Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Father's Day tweet that I think we all deserve to read today.

Here was Obama's response.
I don't know about all of you but there are times when I feel numb after reading and writing about Donald Trump, his presidency, and the various investigations being conducted around them both.

And it is at times like these that I think back to a simpler time, when a man we could all admire was the leader of this country.

It just gives me hope, that if we were smart enough to elect someone like him twice, that we will be that smart yet again, hopefully the very next time we get the opportunity.

Happy Father's Day Mr. Obama.

And thank you.


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    I am too, President Obama.

    Happy Father's Day to you and your beautiful family, and thank you for showing us how it's done against all odds because of your color.

  2. You are right, he was "a man we could all admire". unfortunately a big chunk of this country chose not to, and they acted on it.

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    I think history will be very good to President Obama. He served our country for two terms and did an excellent job. I'm especially proud I cast my vote for him both times!

    He showed us, by example, as to his love for First Lady Michelle and his lovely two daughters!

    Happy Father's Day, President Obama! You and First Lady Michelle have raised two outstanding daughters!

  4. Anonymous3:04 PM

    The above picture is wonderful; both the daughters' and Pres. O's smiling face.

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Gryphen you are like the rest of the Democrats always praising Obama and not praising our president.

    Raw Story:
    What kind of dad is Donald Trump?

    ....Trump is a dad of five with children from three marriages. With Ivana Trump, his first wife, the president had his oldest, Donald Jr., who is now 39; Ivanka, who is now 35; and Eric, who is now 33. When Trump married Marla Maples in 1993, they had Tiffany, who is now 23. And finally, after he wed Melania Trump in 2005, they had Barron, who is now 11....

    ...Eric has mentioned that his older siblings raised him, especially after his parents' divorce...

    ....Tiffany got a taste of that attitude, too, even though Trump wasn't too involved in her upbringing. Her parents divorced the year she turned 6. Afterward, Maples raised Tiffany in California, making her home-cooked meals and watching movies together, according to People. Occasionally Maples would take the couple's daughter to New York to meet Trump for dinner, but Maples still considered herself a single mother....

    ....wasn’t a typical ‘let’s go play catch in the backyard’ sort of father-son relationship," Donald Jr. said last year,...

    ....Barron also has an attentive mother and a unique relationship with the president.

    The first lady is a hands-on mom—to the extent that Trump did not change Barron's diapers after he was born, according to BuzzFeed....

    .... Barron and his mom had been living in the Big Apple until he finished the school year....

    1. Anonymous7:00 PM

      From your description it's clear Donald Trunp had children out of a sense of duty, after which he abandoned them to nannies, governesses, and their mothers . . . until he abandoned their mothers.

      Trump spent Father's Day 2017 tweeting about his popularity. Not exactly Father of the Year behavior.

      He's a thug, a bully, a failure, and a spoiled brat whose only thought is about me, me, me.

    2. Anonymous7:55 AM

      How many abortions ...?

  6. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Happy Father's Day must be a Happy Sad Day in the Palin household?

    Who is Track's real biological father?

    Has to be a big confusing day for Bristol's children?

    Track's children celebrates Mother's Day. Do they even know what Father's Day is?

    Sarah probably wishes her family was alot like the Obama's?

    Sarah you can't wish it, you have to invest time, love and parenting. You have to set good examples for those delinquents. You can't go partying in a limo with them and bust up birthday parties and expect them to be like the Obama family.

    Wishing you all the best which means nothing since we can't stand you and your bloodline.

    1. Anonymous5:01 PM

      That's what you choose to post on a thread about our finest President, and Father's Day?

      You need to get a life. Posts like yours give liberals a bad name.


    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      While I agree with you, HeidiWY, yes, we all have our own burdens. Where I draw the line is the sanctimonious crap when they live none of it.

  7. Anonymous3:38 PM

    What a beautiful smile. We were all so lucky to have that family in the White House.

    1. Anonymous4:50 PM

      Let the crow peck away.
      No wonder dRumpf constantly yelps!
      No comparison.

  8. Anonymous7:18 PM

    NBC’s senior news editor and writer Bradd Jaffy perfectly captured the juxtaposition between President Obama and Trump’s messages to America, simply by placing them side by side:

  9. Anonymous7:50 PM


    Eric Trump Exploits Father’s Day To Sell Merchandise; Gets His Ass Handed To Him

  10. Anonymous4:33 AM

    There are many men who are very good fathers today. Being there, listening, sharing and teaching right from wrong is the greatest gift to a child.

  11. Anonymous7:51 AM

    past President Obama's left hand is bigger then 'tiny djts' at his 1st knuckles, including the ring bling. Great Man EXample.

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Even ivankaka hands are bigger than her turd father.

  12. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Aaah. Best POTUS ever.


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