Wednesday, May 31, 2017

During his visit the Saudis bribed Donald Trump with 1.2 billion in gifts.

Courtesy of The Nation: 

During his first visit to kingdom, US President Donald Trump received gifts from Saudi King Shah Salman worth of $ 1.2 billion, reported Nawa-e-Waqt. 

According to details, the gifts given by Saudi King included a precious diamond, armband made of pure gold with King Salman’s photo imprinted on it and 25 kilogram heavy sword made of pure gold with different diamonds and stones on it. 

The sword is worth of $ 200 million. 

Furthermore, gold and diamond made watches, worth of $ 200 million, were also gifted to Trump and his family.

 A small replica of Statue of Liberty but made with gold, diamond and precious stones will also be sent to White House soon. 

Meanwhile, one of the major roads in Riyadh has also been named after Trump. 

A 125 meter long yacht, which is world’s tallest personal yacht as it has 80 rooms with 20 royal suits, will also be sent through US navy to America.

As pointed out by The Nation no other US President has ever been given such lavish gifts.

And if they had they would likely have refused them, or accepted them only on behalf of the American people and then surrendered them to the government. Because you know, they're illegal.

We have not heard exactly what became of THESE particular gifts yet, but if we know Trump he will not give them up willingly.

Of course let's not forget that with his son-in-law's help Trump also negotiated an almost 110 billion dollar arms deal with the Saudis as well.


  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    O/T -- video of Mr. Christian (yeah, I know...the name he took, bitter irony) in courtroom. From Guardian news feed this morning yelling:

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      "Police officers killed roughly 266 black people in the United States in 2016."

      "This is the first time that a movement and not a person has been awarded the Peace Prize—a timely choice. Climate change is escalating fast, increasing inequality and racism are feeding divisiveness, and we are in the middle of the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Yet many establishment leaders across the world stick their heads in the sand or turn their backs on justice, fairness and equality," The Sydney Peace Foundation, founded in 1998, “promotes peace, justice and nonviolence by recognizing the world’s most important leaders for peace with the Sydney Peace Prize,”

  2. "80 rooms with 20 royal suits"


  3. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Still waiting for a cogent explanation from the alt-right supporters how this man is of God and/or sent by Him. I'll be waiting forever because there is none.

  4. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Trump has to declare all these gifts, we know he won't, maybe this will be his downfall, taking bribes from foreigners!!!

    Statue of Liberty made with gold and jewels, just tacky like the trump family!!!

    1. Anonymous7:57 AM

      I'm not normally one to jump on the "fake news" bandwagon, but this story sounds like utter bullshit to me. On the order of "Obama is spending $100 million a day on his trip with hundreds of staff and hangers-on staying in 5-star hotels" level bullshit.

      I expect some rwnj blog to take credit for "tricking the stoopid libtards" any minute now. Just sayin'.

    2. Anonymous8:36 AM


      I tend to agree with you. There is so much negative press about Trump that is spot on, but this one reeks of, at best, exaggeration.

  5. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Perfect!! Making America Great Again has been very profitable for mr trump and friends. What a fitting jester to healing the 9/11 crimes. Oh the crimes keep coming and the trump train on a dead end track. The cult of bullies just don't get it! American's will not allow YOU PEOPLE to continue. The scam is over and out.

  6. Anonymous5:19 AM

    And, is the yacht being sent to Mar-A-Lago? Maybe becoming another private club for his billionare friends? Maybe they will be charged even more, like half a million $ to "join"?

    When is this man going to be charged and tried for crimes against the country? It can't happen soon enough. In fact, it is long over-due.

    BTW, this is probably a reason he was so "nice" to the countries in the middle east, and so nasty to our (fast becoming former) allies, the Europeans --- they didn't "gift" him with anything illegal, I guess -- at least nothing he considers worthy of his "greatness"?

    This man is totally bereft of any CLASS or INTELLIGENCE.

  7. Anonymous5:32 AM

    MAY 31 2017, 7:16 AM ET

    ‘Covfefe’: Donald Trump Invents New Word That Conquers Twitter



    Covfefe, Russian word that translates literallyas 'I quit' or 'I leave' or 'I resign.'

    "Despite the constant negative press, covfefe."

    by ConstantCritic May 30, 2017


    Fuck it, I give up.

    Despite the constant negative press covfefe

    by Gridiron Dragon May 30, 2017


    The sighing final utterance of the 45th President of the United states before being put out to pasture.

    "Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

    by zanzalaz May 30, 2017


    1) An alternative name for the stupid motherfucker that currently leads the United States.

    2) Any other Trumpist individual.

    That dumbass is a real covfefe.

    by NCocinas May 30, 2017


    A frothy mixture of Russian hooker pee and fecal matter as an occasional byproduct of anal sex.

    Covfefe does not stain your sheets likesantorum and it's organic.

    by @jaylizz1 May 30, 2017



    "Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

    by zanzalaz May 30, 2017


    Just end all your tweets with this whenever you need to distract people from the Russia story and give people grounds to think it's all dementia so you can resign and tag-team in your veep to finish the cover-up.

    "Despite the constant negative press covfefe"

    by zanzalaz May 30, 2017


    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

      "President Trump Is Very Pleased With the Positive Press 'Covfefe' of His Late-Night Meme"
      "first 100 days by the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School is useful for what it really says about media bias: It transcends politics.

      Conservatives predictably applauded the study's finding that, of news stories about the new president that could be categorized as positive or negative, 80 percent were classified as negative for tone."President Trump can't complain that he is being ignored. He dominated media coverage. He was the topic of 41 percent of all news stories in the media that were analyzed. That's three times the amount of coverage received by the previous three presidents."
      "How do you put a positive spin on a president who launches himself into a full-blown hissy fit over the size of his"...."Trump was also the featured speaker in nearly two-thirds of his coverage. That's because he is not only the leader of the free world but also Donald Trump, a celebrity Twitter troll, a man more savvy about media than about politics or policies."Considering the ways in which Trump effectively turned his "war" with the media into a major campaign rallying cry, he's turned the media bias charge from a liability into an a$$et."

  8. Anonymous5:41 AM

    "This is not nam.. there are rules."
    "Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?"
    "Mark it Zero!"

  9. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Why did Jared Kushner and First Lady Ivanka left Trump's first overseas trip early.

    Did they leave the trip early because Jared Kushner didn't want the United States Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, FBI, CIA and the United States of America taxpayers to know that the President Trump and the Trump family received precious diamonds, gold and whatnots that can be later used to bribe the First Family?

    Similar to the Golden Showers that Trump supposedly received from the Russians that they have been using against Trump.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      "Until the Islamic State could write its own textbooks for its schools, it adopted the Saudi curriculum as its own.
      Saudi money is now transforming European Islam. Leaked German intelligence reports show that charities “closely connected with government offices” of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait are funding mosques, schools and imams"

      " The items must be later turned over to the National Archives and Records Administration, OR the recipient can pay the market value of the gift and keep it."


  10. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Nevertheless, he covfefeed

  11. Anonymous5:50 AM


    With the loot Donald recently from his first overseas trip, does he plan on making 25 more overseas trips before he quits?

  12. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Air Force One pilot:

    Mr. President, with the weight from your yuge fat ass and all the illegal contraband you received from the Saudis you have stashed in the overhead bins and every nook and cranny on Air Force One, Air Force One is too heavy to fly.

    President Trump:

    Well send Jared and Ivanka home early to Mar A Lago with my new wealth. Do I have to think of everything?

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      "her father’s philandering" > does NOT= equal Rape.

    2. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Also your dirty white pants smells.

  13. Anonymous6:38 AM

    So now>
    "Kathy Griffin’s graphic and viral photo shoot this week that showed her holding up the Republican’s bloody decapitated head, stating that his children are particularly disturbed by the fiasco, especially 11-year-old Barron. He wrote on Twitter: "Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!"In January, during Trump’s inauguration, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich tweeted that Barron would be the “country’s first homeschool shooter.” Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity during an interview that “SNL” was terrible and also called out its network NBC, saying: “ And by the way, I don’t mind some humor but—terrible. But for them to attack—for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son is a disgrace... he’s a great boy, and it’s not an easy thing for him, believe me.”Trump is “the social media president. So, look, it’s not even about him. It’s just about the whole thing of where we’re at right now as a society and he just happens to be the one speaking at that.”

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Hmmm hack in and find all war craft his son plays constantly....just saying most young boys do this.

    2. Well, she lost her new year's gig:

      I'm sure that hurts. Sooooo many people tuned in to CNN to watch New Year's.

      Yeah, "she'll never work in this town again" NOT. If anything, this will make Griffin even more in demand. She pushes the envelope, but no more than some MALE comedians.

  14. Anonymous6:42 AM

    And, the arms deal is considered really bad for the US and the that area of the world -- see this from the right-leaning Washington Examiner:

    And, from an article in Time:
    "It is the same incongruous logic that has enabled President Trump to close a nearly $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia on Saturday. For his deputies and American arms manufacturers, the deal, which was one of the largest in history, was cause for celebration. But our hearts sank on hearing the news. The package included tanks, artillery, radar systems and, crucially, precision weaponry, previously blocked by President Obama over concerns that it would be used to kill and injure civilians in the war in neighboring Yemen."

    So, once again, Trump just has to undo good done by Obama.

    Trump must be taken out of office before we are a country without a single friend.

    Oh, and by the way, just read he is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. Way to go dummy! Better do some more homework to insure that the USA hasn't got a single ally left. And, better be sure we don't have any terror attack or weather catastrophe that might need help from friends, because we won't have any of them any more -- Thanks to dummy donnie.

    How quickly our place among the great countries on earth has vanished. In a few short months he has caused this country to plummet in world standing and regard. I had no idea it would happen so quickly even though it was one of the big fears I had about him -- one of the reasons I curled up in a fetal position on election night and cried myself to sleep. Well, not really, I got no sleep that night, and reading about his decision on Paris Accord this morning lead me to the biggest cry I have had in many months. He is despicable as well as deplorable.

  15. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Why is no one else reporting these gifts? Is this actual fact?

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Good question. I tried to find the story on any source that I think is OK, but only found this from The Nation and same thing on some site in Pakistan. And, commenters there said it was Fake News. also, could find nothing on So, seems possible is not true story.

      He was given the gold medal award, but that is only thing I could find.

    2. Anonymous4:17 AM

      Well, Ivanka got her millions from the Saudis and one of Trump's buddies got a $19 billion deal from the Saudis for a dicey-sounding investment firm called Blackstone Group. That's theoretically going to be used for rebuilding the US infrastructure. You know, we'd never want to use US tax dollars, some from the very wealthy for such a thing. Why not make us further indebted to yet another foreign power.

    3. Anonymous7:22 PM

      It's illegal. They know it.
      @ Beaglemom

  16. Anonymous7:07 AM

    A gift to Manchester:

  17. Anonymous7:16 AM


    Message to Vlad?

    Covert Operation Vlad Fucking Expedite Final Evacuation

  18. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Good question. I can't find any reference to this in any other site. In fact, it comes from, which seems to be in Pakistan, and is not on the site of the US publication, The Nation --

    And, commenters on the story on are saying it is fake news.

  19. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I believe that 'covfefe' is a secret code agreed upon by tRump and some collaborator. MAYbe tells the Russians he and his cronies will resist and not tell anything to anyone.

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      " incoherent late night Twitter message proves that Donald Trump has the “stamina to be president.”

  20. Anonymous8:23 AM

    IF the story about all those gifts is correct, he will either have to give them to the country (US), or he an pay appraised or current market value to keep them. He cannot keep them otherwise.

    Not sure about all the gifts his Grifter fandammily has gotten.

  21. Anonymous10:47 AM

    The arms deal is just business as usual between the US and the Saudis, however, these lavish gifts are definitely a new thing.

    Can't find any info regarding the Obama family receiving such gifts after Obama selling the Saudis $110 billion in arms during his two terms.

    Looks like the Saudis bought themselves a new puppet; perhaps King Salman and Putin are going to have to have a fight over who really owns our POTUS.

    1. Obama received gifts and they were handed over to the government. Each year there was a list of what was going up on auction.

      But I'm sure Trump will claim that Obama kept everything and it was a lot more than what he got. Then he'll say he got more than Obama got so he wins and Obama was a loser.

    2. Anonymous6:03 PM

      There must be payment for anything kept personally by any prsident or their family from any foreign entity, unless it has a nominal value. e.g a $50 teddy bear to someone's kid. A hat, (cap type) a novelty pen, etc. IIRC the cut off used to be $100. So I think it was Hillary or Rosalyn was gifted a beatuiful silk scarf from Japan? China? polititcian's wife. the FLOTUS of the time kept it and wrote the US Treasury a check for $250.

  22. Anonymous2:30 PM

    The deal I'm worried about is the 19+ billion dollar investment in a questionable company, Blackstone Group, that apparently is planning to undertake infrastructure work in the US. There go our highways, bridges, and all the rest to the money grabbers and their friends, many of them in Saudi Arabia. The deal was signed while Trump was in SA.

  23. That yacht is heading straight to Mar-a-Lago, that sword will be above the mantle there or in Trump Tower and every Trump family member will be wearing one of those watches. They will have to remove them from their cold, dead arms.

    Trump isn't going to turn over any of this SWAG. He'll strong arm the Congress into passing an exemption so that he can keep anything he gets, retroactive to whenever.

    I'll bet he still has that $4,000 golf club the Japanese gave him too.

    I said it before and I'll say it again. It is the emoluments clause that will be Trump's downfall.

  24. ibwilliamsi6:39 PM

    No doubt they'll all manage to not report it as income, as well.


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