Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Megyn Kelly's interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is blowing up in her face.

So Megyn Kelly, a recent NBC hire after walking away from Fox News, has an interview with Info Wars Alex Jones airing this next Sunday night.

However the blowback on this thing has now reached epic levels.

First off she is under fire from at least on parent of a Sandy Hill shooting victim.

Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

NBC’s Megyn Kelly is under fire for her one-on-one interview with Infowars’s Alex Jones. 

One of the immediate critics is a mother whose daughter was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a massacre that Jones has dismissed as a government hoax. 

Nelba Márquez-Greene saw the interview, scheduled to air Sunday — Father’s Day — as an “egregious offense” to fathers whose children were murdered Dec. 14, 2012, in Newtown, Conn. 

“To give Alex Jones a platform on Father’s Day is especially cruel to me,” she told The Washington Post.

Since Jones has claimed that the shooting was fake and no children actually died, one can understand this mother's anger.

Kelly responded to these comments with this tweet:
However that was not good enough for the organizers of the Promise Champions Gala, an event that raises money for the gun violence prevention group the Sandy Hook Promise foundation, who have now dropped Kelly as their host this year.

It was also not good enough for JP Morgan who has now pulled their ads from NBC News over this controversy.

This has led others to call for the firing of Megyn Kelly, and the revelation that so far Kelly has been a "ratings disaster" for the network: 

“NBC is freaking out,” a source told Radar. “They didn’t pay her $15 million for this. They are now worried that her numbers will be bad when she joins the 9 am hour of Today.” 

“If Kelly tanks at 9 am she will also bring down Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb at 10am,” warned the source. 

In order to do damage control, producers are scrambling to land Kelly some major “gets” to improve the 46-year-old journalist’s ratings.

Personally I have no idea why NBC and MSNBC keep hiring these Fox News cast offs.

They have zero journalistic integrity and they bring with them years of baggage from their time at Fox News.
I for one will NEVER watch any show that Megyn Kelly hosts, just like I have never watched Greta Van Susteren since her move to MSNBC.

Call me a snob but I like my journalism to have actual journalism in it.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    On CNN Jason Miller just called Kamala Harris' questioning of Sessions as "hysterical" and Kirsten Powers just called him out for being the sexist pig that he is.

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      $eXxxtist Boar:


  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Alex Jones, purveyor of fake news, should never be allowed to appear on a news program that does real news. That leaves only Fox for him; they deserve one another. And I hope this is the end of Megyn Kelly. She should be ashamed of herself.

  3. Anonymous4:56 PM

    The plastic surgery she had on her face was all for naught! She doesn't even look the same.

    Down goes the show of Meghan and her career.

    She was an original FOX gal - so should we be at all surprised? I've not tuned into her - just see the info about her on line.

  4. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I don't think Greta is doing well on MSNBC. She's now having to advertise herself and her show which speaks to me of a MSNBC failure!

    She and Megyn Kelly are going down, down, down. FOX girls. I've never watched either - cannot stand them. Both have had facial surgery for their new shows...their looks have not improved at all!

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Haven't watched GVS since her slobbering over $arah and wannabe f-buddy TAWD. Pardon my rudeness, but that was disgusting as is most likely this comment.

  5. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Sometimes Rachel Maddow just rambles and waves her hands while she's telling a story. It's kinda annoying.

    1. Yes we understand that Fox News viewers have very hard time digesting the detailed facts and timelines that Rachel lays out during her broadcasts.

      And yet her ratings have shot up despite the inability to certain viewers to keep up.

    2. Anonymous5:41 PM

      5:11 is just trying to oppress lesbians. Ain't that right, Heather?

    3. Anonymous5:53 PM

      Just pay attention and listen to Rachel - she'll teach you one heck of a LOT!

      She's factual and honest and I make it a point to never miss her show Monday through Friday nights on MSNBC.

    4. Anonymous6:04 PM

      Gryphen - right on! Rachel must have a terrific staff and she educates us every night. She uses her hand gestures to emphasize points and if one really wants to learn something but is annoyed at Rachel's gestures - shut your damned eyes and open your ears -

      Old what's his name that is choosing these "newcomers" needs to back off and stop bringing ignorance to MSNBC. He's a slow learner. Nicole Wallace is not ready for prime time but ingratiates herself to her audience by referencing her Republican colleagues with whom she stays in touch, apparently. Not compelling enough for my time investment.

      I think Lawrence O'Donnell has more congressional exposure and insight than any other host.

    5. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Much like fox news was killing it during the Obama Presidency, and like Limbaugh killed it during the Clinton reign. It is just the pendulum of who is in power and who is the most entertaining antagonist on tv. Don't make it more than it is. Frankly, Rachel isn't that entertaining to me, but she is to many, to each his or her own. I find her generally annoying, boring, and repetitive. And the hand waving is overdone. It is all storytelling, not news or journalism.

    6. Anonymous6:18 PM

      I prefer Lawrence O'Donnell by alot. As for Megyn With A Y, she's getting long in the tooth.

    7. Anonymous7:09 PM

      She is boring, annoying and repetitive. It takes her forever to get to the point.

    8. Anonymous9:47 PM

      6:17 - unlike Hannity, O'Reilly, et. al., Maddow aims to inform you. Not entertain you. If you need your information brought to you with spittle and venom, stick to Fox.

    9. Anonymous5:40 AM

      Yes, if you are smart, it does take Rachel time to get to the point. Agreed. However, she zings it every time. Not everyone is smart, and if she can get the dumb people to undertand, that is good. I love her passion and humor and how she never ever ever interrupts her guests. She is polite. She never takes a 2 minute lead into questioning her guests, giving them 30 seconds to answer.
      She is fucking brilliant and deserves the pulitzer when the shitgibbon goes down.

    10. Anonymous5:41 AM

      Storytelling is an educational strategy. Just so you know....

  6. No snob. Just a guy with a functioning brain.

  7. Anonymous5:39 PM

    To Fox News viewers, shining a "light" is God. Goodbye to your career, Megyn, you are no journalist.

  8. Anonymous6:09 PM

    F#ck Kelly and I'm turning off MSNBC now that the other female hack from Faux is also now on their network. MSNBC has lost their credibility.

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Mobile apps and notifications deliver breaking news literally as it happens regardless of where you are.

      Never before has TV news been so unnecessary and I fully expect in the next decade, as the older generations still tied to their TV habits age out, there will be a major shift in how the majority of people get their news.

      I expect very few of the news channels to survive, and those that do will have to change their formats.

  9. I don't understand how they even let this one get by. Doesn't Kelly have to run her ideas past some sort of boss? That's when it should have been headed off at the pass. Airing on Father's Day? Now that is someone else's YUUUUUGE scheduling blunder. Are they all so stupid they don't know who Alex Jones is?

    Sure, you need to shine a light on this asshole. But doing it on Father's Day is not the time and Megan Kelly is hardly the one to do it. She simply doesn't have the chops.

    NBC screwed up bigtime on this.

    I'd say they should shelve the idea of putting Kelly on the morning show at 9am. Revisit that.

    In the meantime they should cancel this planned airing of the interview. Indefinitely would be preferred but certainly not on Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other day even remotely about family, etc.

    Maybe delay it until the anniversary, then edited it down to a small part of a larger special about Sandy Hook that features the parents and includes gun regulation. Then include Alex Jones as a footnote example of the crazy dipshits out there peddling FAKE NEWS. In other words, repackage him. I'll bet they have the footage to do it.

    In the meantime Megan Kelly obviously needs a handler. Her judgement is very questionable. She sounds like a very expensive hiring mistake. Yeah, they should have known better than to hire any ex-Fox anything.

  10. Anonymous7:22 PM



    1. I've got a better one.

      The New York Public Theater is doing a production of Julius Caesar. It's contemporary and guess what make-up and costume are doing?


      "In its rendition of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” that premiered Monday at Central Park’s Delacorte Theater but has been in previews since May, the title character is blond, wears a blue suit, owns a gold bathtub, and is even married to a woman with a Slavic accent. Caesar is stabbed to death by members of his own government who doubt his ability to lead their nation.

      A storm of controversy ensued since last week when a clip of the death scene was widely circulated online. But the Public Theater sees no reason to apologize.

      “The Public Theater stands completely behind our production of Julius Caesar,” the nonprofit theater group wrote in a statement on its website. “We understand and respect the right of our sponsors and supporters to allocate their funding in line with their own values. We recognize that our interpretation of the play has provoked heated discussion; audiences, sponsors and supporters have expressed varying viewpoints and opinions.”"

      I wonder if Brutus is "Jared"?

  11. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Who watches Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda???

    1. Anonymous8:21 PM

      I like to have my morning wine with them ;-)

  12. Anonymous7:40 PM

    It is disgusting to give one second of air time to trash like jones, bannon, trump, rush, and several more. These people are un-American hateful con artist and deserve no attention.

    1. Anonymous8:20 PM

      The only good thing about Jones getting wider exposure on this interview is that perhaps not everyone realizes exactly how vile he is.

      The public merely sees that he is approved by POTUS and that Infowars is granted press corp status but now many of them will realize that this man is a fraud and a crackpot.

      Even if Kelly tries to white wash him and doesn't ask the hard questions I have to believe that his true nature will shine through at some point.

  13. Anonymous7:46 PM

    There's a terrible apartment fire being fought in London right now. There will definitely be many fatalities. I guarantee you Trump will start a fight with London's mayor over this.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      And yet the inferno did not melt the steel and the building did not freefall onto itself. Go figure. Never before or since 9/11 has fire caused steel framed buildings to freefall onto themselves due to extended all consuming high heat fires.

    2. Anonymous6:13 AM

      5:36 - How much aviation fuel is powering these fires where the buildings don't collapse?

    3. Anonymous6:27 AM

      @ 5:36 am
      You're a special kind of stupid!
      The Twin Towers were hit by aircraft full of jet fuel.
      Can you see the difference now?

    4. Anonymous6:50 AM

      Baby Saved:

    5. Anonymous6:54 AM

      6:27 no I can't since they were built to withstand it. Architects and physicists don't by the story or the NIST report. Do some research before you poopoo it. Common sense also a plus. Most of the jet fuel was lost in the initial explosion. #bigfireball.

    6. Anonymous6:59 AM

      And what about WTC 7, which was not hit by a plane. Had a much much smaller fire, and still collapsed in free fall onto its own footprint.
      Please do some studying and read what educated architects and physicists and
      structural engineers have to say.
      I appreciate you not wanting to, as it will fuck with your mind. But once you do, there are too many things against the original conspiracy theory.
      I'll side with the educated specialists in these matters over the shit slurping patriots.

  14. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Call me an optimist, but I hope Megyn gets him to admit, in front of millions of people, that his tormenting of the parents of murdered children was all done in the name of "performance art".

  15. Anonymous11:18 PM

    The devastatingly hurtful absurdities that come out of this gasbag are the product of an amoral, diseased mind. He should not be given a platform. He should be shunned. He's a greedy, conscienceless kook who incites the rubes.

  16. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Honestly, I do like Greta. I think she holds people accountable. I'll forgive her for her girl crush on the Palin's. They were convincing liars. I'm sure she's embarrassed by being taken in by the grifters.However, they are small potatoes next to the liar/grifter in chief and his mini grifters.

    1. Anonymous5:35 AM

      Yes but Palin paved the way. Without Palins I doubt we'd be in this mess. She ginned up the teabaggers and it's been downhill ever since.
      Fuck McCain and Schmidt and Kristol. They built this.

  17. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Putin is being normalized. Trump was washed clean when he got saved. Hmmm. The Dr evils of the world are busy beavers. NBC is either a desperate ratings whore or they are I collusion with the new Nazi regime. Yeah, that's right folks, just keep drinking he koolaid.

  18. Anonymous5:33 AM

    I'm not sure why the authorities don't fess up that the confusion re: Sandy hook comes from the FACT that a DRILL was scheduled that day, which the shooter took full advantage of to cover him and create confusion.
    This is a typical modus operandi of terror attacks since they provide easy cover and confusion.
    There were several drills on 9/11 which aided the attack. There are tapes of the confused military people running the drills stating "is this real world now or is it still drill?"
    This is how the conspiracies get their fuel.
    A lot of research has been done on Sandy Hook and people in the town did get their homes paid off etc, as some sort of recompense, albeit small, for this drill that went horribly wrong. It explains the pictures of people in the town dressed as firemen and swat teams. It explains the electric sign asking drill players to check in.
    Why the fuck not just come clean with this? People in the town obviously know. What is the big fucking secret??

  19. Anonymous8:52 AM

    What goes around-comes around



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