Saturday, May 06, 2017

The Senate is now demanding that former Trump campaign staff hand over records of their communications with Russia.

Michael Flynn
Courtesy of the New York Times:  

The Senate Intelligence Committee, seeking to accelerate its broad investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election, has asked a number of high-profile Trump campaign associates to hand over emails and other records of communications and dealings with Russian officials and businesspeople. 

The requests, made in letters sent by the committee in the past 10 days, are a preliminary step and open the way to subpoenas for anyone who does not comply, said two officials with knowledge of the Senate investigation. They said Senator Richard M. Burr, a North Carolina Republican who is chairman of the committee, was prepared to compel the Trump associates to turn over their records.

Among those who said they had received the requests were Roger J. Stone, an informal adviser to President Trump, and Carter Page, a businessman and former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign. Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman, and Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, were also sent letters, said the officials with knowledge of the investigation. Representatives for both men declined to comment.

The letter from the Senate committee, which was jointly signed by Senator Burr and Senator Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat who is vice chairman of the panel, asks its recipients to list all the meetings they had with Russian officials or business people from June 16, 2015, through Jan. 20, 2017. It set a May 9 deadline for a response. 

Then, the committee requested that by May 19, the recipients hand over records of all communications — including emails, text messages and phone logs — with Russian officials or business people from the same period. It also asks them for information on any of their financial or real estate holdings related to Russia and to list any meetings they know of between other Trump campaign associates and Russians.

Now we're talking. 

I currently have concerns about every one of the investigations into the Trump associates collusion with Russia, but I remain tentatively optimistic that one or more of these investigations will get to the truth and that we will see the end of the Trump presidency.

What can I say, I dare to dream big.


  1. Grey One talks sass6:23 AM

    Does anyone remember reports of Lord Dampnuts campaign staff erasing emails and texts? I am not confident any information remains to be collected.

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM


    1. Anonymous10:03 AM

  3. Anonymous6:57 AM


    1. Anonymous7:42 AM

      Bother to u package it, lazy ass@ 6:57.

    2. Anonymous 7:42 AM asked: Bother to u package it, lazy ass@ 6:57.

      When I see something like 6:57's “comment‟ I ask myself, was the material at the far end of that link enough to get the poster fired up enough to write a few words of actual comment, or even to quote a representative line or two from that material? No? Did they even make the trivial effort required to make the link clickable? No? If the poster won't exert him/herself even a little bit, why should I, when the very poster of the link makes it clear that it isn't worth any effort?

    3. Anonymous11:08 AM

      Like @ 9:44.

    4. Anonymous11:36 AM

      This is a dumb question but forgive me as I am 137 years old. How do you make a link clickable once you've copied and pasted it? I usually read and comment on IM from my cell phone. Thanks in advance.

    5. Anonymous 11:36 AM asked: How do you make a link clickable once you've copied and pasted it?

      You put (without the single quotes) '<a href="' to the left of the URL, and >text for readers to see</a>' to the right of it. In the place where I've written 'text for readers to see' I usually paste a second copy of the URL, but it can be any text as long as there's something there for people to click on.

      Note that when you're giving people an example such as the above, you have to use &lt; and &gt; for left and right angle brackets respectively, and more circumlocution for the example in this paragraph.

      BTW, if my father were alive today, he would be only 127 years old.

    6. Anonymous2:24 PM

      Gracias, Ted.

  4. Anonymous6:59 AM

    About time! Let's get this impeachment started.

  5. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Papers? We don't have to show any papers.

    Right Melania?
    Right Trump's tax man?
    Right Trump/Russian mob men?

  6. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Remember people, don't say you don't have any documents or spoke to any Russians or have any dealings with Russians?


  7. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Look at the picture. What do you notice?

  8. SallyinMI7:20 AM

    So is Senator Burr one GOPer with morals and a conscience? Expect him to be removed from his post as soon as Pence can whip up a scandal about him.

    1. Anonymous8:14 AM

      I read yesterday that Burr was a part of Agent Orange's transition, and may be trying to sabotage the investigation.

  9. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Look at Huffpo. T.Rump transition officials made copies and removed classified docs during transition. Including dossier on Kislyak. P
    Obama administrators were alarmed at this clearly negligent and careless at best (treasonous in my personal view) handling of documents. Other docs were about crisis plans for US. My bet is the Russians now have those. T.Rump needs to be impeached NOW. And the elections reheld, all his appointees removed.

    1. Anonymous7:56 AM

      ""T.Rump needs to be impeached NOW. And the elections reheld, all his appointees removed""

      BAHAHAHAHAAAA.... still thinking there is some kind of redo option on the elections do you?!

    2. Anonymous 7:56 AM wrote: BAHAHAHAHAAAA.... still thinking there is some kind of redo option on the elections do you?!

      When you choose to mock someone, it does make a certain amount of sense to reread your post and fix obvious grammatical errors. (ELFS)

      Be that as it may, and although I would never make such a suggestion myself, Sharron Angle had thoughts on “some kind of redo option‟ :-)

    3. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Funny, 7:56 - but that was exactly what the (R)s and Bernie bros (Russian trolls) touted if Hilary were elected and charged with anything.

      Impeachment alone would not trigger a "re-do" election hacking? why not, as the result of the collusion with a foreign power is the election result itself, which would then be illegitimate. The investigation above is his "team" not just his individual actions. My guess is he made Pence and the fundagelicals a deal. The VP slot for silence on the treasonous dealings, which in itself is treason beyond normal politicking.

    4. Anonymous7:27 PM


      you really have to get that thru your head.

      Not to mention, all you nutters are hanging your hats on totally made up tales spun by crackpot Lousie Mensch, and Bill Palmer (who gets all his false information from Louise Mensch) lol.

      Oh, and Ted, STFU.

    5. Anonymous 7:27 PM wrote: Oh, and Ted, STFU.

      Unlike you, I have the guts to put my name on all my comments, so you should have do difficulty in skipping over them. If you also want to keep other people from seeing them, you'll need to get Gryphen's cooperation. I try to avoid making ad hominem remarks in comments, but I'll make an exception in your case: I think, based on the evidence, that you have a bad case of Trumpitis.

  10. Anonymous7:55 AM

  11. That isn't going to happen.

    First, they will destroy everything before handing it over.

    Second, there won't be anything to hand over because I'm sure most of it was verbal and either in person or in some form that can't be documented.

    That's how every entity violates laws.

    I had a principal that used to violate the contract pretty regularly. But she did it in a he said-she said way. She would order you to do something that was a contract violation, not in writing but verbally. Like a conversation on the playground with no witnesses. You had to do it because it was an order and to refuse would be insubordination. But if you reported it to the union, there was no documentation so it was only her word. And she had a habit of "forgetting" promises she made because they were only verbal and there was no documentation.

    And that's elementary school stuff. You really think these big boys were sending e-mails that are sitting on some server somewhere?

    1. Anonymous1:22 PM

      There's always that chance investigators Might have a recording of those calls listened in on. To deny all would be risky if investigations possibly might have proof that contridics their claims. Of course there's always heresay. We'll never know all the facts.

  12. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Like any of them would choose to comply with such a request. And it IS a request unless they back it up with subpoenas. And there has been plenty of time for them to completely destroy any such evidence.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Carter just refused request today. Things are heating up in Trumpland.

  13. Anonymous10:36 AM

    "Lakoff met with Barack Obama when he was still a Senator, and tried to get him to change the terms of the debate more than 10 years ago. When he arrived at the Senate office, he got a round of applause from Obama’s staff and found all of his books in speechwriter John Favreau’s office. But when he gave Obama a copy of his book Thinking Points, Obama immediately handed it off to Favreau." "Lakoff repeatedly says that “voters don’t vote their self-interest, they vote their values,”
    "Progressives are still living in the world of Descartes and the Enlightenment, Lakoff said, a neat world governed by the rules of logic. Descartes said, “I think therefore I am,” but Lakoff claims that we are embodied beings and that 98 percent of thought is unconscious."
    " Republicans understand the narrative that governs many people in this country, and they target their message directly to that worldview. Democrats, on the other hand, ignore the worldview and focus instead on rationality, facts and policies.

    It is a myth that the truth will set us free"
    "understands that the way to get at people’s political opinions is by talking about values, rather than specific arguments about specific issues. He believes conservatives are much better at this than liberals and have been for a very long time. They have a much better track record of crafting political appeals by way of the appropriate value statements for their audience.”"
    Conservatives believe in a what Lakoff calls the “strict father family,” while progressives believe in a “nurturant parent family.” In the strict father family, father knows best and he has the moral authority. The children and spouse have to defer to him, and when they disobey, he has the right to punish them so they will learn to do the right thing."


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