Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sarah Palin gets called out again for using her website to post Right Wing articles as click-bait.

Courtesy of New York Magazine: 

A quick scroll through reveals that there are ads and there is a “U.S. Debt Clock” ($19 trillion and counting). At the bottom of every page, under the tab labeled “more,” there is an ad section labeled “you may also like.” It features all manner of shady clickbait: a guide to which celebrities “are jerks in real life,” photos of tacky jewelry, and a drawing of what appears to be diseased feet. You see this kind of thing in pop-up ads that look like fake websites, or at the bottom of real websites that are stuck in another era of the internet. There’s also an online store, where you can purchase Palin’s books and DVDs of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. And there is “Her Story,” a short biography complete with oddly stretched photos of the woman herself. 

Most prominent on the website, though, are short articles that are presented as news. 

Many of the posts are just bad aggregation, condensed and rewritten versions of reports from other publications — like the Daily Caller, Fox News, and Politico, as well as less well-known sites such as Weasel Zippers — that shape and distribute news so that it confirms a conservative worldview. You might call it fake news or propaganda, with headlines like, “YES! Trump Fulfills Campaign Promise to Help the Coal Industry” (approximately 70 jobs were created, by a private company, at a coal mine in Pennsylvania) or “EVIDENCE FOUND! Trump Was Right on Voter Fraud …” (12 people in Indiana were charged with submitting fraudulent voter-registration applications, while Trump claimed that “millions” of undocumented immigrants had voted illegally in the 2016 election). 

Others are just random write-ups of viral videos; one reads, “Two INCREDIBLE Performances Are Leaving Americans SPEECHLESS.” Once in a while, there will be a column or two.

The article goes on to list all of the ways that Palin desperately attempted to stay relevant, from her stint as Fox News contributor, her doomed reality shows, and her incredibly temporary foray into subscription based internet TV. (Interestingly they did not even bother to mention Palin's book writing endeavors. Probably snootily only want to give credit to book authors who actually write their books.)

The article goes on:

Palin doesn’t write much. Initially, she penned a few of the articles, with titles like “INSANE”; “Trig’s School of Life. We’re all learning!”; “Alpha Males … Hot Hot Hot”; and “You, Sir, Are Unfortunately Being Used by Democrats.” 

But now, her sole contribution is when, about once a day, she publishes something called “SWEET FREEDOM DAILY DEVOTIONAL.” Occasionally, perhaps owing to error, it’s referred to as “SWEET FREEDOM DAILY DEVOTION” or even just “DAILY DEVOTIONAL,” no “sweet freedom.” These begin with scripture and end with a word of advice. On Saturday, her instruction was, “Today, quit waiting until circumstances are just right before you praise the Lord. You already have so much to thank God for, so what are you waiting for?” The contact form for press inquiries on doesn’t work, and an interview request, forwarded to Palin through a friend and associate of hers, was not answered as of press time.

(I hate to break it to New York Magazine, but it is most likely that those contributions of Palin's were almost completely written, or rewritten, by others.)

New York Magazine also attempted to contact the people who actually produce the content for,  but none of them would consent to an interview, and the only response was from a woman who did not submit her work to the website, was not sure how it got there, and was never paid for her "contribution."

This is actually the third time that Palin has been called out for her shitposts and click bait heavy content.

The first was back on February 1st of this year, on The Daily Banter, and the second was only nine days later on the Huffington Post.

I think that the only reason more new outlets have not pointed out the obvious is because they have forgotten that Palin is still alive.

I used to look forward to the days when we could dance around the rotting corpse of Sarah Palin's career, but to be honest it is getting a little old.

Now I am looking forward to dancing around the rotting corpse of Donald Trump's career.

I wonder if THAT will ever get old?


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I read that item yesterday and I have to say it made me chuckle that anyone would find Sarah Palin worth commenting on... but I guess the writer needed a laugh.

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Ah yes! The "good ol' days" of tearing apart bit by bit her world salad take on world affairs she knew absolutely nothing about! How I miss those interviews where she was so drugged up that she almost slid off her chair! Now, "oh crap, YOU again?"

    If she has truly "found" God, perhaps she should look up what that truly means and live by it. She belies it just with her cheesy website for starters.

    1. Anonymous6:38 PM

      God has always been in every decision.

    2. Anonymous6:54 PM

      She has always pretended to be churchy and used it whenever she thought she could make a buck by doing so.

      Bristol once said about her pretend religiousness that it wasn't real. That was before Bristol stopped spilling family secrets and started to pretend being churchy herself.

    3. Anonymous7:52 PM

      6:38PM, that's a laugh. She doesn't give a damn about god or anyone but herself.

    4. Dinty8:11 PM

      @6:38. Delusion has been in every decision is more like it.

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I don't even look at her Twitter and Facebook pages anymore.

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Damn Sarah you need to find a real job or keep busy by babysitting all those grandkids. That's if you have access to them.

    1. Anonymous6:09 PM

      She doesn't have many grandchildren available any more. Charlie would be her best shot but Jordan is looking so well that you can only think she is having zero to do with Palins right now. Charlie's a chubby little thing and has those homely Heath features but he seems to be a happy baby and I hope he stays that way.

    2. Anonymous6:21 PM

      do tell, where does one confirmJordan's "looking well?"

    3. Anonymous6:39 PM

      She's never not looked well.

      And yes Charlie and Tripp are twins as babies.

      Jordan and willow are friends.

    4. Anonymous6:39 PM

      Lol. People here make me lmao at the stupidity.

    5. Anonymous6:44 PM

      Why stalk strangers? Who are still friends with Palin's and their extended family?

      Besides britta is close to the family.

    6. Anonymous7:53 PM

      6:44PM, no she's not.

    7. Anonymous8:33 PM

      Charlie and Tripp don't look anything alike as babies. Not a fucking bit, you fool.

      Jordan and I have a mutual friend who is not Willow Palin. Spare me.

    8. Anonymous8:34 PM

      6.21 Her IG

    9. Anonymous10:35 PM

      lol. f-list stalkers.

      git a life folks.

  5. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I only hope that we can someday soon see Trump get his just as Palin got hers. Except I hope Trump has to pay much more in the end for all that he has done...

    1. Dinty8:13 PM

      For Steve Bannon, Palin was Trump before Trump. Makes me wonder what the good oppo is..

    2. Anonymous6:18 AM

      A lot of the good oppo has already been posted on this blog.

      No one believes it.


    3. Anonymous7:51 AM

      Chevelle - I Get It

  6. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Not that anyone has forgotten, but hellejuah that she slid into has been infamy. Even in her hey day, anyone with a half functioning brain knew how stupid and ill-informed she is, yet you're given that assignment by your boss that you have to cover her latest appearance/screed. WHY ME.

  7. Lumbersexuals are soooo 2016 now5:35 PM

    Alpha Males… Hot Hot Hot
    By Sarah Palin 8:41pm January 14, 2017

    "My husband is the biggest fan of actors like Denzel Washington, Terry Crews, Clint Eastwood, and Dean Cain. Other artists, too, who appreciate opportunities to be rewarded for work ethic and talent, and who motivate and respect their fans. The actors who keep it in perspective."


    View the rest without worrying about the post being deleted!

    Also too!:

    "I hope artists who exude a special mix of confidence and humbleness baked into their talent and manifested self-discipline know how much they are appreciated. Their status in pop culture affords them great influence, as everything is downstream from pop culture, including politics, so their gift of influence is enormously significant in the world."

    Ummm FUK YAH!!!!!

    1. Anonymous5:47 PM

      That you, DUH?

    2. Anonymous5:58 PM

      geez, I remember Clint Eastwood. Hi Sarah, like your husband I really respect dementia too, and the people that were cynical enough to put it on an international stage to embarrass their candidate and everyone else in the room.

      Clint Eastwood will always be remembered that way because he wasn't ever smart enough nor humble enough to avoid it.

    3. Anonymous5:24 AM

      Like any true conservative, Eastwood has always lived a christian lifestyle.

      BWAHAHA, just jokin'!

      He's a whore! He bullied his exes into abortions! He never could keep it in his pants! He NEVER could be faithful to any woman!
      He may be worse than Tawd in a lot of ways. I don't know if he pimped out any of his mistresses, but I wouldn't put it past him.

  8. Anonymous5:54 PM

    a pic you might want to keep

    1. Anonymous6:39 PM

      I'm more into moobs than well larded ham hocks!

    2. Anonymous12:46 AM

      Wow, just ... Wow

  9. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Don't know where this came from, but it is, oh, so appropriate.

    "In the end, karma will be a bigger bitch than I'll ever need to be."

    Ah, just deserts.


    1. Anonymous5:25 AM

      Karma is just another word for the concept of a god.
      Either is just as useful.
      Neither takes the place of action.

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Well let's go caveman and whap her on the head with a big big stick! C if it helps!

  10. Anonymous6:05 PM

    That's what the entire blogosphere is. At least she is positive and not abusive.

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      Not abusive? Only if you don't consider disparaging the father of her grandson and the father of her niece and nephew child abuse.

    2. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Oh hunny, who are you trying to fool 6:05 PM?

    3. Anonymous6:40 PM

      i loled

    4. Anonymous6:55 PM

      Positive doesn't mean what you think it does.

  11. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Liberal stalkerzzzz. Creepy

    You realize how weird it is to comment on strangers ?

    1. Anonymous6:51 PM

      Strangers?! You make yourself a public figure, especially in the political realm, and, as a voting citizen of this country, I'll comment any damned time I want to!

      You got that???

    2. Anonymous6:57 PM

      And what exactly are you doing but stalking and commenting on strangers?

    3. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Absolutely! Mrs Piss stalked PBO for over eight years as a con-servative stalker. Pretty sure she didn't know him.

    4. Anonymous7:55 PM

      6:42pm, being a stranger has never stopped you from pretending you're an insider. Not even a restraining order can help you get a clue.

    5. Anonymous8:25 PM

      Sarah's not a stranger to all of us, Alicia. In fact, YOU are the stranger around here.

    6. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Did Sarah realize how weird it was while governor to stalk people who "have some evil in them"?

    7. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Sarah? Play nice. Just cuz you have Putin and Trump on your side don't be so cocky. Unless you know something we don't. You know, like the fascist manifesto?

    8. Anonymous5:43 PM

      6:42 Soooo,why are you here except to comment on strangers comments? Trumps going to cut off your crazy checks pretty soon. Why don't you go plant your nose up his orange anus for a while...crazy lady?

  12. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Rats, I was hoping she had leprosy.

    1. Anonymous11:40 PM

      Or a labodamy. Hahaha.

    2. Karen Hernandez5:15 AM

      Labodamy or lobotomy? Jeezus Christ on a cracker, people that spell like 11:40 pm make Palin look like a MENSA member. I spell better than that and English is not my first language.

    3. Anonymous5:27 AM


    4. Anonymous8:02 AM

      Karen is an idiot.

    5. Anonymous8:05 AM

      People! Spell check changes words around, splits them up, so the IT is all cracked out.
      And Karen evidently. Trippin.
      We got the spell check popo.

    6. Anonymous2:50 PM

      Spell check Nazi. Go get a life.

  13. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Palin put the last nails in her coffin with her Dr. Zeus style nonsensical speeches and the spewing for Trump which was
    also a colossal disaster. Yet, she still has fans left who may still feel sad she was "victimized" when her stupidity, ignorance and lies were called out. Her feed of poison has no other outlets now.

    1. Anonymous3:55 AM

      Pretty bad when even dRumpf sends her home after that guffaw-inducing endorsement speech, then claims that any future appearances (including the RNC) was too far to come.

      No one down ticket wanted her stumping for them either. She can't put the blame on anyone but herself. The truth was going to come out eventually.

  14. a. j. billings5:09 AM

    Notice also that the Wasilly Grifter uses 11 year old photos of herself on that execrable excuse for a website.

    Paylin's latest click-collector website is painfully stupid, has horrible layout, and is utterly useless except probably the last hundred idiots who send her money hoping that Queen Esther will somehow be elected PResident

  15. Anonymous6:17 AM

    GOOD! B$>

  16. Anonymous6:30 AM

    I looked at Mary Kate Knorr's Facebook page. Her writing lacks both talent and skill.

  17. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Sarah is just furious nobody clued her in to a great "charity" scam as the Trump youngers have with St Jude. I have known many people who have donations painlessly taken every month from their bank accounts. Gee, only $19 per month times how many suckers? We all need new sources of money Sarah says through gnashed teeth.


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