Saturday, June 17, 2017

As suspected Donald Trump is using the presidency to gain more wealth.

Yesterday Trump's 2017 financial disclosure was released.

I started to read through it in order to write an in depth analysis, before realizing that I don't know shit about finances and going to the movies instead.

However there are others who did not sleep through their economics classes, and THEY have made some discoveries.

For instance The Atlantic discovered that Trump is using his office to make his properties more profitable:   

President Trump says he’s received tens of millions of dollars in income from the golf courses and resorts whose profile he boosted during frequent visits since taking office, according to filings released Friday by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. 

The 98 pages of financial disclosures offer a partial snapshot of Trump’s income and assets from January 2016 to April this year, as well as indications he’s reaped at least a partial windfall since his most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission last year. The filings offer less detailed information about his precise financial situation than would be obtained from his tax returns. Trump broke with modern precedents by refusing to release those returns on the campaign trail or during his presidency.

Properties that Trump frequently visited as president saw the largest boost in income. Trump claimed more than $37 million in income from Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach County resort in Florida he described as his “Winter White House,” as well as $20 million in income from the nearby golf club he owns in Jupiter, Florida. His claimed Mar-a-Lago income rose rapidly since his last two financial disclosures with the FEC: Trump reported more than $15 million in income from the resort in the 2015 report, followed by $29 million in the 2016 version.

So apparently while we were all criticizing Trump for constantly visiting golf clubs and resorts instead of working, he was in fact using his office to draw attention to them and make them more profitable.

Which, in my opinion, is actually much worse.

Here is a president who may be slow to respond to national disasters because he is too busy doing free advertising for one of his many commercial properties.

However the report is not all good news for Trump's finances, because we also learned that he owes hundreds of millions of dollars and may not be nearly as wealthy as he claims.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

President Donald Trump had personal liabilities of at least $315.6 million to German, U.S. and other lenders as of mid-2017, according to a federal financial disclosure form released late on Friday by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics. 

Trump reported income of at least $594 million for 2016 and early 2017 and assets worth at least $1.4 billion. 

Only 1.4 billion in assets huh?

Now I'm sure that Trump would dispute this and claim that it only shows a portion of his "vast wealth," but until we see his tax returns this is really all we have to go on.

And having over 300 million in liabilities certainly does not speak well of his money management skills either.

Using the White House to make money, while lying about his wealth, and owing creditors over 300 millions dollars.

THAT is who the Russians, and of course deplorables, thought should run this country.

Yeah, that impeachment thing really cannot happen soon enough in my opinion.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    It has been said that the old post office aka trump hotel across from white house was developed with a Russian loan of trumps. I think I read that on palmers report or somewhere.

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      I read today that it's still losing money.

      Moar Arabs!

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Those assets are not all cash. A lot of that is real estate that can not be sold immediately to raise cash. Most of our wealth is tied up in our house and in our area selling that can take months and you will not get what it is "worth" on paper... He is worth a LOT less than a billion dollars esp if he had to cash out now.

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Dance, puppet, dance! Why more people do not see this confounds me.

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Imagine if those loams came due NOW. Watch 'em all squirm like a little kid that has to go potty. Dance, indeed!

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    As an accountant I have zero interest in any Trump financial documents. In my opinion any such document is nothing more than a reflection of what Trump thinks he can get away with.

  5. Anonymous10:21 AM

    9 Vladimir Putin quotes that offer terrifying insights into his mind

  6. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Russian money laundering bank funded Donald Trump’s DC hotel construction during campaign

    ...All the way down on page fifty of the new financial disclosure form (which you can download here), it’s confirmed that Donald Trump currently has four separate loans from Deutsche Bank. Three of them were taken out back in 2012. But the fourth was taken out in 2015, just as the presidential race was getting underway, for the purpose of building what would become the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. The hotel ultimately opened for business in October of 2016.

    So now we’re looking at the specter of a Russian money laundering bank having floated a massive long-term loan to Donald Trump just as he was launching a presidential campaign which went on to hire at least half a dozen senior advisers who had close ties or contacts with the Russian government during the course of the campaign. That doesn’t prove Russia laundered the money to Trump in exchange for him running for president and doing Russia’s bidding, but it sure is eye-popping.

  7. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Steve Bannon “crapping” himself over probe into Donald Trump campaign’s Russian data connections

  8. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Donald Trump has finally found something to give to Vladimir Putin. It's called Cuba

    Russia is moving quickly to reassert influence in its old satellite 90 miles from the US

  9. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Donald Trump holds over 500 positions outside the US government, his 2017 financials show

  10. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Trump’s Business Ties in Persian Gulf Raise Questions About His Allegiances

  11. Anonymous10:31 AM

    Most Americans think Trump committed a felony, poll shows

  12. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Congressman: Trump is ‘on the verge of a meltdown’

  13. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Trump is using politics to make money.

    Does this sound familiar?

    Can you say Sarah Palin and SarahPac?

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Not without an eye roll. When you have no skills other than lying and cheating your way through life. All in the name of the LORD.

  14. Anonymous10:46 AM


    Bill Cosby Trial Declared Mistrial

  15. Anonymous10:55 AM


    Ann Coulter goes on anti-Trump tirade
    Jun 17th 2017 11:34AM

    Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has sounded off on President Trump in a recent series of tweets including one where she suggests Vice President Pence could quickly win support for the top job if he began advocating for the border wall with Mexico.

    On Friday, she wrote, "This daily Trump melodrama is worth it ONLY if he's really going to build the wall, cut off Muslim refugees and deport illegals."

    Coulter then added in a pair of messages, "Today's BORDER WALLCONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Miles completed yesterday—Zero; Miles completed since Inauguration—Zero. NEXT UPDATE TOMORROW. Anyone in a Southwestern state who strolls to the border & drops a brick will have done more to build the wall than @realDonaldTrump."...

  16. Anonymous11:37 AM

  17. Anonymous11:47 AM

    newTy gingRICH:

  18. Anonymous12:15 PM

    MAGA. For the idiots that still support him, how do you defend the indefensible?

    1. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Looks like the only other thing the trumpster (rhymes with dumpster) gains with this is weight.

  19. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Dear Robert Mueller, please get ur hands on Hair Furors tax returns. Only then will we know the real truth about his finances. A story in USA Today back in March detailed how Trump, his businesses and associates turned to Russian oligarchs with organized crime connections for loans since no bank here would touch him. Qusay, I mean Norman Bates, I mean eric, admitted to getting funding for golf courses from the Russians. I have visions of Cuba Gooding Jr screaming "show me the tax returns"

  20. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Trump is using his office to make his properties more profitable:

    Like making updates such as a helipad at the taxpayer’s expense. He never even used it except to fly guests in, by they time they reopen next year; he will be out of office.

    What other remodeling have they done at our expense?

    Then of course we have all the over billing of the secret service, such a patriot, for use of golf carts, million dollar apts in trump tower, rooms at Mar a Lago and who knows what else.

    Also is this financial disclosure even a legal document, it isn’t like a tax return and I would bet the swamp they didn’t disclose everything. Like all the loans from russians.

    Mr “ I know more about taxes than the IRS” also asked for an extension on his tax return, I bet this was to obstruct Congress and others from getting his return. Hard to hide the dirt, if he actual files his tax return.


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