Saturday, May 13, 2017

Donald Trump uses former DNI James Clapper's statements as proof there is no collusion with Russia, Clapper refuses to let him get away with that.

So the tweets up above are what Trump has been using to convince the public that he is in the clear and there is no evidence of wrongdoing on his part.

However that is highly inaccurate as Vox points out in their article yesterday.

First off here is what James Clapper actually said to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee:

In our intelligence community assessment, we made the point that we could not make that call. The intelligence community has neither the authority, the expertise or the resources to make that judgment. The only thing we said was we saw no evidence of influencing voter tallies at any of the 50 states. But we were not in a position to judge whether — what actual outcome on the election.

You will notice that this is specifically talking about the Russians affecting the voter tallies directly, NOT whether they influenced the outcome through their use of propaganda, and says nothing about collusion.

So yesterday Clapper goes on MSNBC and gets a little more specific.

Here is the transcript of his remarks: 

Well, it might be useful, first, to explain the unique position that the FBI occupies in that it straddles both intelligence, as a part of the intelligence community and law enforcement. 

My practice during the six and a half years that I was at DNI was always to defer to the director of the FBI, be it Director Bob Mueller or Director Jim Comey on whether, when, and what to tell me about a counterintelligence investigation when the possibility was there that this could devolve into some sort of a criminal investigation. 

So I left it to the judgment of the FBI and that was certainly the practice I followed here. But that was consistent with what I did during the whole six and a half years. 

So it's not surprising or out of — or abnormal that I would not have known about the investigation, or, even more importantly, the content of that investigation. 

So I don't know if there was collusion or not. I don't know if there is evidence of collusion or not, nor should I have in this particular context.

Clapper goes on to say, quite definitively, that though there was no evidence of collusion that found it's way into that Intelligence Community Assessment which was released confirming that the Russians meddled in our election, that it does not mean there wasn't any evidence.

So essentially Clapper kneecapped Trump's argument that Clapper's words had vindicated him that all of this is nothing but a witch hunt.


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Oh Yea?

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Yeah. This is truly deep! Put
      on a pot of coffee and dive in:

      How Robert Mercer exploited
      America’s populist insurgency.

      This woman has her duck in a row.
      Sarah Smith explains in depth:


      Fake Democracy's Russian Neuro-Patriots

      Don't kill me, I'm just the messenger.

  2. Anonymous6:44 AM

    666pence too!

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    HE “increasingly sees him$elf as the White House’s only effective spokesperson”.

    Before the night is thru......Your FIRED SPICEY?

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      "The fact that Trump is once again ranting about tapes on social media does not mean any such tapes exist. Indeed, it suggests the exact opposite: that he’s in deep trouble, and sees mythmaking as his only recourse." My bet>
      the Golden $hower Peepee is Real.

  4. Anonymous6:54 AM

    I used to be of the "take his twitter away" mindset but have done a 180. Let him continue!

    He only shows his stupidity and immaturity and emboldens others, media and citizenry alike, to set him firmly on his @ss where he belongs.

    1. Well, in addition to non-stop stupid tweets, he is intent on providing admissions and evidence of assorted criminal or at least impeachable activities, so yeah, let those stubby fat little fingers tweet away.

      What a maroon.

    2. Anonymous1:33 PM

      I would agree with you if his tweets were limited to national issues.

      However, he has a history of tweeting reckless and inflammatory comments about foreign countries, which could easily lead to unthinkable consequences.

  5. Anonymous7:02 AM

    "Trump is a threat to the Constitution."<THIS!!!
    "The firing of Comey was almost undeniably obstruction of justice. Comey was pursuing, however you want to parse it, justice—trying to get to the bottom of a question that is obviously one of legitimate public and legal interest. Trump, in firing him, obstructed that pursuit. Case closed."
    "Trump went on national TV (the Lester Holt interview) and not only admitted that he asked this question, but boasted about it! Then, in all likelihood, he lied about it—it seems impossible to imagine that Comey would have said anything other than something like, “Mr. President, respectfully, I believe we shouldn’t be discussing this.”The real problem is the rape of the Constitution. The grabbing, you might say, of the Constitution by the pussy. He can get away with anything, he famously said on that TAPE."!!!!!
    " One expects they’ll register that most people have grasped that this was a pivotal week—one in which the republic was placed in grave danger, but also the week when the citizenry started to understand the stakes."

  6. Anonymous7:29 AM

  7. Anonymous7:32 AM

  8. Anonymous7:53 AM

    One would think that a man who spent eight years insisting that Obama was born in Kenya despite the birth certificate evidence, and is convinced of the guilt of the Central Park jogger's "rapists" despite the DNA exoneration, would be more understanding of people's persistence in the face of NO contradictory evidence.

  9. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I demand to know if "Liberty University" receives USA Taxpayer dollars. To allow jerry falwell and liberty university to infect and distort reality by allowing that nasty dirty lying pig rump to speak to our young. It is disgraceful. This just shows how bad religious dictators are influencing our world. They must be held accountable for their lies and siphoning of public money. They are scientologist and LIARS molesting children with their mental illness.

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      I agree and I think Jerry Falwell Jr. is much worse than his old man was. Christians condoning the likes of Trump are sickening.

    2. I have to disagree. Trust me, I'm no fan of Falwell, Liberty U, or Resident Chump, but they're entitled to invite any speaker they like, and Presidents have certainly spoken at commencements before. The fact that this is where he speaks is telling but not unusual.

  10. Anonymous8:13 AM

    OT?"A large-scale cyberattack, believed to have been implemented with malicious software stolen from the National Security Agency, caused chaos in hospitals and government institutions in nearly 100 countries on Friday."

  11. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Comey for President 2020!!!!

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      Comey is still a sick, even if his ouster was bullshit.

    2. Anonymous11:25 AM


      No... Just no.

    3. Anonymous1:43 PM

      Comey's horrendous decision to comment about the potential reopening of the Clinton investigation is the reason that Trump is in the White House.

      I certainly believe that his firing this week is a blatant attempt to squelch the the investigation into Trump's ties to Russia. For that reason, it is wrong and possibly even criminal. However, I believe he SHOULD have lost his job when he he publicly commented on the Clinton investigation a week before the election, choosing to break longstanding FBI traditions that are in place to prevent exactly what happened in November.

  12. Anonymous8:19 AM

    OT"President Donald Trump warned of the possibility of a “major war” after Pyongyang’s missile testing last month, and the White House repeatedly hinted at military action."But Trump changed his tune earlier this month, saying he’d be “honored” to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un."

    "Wood told VOA the United States was committed to strengthening the NPT. He said the president's comments were made in reaction to the rapid modernization of nuclear weapons by China and Russia. He said Washington would not be in second or third place should this modernization continue.

    “However, that does not mean in any way that the United States would shirk on its responsibilities that it has under the NPT, particularly Article Six, which deals with good faith, willingness to engage in good-faith negotiations on nuclear disarmament.”
    " Russia now has the most with 7,300 nuclear weapons, followed by the U.S. with nearly 7,000.

    Observers agree this lesser quantity of nuclear arms is still capable of destroying the Earth several times over."

  13. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Comey for President 2020

  14. Anonymous8:29 AM

  15. Anonymous8:45 AM

    2 names to investigate close to trump. 1. Hope Hicks and 2. Keith Schiller. Who are they and why are they so close to trump?
    Trump says he may hire Fox News Producers to help him lie. Who are they? And why would they help this liar?
    Did miss Wasilla runner up sara go to Liberty to sit with her pal Jerry Falwell Jr? And cheer on liars.

  16. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Pence nor Ryan will be fit to take over the presidency when trump is removed by handcuffs. They are tainted LIARS too! They enabled a dangerous crook to harm our country. Who is next inline?

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      Orrin Hatch of Utah

  17. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Chris Wallace Just Shoved His Foot So Far Up Trump’s Ass It Came Out His Mouth (VIDEO)

    ...“When I heard that exchange today between Jeff Mason, White House reporter, and Sean Spicer speaking from the podium in the briefing room for the President of the United States, it took my breath away,” Wallace told fellow Fox host Shep Smith on Friday, adding:

    That was what in Watergate they called a non-denial denial. He was asked specifically, is there a recording device in the Oval Office of the President of the United States? He said, ‘I have nothing for you on that.’ He could have said no. He could have said yes. He said I have nothing for you on that. That is a non-denial denial. Look, it may just be that the President is trolling the press corps and saying work yourself into a frenzy about this and turns out it nothing. But why would he do that? Why would he want to decrease the credibility which is already in question of this White House and comments that are made from that podium? It seems to me that you’re playing a very dangerous game with the currency of the credibility of the President of the United States.

    “Every step he’s taken this week has cut into the credibility of this White House, the trust of the people inside the White House,” Wallace said, “and clearly I think the trust that the American people pay to this President and to his White House staff.”

    “I’ve never seen anything like it and I find it very troubling and troubled. I just don’t understand the game that they’re playing,” he added. “‘Cause it isn’t a game.”

    Watch Wallace tear Trump limb from stupid limb below:

    It’s ON: Comey Refuses To Testify Before Intelligence Committee Unless The Hearing Is Public

    ...What does Comey know? Trump, who demanded a loyalty pledge multiple times that the ousted director turned down, recently threatened to release “tapes” of their conversations. Trump did not say what was on these alleged tapes, but The Donald’s Nixonian outburst reveals that he’s incredibly nervous about whatever it is that Comey knows.

    As for Comey? He hopes there are tapes.

  18. Anonymous9:05 AM

    All Americans, and indeed the entire world, should be very afraid of what is going on with Donald Trump’s presidency. Many people have voiced those concerns publicly, and one of them is former FBI Special Agent Clinton Watts.

    On Friday, Watts appeared on MSNBC to discuss Trump’s threatening tweet directed at now-former FBI Director James Comey, and his remarks were most extraordinary. First, he addressed Trump’s tweet.

    “He’s threatening somebody he already fired. He would make passive threats to the FBI Director via Twitter before he fired him.”

    “He’s saying he might taping…recordings of you to use against you later.”

    “It’s not the rule of law, it’s the rule of Trump.”

    Watts then turned to the fact that Trump really doesn’t seem to be running the nation at all. This is evident to anyone watching the chaos unfold on a daily basis, of course. He continued:

    “He’s obviously not working right now or in charge, he’s sitting watching TV and tweeting. Who is in charge of this country?”

  19. Anonymous9:05 AM

    WATCH: Chomsky Explains Why The GOP Is The ‘Most Dangerous Organization In Human History’

    Chomsky has a real point here.

  20. Anonymous11:09 AM

    When we get through this awful chapter in American History. Americans must demand NO use of tweeter for president or staff. It is disgusting and dangerous, and mandatory Tax records for at least 25 yrs of all candidates. Trump should have been stopped before he rode that stupid elevator down to infect America with his disgusting lies and lawsuits.

    1. Anonymous11:23 AM

      all good ideas.

      How about a White House Psychiatrist to the President to monitor presidential mental health, or lack thereof?

    2. Anonymous1:49 PM

      An elected psychiatrist by the people to monitor presidential mental health. Cant trust a liar to hire the shrink.

    3. Anonymous2:05 PM

      People joining the military and law enforcement are required to pass tests used to determine mental competence. They may not be perfect, but they help to weed out those who are unfit to serve.

      Why is there no test required of the person who will be able to launch nuclear missiles?

  21. Anonymous1:15 PM


  22. Anonymous1:51 PM

    In dons case we don't need a shrink to tell us he is dangerously wacko nuts.


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