Monday, June 26, 2017

As many as four million may be able to sue over robocalls made to their phones by Mike Huckabee pimping some straight to DVD "War on Christmas" movie.

Courtesy of the Daily Beast:  

This week, potential litigants from Nebraska to Oklahoma received mailers offering the opportunity to join a class action lawsuit if former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee robocalled their houses with advertisements for a straight-to-DVD movie about the War on Christmas. 

“If you received one or more telephone calls that used the recorded voice of Mike Huckabee to deliver a message as part of a campaign for the movie Last Ounce of Courage, you may be a class member in a class action lawsuit,” the mailer reads. 

Lawyers for plaintiffs Dorit and Ron Golan, who first filed the suit in 2014, allege that more than 4 million calls were made in the marketing campaign for Last Ounce of Courage. The case was first dismissed in May of 2014, then allowed to proceed by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in June of 2015. The class action was certified by a U.S. district court judge in St. Louis in January of this year. 

Huckabee himself was originally listed as a defendant but was later removed from the case, according to a memorandum from United States District Judge E. Richard Webber, the person who initially determined that the Golans did not have a case. The suit hinges on the plaintiffs alleging that the calls are in potential violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which stipulates that unsolicited messages with commercial content via telephone is unlawful.

As you might imagine Huckabee was not prepared to speak to reporters about this case.

Okay look I don't like solicitors calling me at home either, but how bad can this movie be that so many people are prepared to sue over being asked to purchase it?

Holy crap! I actually want to get in on this lawsuit for just having to watch the trailer.

And get a load of the heavy handed marketing campaign: 

“The advertising campaign for Last Ounce of Courage included approximately 4 million telephone calls to residential telephone numbers through many states in the United States and ‘Email to Text (ETT) Messages’ to 30 million cell phones,” the complaint alleges. 

What’s more is that the complaint contends the calls were meant to appear as if they were a survey to see whether call recipients had “traditional American values.” And “if the recipients believed in freedom and liberty, they would enjoy Last Ounce of Courage.”Here are some of the segments the complaint alleges were featured in the call: 

“Hello, this is Governor Mike Huckabee with a 45-second survey. Do you believe in American Freedom and Liberty?” 

“Would you, like me, Mike Huckabee, like to see Hollywood respect and promote traditional American values?” 

“I am an enthusiastic supporter of a new movie called Last Ounce of Courage. It is a film about faith, freedom, and taking a stand for American values.” Some of the calls also allegedly included plugs for Huckabee’s radio show, which the the Golans’ lawyers point to in the complaint.

Yeah I think this is reasonable grounds for a lawsuit, I just wish that the original judge had not removed Huckabee who it appears "composed, reviewed, and modified the script, made the recording, inserted material into the script and recording advertising his radio show, inserted material into the recording personally benefitting him, all with the knowledge and expectation that his recording be played on 4 million illegal calls."

Seems to me that he should be the number one defendant named in the suit. 

I cannot believe these idiots are still trying to fan the flames on that ridiculous "War on Christmas" bullshit.

And what do they do now that Donald Trump is in the White House?

What am I saying? This it too good of a gig to simply walk away from.

They will continue pushing this "fake news" while blaming it on Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. 


  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    I'm surprised Sarah Palin didn't get in on the scam. She's loved making money out of the Fox fake news "war" on Christmas.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      She did have that one book.

    2. Anonymous8:25 AM

      You can bet that she is doing her part in the background and silently working on this insane assclown show. After all. Her daughter did entertain the Russian girl on her unhoneymoon RV trip into the wilderness.

  2. My hearing has been going south since I was 40 in 1994, and the phone rather totally lost to me after about 2000. I keep telling people there's a certain upside to deafness. Here it is again.

    1. Anonymous6:25 AM

      So I guess you won't be joining in the fun and suing old Mike Fuckerbee?

  3. What a dreadful movie. Catch the "black guy" from Washington, out to make trouble? Remind you of anyone?

  4. Anonymous6:19 AM

    Do you remember the series that received so much outrage because that could "never happen here!?" I think it was called Amerika. It was about the Russians taking over America. I think it is time to petition to bring that back.

  5. A. J. Billings8:10 AM

    Shades of the great movie "The Undefeated" that will change the world, and cause the Wasilla Idiot to be elected President.

    What a crock of unmitigated rotten shite!

  6. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Yes and also the junk email coming from "trumputin stumps" Russian single girls dot com, So robo and cyber crimes are traceable and convictable.

  7. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Sigh. Sure, people living in a nation where churches are listed in the local paper and phone books, where some towns have a church on every corner, where the children's schooling revolves around the Christian calendar, whose same children can go from Christian daycare to Christian schools and play sports on a Christian league or join the Christian Fellowship of Athletes, whose holidays are celebrated on tv and in all the stores, who have entire stores dedicated to their faith that they can patronize whenever they want, and regular stores that carry stuff for them to feed their beliefs...yes, these people are truly being persecuted for their faith.


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