Saturday, June 17, 2017

Senator Lisa Murkowski takes stand for Planned Parenthood. Wait, MY Senator Lisa Murkowski?

Courtesy of Politico: 

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has assured an Alaska constituent that she's committed to preserving Planned Parenthood funding as part of a health care bill — the strongest line she's drawn yet over one of the most controversial elements of the Obamacare repeal effort. 

"I am committed to ensuring that important provisions of the ACA, such as covering those with pre-existing conditions, continued support for Medicaid expansion, coverage for dependents and no lifetime limits, and funding for Planned Parenthood remain intact," Murkowski wrote in the constituent letter obtained by POLITICO.

Murkowski is one of the most important swing votes in the health care debate, making her position on Planned Parenthood potentially pivotal to the shape of the final bill. Most Republicans, as well as anti-abortion groups, want the organization defunded as part of the health bill. 

In the past, Murkowski has said publicly that she doesn't think Planned Parenthood defunding should be part of the repeal effort. But she hasn't said that she would automatically vote against a bill that included it.

Well damn, I'm actually impressed by this.

It is not often that Murkowski takes a political stance that some lobbyist is not paying her to take, so this is to be celebrated.

And having said this out loud, I really don't think that Murkowski can renege on this position without it essentially dooming her reelection chances, so I am pretty confident that she will stand by it despite the pressures put on her by her fellow Republicans.

Look I know it's not much, but she is all we Alaskans have by way of ethical politicians representing us in Washington.

Besides her we only have Dan "Koch brothers' bitch" Sullivan and Don "How much will you pay me for my vote" Young.

Sometimes Lisa can be as wishy washy as they come, but if she stands by this decision, and I really think she will, she has essentially ensured that Trumpcare is dead in the water.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Let's see how she votes.

  2. Anonymous11:37 AM

    She and Susan Collins seem to be joining together as the conscience of the GOP.

    1. Don't think so.

      How can people without conscience become the conscience of the GOP or anyone else?

    2. Senator Lisa Murkowski will continue the republican assault on the American people, especially the most vulnerable.

      She and Collins can blather all they want but at the end of the day they will vote against the American people.

  3. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I agree. Only Democratic Senators would agree with her requirements for the bill in the senate and then democratic house members would have to join in. The President Agent Orange would veto the bill because if would be clearly labeled ObamaCare 2 "The Sequel"

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM

    15 groups

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    It might be my imagination, but it seems that the unified block of GOP politicians that has been unbreakable for so many years has begun to splinter, ever so slightly. Every so often, we are hearing of a Republican publicly taking a stand on an issue that goes against the party line or criticizing the decisions of party members, including the president.

    Perhaps being associated with the Cheeto-in-Chief and his Cabinet of Corrupt Crazies is a bridge too far for some of them, and they are choosing to go their own way on issues. It might be inspired by self-preservation and a desire to desert a sinking ship but, whatever the motivation, maybe it's a dim but persistent light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

    I've often said that they may always put party before country, but they also put their own careers and bank accounts before party.

    Wouldn't that be the final insult to have Trump become what shatters the unity of the GOP after all these years of Republican lockstep?

    1. Anonymous2:03 PM

      At the GOP Senator luncheon Orange Hitler hosted Lisa was assigned to sit next to him and she looked like she wanted to get the hell out of there.

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      I noticed that she was sitting next to Trump at that luncheon! McConnell probably put her there since she is in cahoots with him in Congress.

      Vote her out of office, Alaskans. She does NOT represent the majority of us. She IS a major part of the United States Congress and their ratings are horrid!

  6. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Another change as to Lisa Murkowski. Should we really be surprised in Alaska? This is what she does and this go around is only due to the fact she is up for reelection soon. You cannot count on her at all!

    Vote her out of office, Alaskans! It's way past time!

  7. Anonymous12:36 PM

    C'mon gryph, I thought u were better than this, cutting and pasting a story from The Onion. Lisa standing up to mitch McChinless? Well crazier things have happened, like a lying, cheating, mafia connected, Putin fellating, no responsibility taking, kiss my ring shister being elected President.

    1. Anonymous7:08 PM

      you forgot pussy grabbing and incestuous.

  8. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Ivanka 'I'm a saint' Trump is on a comeback tour. Don't buy the spin

    She recently graced the cover of US Weekly with the headline ‘Why I Disagree with My Dad’. It was a clear ploy to try and score some points with liberals.

    I hope you have taken some time this week to quietly thank Ivanka Trump for her tireless service and reflect on how just how much the mom, daughter, wife, entrepreneur, and White House employee is sacrificing for the good of America.

    We are, you see, coming to the end of Workforce Development Week in the White House—an initiative that could also be described as Quick, Deflect Attention From ComeyGate and Improve Ivanka’s Image Week.

    Ivanka has been keeping something of a low profile recently but that seems to have come to an end. The past week has seen her firmly back in the spotlight in what is, by all appearances, a calculated PR initiative to rehabilitate her faltering brand.

    ...I don’t know that Ivanka’s reintroduction tour is quite over, however. Indeed, I’d be willing to bet that the liberal media is going to continue to give Ivanka the benefit of the doubt, even as evidence mounts up that she doesn’t deserve it. I’ve noted before that I think Ivanka benefits hugely from “pretty privilege.” If she wasn’t so conventionally attractive then I’m fairly certain she’d have been vilified by the press a long time ago; typecast as a meddling woman rather than a moderating influence.

    I don’t think this is called out as much as it should be: perhaps because straight male commentators don’t want to think their Serious Political Analysis is being influenced by a woman’s pretty face or because liberal women think it’s bad feminism to focus too much on Ivanka’s looks.

    But it would be disingenuous to say that Ivanka doesn’t use how she looks in order to shape how people see her.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      She doesn't have the majority of Americans behind her - just like her Dad. I find her as repulsive as is he. Plus, she's had major cosmetic surgery on her face. It hardly moves and she doesn't smile easily!

  9. Doesn't carpetbagger Sullivan make his off season home in Cleveland-where he came from? He has spent an inordinate amount of time raising money there. I have never been to Alaska so maybe Cleveland is on the Iditarod route. :)

    1. Anonymous2:58 PM

      I believe that Cleveland has custody of Balto. Sure wish OH would take back AKINO Senator Dan - the 5th koch bro.

      Gonna call HIS office and register displeasure with TrumpCareLess and gonna call Sen. Murk's office and applaud her support in opposition to this POS. Doesn't mean I love her or even agree with much of anything tainted by GOPs, but I'm appreciating seeing Lisa show a little spine.

    2. Anonymous8:17 PM

      Oh my, could you even imagine having to BE from Ohio, or really anywhere in that middle shithole of our country?

      Seriously, have any of you ever had to fly to one of those places or drive through a place like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin or god forbid Iowa?

      I guess I should applaud Sullivan for at least getting the hell out of Ohio and coming to AK, for whatever reason, but damn, I really feel for folks that get stuck in those places.

  10. Anonymous3:06 PM

    He is known to be the Ohioan in Alaska. I didn't vote for him - he just never seemed Alaskan to me. The only thing he has Alaskan is his wife who is part Alaskan native or part Eskimo - - cannot remember which.

    1. Anonymous8:14 PM

      Aren't natives and eskimos the same thing?

  11. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Lisa isn't up for reelection.

    But she's very good at figuring which way the wind is blowing, so maybe she is trying to put as much distance as possible between herself and the fat orange fuck she calls Mr President.

  12. Anonymous4:37 PM

    When she doesn't keep her promise Gryphen either won't cover it or will claim that he knew all along she wouldn't do so.

    1. Anonymous8:13 PM

      She's only taking this stance because she knows that her vote doesn't matter on this one, just like the DeVos education vote, her vote didn't matter.

      Lisa only takes a stance when she knows that there is a majority without her.

  13. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Murky will only vote to preserve planned parenthood if she knows there are enough votes to kill it without her. She is the worst kind of politician.

    Don't forget, she only undid her sweetheart land deal with Bob Penny after she got caught.

    She will never cross fellow republicans it there is something in it for her. In this case, votes from constituents, without risk of torpedoing fellow republicans. Don't ever make the mistake of thinking she is actually doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.


  14. Anonymous12:59 AM



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