Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Quinnipiac poll shows that the flushing sound you hear are Donald Trump's approval numbers.

Courtesy of Quinnipiac: 

The president is losing support among independent voters and groups which are important parts of his base. Approval ratings are:
  • Negative 29 - 63 percent among independent voters, down from a negative 38 - 56 percent April 19;
  • A split among white voters with no college degree, as 47 percent approve and 46 percent disapprove, compared to a 57 - 38 percent approval April 19;
  • White men go from a 53 - 41 percent approval April 19 to a split today with 48 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving. 
American voters' opinions of several of Trump's personal qualities are down:
  • 61 - 33 percent that he is not honest, compared to 58 - 37 percent April 19; 
  • 56 - 41 percent that he does not have good leadership skills, little change; 
  • 59 - 38 percent that he does not care about average Americans, compared to 57 - 42 percent April 19; 
  • 66 - 29 percent that he is not level-headed, compared to 63 - 33 percent last month; 
  • 62 - 35 percent that he is a strong person, little change; 
  • 56 - 41 percent that he is intelligent, compared to 58 - 38 percent; 
  • 64 - 32 percent that he does not share their values, compared to 61 - 35 percent. 
"There is no way to spin or sugarcoat these sagging numbers," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. 

"The erosion of white men, white voters without college degrees and independent voters, the declaration by voters that President Donald Trump's first 100 days were mainly a failure and deepening concerns about Trump's honesty, intelligence and level headedness are red flags that the administration simply can't brush away," Malloy added. 

Keep in mind this poll was taken BEFORE Trump fired James Comey.

Just imagine how much lower they will be in the next poll.

The only problem I have with these numbers is that I know Trump cares more about his popularity than perhaps any other president before him, and it frightens me to think what he might do to raise his numbers among his ignorant base in response.

Remember, the last time his numbers were this low he dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb we have on Afghanistan.

By the way this tidbit of information was also the result of this Quinnipiac poll.

Here were the rest of the choices.
I am having such a hard time understanding how ANYBODY comes up with "strong" or "leader" when describing this incompetent lying idiot.


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Dumbass and rapist come to my mind when asked for a one word description.

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

  3. Anonymous5:04 PM


    1. Anonymous6:42 AM


  4. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Strong? Leader? Methinks they left off the punctuation .thats what happened.

  5. Tracy Edwards5:12 PM

    "Corrupt", "lightweight" and "dictator" come to my mind.

  6. I'm partial to "degenerate geriatric punk" myself.

  7. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Just who the flying fck are the 56% who think the president* is intelligent??? This country is in deep shit for sure.


  8. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Donald Trump Has Compromised Every Major Investigation Into Alleged Russian Interference

    Comey, fired. Nunes, recused. Burr, compromised. There’s a pattern here.

    When President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, it was the latest in a months-long string of actions that have undermined or compromised every major investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether Trump campaign associates colluded with Moscow.

    The breadth of the president’s interference in the investigations of his own campaign has shocked officials at law enforcement agencies and on Capitol Hill, both for the extent to which it disregards political norms and the potential it has to upend legitimate oversight. And it’s forced a major readjustment within those agencies to try and immunize themselves from White House influence. More than 100 lawmakers, including at least three Republicans, have now called for an independent probe of the Russia matter.

    Since Trump’s inauguration, the president and his team have asked the people probing his campaign about the status of those investigations, worked with allies involved in the probes to coordinate messaging, pressured investigators to limit the scope of their work and to wrap it up as quickly as possible, and repeatedly fired people involved in investigations of his administration.

    “It’s highly suspicious that the President has now fired at least three people who were investigating his administration, especially in light of his pattern of undermining the ongoing Congressional investigations,” Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) told HuffPost in an email ― referring to Comey, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who was reportedly investigating one of Trump’s Cabinet secretaries. “To get to the bottom of this, we need an independent investigation led by a special prosecutor who has the trust of the American people.”

  9. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Diabolical, reactive, bully

  10. Anonymous5:41 PM

    In a Private Dinner, Trump Demanded Loyalty. Comey Demurred.

    Only seven days after Donald J. Trump was sworn in as president, James B. Comey has told associates, the F.B.I. director was summoned to the White House for a one-on-one dinner with the new commander in chief.

    The conversation that night in January, Mr. Comey now believes, was a harbinger of his downfall this week as head of the F.B.I., according to two people who have heard his account of the dinner.

    As they ate, the president and Mr. Comey made small talk about the election and the crowd sizes at Mr. Trump’s rallies. The president then turned the conversation to whether Mr. Comey would pledge his loyalty to him.

    Mr. Comey declined to make that pledge. Instead, Mr. Comey has recounted to others, he told Mr. Trump that he would always be honest with him, but that he was not “reliable” in the conventional political sense.

    The White House says this account is not correct. And Mr. Trump, in an interview on Thursday with NBC, described a far different dinner conversation with Mr. Comey in which the director asked to have the meeting and the question of loyalty never came up. It was not clear whether he was talking about the same meal, but they are believed to have had only one dinner together.

    By Mr. Comey’s account, his answer to Mr. Trump’s initial question apparently did not satisfy the president, the associates said. Later in the dinner, Mr. Trump again said to Mr. Comey that he needed his loyalty.

    Mr. Comey again replied that he would give him “honesty” and did not pledge his loyalty, according to the account of the conversation.

    But Mr. Trump pressed him on whether it would be “honest loyalty.”

    ...Mr. Comey described details of his refusal to pledge his loyalty to Mr. Trump to several people close to him on the condition that they not discuss it publicly while he was F.B.I. director. But now that Mr. Comey has been fired, they felt free to discuss it on the condition of anonymity.

    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Has Trump started making anyone who comes in contact with him sign a confidentiality agreement?

  11. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sell Her Soul To The Devil During The White House Briefing
    She really is a special kind of dead zombie liar.

    1. Anonymous5:37 AM

      Sanders must be a home schooled dominionist living VIBRANTLY!
      Who thinks BOLDLY lyin' for the lord will make jeebus come back....

  12. Anonymous5:46 PM

    traitorous, venal, lascivious, self-serving


  13. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Easy "the idiot is strong in this one."

  14. Anonymous6:01 PM

    The demand by the judiciary committee's 17 Democrats echoes calls from Senate Democrats, who have requested hearings over Comey's abrupt dismissal and the appointment of a special prosecutor of oversee the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election.

  15. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Trump administration considering a new assault on the press

    ...Now, reports indicate Kelly is considering extending that ban to include flights from Europe, although the DHS stresses they have not yet made any final decisions.

    But it is crucial to note that the extension of the ban would seriously compromise travelers’ privacy, and the ability of the press to do their jobs.

    Putting laptops and tablets into checked baggage is not some minor inconvenience — it exposes passengers to a significant risk of breakage, loss, or theft. The Transportation Security Administration actually advises passengers not to do it. In fact, one investigation two years ago found the TSA has paid out over $3 million to passengers after their own agents were caught stealing from people’s bags.

    This risk is bad enough for regular vacationers, and even worse for business travelers carrying proprietary information. But it is extremely troubling for journalists. Foreign correspondents often carry dozens of electronic devices like laptops, cameras, and microphones, and are prime theft targets if they let this equipment out of their line of sight.

  16. Anonymous6:23 PM

    OT, well, well, well, guess Sarah's really showing her kid and grandkid - devotional page with "families matter," yet pic is missing Track, Track's daughter and Tripp - what a bitch.

    1. Anonymous7:22 PM

      May I suggest Daily Mail, TMZ, ET, Inside Edition sites for this crap? No one gives a shit.

  17. Anonymous6:24 PM

    While these are indeed terrible numbers for Trump, there is an arguably more interesting number buried in the Quinnipiac poll: the generic congressional ballot.

    When respondents were asked which party they would prefer to control the House of Representatives, Democrats led by a whopping 16 points: 54 to 38.

  18. Anonymous6:32 PM

    The Antichrist

    1. Anonymous5:39 AM

      I thought traditionally, the mythical boogy man antichrist fools everyone as a leader.
      No way does the shitgibbon fit the profile.

  19. Anonymous6:53 PM

    The Rebublican's have waited for eight years to finally have a Republican President so they put up with shit that has come to the breaking point.

    Now they have to ask themselves if they want to have a future or not.If they want to maintain any semblance of honor they had better get rid of the fat ass Trump now or their party is doomed.They cant control him and i think they thought they could.This has gone beyond anything even they may have expected.

    We have a President who can be controlled by mere flattery, who thinks he is a demi god, who is so easy to manipulate that if i was say Russia for example i could just tell him his daughter Ivanka is a beautiful smart woman and how he is so smart to and how much we appreciate him over the terrible Obama!

    Trump is that simple.He gives himself away with every tweet and all you have to do is praise him. That this emotional stupid and unstable so called man is now our President should scare the shit out of most people and by the polls i think it does.

    How do we fight back? I still say demonstrations are the best way but we need to have the press there to cover it and they have to be huge. That hurts baby mans ego and makes him respond because he thought he would be liked. This ass really thought he would be a King.

    Now we can email to our representatives and that may help. The problem is where to begin. You know what the Breitbart Trump idiots say.. " Bunch of unemployed living in Mama's basement gays protesting". That is who voted for Trump. It is time to take a stand. Petion's don't seem to do much.

    Remember the huge protests at the beginning? Well we need to step it up.You may say what good did it do?But this is a battle and battles are not won in a day or a month and the press is on our side so go out there any time you are able.

    Never give up and never give in.

    1. Anonymous7:24 PM

      Well stated.

    2. Anonymous5:40 AM

      I'll spend every weekend in DC. We all should.

  20. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Trump Will Likely Win Re-election In 2020

    Most Americans don’t like Trump.

    Trump will most likely be reelected in 2020.

    How can both of these statements be true? Here’s how:

    Even when people are unhappy with a state of affairs, they are usually disinclined to change it. In my area of research, the cognitive and behavioral sciences, this is known as the “default effect.”

    Software and entertainment companies exploit this tendency to empower programs to collect as much data as possible from consumers, or to keep us glued to our seats for “one more episode” of a streaming show. Overall, only 5 percent of users ever change these settings, despite widespread concerns about how companies might be using collected information or manipulating people’s choices.

    The default effect also powerfully shapes U.S. politics.

    omg, i'm sick to my stomach

    1. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Well, this analysis is stupid and -- LIKE 99 PERCENT OF POLITICAL ANALYSES -- fails to grasp the central fact that turn out is THE KEY to the way elections turn out. Yeah, 90-95 percent of the buttheads who voted for Trump will vote for him again, but thousands and thousands and thousands of people who didn't vote because they were disgusted with the options might be more inclined to show up to vote. So, no, it's not inevitable, and I'm really freaking sick of terrible analysis from people who are dumb and call themselves experts. Seriously, like, if 100,000 people in two states changed their vote, Hillary would be president.

    2. Anonymous5:41 AM

      This idiot will not last the summer let alone be around in 2020.
      That I know for sure.

  21. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Shocking video from a public beach in Texas documents a Trump supporter going on a racist tirade against a vacationing family with kids.

    Alexandar Downing of Waterford, CT was arrested by South Padre Island Police on charges of public intoxication, according to a police report obtained by Buzzfeed News.

    The video by Noria Alward, 19, contains graphic language and shocking behavior by Downing, in front of children.

    1. Anonymous9:25 PM

      That's the Trump influence. He made America great again for all the suppressed losers who think that being an asshole in public makes them a hero or a "Real American". You can bet that ass in the video never fought in a war, never listens to anything but Fox News and blames Obama for his financial situation.

      And they believe Trump is going to get them a job only it's not happening. When you have a President who is uncouth and a liar, who's only ability is to blame those foreigners for your sad life well this is what you get. It's not corporate America that screwed you over, it's not Ivanka Trump or her Daddy who makes their cheap shit in China taking away jobs all the while spouting make America great again.

      It's not Walmart who buys the cheapest crap you can find while paying their workers poverty level wages. Oh hell no!

  22. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Prezident Lard Ass

  23. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Even in Alaska a major protest can be heard.

    Sarah Palin is still good for something so use her name for the kind of publicity she hates. The press still likes to throw her name out there so use it to your advantage, not hers.

    She can still be good for something just not the way that she likes.

    Headline: Alaskans protest Trump in front of Sarah Palin's home. Turn her former fame to your advantage. If you protested anywhere else would it make news? Use her like the publicity seeking hound she is. That may make the mainstream papers. Everyone thinks Alaska is Palin. For too long she has been the soul representative of Alaska in the public's eye. The mainstream press does not see Immoral Minority, they only see Palin and it gives a bad impression that all of Alaska is intolerant and rednecks who only care about snowmachines. You have a beautiful state ruined by Palin because gays, blacks and anybody who is non religeous feels they wont be welcomed.

    1. Anonymous10:24 PM

      Is it time that Palin's followers saw that she has an expensive home and Todd has sat on his ass since she was chosen for a run at Vice President.

      Oh wait, the women in her cult would call that being a strong woman and the men wish they could sit on their asses like Todd.

    2. Anonymous6:22 AM

      "The mainstream press does not see Immoral Minority, they only see Palin and......."

      Uhhhhh no. The mainstream press has for the most part completely forgotten about, and disregarded all things Palin 6+ years ago. It is pretty much only the Palin obsessed IM cult members like yourself that keep trying to prop her up so you have something to complain about.

    3. Anonymous7:10 AM

      Good Idea 8:44, she would put so many dents in that poor fridge.

  24. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Five Words describing Trump: perverted, revolting, regressive, corpulent, bellicose

  25. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Start by reading True Believer: Eric Hoffer. Then realize how dangerous #Mercer #Bannon propaganda arm #Breitbart has become.

    Look at the size of Breitbart

    Keep enlarging image as much as possible for details.

    81% of W Evangelicals, 61% of Mormons and 60% of W Catholics voted for Trump...there is a moral crisis in the church. /1

    one which allows the abortion issue to be used as an excuse not to weigh ANY other moral decision or position /2

    This is a very dangerous mindset and one that allows for major atrocities /3

    In fact, as pointed out below, "if an army did this we WOULD call it an atrocity" /4

    Instead the church justifies this position as "Pro-Life" /end

    This is bigger than Trump. The incoming administration are far-right Christian Dominionists. Please read this thread & help amplify /1

    WOW, this thread is stunning!

    Trumpcare will kill about 17,000 people its first year. Think about what we'd do to ISIS if they did that to us.

  26. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Trump does not have shoes I would like to walk in!!! He truly is a nasty individual. How he ever got elected to potus is beyond me. He has never represented me!

  27. Anonymous3:22 AM

    The first word that comes to my mind when thinking of Trump is "criminal" and "con artist" is the next phrase I'd use to describe him and then "woefully incompetent." Actually they come to mind all at once, in a great rush. Then, after a chance to breath, I'd say "traitorous."


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