Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trump is having a hard time finding Republicans willing to jump onto his sinking ship.

Who wouldn't want to join my team? It's the best, most amazing team ever.
Courtesy of WaPo: 

The array of legal and political threats hanging over the Trump presidency has compounded the White House’s struggles to fill out the top ranks of the government. 

Trump’s firing of FBI Director James B. Comey last month and the escalating probe into Russian interference in the presidential election have made hiring even more difficult, say former federal officials, party activists, lobbyists and candidates who Trump officials have tried to recruit. 

Republicans say they are turning down job offers to work for a chief executive whose volatile temperament makes them nervous. They are asking head-hunters if their reputations could suffer permanent damage, according to 27 people The Washington Post interviewed to assess what is becoming a debilitating factor in recruiting political appointees.

The hiring challenge complicates the already slow pace at which Trump is filling senior leadership jobs across government.

Of course the Administration is denying this report, because that is what they do.

Here is how Spicy responded:  

“I have people knocking down my door to talk to the presidential personnel office,” said White House press secretary Sean Spicer. “There is a huge demand to join this administration.”

Are those people "knocking down" the door the same people who said that Trump's inaugural numbers were the largest EVER, and that Trump is not being investigated by the Special Counsel I wonder?

Or is this a different group of imaginary people?

The facts really speak for themselves here:  

At this point, Trump has 43 confirmed appointees to senior posts, compared with the 151 top political appointees confirmed by mid-June in President Barack Obama’s first term and the 130 under President George W. Bush, according to data tracked by The Post and the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service’s Center for Presidential Transition.

And it makes perfect sense. 

After all it is one thing to offer verbal support for a president whose presidency is going down in flames, and quite another to strap your career to it's side so that you both plummet to your mutual demise together.


  1. Anonymous4:14 PM

    ANYONE would be nuttier than a fruitcake to join the administration or cabinet of The Donald. It would ruin their political reputations for the rest of their lives.

    I cannot fathom be a part of the Trump team as he is the most deplorable white guy in the entire USA! He's utterly pure evil as I've mentioned many times before.

    1. Anonymous4:47 PM

      You speak of the truth. The Orange man speak with forked tongue and not to be trusted!
      I have spoken.
      Those whom choose to follow the Orange one will live in darkness through eternity.

    2. ChasingLilFuckups11:50 PM

      I'll always hate Trump even if I live to be 150 yrs old.

    3. Anonymous7:38 AM

      But the old gaurd is quick to jump on board. My sister and her former nuclear man for reagan/trump had dinner at the Russian ambassadors house last weekend. They have them over for dinner as well. They went to his place for Russian xmas . Theyre good friends. She sees no problem with it. I told her it's just wrong. These are the neocons that see $$$$ and power jumping on that trump train. I told her she'd better start practicing baking cakes with sawblades in them. 3 hots and a cot are good enuf for the Trumpsters.

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I dont even see how anybody with an iq over 100 could tie themselves to this sinking shipwreck pissidency. It is just career suicide, unless you write a nytimes bestseller about your time behind the curtain of the S.S Trumptanic. Too risky to me.

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      I'm sure you know them, there are millions of Americans who'd do it just for the notoriety. After all it's Bannon's shit show not a governing administration, nobody has to be able to do their job or even be sure what it is.

    2. Anonymous8:15 AM

      You dont?? Do you know how many of these people walked away as millionaires with the Iraq war,alone?? I know for a fact that it was a farce. Do these people care who's family member is killed? O,hell no.

  3. Anonymous5:13 PM

    There is no one I dislike more in the United States than Donald Trump. Paul Ryan comes in second!

    Don't get me started as to my disapproval list for those currently serving in the Alaska Legislature. The Republicans are NOT earning the money we pay them and every damn one of them needs to be voted out of office. Most assuredly so those leading their members beginning w/Fairclough of Eagle River, or is she from Juneau now that she married the guy from there? Where is she actually living/in residence the majority of the year?

  4. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Trump “Wins” By Becoming The Fastest President Ever To Be Criminally Investigated

    Notice that President O appears no where on that list.

  5. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Senator Confirms That Trump Is Under Investigation For Collusion With Russia

    ...Trump certainly made it sound like he was under investigation for collusion, and now he is under investigation for obstruction of justice. The truth is that Trump is under investigation for both potential collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice.

    Donald Trump hasn’t been cleared. According to Sen. King, the Senate Intelligence Committee is only 20% of the way to being done with the investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded or cooperated with Russia.

    Trump’s claim that no evidence was found of collusion was more fake news coming directly from the commander in chief.

    Trump's lawyer, Jay Sekulow invoked Trump's Article 1 powers under the Constitution to justify the President's firing of James Comey, which suggests that Trump believes that he could use the same path to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

    1. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Senator King said this morning (Meet the Press) that the investigation will probable go to at least the end of this year !!!

    2. Anonymous7:18 PM

      Either his attorney is incompetent and doesn’t listen to his client or he thinks we are stupid because he used the letter from Sessions as the excuse to fire Comey and totally avoided any question about little donnie bragging on NBC to Holt about the russian cloud thingy messing up everything.

    3. Anonymous7:28 PM

      Either his attorney is incompetent and doesn’t listen to his client or he thinks we are stupid because he used the letter from Sessions as the excuse to fire Comey and totally avoided any question about little donnie bragging on NBC to Holt about the russian cloud thingy messing up everything.

      Sorry can have it both ways no matter how they try and lie their way out of this.

      As for the Constitution, I seriously doubt this attorney has even read it, he is one of little donnie’s lap dog attorneys.

  6. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Miller seems to have pierced the weekend's veil with POTUS, leading to worry that something ugly could develop this coming week.

    1. Anonymous5:22 AM

      hmmm. pee tapes! pee tapes!! oh please oh please oh please!!

  7. Anonymous7:13 PM

    The majority of the country want to see the investigation into Donald Trump and Russia move forward. But Trump's friends — including those on Fox — apparently find the whole idea amusing.

    ...The president of the United States being under investigation for obstruction of justice in relation to a hostile foreign power’s attack on our democracy is an incredibly serious and shocking situation.

    The ever-growing mountain of evidence against him certainly seems damning, and despite what Trump’s lawyer wants the nation to believe, 78 percent of Americans support the independent investigation.

    But if all of that seems almost too obvious to state, it doesn’t appear to be so to Trump’s cronies or to the Fox and Friends crew.

    Fox News contributor David Bossie, the president and chairman of Citizens United and Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, was palpably indignant over the investigation, labeling it “irresponsible” and claiming, bafflingly, that it is “dangerous for the American people.”

    1. Anonymous7:59 PM

      The talking heads at FOX know what their job is, they know who's watching them.

      And the longer they keep it up the more viewers they lose...

  8. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Here is an idea, why not hire all those unemployed coal miners!

    After all its not like little donnie hires people that are actual qualified for the positions, just as long as they sign the loyalty pledge the job is for the taking.

  9. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Vice President Mike went to Congress to meet with his former fellow conservative House members and demand their support on the bill to repeal Obamacare.

    And when he blasted them for withholding their support, they cried.

  10. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Mitch McConnell refuses to meet with the March of Dimes on the GOP health care bill

    ...Republicans say they embrace the notion of “patient-centered care” — health care that serves the values and needs of the patient — but their leaders’ refusal to meet with groups dedicated to advocating for patients, belies that claim.

    The March of Dimes, which “funds lifesaving research and programs and works to end premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality,” can’t get a meeting with Republican leader Mitch McConnell about the Senate health care bill.

    Nor can the the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, the American Diabetes Association, or eleven other patients groups who requested a meeting with McConnell’s office next week, offering wide-ranging availability.

    1. Anonymous8:00 PM

      I'd never heard of this website before so thanks for sharing. It's a bit more left than I am but it's always nice to keep up with what the far left is doing and thinking, just like we all like to keep up with the far right!

  11. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Michelle Obama Tweets Father’s Day Message To Barack; His Response Is Beautiful

    Twitter users responded in kind, proving once again that the majority of Americans miss the poised and proper former president...

  12. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Adviser Says Trump Wants To Resign Amid Obstruction Of Justice Allegations

    Congressman Floors U.S. With Sunday Trump Obstruction Of Justice Announcement

  13. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Bannon has no intention of recruiting further. He wants to destroy the government.

    Did you all notice that fourteen service members were killed and the president said nothing, didn't reach out to the parents and families of those killed in Afghanistan, there's a disaster at sea and no Ambassador to Japan and no Secretary of the Navy and President Honey Badger don't give a fuck.

    This is the work of Stephen Bannon. The last thing he wants is a professional White House and he is making sure that it doesn't happen.

  14. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Exclusive: NSA Chief Admits Donald Trump Colluded With Russia

  15. WA Skeptic1:58 AM

    Hey, he's saving money already--look at all the salaries he's not paying!!!

  16. Anonymous4:17 AM

    This gang of fleas dream of making a lousy movie. Comi con, the basterly demons from planet T invade earth armed with lies and spies. They aim to free the debts of their old ugly leader, mr dump. His dumpiss is in debtpiss and his pissy friends in low lying places will make it worst. After a swim in the swamp, mr dump buzzes for his diet coke and begins to tweet and cheat. Grade D movie.

  17. Anonymous4:55 AM

    No Secretary of the Navy. No ambassador to Japan.
    Collision between the fizgerald destroyer and a cargo ship. Has anyone seen the crazy trajectory the cargo ship took prior to the crash? loop de loops and curlicues. People with experince are unofficially speculating that the cargo hip utopilot was malfunctioning. ANYHOO, my conspiracy theory prone brain thinks people want the US to look like a land with an idiot in charge, so lets go ram a destroyer. Sadly, the Fitz is in the wrong because of tonnage rules applying and it would have needed to give way to the ship...if it could. Notice very little is being said. We don't want to go to war iwth the Phillipines who owns the cargo ship, or Japan.....but what if we are being tested?? This is the danger of having an idiot president.

  18. Anonymous8:09 AM

    "Greenblatt will arrive in the region on Monday and Kushner on Wednesday."


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