Friday, June 02, 2017

US intelligence agencies asked the Justice Department to open criminal investigation into leaks, because remember the leaks are much worse than actual collusion with the Russians.

Courtesy of ABC News:  

Looking to stem the tide of bombshell news reports linking Russian operatives with associates of President Donald Trump, U.S. intelligence agencies have taken the significant step of formally referring as many as six recent leaks to the Justice Department for criminal investigation, according to sources familiar with the matter. 

Word of the criminal referrals comes as President Trump tries to use growing hostility toward the press as a means of making money for the Republican National Committee. 

"Do your part to fight back against the media's attacks and deceptions," the president said Friday in a fundraising email blasted out by the RNC and obtained by ABC News. "They don’t care about the truth." 

Meanwhile, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may issue a private memorandum to his entire workforce in the coming weeks, reinforcing department guidelines that govern when employees can engage with members of the media, according to Justice Department insiders. 

For months, President Trump and key Republican lawmakers have been calling on the Justice Department to investigate who told reporters about classified information uncovered during the U.S. government's ongoing probe of Russian meddling in last year's presidential election. But there's only one voice that can really prompt a Justice Department leak investigation: the U.S. intelligence community.

So I guess now that Trump has his people running the intelligence agencies, the obstructionism can begin in earnest.

Of course this is not without precedent as Richard Nixon once asked his FBI Director to be as ruthless as the Nazis in attempting to find Deep Throat.

And we all know how well THAT worked out.

By the way those leakers might be closer than Donald Trump dares to suspect.
Oh my God! It's coming from inside the house!


  1. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Trump, his administration and the Republican party are trying to curtail the media! Resist every one of these fucking assholes every chance you get, America!

    May Trump be impeached or succumb soon (medical reason)! The country would be far better off without him. Look at the discord he has promoted since running and in office such a limited time!

    He has to be stopped and/or impeached!

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I have been wondering about the leaks. Are they from patriots who are horrified by what they see and hear? Or could it be from Russian operatives? Think about it. The Russians want to spread chaos and discord. What better way then to leak sensitive information about the White House?

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Trump's face is so bloated and red! He is NOT handling the pressure well in his new job. Hope they are increasing his meds as to blood pressure, etc. He's waaay overweight which doesn't help either.

    1. Anonymous2:48 PM


    2. Anonymous5:17 PM

      I hope that his blood pressure, medications are NOT being monitored.

  4. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I saw somewhere on the internet, I forget where and I'm paraphrasing, so apologies....

    US Citizens: We hear there is concrete evidence of collusion and possibly treasonous acts being committed by this administration.

    Republican Leadership: Yes. And we are very concerned how you found out!


    1. That sounds like Colbert.

  5. Yes! It is coming from inside the Out House!

  6. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Like we can trust the dept of justice to tell the truth.

  7. Anonymous7:00 PM

    IMO, they are not 'leakers' but whistle blowers and should be sheltered by all statutes pertaining to whistle blowing.

  8. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I think the leaker is the butler!

    He is fed up bringing all those diet cokes every time little donnie pushes the red button. Payback time.

  9. Anonymous8:27 PM

  10. Anonymous8:36 PM

    KKK Sessions:

  11. This is intimidation. He's trying to shut people up and starve the investigation of information and proof.

  12. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Trump does not understand a simple fact.

    The national sport of DC is not football, baseball, soccer, or basketball. It's LEAKING. And the town is filled with world class leakers!!

  13. Marthe1:52 AM

    Nothing stays secret forever. The truth will come out no matter how hard they try to prevent it from coming out.

  14. WA Skeptic5:57 AM

    Spies for other countries in the Russian state, or in China, are summarily executed. I guess having the same traitors in our new POTUS' administrations means they won't be bagged and dragged out of the room.

    F*** Bannon, Manafort, Sessions, Kushner, et al. Traitors, everyone of them.


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