Monday, May 29, 2017

Jared Kushner has a new defender on Twitter, Julian Assange. Wait, what?

Okay so to be clear Kushner is now getting support from the guy who has been named by American intelligence agencies as the guy utilized by the Russians to spread hacked data and propaganda to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election.

Anybody else find this highly suspicious?

After all why would Assange give two shits about freaking Jared Kushner?

Well perhaps because they were both on the front line of disseminating that hacked information to undermine the Clinton campaign.

Courtesy of a Mother Jones article from September 2016:

On Tuesday, the Observer published a piece maintaining that the DCCC had coordinated—presumably improperly—with the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2015. The story, written by a freelance contributor named Michael Sainato, cited "an internal DCCC memo" leaked to the Observer from Guccifer 2.0—the handle of the hacker or hackers who have successfully targeted these Democratic committees. The Observer is owned by Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has been a top adviser to the Republican presidential nominee.

The New York Observer is of course Jared Kushner's newspaper, and it was certainly more than peripherally involved with spreading the material hacked by the Russians.

You know it is almost as if these people don't even care anymore if folks figure out that all of this was a coordinated effort, or who it was that coordinated it.

Are we still pretending that there is no evidence of collusion?


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Anonymous11:28 AM

    Ivanka, daddy is turning Jared into his scapegoat


    Where I'm from, Trump is turning Kushner into his bitch.

  2. Anonymous11:37 AM

    OT - trump gives the finger to world leaders - like a child being rude but trying to hide it from his parents ...
    (also ‘More passive-aggressiveness-Trump didn’t wear translation earpiece while listening to a G7 speech in ITALIAN.’) - it did the same thing at another event event as well. I believe it was for Black History Month and someone was speaking about Obama’s accomplishments.’
    Trump Caught On Camera Flipping Middle Finger To World Leader; Internet Erupts

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      OMG, he gave the Italian PM the middle finger. Did he think no one would notice because he has such little fingers?

      I am running out of words to express my contempt for this disgusting, crass buffoon.

    2. Anonymous5:59 PM

      ‘That was so totally intentional! Pathetic!’
      It's the longest digit drumpf can show USa

  3. Anonymous11:43 AM

    How about Cory Booker supporting the Weasel?

    ☮ ✋

    1. Anonymous12:05 PM

      He can just kiss his presidential hopes good fucking bye.
      He is owned lock stock and smoking barrels by the Kushner empire, may it implode due to RICO investigation.

    2. Anonymous3:39 PM

      I'm sorry to hear that about Cory Booker.

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Isn't Jared Kushner's daddy a convict or something?

    Shit doesn't fall far from the toilet.

    Jared could be sent up the river for espionage

    Vanity Fair:
    Is a Previously Unfathomable Rift Opening Up Between Jared Kushner and Trump?The mounting controversy won’t go away, and seems to be frustrating the Commander-in-Chief.

    It’s a well-known fact that Donald Trump prefers not to be involved in controversies that could affect his new job as President, or his family. It’s also well known that, even as President, he still keeps one finger firmly planted on the “You’re Fired” button, and is liable to shuffle around his staff at any time. That’s potentially bad news for Jared Kushner. Trump’s son-in-law has recently come under fire for reportedly seeking to communicate with Russia through back-channels during Trump’s campaign, and is now a person of interest in the growing F.B.I investigation.....

    Time and again, Kushner has said that he has no agenda in the White House beyond seeing his father-in-law succeed. “My job is to put him in a good place,” he said recently, before joining Trump on his first presidential trip to the Middle East. But now that Trump and the rest of the West Wing seem to be working to save Kushner, he’s going to need help from members of the administration he has previously worked to undermine.....

    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

      I don't think it's a very good business practice to keep employees on tenterhooks about whether they stay or get fired. It simply doesn't make for good teamwork. Trump is the opposite of a good employer. It's clear that he was in charge of a business with his name on it and not responsible to anyone higher up in the echelon or on a corporate board.

    2. Anonymous5:08 PM

      It’s a well-known fact that Donald Trump prefers not to be involved in controversies that could affect his new job as President, or his family.
      Then why does he continually create them? All his problems have been his own doing.

      As for his staff, they could resign, so they must like being ridiculed. Anyone smart would never work for little donnie to begin with.

  5. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Daddy how come you're not allowed on grandpa's Air Force One?

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Don't worry about Jared Kushner. Want to bet he will get a presidential pardon? Jared will not spend one day in a Federal Prison.

    Worst case, he will spend a week at a country club jail.

  7. Anonymous12:26 PM

    This is what the Intel agents are worried about. The Russians own the pussy. If Jared doesn't comply with Putin's demands, it could mean revealing the secrets that has been passed to the Kremlin, if that's what Jared did?

  8. Anonymous12:45 PM

    What would Trump, Pence, Sessions and the Republican Party would be hollering if Hillary Clinton did what Jared did?


  9. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Not only do they not care anymore if folks figure it out, but daring anyone to put a stop to it.


  10. Anonymous1:36 PM

    That's not the worst I've heard today. Cory Booker, after getting tons of money from Kushner, has jumped to defend him. Cory Booker D-NJ-Snake in the grass...

    The B.

  11. Anonymous2:31 PM

    oh, stop the fucking presses! julian assange says it's perfectly acceptable for jared kushner to have attempted to open a channel of communication with our enemy that would circumvent our own intelligence agencies. well, alrighty then! if julian says so, let's all back the fuck off! what were we thinking?

  12. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Trump doesn't know what his people are doing? They are in photo ops next to him at meetings, ride on Air Force One, go to different countries, meet the Pope, meet other country leaders and given a lot of credit. Trump can't tell if his son-in-law is a double agent? What good is Trump? We don't need him.

  13. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Just what these GOLDSTAR families needs on Memorial Day, Ivanka champagne popsicles. This comes from the daughter of the guy who made excuses for not signing up for the draft.

    Popsicle tweet from Ivanka Trump's lifestyle brand gets icy reception

    By Saba Hamedy, CNN

    Updated 7:00 PM ET, Mon May 29, 2017

    Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump's daughter faced backlash after her lifestyle brand's Twitter account -- "IvankaTrumpHQ" -- gave what some considered an insensitive Memorial Day holiday tip.

    "Make champagne popsicles this #MemorialDay," the tweet read, linking to a section on which features a list of ideas for the holiday, described as the "Kickoff to Summer."....

    Ivanka tweet:

    Ivanka Trump HQ 

    Make champagne popsicles this #MemorialDay: 

    2:00 PM - 28 May 2017

  14. They don't have to pretend. They're in power.

  15. Anonymous4:18 PM

    When will we finally get rid of them all??????????????????

  16. Anonymous4:21 PM

    . Kushner discussed creating a backchannel between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin to discuss military operations in Syria

    So this realtor who was admitted to a college because daddy donated a lot of money to his college is qualified to talk about military operations? He is qualified to talk to the Kremlin?

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      He is qualified to talk to the Kremlin?
      That is what I want to know, just exactly what are his qualifications to do this. I am surprised no one has questioned this.

      Also Gen Kelly defended him, saying this is done all the time.

      Really, setting up a communications line in a foreign enemy's embassy using foreign enemy's equipment is done all the time.

      So what was the big deal about Hillary having a secured server in her basement if it is ok to set up a channel in the russian embassy?

  17. Anonymous5:37 PM

    this is their damage control? One traitor defending another traitor.

  18. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Ogliarchs are losing their grips.

    Everyone is up for bids folks.

    Dope Show begins.


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