Thursday, May 25, 2017

In response to increased pressure over Russian investigations Donald Trump starts to assemble a "war room." and hire outside legal team.

Courtesy of Politico: 

The White House is looking to wall off the scandals threatening to overtake the president’s agenda by building a separate crisis management operation. 

President Donald Trump personally reached out to two of his former campaign aides – his first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and his deputy campaign manager, David Bossie – to sound them out about working with the administration as crisis managers, according to two people familiar with the situation. POLITICO previously reported that both men were spotted in the West Wing last week, before Trump departed on his overseas trip.

No formal announcement is expected before Trump returns to the U.S. this weekend. A White House spokesman said there were no immediate plans to hire Lewandowski and Bossie inside the White House, and it is unclear that the rapid response operation would be housed in the West Wing. It is likely, one person familiar with the operation said, that the work would be done outside of the White House.

Really, Corey Lewandowski? The guy who once manhandled a female reporter?

Doesn't Donald Trump know a single person who is not some kind of scumbag?

Actually I think we already know the answer to that question.

Trump is also bringing on longtime lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, to provide legal assistance in responding the Russia investigation.

Also courtesy of Politico: 

President Donald Trump plans to select Marc Kasowitz — his longtime, New York-based lawyer — to lead his outside legal team as an investigation of Russian election interference heats up, an administration official said. 

Kasowitz has represented Trump in legal matters for decades and is considered to have the president’s trust. He has a well-established rapport with Trump and has spoken to him regularly since Trump was sworn into office. 

In selecting Kasowitz, Trump once again is turning to a person with extensive experience working with him — rather than a seasoned, Washington-based operator — to deal with a high-profile challenge.

And Kasowitz also has experience dealing with the Russians: 

Kasowitz has represented Trump for over 15 years, and is known as a litigator, not a criminal defense lawyer. 

He currently also represents OJSC Sberbank of Russia, the nation's largest bank, which is charged in an open U.S. federal court case of conspiring with granite company executives and others to raid the assets of a competitor.

I guess I should edit my earlier question to read " Doesn't Donald Trump know a single person who is not some kind of scumbag, or is not on the Russian's payroll?"

And once again, I think we know the answer. 


  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    "Donald Trump starts to assemble a "war room." and hire outside legal team."

    Outside legal team as in Russians

    1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    2. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Holy cow I thought that was Assad standing next to Humpty Dumpty there. Haha. Looks like him. Relative?

    3. Anonymous11:50 PM

      12:01 PM, same receding jaw and small hooded eyes, but Assad is way taller.

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Good move. Hire Corey Lewandowski and your divorce lawyer to represent you in a criminal investigation run by Bob Mueller. Bye bye Orange Shitgibbon.
    Better be looking for a country that does not have an extradition treaty with the US while you're overseas.

  3. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I keep waiting for Putin to do something to/with Trump. If Trump were put under certain conditions, he'd sing like a bird!

    He is a horrid representative for America! The absolute worst!

    A 'war room' could turn around and bite him in the ass - have him impeached, etc. What information is he providing Putin? Sounds like treason to me - impeachment here we come and the sooner the better!

  4. Anonymous8:32 AM

    It shows that NO one with a grain of honor or self respect would work for him. Always the Russian connections...

    We The People aren't PAYING for this, are we?

  5. Anonymous8:37 AM

    OT? Frontline this week: BANNONISM
    In the beginning>
    Bannon-Miller-Sessions. Trump read Breibart in 2013.
    Trump Central 'Embassy'.
    (Involved with Citizens United)
    "Destroy Enemies!"
    Trump had 'Adopted Bannonism'
    "Grab them by the Pussy!"
    "Now We are the Establishment."
    only PLEDGES RULE!
    "The Honorable S. Bannon."
    But then> 'YOUR FIRED'

    Steve Miller and Jared Kushner {Eugenics?}
    Boys of Brazil's boys?

    Bannon's War

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      "Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Failed to Disclose Their Multimillion-Dollar Art Collection"
      Makes you go Hummmmmm?

    2. Anonymous5:25 PM


  6. Anonymous8:39 AM

    The only reason to bring your civil attorney to a criminal investigation is because he is the guy that tells you only the things you want to hear. Mr Civil probably won't tell Agent Orange the things he doesn't want to hear about his criminal exposure and how to minimize it.

    As Agent Orange is always the smartest guy in the room (just look at that map of his yooge election win!!!) this will turn out well... for those of us who want to see Agent Orange turn into a toxic cleanup!

  7. Anonymous9:17 AM


    The look back..WoW111

    1. Anonymous10:11 AM

      Total DISregard little Man-hand-ler

    2. Holy shit!

      And did you see him afterwards? Adjusting his coat and sneering down his nose at everyone after gaining the center of attention?

      Even a fucking mob boss isn't that uncouth!

      No wonder Gianforte felt confident enough to assault a reporter. This nation is being run by a mob of thugs.

      I'm sure those that voted for 45 are so proud of their "strong" leader.

      The rest of us are simply totally embarrassed and the world is laughing at us. I'm sure a few are sympathetic to some of us having to live under this petulant tyrant. But think. Were we sympathetic to Italians when they were putting up with Berlusconi? Nope. We blamed them for putting him in office. And I'm sure the world is blaming us for putting Trump in the White House.

  8. Anonymous9:23 AM

    "Brookings Institute fellow and top foreign policy scholar Tom Wright said Trump’s refusal to endorse Article 5 has rendered his entire foreign policy trip a “failure.”

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Pootin might think it was highl6y successful.

      tRUMP? He's drooling at that electoral amp hanging in his shitter on AF 1!

  9. Anonymous9:38 AM

    So? This will come down to his unethical legal team vs Ethical Legal USA Team? In the legal scholars community....well...don is a nightmare. Since it is "private" and oldman trump is buying, spend away. But challenging the Constitution in a Court of Law may be very costly and a waste of time. Don would be smart to resign and take the whole circus act to mars.

  10. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Why did trump tell a hostle foreign dictator where a couple of nuclear subs were? What an asshole.

    1. Anonymous12:03 PM

      Because when you realize TRUMP doesn't care, you will be okay.

  11. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Why did Trump reveal where our nuclear subs were?

    Why did Trump reveal our nation's confidential top secrets?

    Why did Trump put soldiers and allies in harms way by revealing top secrets?



    It gives him power to tell our enemies that he has weapons

    Just like it gave him power over women by grabbing their vaginas


    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      Just like a person with a small dick. He needs to tell everybody he has a big one.

  12. Anonymous11:25 AM

    President Trump shoved the Montenegro prime minister at NATO

    Steve Kopack 

    Did Trump just shove another NATO leader to be in the front of the group?

    8:05 AM - 25 May 2017

    See video below

  13. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Trump you want to get in the front row?


    Get your fat ass away from the donut table and get there early!

    1. Anonymous11:57 AM

      These Republicans sure do like putting their hands on others.

      Assault charges against Trump is called for

  14. Anonymous12:19 PM

    -President Trump

    1. Anonymous12:29 PM

      Oops America
      I was in a rush LOL

  15. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Meanwhile: Trump budget broken down and how it will hurt the 98% of Americans who aren't filthy rich and just filthy - like T.Rump


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