice healthy dips and soon you'll be the very picture of health. It's going to be a very long year in the courts and committees...

  19. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Lock Him Up!

  20. Anonymous7:36 PM

    DAMN IT! If this administration was worth it's weight in gold, they would get their stories straight.

    This Trump administration is worth it's weight in shit.

  21. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Yup, just let him get out and talk on TV to prove how innocent he is and eventually he will just do himself in. He will, sometime soon hopefully, say something even the Republicans can't ignore and they will finally say what they have to say -- IMPEACH and GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

    Trump is the best example of the guilty client that the attorney's want to keep off the stand, but who will NOT listen and when he gets on the stand, it is all over. Trump will do that, just give him enough rope.

  22. They keep setting Pence up to lie. Maybe he's pissed enough to quit. (I know, he's not, but a boy can dream).


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