Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Mormon Church is pulling out of the Boy Scouts.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

The Mormon Church announced on Thursday that it was partially ending its participation in the Boy Scouts in the United States and Canada as it realigns its youth programs with its own teachings. 

In a letter addressed to church authorities, the leaders of the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said that the decision to end its sponsorship would affect boys between 14 and 18 years old, starting on Jan. 1, 2018, for units in the Boy Scouts of America and in Scouts Canada. Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs for boys 8 through 13 would be allowed to continue for younger church members, it said. 

“In most congregations in the United States and Canada, young men ages 14–18 are not being served well by the Varsity or Venturing programs, which have historically been difficult to implement within the Church,” a separate church statement said. “This change will allow youth and leaders to implement a simplified program that meets local needs while providing activities that balance spiritual, social, physical and intellectual development goals for young men.”

The Mormons have been treating the Boy Scouts as their own little indoctrination and recruitment center for decades, what could have suddenly soured them on continuing to work with the older scouts?

In recent years, the Boy Scouts have changed policies that once prohibited gay and transgender children and leaders from taking part in their programs. Those changes, while at odds with church teachings, did not directly lead to the decision to end the program for the older boys, a spokesman said, but they did inform it.

Ahh, now I get it.

Besides isn't it much easier to trick younger kids into believing in your superstitious nonsense than older boys with access to the internet?

Personally I haven't been a fan of the Boy Scouts since I was asked to leave back in the 70's.

Back then it was more Hitler youth than Children of the Corn, but it was still very oppressive and militaristic.

Perhaps now the Scouts can find new sponsors, who won't make them pray every time they get lost in the woods or ask them to play that secret spanking game that they are not supposed to tell their parents about.

Oh the possibilities are endless.


  1. Anonymous4:03 AM

    I hope Bonner Bolton and Normani Kordei wind up being a couple from DWTS. That'll make wingnut heads assplode!

  2. Anonymous4:11 AM

    I heard this story the other day on the radio. So the Morons are starting an alternative to the scouts that is is LDS oriented. So what will be the difference between Moron Scouts and Moron missionaries? Both will get bicycle repair lessons and dressing for the 1950's in the 21st Century.

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      If my ex-SIL is any indication, this includes okaying physical and sexual abuse of offspring.

      "Show 'em who's boss; you're king of your castle!"

    2. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Now they need to get put of the baby selling business (adoption). I got stuck in a mo home in the 70s in N.Ogden Utah in a bishops family by the name of Gary Taylor. One of those famous names in that church. Nasty man used to try to pin me up again a wall to kiss me. I was still a teen.I reported him to LDS Social Services. They did nothing about it but at least the sob kept his hands off me. His wife kept in touch with me over the years. He divorced her and married an 18 yr old in his ward.

    3. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Get out of baby...correction.

    4. Anonymous6:39 AM

      They learn how to iron shirts. And how not to fall off porches when folks slam doors in their faces.

  3. SallyinMI4:22 AM

    Are you kidding. They have always been sponsored by CHURCHES, unlike Girl Scouts, who meet in public schools, and are about the girls, not the God. We never did scouting because we couldn't afford the fees. I'm so thankful of that!! So I never encouraged my own kids to do it..our daughter was a Brownie until 3rd grade, and then she dropped out on her own.
    Let the Mormons do their own Hitler Youth will only insulate them more from American society...those kids already have 6AM required 'instruction' every day. They attend public schools around here, but then they are all off to Utah for college, missions, marriage in the big tax free tabernacles, and the women use their college educations to pop out six or seven new Mormons.

  4. Anonymous4:23 AM

    One day the monkeys of the world will unite in stiff opposition to this spanking you speak of.

    Next will be the poor abused chickens.

  5. Love the headline. I'm wondering if there is more truth to it than you reckoned for?

    1. Anonymous5:21 AM


    2. Anonymous6:30 AM

      Ha. So my dirty mind is not the only one that noticed that. Intentional or not, well done, Mr. G. >:)

    3. Anonymous6:38 AM


    4. Anonymous7:20 AM

      "the history of Pride, which was not originally a call for equality, but an act of resistance to discrimination commemorating the Stonewall Riots."
      "proceed to the Kentucky Supreme Court before either side can be appeal it to the U.S. Supreme Court."

    5. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Spank that monkey ;)

    6. Thank you, Mike, "pulling out" is an all-too-unfortunate first read of that headline.

      A young reporter in Idaho who exposed local Mormon sexual molestation (coupled with threats) of Boy Scouts raised quite a ruckus a few years ago. The reporter was outed; his lover lost his job.

  6. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Liberty all our a$$.

  7. Anonymous6:44 AM

    But, but, but... I've always heard it is UNMANLY to PULL OUT. ;>


  8. J.H.C.6:57 AM

    "pulling out of the Boy Scouts."

    Gryphen, you KNOW you're going to Hell*, right?

    *Hell is a registered trademark of Big Religion, LLC and is not based on an actual location. Intended for entertainment and repression purposes, only.

    1. Yes I recognize that I am gong to hell.

      The only question remaining is how close do I have to sit to the flames?

    2. Anonymous10:22 AM

      Well, the only thing to worry about is how thick the graham crackers should be to keep your marshmallows from catching fire in the s'mores.

      Wild Tortoise

  9. Anonymous6:58 AM

    There's another one of those sex abuse lawsuits filed against the MORmON church and the BSA.
    Mormon church and Boy Scouts of America covered up sexual abuse for decades, lawsuit says

    Even the local Salt Lake City temple rag has to cover this one!

  10. Anonymous7:27 AM

    OT?"Only glacier in Montana’s Glacier National Park will be in the park’s name"

    "financing low-carbon energy systems and climate resilience is an investment, not a burden."
    "These investment decisions are NOT a matter of altruism or MORAL obligation. "
    "MYTH>“It’s not a fair situation because [other countries] are paying virtually nothing and we are paying massive amounts of money,” Trump told Reuters late last month."

  11. Anonymous10:12 AM

    The Mos want the chance to indoctrinate another generation of bigots.


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