Sunday, May 14, 2017

Watch out Donald Trump, there's a new Hitler in town. No, literally.

Courtesy of New 

A former New Jersey man who gained notoriety for his Nazi allegiances and custody battle over his kids is now officially named Hitler as of Monday, according to 

Born Isidore Heath Campbell, the Shippensburg, Pa. resident his request to change his name to Isidore Heath Hitler was approved in March by a judge and took effect on Monday. 

Campbell once tried to have a supermarket inscribe "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" on a birthday cake for his son. He would later lose parental rights to his nine children. 

Campbell was sentenced to 180 days in jail and two years of probation last year as part of a plea deal he made on charges of resisting arrest and obstructing justice, it was previously reported.

"Isidore?" If this guy was going to change any part of his name, why wouldn't he change that part?

Well you have to admit that his timing is on point.

After all if you are going to live in a newly fascist country you might as well look and sound the part.


  1. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Heath? Any relation to our sara? He seems to have the same derangement syndrome.

  2. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Isadore sounds Jewish

  3. Anonymous5:37 AM

    The part that astounds me is that he has 9 children.

    Either one woman was crazy enough to stay with him long enough to give birth to 9 of his offspring, or he found multiple women crazy enough to have his children.

    1. a. j. billings6:52 AM

      Evangelical Christians who believe that a female's only purpose is being a brood mare and housekeeper.

      Dovetails nicely with a belief in Fascist governments and mandating theocracy at the point of a gun

    2. Anonymous9:12 AM

      There are at least two ex wives or girlfriends responsible. He showed up with girlfriend at one of his countless hearings a couple of years ago with both dressed in quasi-Nazi uniforms

  4. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Nine kids. Think about it, somewhere out there, are women(or perhaps just the one lady) who had sex with that .... THING. Aaaaand wanted to reproduce with it. Shudder.

    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      Nine kids. Bet they recieve food stamps. What would Hitler say!

    2. Anonymous9:14 AM

      Yes. At the time of the Hitler birthday cake incident he was bragging about using whatever form of assistance he was getting for cigarettes.

  5. Anonymous5:44 AM

    well....I'll say one thing about this man-child that doesn't relate to his abhorrent least he is above board with his extreme form of hate....unlike people like Donald Trump Jr. and the biological creature that produced the sperm that gave him life who try to hide their white supremacist beliefs

  6. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Nine kids? Eeeewwww.

  7. Anonymous6:13 AM

    We just need a new outrageous oerson who doesn't actually hurt anyone to replace the UGLY fat orange sh#tgibbon. Sick of gop baby in the news all the time.

  8. Anonymous6:46 AM

  9. Anonymous7:33 AM

    "“No, no I didn’t, but I don’t think it would be a bad question to ask. I think loyalty to the country, loyalty to the United States is important, you know, I mean, it depends on how you define loyalty, number one,” Trump said. “Number two, I don’t know how that got there, because I didn’t ask that question.”he recorded his conversations with Comey, Trump said: “That I won’t talk about. I can’t talk about that.”

    “All I want is for Comey to be honest, and I hope he will be, and I’m sure he will be,” Trump said. “I hope.”

  10. Anonymous7:35 AM

    He had no self esteem as a campbell, but hitler makes him sound omnipotent.

    9 kids says he had to prove over and over and over again that he was a man.

    Looks not so different from the dRUMPf boys.

  11. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Actually Isdore Hitler works just fine.

    Many Isadores call themselves "Izzy" for short. That way the gentleman could encourage dialog and possible beatdowns when people point at him and say "Izzy Hitler?"

    I wonder if that's the same Izzy Hitler who works the lesser Vegas showrooms as "Izzy Hitler, Poop Juggler/Prop Comic"

    or possibly Prop Juggler/Poop Comic.

  12. Anonymous10:32 AM


  13. The movie Idiocracy is coming true. Only it's not funny.


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