Monday, May 29, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron attacks two Russian media outlets for spreading fake news while standing right next to Vladimir Putin.

Check out Putin's body language.
Courtesy of the AP:

French President Emmanuel Macron has made an extraordinary attack on two Russian media outlets, saying they acted as “propaganda” organs during France’s election campaign. 

Speaking at a news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, Macron accused the two outlets, Russia Today and Sputnik, of spreading fake news. 

He said that’s why he banned their reporters from his campaign headquarters during the race for the French presidency, which he went on to win May 7.

Damn! Look at the set of balls on Macron!

You know it is not often that I feel jealous of France, but damn do I feel jealous of France.

I would give almost anything to have a man with that kind of courage and integrity leading our country.

Oh wait, we just had that. 

(H/T to Democratic Underground.)


  1. Anonymous2:16 PM

    I'm really impressed with Macron from what I've seen of him thus far. Sadly, it will be up to him and Angela Merkel to lead the free world going forward. Though I have faith that Barack Obama will do all that he can to help and I just hope that the world remembers that he is a much better representation of the USA then Cheeto Jesus can ever be.

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Macron Gets Under Putin's Skin, Shows Up Trump
    Like Donald Trump, if Vladimir Putin thought the new boyish French president would roll over he was in for a big surprise when they met for the first time at Versailles on Sunday.

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    POTUS wants US to be S Arabia. No joke. Complains that he came home to a disrespectful public. "S. Arabians know how to treat their king.

    Not sure what, but there is some kind of retaliation POTUS has in mind for failure to love him. "I'll show them."

    1. Anonymous4:09 PM

      2:54: "Not sure what, but there is some kind of retaliation POTUS has in mind for failure to love him. "I'll show them."

      The retaliation is in every Executive Order and his budget, for starters...

    2. Anonymous4:15 PM

      You mean he actually thinks he is a f_cking KING???

    3. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Yeah, the pee pond has figured out how to block those who reply to him negative. Sieg Heil!

      All Hail The Donald!

    4. Anonymous4:51 PM

      "I'll show them."
      Ha Ha, very similar to Nixon's remark 'they would have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore"

      Every day he is in office is retaliation enough.

    5. Anonymous5:07 PM

      ""I'll show them>" What his tiny weeny drumpf dick?

    6. Anonymous5:14 PM

      415 yes. Gradures of illusion. The real ones don't seek attention. They WORK.
      Trumpty whines like a bitch!

    7. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Feel free to move to the dictatorship of Saudia Arabia ASAP and don’t let the door hit your lardass on the way out.


      The disgusted public of the American Democracy

  4. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Vive la France!
    Now THERE's a leader.

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    President Macron statement translation

    "Russia Today and Sputnik have been influential outlets which at several times have spoken mistruths about me and my campaign," Macron said, according to an English translation. "And that's why they were not invited to my headquarters. All media outlets, including Russian ones, have had access to my campaign. Relationships are always the same."

    "So it was serious that foreign media outlets interfered by saying serious mistruths during a Democratic campaign. And I will not give into that in any way," he added. "But Russia Today and Sputnik have not behaved as media outlets and journalists, but behaved as organs of influence, propaganda, and false propaganda."

    ☮ ✋

  6. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Donald Trump has NO balls - as they have sagged to the floor! President Obama was so far superior to him as is the current leader of France!

    Down w/Putin and Trump!

  7. Anonymous4:12 PM

  8. Anonymous4:24 PM

    All I can say is WOW! That's telling it like it is. Macron is my new hero and we are stuck with don the con. Sad

  9. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Little donnie give new meaning to the phase “Ugly American” ! Only 8, I sure there were more.
    Here are 8 embarrassing things Trump did on his European tour

  10. Anonymous5:03 PM

    "Knock it off pootty"

    1. Anonymous11:42 PM

      More like "Knock it off Vlad." As in "Tell Vlad I'll have more leeway after the election."

  11. Anonymous5:04 PM

    France has always had the reputation of being the country that had others fight its battles. Looks like France has grown up and is stepping up to the plate while the bottom falls out of America. How appropriate and may I say, Vive La France!

    1. Anonymous2:48 AM

      "France has always had the reputation of being the country that had others fight its battles"???
      What an utterly ignorant remark. Read some history.

    2. Anonymous3:43 AM

      "Always", you need to read up on history my friend. France kicked serious ass in Europe historically.

    3. Anonymous9:54 PM

      Eh... French the ass kickers lol?

      First the nazis, now the muslims. The French have no balls, individuals maybe, the government, not at all.

  12. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Justin from 'O Canada!

  13. Anonymous5:31 PM

    " probably could not have anticipated—few people had—that Macron would grow so quickly into his job: wowing the cameras and his counterparts at the G7 in Sicily last week; exploiting a death-grip handshake with Trump by telling a reporter there was nothing “innocent” about it; and strolling through the streets of Taormina with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the image of new (very un-Trumpian) global leadership."Once reporters started asking questions, the scene heated up. “Meddling in elections?” Putin declared that he and Macron hadn’t spoken about that and Macron was not interested, “So as far as I am concerned the question doesn’t exist.” To which Macron made it clear that they had indeed spoken about that issue two weeks ago, and “moving ahead” does not mean he has forgotten for a moment what went on.
    Putin got especially incensed when asked about the obvious support he gave to Macron rival Marine Le Pen, a quasi-fascist ultra-nationalist he received at the Kremlin during the French presidential campaign. He claimed that was perfectly natural since he supported many of the same things that she did, such as national sovereignty (and by implication the destruction of the European Union). She had also been supportive of Russia, he said. (By supporting the annexation of CRIMEa, in fact.) Putin could not get around was the fact that he had in fact very publicly backed a loser, his cyber-agents of one description and another had hacked the winner, and he and his policies had failed spectacularly—at least in France."

    1. Anonymous9:29 PM

      I was in Europe when they elected Macron. Everyone was worried about the 'leaks' that the Russians had promised - and delivered - an hour before the end of the last day before election.
      Turns out, Macron was way ahead of the Russians: he had established several fake email accounts, and filled them with fake information, and the Russians fell for it.

      And the French people had a good last laugh about it.

  14. France just went up a few spots on my places I'd like to visit list.

    (All the red states are on the bottom.)

  15. Anonymous12:49 AM

    Young leaders are our future. I am proud of them standing up to bullies, out smart, out wit and out play the old ugly liars. DICKtaters are bad history. DICKtaters will soon be removed and destroyed by the good people on this planet.


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