Sunday, July 23, 2017

30 entire people protest outside CNN headquarters in response to their coverage of Donald Trump.

Courtesy of Atlanta Journal Constitution:  

About 30 people gathered outside CNN’s Atlanta headquarters Saturday to protest the network’s coverage of President Donald Trump. 

“Beware fake news” and “CNN. Criminal News Network” were some of the messages they delivered to people walking nearby and to fellow political conservatives watching the demonstration via live feed on 

The protest was the second recently held outside CNN’s headquarters in downtown Atlanta.

Thirty people?

That's not a protest, that's a bus stop.

I could get a larger group than that together to protest too few pickles in McDonald's hamburgers.

One of the organizers — Debbie Dooley, co-founder of the Tea Party activist group Main Street Patriots — said her group was outside CNN a month ago and would be back in August and September. 

“We’re going to keep on holding them accountable,” Dooley said. 

She said the demonstration was not necessarily to show support for Trump but to call attention to what they see as “biased” coverage of the president, the investigation into Russia’s meddling in last year’s elections, and Trump’s policies. 

“We’re here to tell CNN no more fake news,” said another organizer, Melanie Morgan of the Media Equality Project. “They have to know people who are here expect fairness in journalism.”

My favorite part is that Breitbart actually had alive feed to this fiasco.

So while these folks were protesting an actual cable news network for accurately reporting on a president they support, the only aggressive coverage they could attract was from a racist news outlet well known for pushing conspiracy theories and fabricated "news" stories.

Does that about sum this up?


  1. ibwilliamsi8:43 AM

    Did they all come on the same bus? Shit, 30 people could be the entire case of "19 and counting".

    1. Anonymous10:23 AM

      I had more people than that over for a BBQ yesterday in 100 degree heat! Of course the ribs and brisket were probably a bigger draw than GoPee Trumpanzees.

    2. Anonymous12:31 PM

      U both are lying and spreading fake news. There were 50 thousand people There. Once again the fake news fails to count correctly, like at the inauguration. Make America Grate Again because everyone loves parmasian cheese

  2. As a proud African American, I must salute these hardy souls protesting in the Georgia heat. Their "cause" must be of great importance. Saturday, here in south Georgia, it was 95°F & felt like 105°F! To gather such a "yuuuge" crowd in July in Hotlanta is truly remarkable! 30 people! 30! THUR-TAY!!!
    *convulsing with laughter, bent over with giggling, rolling on the dam floor howling!*

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I'll bet the "protest David Letterman" crowd is jealous. What was that...10? :)

  4. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Remember this fake news?


    Did Trump apologize? How did he explain that accusation away? Or is he still investigating?

  5. Anonymous9:26 AM

    This is a crisis. It will escalate dramatically when Trump fires Robert Mueller. Then the Congress will become the only failsafe in the way to extra-constitutional rule.

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Mueller will be fired.
      trump will be re-elected (followed by someone else he (Putin) puts in place to take over the dictactorship)
      And the republicans will do nothing for the next decades.
      The only question is will the democrats do anything - or will they do just line their pockets (as they are doing now) by critizing trump but not offering any thing of substance and not able to win elections.

  6. Anonymous9:37 AM

    The line at Charlies steak and cheese today had way more people. I was kinda mad.

  7. Anonymous9:44 AM

    ...It is hard to overstate the salience of this victory in Obama’s long, long game — and perhaps we are still too close to events to see it as clearly as we should. But here it is: a testament to the skills and vision and tenacity of our greatest living president, whose political shadow completely eclipses the monstrous, ridiculous fool who succeeded him.

  8. Anonymous9:46 AM

    How Trump thinks about pardons

    ...The takeaway: When Trump makes decisions, he doesn't think in terms of constitutional or ethical lines. He doesn't torture himself over the separation of powers. Instead, he still thinks of himself as a CEO trying to gain advantage in transactions. He wants to brawl, and he doesn't care how it looks.
    Keep reading 218 words

    Remember his litigious past: This isn't a unique approach for him. It's standard operating procedure.

    1. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Should he keep handling his job as a CEO, he will be gone before the end of his term. And, I can hardly wait. He's detrimental to our society.

      Where in the Hell are the idiot Republicans in Congress? They are going to lose their seats should they run for reelection. It's amazing they think they can win again.

      Vote Lisa Murkowski, of Alaska, out of office Alaskans, in her next reelection run. She covets Trump and is always sitting very near him in all attention. She speaks out of both sides of her mouth and is not to be trusted!

  9. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Global confidence plummets that POTUS will "do the right thing"

  10. Anonymous9:48 AM

  11. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Alt-Right:" anti-feminist movements"Gamergate was very significant in bringing together a whole cross section of people who were anti–political correctness, but a lot of these people weren’t necessarily right-wing."
    "definitely with those guys, I think they are both participants in and very disgusted by what they consider a degenerate culture. Which is why I think it’s so interesting that a political ideology that is so disgusted by modern libertinism and gender-bending sexuality and porn and everything would find a home in 4chan of all places, because these are people who spent years watching the most horrific and dehumanizing porn you can find on the web, and they all suddenly went right-wing reactionary."
    "n shutting down its political enemies, the left has also shut down its own internal dissenters, who have always made the left intellectually vibrant. These are the people who keep the ideology from becoming fossilized because they force everyone to constantly rethink things, and these are the very voices that have been shut down. "

  12. Anonymous10:00 AM

    30 people? Shit I've seen that many from one family at Costco.

    1. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Lol, me too

    2. Anonymous12:20 PM


      I feel Costco needs a four family members or less checkout line.

  13. Anonymous10:13 AM

    bet they were paid to be there too.

    1. Anonymous11:41 AM

      Sure thing on that. Putin's budget covers it all. Don't forget he's had over twenty years to hide that corrupt money.
      I wonder how they are getting paid. Walmart gift cards?
      We all know Sarah got paid for endorsing Trump by having her house sold in Arizona.
      It's a sneaky situation, and former KGB man good at it.

  14. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Bob Dylan Lyrics:

    Ma$ter$ of WAR!

    1. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Thank you.

  15. Anonymous11:33 AM

    These miserable folks think they are getting the truth from Fox, Breitbart, Trump, and various other right-wing outlets. Such stupidity and ignorance cannot be 'cured'. They, like almost all Trump supporters, are untethered from reality.

  16. Anonymous11:42 AM

    tRump will turn that into '30,000 people came out in support of me, your king, today. Don't believe fake news!'

  17. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Remember Trump when he made his debut to run for president. He gave this rousing speech hinting that the Illuminati was going to be taken to task by him. His supporters in the hills fell for it hook, line, and sinker.
    BUT, if anyone was going to be the illuminati, it would be him and his cabinet. All rich.
    Whata poor guy want with that? It's also funny yet scary to see Steve Bannon lurking around in the background of the hubbub. And everyone knew that when Trump made Kushner all those things that he was no where near qualified to do, that something weird was up. And why do we never hear Kushner speak? Is he the loyal sun in law channeling his father in law? That is a strange family occupying the White House. Again, ask, how did we get here?

  18. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Pickle Protest: say the time and the place.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Nope, there is just the right amount of pickle in a Big Mac.

      But McDonald's shakes are too salty...

  19. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Well now, Trump's numbers are twice the protest that tried to get Letterman fired for Sarah.


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