Tuesday, May 09, 2017

White House spokesperson Sean Spicer calls Sally Yates a "Hillary supporter," and uses that as excuse for why her warnings about Flynn were not taken seriously.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Sally Yates’ warning couldn’t be fully trusted, press secretary Sean Spicer said, because she was “a political opponent” of Trump and a supporter of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

“Just because someone comes in and gives you a heads-up about something and says, ‘I want to share some information,’ doesn’t mean that you immediately jump the gun and go take an action,” Spicer said. “I think if you flip this scenario and say, ‘What if we had just dismissed somebody because a political opponent of the president had made an utterance?’ you would argue that it was pretty irrational to act in that matter.” 

Asked how he knew Yates was a Clinton supporter, Spicer said: “She was widely rumored to play a large role in the Justice Department if Hillary Clinton had won.” 

Spicer also repeatedly referred to Yates’ warning as “a heads up” about Flynn – a less urgent description than the one Yates outlined in her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday.

It should be noted that Sally Yates offered evidence to support her allegation that Michael Flynn was compromised, but Trump fired her before he even saw that evidence. 

Dismissing a thirty year professional like Sally Yates, as simply a "Hillary supporter" is not only insulting but I think it smacks of misogyny. 

The facts are that Sally Yates did her job, and if the Trump White House had listened to her on the Michael Flynn matter, as well as the Muslim ban, they would have saved themselves a whole truckload of problems.

But why would they listen to her?

After all she was only a woman.


  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Spicy the easter bunny is a Scientologist don john trump supporter. Why the heck would he commit political suicide and make an ASS out of himself? What a dope.

  2. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Spicer is it true Sally Yates was fired because she wouldn't let him grab her hoohah?

  3. Anonymous5:45 PM

    NBC’s Hallie Jackson pressed him on that point. Was it the right call for Flynn to sit in on meetings despite Yates’s warning?

    “What you have is somebody who was an Obama appointee coming in and saying — you have somebody who you have to wonder why they’re telling you something,” Spicer replied



    America we are in trouble!

    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      This is a big fucking deal!

      Joe Biden

  4. Anonymous5:49 PM

    I wondered how President Trump decides what his Executive Orders will be for and against?

    Trump: Ummm Obama is against that?

    Hmmmm, okay I'm for it. Call the press, I'm signing an Executive Order.

    Trump: Ummm Obama is for that?
    Hmmmm okay I am against it. Call the press, I'm signing an Executive Order.

    Ummm Yates is warning us we have a compromised NSA?

    Hmmmm Yates is an Obama appointee, we will ignore her

  5. Anonymous6:16 PM

    No really though, why are men who marry much younger women called pigs and women in these situations are typically ignored?


    1. Anonymous6:45 PM

      6:16....go find your own blog. You're lost here.

    2. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Why? because they are usually Viagra driven hogs that left a innocent good wife sick broke and tired of trashy horny husbands.
      Why does a wife have a young man? For a little exercise after their ugly fat lousy husbands ignored them. It works out well and NO Viagra horny gross fool involved. That's why.

    3. Anonymous8:10 PM

      Just think? And that husband is now paying for Johnny Gigolo to take his beautiful old wife dancing dining and sex fueled vacations. How sweet it is. And dumb ditty daddy pays young girls to pee on him and then dump him in the swamp of lonely fools with tiny dicks.

    4. Anonymous8:23 PM

      No really though,you seem to have reading comprehension issues.This thread has nothing to do with Macron.

    5. Anonymous9:51 PM

      LOL. No it does not have anything to do with the NEW French President nor his lovely family. but it does reflect on the rump and stuff. Ya know the laughing stock of the world.

    6. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Are we talking oramge jabba prez's wife? Sorry got lost...

  6. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Gryphen, was this video made before Spicer was removed from his position as WH spokesperson or was he just a private citizen talking out of his ass in front of a group of people waiting in an airport terminal?

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Hey hey hey goodbye.

  7. Subpoenas Issued in FBI’s Russia Investigation ..."Claude Taylor has been tweeting about this for a week. Gooid to see good sources panned out."


    1. Anonymous7:33 PM

      This has to do with Flynn. Everybody already knew there would be grand juries with regards to Flynn, duhh. Sources panned out? Like what, everyone in the US that already knew this was happening?

    2. Anonymous8:21 PM

      Aren't you the same troll who was derogatory about these reports from ThePalmerReport? Funny,now you are backpedaling.

    3. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Palmer report is a joke. Grand Juries to be convened on the Flynn investigation IS actually pretty much old news at this point. Do YOU even read actual news 8:21? There are no surprise here.

  8. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Guess that wasn't crap I was reading.



    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      Again.... it is about Flynn. Not big news. It would be more surprising if there weren't grand juries convened with regards to Flynn.

  9. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Poor silly easter bunny. His job was to lie lie lie for the fat ugly tainted fool. Yep it is a lousy job for a lousy actor. Bigly trouble coming their way. Bad bad bad hombres.

  10. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Trump and his people are having black crow on a silver platter tonight for dinner. Frog legs and Crow go well with a beautiful chocolate cake. Pared with white wine it is goodly.

  11. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I'm not convinced that it "smacks of misogyny", but it definitely illustrates a logical fallacy and is a striking display of arrogance. More Americans voted for HRC than this turd, and he'll just write off ANYTHING they say because of it.

  12. Enjay in MT9:08 PM

    Why are echoes of B Clinton warning George Jr. of Osama Bin Laden being dangerous and deadly in his hatred of the US keep ringing in my head?

    1. Anonymous3:17 AM

      To say nothing about the briefing memo received at the White House and ignored by Bush and Cheney.

  13. Anonymous9:10 PM

    JUST IN: Report Reveals Real Reason For Comey Firing; Hang On Tight

    While the firing of James Comey, now former FBI Director, may come as a shock to many Americans, new information from various White House officials shows that maybe it isn’t so shocking after all.

    Multiple current and former officials claim that the relationship between the FBI and the White House has seen better days, specifically within the last few months. The sources state that part of the reason for that is the pressure the administration officials were putting on Comey to take a more aggressive approach is pursing leak investigations. The leaks were in regards to disclosures that embarrassed members of the White House and ones that raised even more questions about the ties to Russia.

    The administration issued a challenge to the FBI leadership in hopes that they could pursue and shut down the source of the leaks, which were considered to be damaging to the administration, according to officials. The FBI was, at this present time, investigating the fact that classified information has been disclosed. The issue at hand, which was the cause of the strain between the bureau and the White House, is that the FBI refused to prioritize leak investigations over the grandfather of all investigations, the investigation into Russia’s ties to the Trump administration and the 2016 election.

    According to a current official the administration had always been “very aggressive” in its pressuring of the FBI. A former U.S official, who is familiar with the matter at hand said:
    ‘The administration has been putting pressure on the FBI to focus more on the leaks and weren’t satisfied with the results.’

    The inspector general of the Justice Department had been investigating Comey, and how he and his top deputy handled the probe of Clinton, though that investigation is not going to be finished any time soon, as it is expected to continue on for at least a few more months.

    Shortly before the announcement of Comey’s dismissal the FBI notified Congress via letter that Comey had misstated some important findings surrounding the Clinton email investigation during his testimony last week. Even with that information there was nothing to suggest that anything at that time would result in the loss of a job for Comey.

    Many Democrats are sure that the reason for Comey’s firing, aside from the official story about the treatment of Hilary Clinton, is because Comey was getting close to finding something in his Trump-Russia investigation and Trump wanted it stopped. Given the fact that the White House was actively trying to sway Comey from his investigation into Russia to investigate minor White House leaks, they may not be totally off base.


  14. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Trump Takes To Twitter To Insult Chuck Schumer Like A Schoolyard Bully (TWEET)


  15. Anonymous10:08 PM

    We were warned that that was Trump's only strategery, smearing Sally Yates.

    However, she is yesterday's news for the time being. I'm sure she's not complaining about that.

  16. Anonymous10:10 PM


    Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation

  17. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Spicer spins like a top.

  18. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Yates is a Hillary supporter

    I say fire all Obama and Yates supporters

  19. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Trump Lawyers Up After Lindsey Graham Calls For Investigation


  20. WA Skeptic10:40 PM

    Same as "disgruntled employee"??

    Hey, Sean, why don't you take that podium for a spin around the Rose Garden?

  21. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Methinks the erstwhile Easter Bunny, aka Sean Spicer, doth protest too much. The fact that President Obama had fired Flynn should have been a clue about the guy. Wouldn't you think?
    Beagle mo


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