Saturday, June 03, 2017

Trump campaign promotes "Pittsburgh Not Paris" rally in DC, while Trump goes golfing.

Courtesy of ABC News: 

Supporters of President Donald Trump gathered outside of the White House on Saturday morning to thank him for upholding his campaign pledge to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. 

About 200 people attended the "Pittsburgh Not Paris" event, which took its name from an assertion Trump made that he was elected to "represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris." 

The rally was hosted by the Fairfax County Republican Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia. Demonstrators gathered for two hours near the statue of General Jackson in Lafayette Square, just outside the White House. 

Demonstrators chanted "Pittsburgh not Paris" and "jobs, jobs, jobs" to show their support for the president. 

In a Facebook post about Saturday's event, organizers said the rally was designed "to show our support for President Trump's withdrawal from the crippling Paris Accord and demonstrate that we the people support his brave stand against globalist coercion." 

Somewhat ironic that the Mayor of Pittsburgh actually issued his own executive order reaffirming his city's compliance with the Paris climate accord.

So just who is this rally supposed to represent?

Despite the fact that the rally was promoted by the Trump/Pence campaign, Trump himself thought it beneath him to attend so he went, where else, golfing.

Courtesy of Business Insider:

According to a pool report, the president's motorcade pulled up at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia on Saturday morning. It's unclear whether the president is playing golf, and the press pool said it would file another report when it gets more information about the president's activities. 

I think we can assume Trump is golfing, since I'm not sure why he would leave the White House to go to a golf club if he were not planning to golf, especially with a rally in his honor taking place back in Washington.

But then again, I have had significant difficulty understanding ANYTHING that Trump has done lately.

By the way that lack of support for this rally meant that it was both sad and pathetic.
Though Sarah Palin certainly does not want people to think that.
Just in case you are not certain something is sad and pathetic wait for Sarah Palin to defend it, and then you know for sure.

Anybody else tired of all this winning yet?


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    As March For Truth Blows Him Away, Trump Sends Out A Fake News Article On His Crowd Size

    Americans Take Their Country Back As Protesters Spell Out Investigate Trump On The National Mall

    The best protest signs at the March For Truth in Washington DC

  2. Anonymous2:11 PM

    ’15 to 20′ pedestrians stabbed and run down on London Bridge

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    First of all, let's not forget that without Paris, there would have never been a Pittsburgh, or a United States of America. And he couldn't give a shit about the people of Pittsburgh or any of the working class. He told them enough lies to get elected and now they are finding out they were just a means to an end

    1. Pittsburgh voted for Hillary by 60%.

      It's the hicks in the sticks that voted for Trump and gave him Pennsylvania.

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM

    POTUS is not happy that his pity party was...uninspired.

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      "He skipped his campaign rally."
      "He skipped his own Rally because no one showed up"
      "He never planned to attend. Only wanted to counter the #MarchForTruth crowds."
      wreTched>look it up.
      MonEy<>$perm, the root of THIS Evil.

    2. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Maybe not so 'uninspired'. I see there were dozens of people there to support him.

      Most of them came for HIM! and not just for the chance of winning the raffle for a $5 discount ticket at any of his worldwide hotels and a 'Free fries with purchase' coupon at McDonalds.

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

  6. Anonymous2:17 PM

    UPDATE: Van drives into pedestrians at #LondonBridge & 3 men carrying knives jump out and then attack people.

    1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    2. Anonymous4:00 PM

      LATEST: Gang of 5 terrorists 'drove B&Q van into pedestrians on #LondonBridge before attacking with knives

    3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    4. Anonymous4:12 PM

      BREAKING: THREE attacks on/near London Bridge

    5. Anonymous4:32 PM

      NBC Refuses To Report On Trump London Bridge Tweet Because It May Contain False Info

  7. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Jewish activists form protective barrier around Muslims as they protest in front of Trump Tower

    1. They learned their history. They know how Hitler's holocaust started. They see Trump following the same path starting with the Muslims.

      So many fail to learn history and so doom us all to repeat it.

  8. Anonymous2:38 PM

    The Turnout at the Pro-President Trump, Anti-Paris Accord Rally Was Sparse at Best


  9. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Trump might be the dimmest president ever

  10. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Donald Trump’s Biggest GOP Critics Are Very, Very, Very Sad

    The Never Trumpers aren’t in a great place right now.

  11. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Because there's nothing that $arah likes better than a brawl. Isn't that right, toots?

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Apologies....tomorrow, here in Portland, another Trump vs, anti-Trump rally across the street from each other because nothing can go wrong, right?

      I've had it with that bitch and her incitement of violence.

  12. The president of the United Steelworkers disagrees.

    No one in Pittsburgh wants to go back to 1948.

    "To justify withdrawing from the Paris climate change accord, President Trump said during his press conference today, “I was elected to represent the city of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

    From terrible experience, Pittsburghers know about pollution.

    Before Pittsburgh’s renaissance, its streetlights frequently glowed at noon to illuminate sidewalks through the darkness of smoke and soot belched from mills. White collar office workers changed grimy shirts midday. To the west 130 miles, the polluted Cuyahoga River in Cleveland burned – several times.

    Pollution sickened and killed. It triggered asthma and aggravated emphysema. In Donora, just south of Pittsburgh, an air inversion in 1948 trapped smog in the Monongahela River valley. Poisonous steel mill and zinc plant emissions mixed with fog and formed a yellow earth-bound cloud so dense that driving was impossible. Within days, 20 people were dead. Within a month, another 50 of the town’s 14,000 residents succumbed.

    Some viewed pollution as a blessing, a harbinger of jobs. Air that tasted of sulfur signified paychecks. For most, though, pollution was a curse. It meant scrubbing the grime off stoops daily. It meant children wheezing and gasping for air. It meant early death.

    The preventable deaths are why my union, the United Steelworkers (USW), has fought against pollution for decades, long before scientists conclusively linked it to global climate change. That connection made combatting pollution even more urgent. It crystalized our obligation to save the planet for posterity. Signing the Paris Climate Accord last year committed the United States to preserving what we all share, the water and the air, for our children and their children. Donald Trump’s withdrawal from that agreement moves the United States, and the world, back in time to rivers so toxic they burn and air so noxious it poisons. Trump’s retreat makes America deadly again."

  13. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Don't knock the golfing, Gryphen. When the old Cooter-in-Thief is engaged on the links, we're all a little bit safer. It's when Tiny von Fumble Fingers rides the desk with the nuke codes that I become nervous.

    1. Anonymous7:58 AM

      Might want to check who is in his 'foursome' out on the links. Out there where friendly oligarchs can finagle and conspire against us in privacy without pesky eyes and ears overhearing their evil plans.

  14. Anonymous3:20 PM

    How about a rally called "America not Russia".....

  15. Does Sarah realize that now people in Washington DC can see Russia from their windows?

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Lucrative to her bank account.
      Do the research, people!

    2. Anonymous6:41 PM

      I wonder if Trump gives her gifts of money to keep her going.......Sarah, you do know you need to report them and pay taxes if they are greater than 10K a year, right???

    3. Anonymous7:19 AM

      Liked, a thousand times.

  16. Anonymous3:42 PM

    “Pittsburg not Paris” demonstrated exactly how ignorant little donnie really is and his supporters follow like lemmings off the cliff.

    The Mayor of Pittsburgh gave him a nice slap down !!! Bloomberg was in France meeting with Macron.

    The majority of Americans are letting the rest of the world know we do not support trump’s moronic idea.

    This act of stupidity is going to isolate trump from the rest of the world leaders, they already had doubts about trusting him and the Paris Accord was the last straw. I am betting it will be little donnie making all the phone calls and the response will be: don’t call us we’ll call you or the number you have reached is out of order.

    Now we just need to get rid of him before putin infiltrates more of our institutions.

  17. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Here’s a video captured by multimedia journalist Alejandro Alvarez at 10:01am eastern time, one minute after the officially scheduled start time for the pro-Trump rally outside the White House:

    1. When they announced 200 in attendance I immediately figured it was 50-75. The pictures look like I was pretty close.

      I also think they were outnumbered by the protesters.

  18. Anonymous4:06 PM


    "How great is it to have a president that's more concerned with Des Moines than Denmark?" Pence asked the crowd, playing off Trump's comment earlier this week about being elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh instead of Paris.

    1. Anonymous5:31 PM

      The people of Indiana were thrilled when he was chosen as veep, because he was DONE as their governor.

    2. Anonymous3:28 AM

      Well, I'll root for Denmark over Des Moines every time. We visited our longtime friends in Denmark three years ago and had a wonderful time. Mike Pence, like his boss, is an idiot.

    3. Anonymous8:29 AM

      Des Moines is a tiny town in WA state with 29,673 people in 2010. Denmark is a country.
      Comparing apples and oranges much, Pence?!

  19. Anonymous4:39 PM

    As a Pittsburgher, I was appalled at Trump's words and actions re: pulling out of the Paris Accords. Thank goodness that the mayor responded quickly. Smug Trump is clueless re: the transformation of our city. His campaign promises to bring back coal and steel manufacturing jobs to the area were laughable - and proved what a stupid, ignorant fool he is.
    And a shoutout to our hockey team, playing in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals - Go Pens! (That's how we cheer the Penguins.)

  20. Anonymous6:07 PM


  21. Anonymous10:14 PM

    He was literally only 26 miles away from the Whitehouse at his golf course, a 40 minute drive even with some traffic, yet he couldn't be bothered to be there for these stupid rubes that think he's going to save the country, from what, I don't know but they seem to think he's a cure for what ails them.

    What a bunch of fucking idiots that just don't get it; he's not really into you, not at all. You poor people are just talking points but he's golfing and giving all his rich buddies tax breaks while you march around the Whitehouse still believing he's going to make "your America" great again.

    What's it going to take before these people realize he's not going to do anything but make them even more stupid and more destitute?

    1. Anonymous7:27 AM

  22. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Dumbshit. There is no support for mobster trump, only enablers. Enabling a mobster to commit more crime will only land your lard ass in prison. Draining the swamp and filling the prisons ......americans support that.

  23. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Whom does trump represent in Pittsburgh?

  24. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Poor little trumpy cant handle the TRUTH. Impeachment is brewing and it wont be long now. Pack your bags and prepare to be FIRED for being a LIAR. Yer riggers are marching home.

  25. Anonymous1:23 AM

    Our real new president will reverse EVERYTHING trump has done just as soon as impeachment is over and that pos sob is out on the street.

  26. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Noticed that two of the signs in $ara's tweet are the same ones in the Guterman version. His rally organizers sure aren't very creative and sadly end up recycling their protest material. Sad.

  27. Our Lad8:16 AM

    The woman is truly god's own shithead.


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