Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Donald Trump just fired FBI Director James Comey! Update!

Remember that the FBI is currently investigating Trump's ties with Russia.

Clearly time to assign that special prosecutor.

Update: Here is more from Politico:

President Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey – a move that comes as the FBI is probing potential contacts between Trump’s campaign aides and Russian officials ahead of the election. 

"The president has accepted the recommendation of the Attorney General and the deputy Attorney General regarding the dismissal of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation," White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters. 

It was not immediately clear exactly why Comey was ousted.

Remember Trump's AG, Jeff Sessions, also has ties to Russia.

So was Comey getting a little too close to the truth for Trump's comfort?


Update 2: Trump's letter to Comey.


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    P: I want Comey and Sally Yates fired before they get me impeached.

    Flunky 1: But your Majesty, you already fired Yates

    P: Well, fire her again and while you're at it, fire yourself for correcting me.

  2. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Shit is about to get real.

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM


      I'm buying another 800 rounds of AR-15 ammo tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous10:57 PM

      Here in Europe, they are talking about a Constitutional crisis coming up...

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Spicer, did the Attorney General and the deputy Attorney General really want the dismissal of the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?


  4. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Olga_Lautman NYC ✨‏

    Olga_Lautman NYC ✨ Retweeted CNN
    Trump is a Russian Agent and Comey Knows Everything... Wrong Move!!! TRUMP and His Children Are Going Down 🔥
    #MARCHFORTRUTH #Trumprussia

  5. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Trump: I want to know who leaked Comey's termination letter to the crooked media?

    Flunky 2: Majesty, you're the one who leaked the letter.

    Trump: Flunky 2, you're removed from office, effective immediately for snitching on me.

    Trump: Is there anybody else I can't trust? Didn't think so.

    1. Anonymous3:00 PM

      Ivanka? Where's Ivanka. I need some pussy.

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Yep, sounds bout right. I wonder if he bent ivanka over on the executive desk, right next to the "BIG RED DIET COKE BUTTON"

    3. Anonymous4:54 PM


      Obviously FAKE dialog!! Everyone knows Emperor Drumpf insists he be called "Excellency", "Your Eminence" or "Your Flatulence"

  6. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch say Olga Lautman know everything about Dump and his Russian collusion bullshit. I started following her, she says he and his kids are going DOWN. Please make it soon before Trump appoints Scott Baio or DOg the Bounty Hunter as FBI director. I hate them, we need a coup to get rid of the damn traitors running this country!!! Someone do something now!

  7. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Ooohhh wait until Comey is summoned to speak to the Senate Investigation.

  8. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Trump's next FBI director will re-open the investigation into Hillary's emails and Bill's meeting with Loretta Lynch.

    This is the first step in Trump's plan to LOCK HER UP.

    Count on it.

    It's time to recall what the rightwingers are fond of saying: The Second Amendment is not about squirrel hunting!!

    This is a third-world, banana republic coup.

    1. Anonymous2:38 PM

      That was my first thought. Distract, distract, distract.

      Make it Hillary's fault and make all those who voted for him think he's doing a great job.

      All while he sells us out and destroys all that makes us a great country.

    2. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Woa, so fire him now?
      Ok, so nullify the election and lets have a do over.

    3. Anonymous3:32 PM

      The mechanisms of our Government have not changed since the last hundred times you posted such nonsense 3:22 lol.

      Are you actually STILL thinking that can happen?

      No nullification, no do-overs.

      The election is done, put your big boy pantsuit on.

    4. Anonymous3:37 PM

      Out on a rail with him.
      In the utmost disgrace possible.

    5. Anonymous4:31 PM

      bullshit 3.32
      This is uncharted territory so ALL bets are off. Rewrite the fucking constitution.

    6. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Lol 4:31. Now you want to re-write the Constitution hahahaaa!

      The wheels have come off the proverbial bus that is your brain.

      There are no bets to be on or off. It is over. The election is over. There are no do-overs. Trump is President. If for some reason he doesn't finish his term, there is a replacement, and so on down the line.

    7. Anonymous4:58 PM

      Yep. Nixon was just gettign HIMSELF power. In this case, there was collusion with a foregin power to take over, or seriously undermine American interests. You DON'T just let those traitors stay in power. Pence is tainted. PERIOD.

    8. Anonymous4:59 PM

      "Trump's next FBI director will re-open the investigation into Hillary's emails and Bill's meeting with Loretta Lynch."


      They're going defrost Ken Starr from cryogenic hibernation and let him REALLY investigate the Whitewater Land Deal aka "the biggest scandal in the history of the world"

    9. Anonymous5:34 PM

      Bet ya $100 you dumb fuck.
      There will be a new election.
      This whole administration is going down.
      The republicans are over.
      There WILL be a new special election.

    10. Anonymous7:13 PM


      5:34, do us all a favor, take your $100 and enroll your dumb ass in a US Government class at your local college.

      You can argue with your teacher about your stupid, unfounded, and unsupported beliefs lol!

      Maybe you will learn something about the line of succession behind any vacancies in the Presidency.

      My God, "new election" , what a larf!

  9. Anonymous2:32 PM

    "While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I'm not under investigation...."

    Before I fire you, I need to tell the public you haven't got nothing on me. You're close but you ain't gonna get me copper.

    1. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Great point. Even when firing someone, trump made it all about him. That paragraph was not necessary and I'm betting it's a lie. Comey wouldn't talk about an ongoing investigation unless it involved Hillary clinton

    2. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Anderson Cooper called that sentence "gratuitous" when talking to Kellyanne Conway.

    3. Anonymous5:00 PM

      ANd that was a lie. He may not have been "wiretapped" by the Obama administration, but you NEVER tell the target of your invesitagation that they are the target of an investigation. NOT EVEN IF THE TARGET IS THE (illegitimate) POTUS.
      Besides, T.Rump only hears and sees what he wants to.

    4. Anonymous11:01 PM

      Tiny Hands is only trying to cover his own a$$, and as usual, makes matters only worse for himself.

  10. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Is there anybody out there who didn't see this termination coming? Comey overstepped his boundary and Trump stomped on him.

    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Trump thinks the firing will end any investigations, and trump is wrong.

    2. Anonymous7:29 PM

      Yea right, little donnie was so upset that Comey overstepped his boundaries that he had him fired immediately after the inauguration.

      More like Comey is still investigating little donnie and his band of traitors.

      So is he bringing Comrade trump’s marching orders, who to fire next right to the W.H. ?

      Official: Trump may meet top Russian diplomat in White House

      By JULIE PACE and VIVIAN SALAMA - The Associated Press

      WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump could meet with Vladimir Putin's top diplomat at the White House on Wednesday, a U.S. official and a person with knowledge of the plans said, describing what would be the highest level, face-to-face contact with Russia of the American leader's young presidency. It would also signal that the two countries have improved ties that Trump recently described as being at an "all-time low."....

    3. Comey was toast the minute he told the media he regretted the letter and that it cost Hillary the election.

  11. Anonymous2:39 PM

    How long before he starts having people assassinated like Putin does?

    1. Comey better watch his back bigly!

    2. linda4:45 PM

      I'm worried that his plane is going to crash on his way home tonight. Seriously.

  12. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Senator Gr@$$hole's statement!:


    “Over the course of the last several months, Director Comey’s decisions on controversial matters have prompted concern from across the political spectrum and from career law enforcement experts.

    “The handling of the Clinton email investigation is a clear example of how Comey’s decisions have called into question the trust and political independence of the FBI. In my efforts to get answers, the FBI, under Comey’s leadership, has been slow or failed to provide information that Comey himself pledged to provide.

    “The effectiveness of the FBI depends upon the public trust and confidence. Unfortunately, this has clearly been lost.

    “The FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the president. Under these circumstances, President Trump accepted the recommendation of the Justice Department that the Director lacked the confidence needed to carry out his important duties.”

    So Senator Grasshole says we are supposed to believe it is still all about Hillary;'s emails. Fox News is on it like flies on a fresh turd!

    All righty then! It's a good thing Comey didn't do this BEFORE Trump decided to keep him on!~ Ooops!

    1. "“The handling of the Clinton email investigation is a clear example of how Comey’s decisions have called into question the trust and political independence of the FBI."
      In other words: "Now we can serve the American people by getting a good FBI Director who will do a real investigation of Clinton's emails and not be distracted by fake news about Russia."

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      How come the rethugs didn't have a problem with Comey when he came out with his letter a few days before the election? All of a sudden he is the bad guy.

      My bet is he has all the info on traitor trump and little donnie is egotistical enough to think firing him will make it all go away.

  13. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Shades of Nixon. Didn't that start with the firing of Archibald Cox?

  14. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Senator John (Juicy for vice president) McStain!

    "Sen. John McCain on Comey firing: "I regret that that took place. The president does have that authority, so I respect that"

    Frank Zappa had it covered!

    "So I went out and bought me a leisure suit
    I jingling my change but I'm still kind cute
    Got a job, doing radio promo,
    And none of the jocks can even tell I'm a homo!
    Eventually me and a friend,
    Sort of drifted along into S&M
    I can take about an hour on the tower of power,
    As long as I get my little golden shower"

  15. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Lets face it Gryph, if Comey was not fired you would say there was a conspiracy... if he was (is) fired, you would (are) call it a conspiracy.

    Comey has been under too much scrutiny from all sides to be effective anymore. Removing him from his position would be the obvious choice for any administration.

    1. Anonymous4:28 PM

      You are a fucking idiot! Don't breed!

    2. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Breeding right now 4:28, while typing, with your favorite sister!

    3. Anonymous6:57 PM

      @4:46 PM You are trying to breed with your left hand, punk.

    4. Anonymous8:13 PM

      Actually her nose is doing the typing, just the way she likes it.

  16. Anonymous3:38 PM

    45's letter is so ridiculously unprofessional!

    He's supposed to be the potus for Gods sakes. What an amateurish termination letter, and for the head of the FBI. I could have done a better job than that.

  17. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Fake News at Fox News!!!

    Reporting Comey resigned!


  18. Anonymous3:53 PM


    Puti and dRUMPf talk on the phone

    Comey testifies and damages dRUMPf

    dRUMPf and Sessions fire Comey


  19. Anonymous4:14 PM

    No, Claude Taylor and company are not reputable sources on Trump-Russia

    Taylor’s circle jerk of retweeters includes something called Palmer Report which appears to be a left-leaning version of Infowars or Breitbart complete with promotion of unfounded rumors and wacky conspiracy theories, and the ever-present Louise Mensch, an off-the-rails British conservative prone to conspiracy theories.

  20. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Trump Tv> all buttfuckers?

  21. Anonymous4:28 PM

    This letter shows how fucking fucking mentally ill this man is.
    Someone step up and get this man the fuck out of government.
    This is scary and pathetic.
    This letter is like a 6th grader writing his own absence from school letter when he played hooky!

  22. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Still thinks he's playing big boy apprentice boss, doesn't he? Sure wish creepy was able to comprehend that this is not one of his little games.

    How in the hell can anyone anywhere take that freak seriously?

    Hideous situation we're in. The people running this show can't wait to take TOTAL control. Oh my god! Remember how they whined and bitched and moaned and screamed about sharia law, for years? The heavy duty hypocrisy alone is choke worthy.

    I have this unpleasant feeling that half or more of this country doesn't know or really care about what is going on.

  23. Anonymous4:31 PM

    "Can we point out that the emperor is not wearing any clothes?," Tobin asked . maybe Chris Christie, <,THAT


    1. Chris Chrispie6:23 PM

      Time for some traffic problems!

      You know what the fat fuck I'm talking about!

  24. Anonymous4:42 PM

    --Hey Donald Trump, it’s too late: James Comey put Russia indictments in motion before you fired him

    Trump’s own cluelessness caused him to wait too long to fire Comey

    --FBI Director James Comey will publicly testify this week after being fired by Donald Trump

    We won’t have to wait long to hear Comey’s side of the story

    --Amid James Comey firing, Senate Intel invokes U.S. Treasury to go after Donald Trump’s finances

    Firing Comey won’t stop this


  25. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Please note the lie that opens paragraph #2

  26. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Kellyann, omg, no. She is not credible at all.

  27. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Gee, why doesn't jeffy sess do his job and say "you're fired!" To djt.

  28. Anonymous4:49 PM

    This is a race at this point. Consolidation of power vs Russiagate collapsing on his head. When we told you POTUS is winning, we meant it.



    What did we tell you about trusting Comey's investigation?


  29. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Hey I'm pleased that something is happening, But! How the heck, why the F was nothing investigated prior to this? The moment that the fat ugly liar came down the elevator he and his friends should have been investigated, vetted and checked out completely. The moment he was nominated it should have gone into intensive extreme vetting. WHO the F is responsible for that? The same who vetted Palin? The FEC, CIA, FBI and homeland security? WHO? and WHY? was nothing done until now?. I don't get it. Average Joe and Jill taxpayer are more vetted paying their taxes, taking out a loan, getting a job. But not don john he can get away with murder, bribery, theft, extortion, lies and anything. Why did it take so long to expose the crimes, illegal mess? This must never happen again. Kick the shit out the door and lets get this right.

    1. It was the RNC's job. Winning was more important to them than anything else.

  30. Anonymous4:54 PM

    $10 says Comey's plane crashes tonight.

  31. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Oh gee heck, comey told trump he was not under investigation on 3 separate occasions? Well duh too bad. YOU DON JOHN TRUMP ARE UNDER MAJOR BIGLY INVESTIGATIONS SUCKER FACE. Not only from the FBI, CIA but at least 100 agencies and investigators are checking into the 500 lawsuits that have your name on it.

  32. Anonymous5:00 PM

    AG Sessions Toys With Ending Russia Investigation Completely Minutes After Firing The Guy Heading It

    ....For those keeping score at home, this is the part in Watergate where Nixon abruptly fired the special prosecutor looking into his crimes and closed down the investigation. The attempt to quash the charges backfired spectacularly, hastening Nixon’s impeachment. Will Trump’s team make the same mistake? Only time will tell.

    Trump himself made it clear in his letter to Comey that his firing was related to improperly supporting him during public hearings on the FBI investigation into Trump’s connections to Russia. Trump appears to be unable to grasp that the investigation is ongoing, despite his baffling conclusion to the contrary.



  33. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Bannon and Trump are now going down down down. BUSTED. Trump and Bannon better resign today quit.

  34. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Sarah Palin call Ted Nugent and ask FBI Director Nugent how fast can he get to Washington DC?

  35. Anonymous6:06 PM

    What's the big friggin deal about the president firing the FBI Director who is investigating the president?

    It's done all the time.

    It is just like being the Governor of Alaska and your Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner is dismissed for not firing an Alaskan State Trooper, who is also the Governor of Alaska's ex-brother-in-law.

    You can do whatever you want until the courts says you can't.

  36. Anonymous6:14 PM

    ... President Trump fired the man who may have helped make him president — and the man who potentially most threatened the future of his presidency.

    Not since Watergate has a president dismissed the person leading an investigation bearing on him, and Mr. Trump’s decision late Tuesday afternoon drew instant comparisons to the “Saturday Night Massacre,” when President Richard M. Nixon ordered the firing of Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor looking into the so-called third-rate burglary that would eventually bring Nixon down...
    - New York Times

    1. Anonymous6:47 PM

      WATCH: Rachel Maddow perfectly lays out how Trump’s Comey firing is like Watergate

      On the afternoon of May 9, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. By that evening, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow (and much of the political intelligentsia) were comparing Comey’s shocking sacking to the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ — the Watergate firings and resignations that began the end of President Richard Nixon’s career.

      While others discussed and even briefly explained the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ and its similarities to Trump’s scandalous firing of Comey, Maddow gave viewers a history lesson, and placed it within the context of what happened with Comey — and, moreover, explained the timeline of the scandal surrounding deposed national security advisor Michael Flynn, the firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and now, Comey’s termination.


  37. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Prosecutors issued grand jury subpoenas to associates of former national security adviser Flynn, sources say.

  38. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Preet Bharara 

    EVERYONE who cares about independence & rule of law in America should be "troubled by the timing and reasoning" of Comey firing. Period.

    https://twitter.com/senatorburr/status/862092007707209730 …

    6:41 PM - 9 May 2017

    Bharara was one of 46 attorneys Trump asked to resign after taking office. His dismissal also came as a surprise after the attorney said Trump asked him to remain in his post shortly after the election. 

  39. Anonymous6:47 PM

    White House Says It’s Releasing Hillary’s Private Concession Call To Trump In Bid To Humiliate Her

    Trump’s emotionally unbalanced social media director and close friend Dan Scavino had what can only be described as a mental break and is now threatening to publish a video of the private concession call she placed to Trump (and appears to have been answered by Kellyanne Conway).

    To do so would be not only a major ethical violation but would break with the long-standing tradition of the winners showing an ounce of graciousness towards their opponents. Trump and his team apparently have no qualms with stooping this low. If there is a point of indignity even they will not cross, they have yet to reach it.

    Scavino has long relished in his role as Trump’s nastiest bulldog. His position as White House social media director was handed to him, not due to experience or expertise but because he was Trump’s golf caddie. In a White House bursting with nepotism and corruption, Scavino might be the least qualified person around – an impressive feat. He is also known for his viciousness and an unhinged streak of petty attacks on his or Trump’s perceived enemies follows wherever he goes. Clinton, who won the popular vote by several million, still irritates Trump and therefore she is an enemy Scavino feels he needs to destroy.


    1. Anonymous11:12 PM

      Why would she be humiliated? What do they think they will get out of publishing that video/call?
      I am really confuddled by this.

  40. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Little donnie thinks he can cover up his collusion with the enemy by firing the FBI director.

    Hopefully all the info collected has been backed up in a safe place where little donnie and his gang of thugs can’t destroy it.

  41. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Gopucie grabbers not doing anything other than getting paid by our tax dollars.
    We do have all these russian things, like dumbo jr saying we have all russian money, flynn was outed by justice and trump fire Yates, jared hiding russian connections too, ......
    Us congress doing absolutely nothing to Impeach.
    My Dad would have prosecuted at least three of those individuals easily.
    Loonet tunes gov't.

  42. Anonymous7:10 PM

    What if, someone like obamas friend the rich guy, Dell guy takes over goyia bank? Sorry to lazy to look up that bank. And then calls for all loans to get paid asap.
    See where don the con gets money...russia.

  43. Anonymous7:34 PM

    It is all Obama’s fault, no wait it is all Chuck Schumer’s fault!!!

    Now how did he manage to send a tweet today with tomorrow’s date?
    Trump tries to pin responsibility for firing Comey on ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’

    As all of the hubbub over President Donald Trump’s stunning decision to fire FBI Director James Comey began to settle down, the president popped up on Twitter and attacked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

    Earlier in the evening, Schumer held a press conference to call for an independent investigator to pick up where Comey began.

    Tuesday night Trump shot back at Schumer, tweeting, “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer stated recently, “I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any longer.” Then acts so indignant. #draintheswamp.”

    Trump pointedly said nothing about GOP Sen. Richard Burr (NC) who is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and said he is “troubled by the timing and reasoning of Director Comey’s termination”

    Cryin’ Chuck Schumer stated recently, “I do not have confidence in him (James Comey) any longer.” Then acts so indignant. #draintheswamp
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 10, 2017

  44. The investigation better have back-ups and duplicates and triplicates of everything they've uncovered or your know Trump's new head of the F.B.I will spend his first hours in office erasing, burying and suppressing everything that has been found.

    This so wreaks.

    If there was any doubt of Trump's guilt and that of everyone he surrounds himself with, this should remove it.

    He's dirty. He's beyond dirty.

    We need to impeach this filthy, traitorous motherfucker.

    1. Anonymous8:19 PM

      Oh the records go back a long long way back. The bad actors have over 500 lawsuits pending. Investigators have been on it for years. Its Huge. Big. Gigantic. There is no way out. The good guys will win in the end. This was trump and operatives last attempt to deceive and push, and what a big scam they tried to pull off. Too Bad they are too stupid and ignorant useful idiots to Russia.

    2. Anonymous8:20 PM

      And the rats and COCKroaches are jumping sea org fleet by the minute.

  45. Anonymous10:15 PM


  46. Anonymous5:56 AM


  47. Anonymous9:49 AM

    If the whore wife of dump can sue about stupid truthful things, then Comey should sue dump for firing him nationally without informing him.

    Porno wife, ick.


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