Saturday, July 08, 2017

Alaska's legal marijuana industry has now paid more than a million dollars in taxes.

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch.
Courtesy of KTUU: 

Alaska's marijuana industry has brought in more than $1 million in tax revenue since commercial sales began in October. 

The Juneau Empire reports that June 30 was the due date for Alaska cannabis growers to pay taxes collected in May. The state's May revenue was $272,600, which is the highest of any month since October and pushed overall tax revenue to $1.2 million. 

The Department of Revenue predicted earlier this year that the state would collect $2 million in the fiscal year that ended July 1. The revenue will miss that mark, but sales are on the verge of increasing. 

Kelly Mazzei of the department's tax division says outdoor growing operations have not yet made their first harvest. She says when that happens the state's tax revenue might soar.

I have to admit that this started off slower than I anticipated, but it looks like legalized weed might finally be making some impact on Alaska's bottom line.

Not much yet of course, but if Alaskans start consuming weed in the same amounts they do alcohol and ice cream this could be huge.


  1. Anonymous4:19 AM

    Hey If all 50 states were collecting herb revenue we could pay off the Republican National Debt after we remove all of the republicans from office and once again be debt free.

  2. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Thats more than the president has paid

  3. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Or coffee. But honestly if all states could legalize it and replace alcohol sales with weed, the country would be good. I was just at a function my company organized where professionals in this community network with other other of status who are addicts and have been in halfway housing. You have no idea how many lawyers, doctors, surgeons, NASA professionals are out there who have those vices. Millions.

  4. Anonymous5:54 AM

    The increased tax revenues coupled with the FACT that cannabis never killed anyone just might force red states like NC to allow decrim. of medical cannabis, before the complications from late-stage Lyme disease kills me.
    CBD oil can be a godsend, but the WHOLE PLANT is what works for me.
    Cannabis reduces the nerve pain & inflammation, as well as helps smooth out the tremors and twitches, gets me to eat and keep the food down and helps me to get some real sleep. Plus, it REALLY helps with the crushing depression.
    My non-Lyme literate Dr. is disgusted with me for using cannabis. She thnks it's only for cancer patients who are in hospice care. She needs to be fired, but she's all I got, and I need her physician's access to the labs for my constant blood work and pharma 'scripts that keep me sort of living.
    When I've stopped using cannabis in the past to please my Dr., my quality of life goes Way Down. Like I said, she sucks and needs to be fired, but I have no other dr. to consult with here in bumfuck NC.

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      I just don't understand why people don't get proper treatment for Lyme when they first get it.Decades ago my daughter was the first in NJ to get it,her pediatrician drove me crazy saying I needed an exorcism for her,that I was causing her to have these symptoms,etc.I took her to a different Dr who was walking in the door as I walked to the desk with my child,he saw the bullseye rash on the back of her neck and pulled me in right away,so excited to be able to treat her and help.That was 35 years ago.Poor child had been unable to eat,would scream if sunlight hit her eyes,was weak and lost so much weight in 2 weeks. Major antibiotics and she was left with some arthritis,but otherwise fine.No idea why Drs are clueless about treatment.

    2. Anonymous10:41 AM

      I can tell you why, @7:09.

      I was misdiagnosed so many times it aint funny. Less than half of us Lymies present a bullseye rash(I never did). I was a super healthy Lady bad-ass, who could out work any man on my crew and HATED to go to the Dr. I lived a clean lifestyle, and focused on natural health practices like a whole foods organic diet and lots of yoga and hiking. I had been in excellent shape, and I mean EXCELLENT.
      There was NO reason i couldnt be an old lady decathelon competitor, or so I thought.

      By the time I was diagnosed, the spirochete had tunneled into all organ systems, and I have brain damage from it and a non-functioning thyroid. Optic nerve damage, neuropathy, kidney, liver and joint damage, heart beat irreg's, slurry stuttery speech, endocrine issues and a nasty form of hemolytic anemia that is debilitating and doesn't respond to anything. All permanent "gifts" from that fucking spirochete that IS able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

      Doctors are encouraged to remain ignorant of real Lyme research, most of which is done in Germany, etc. The CDC and IDSA have a chokehold on the few medicals who want to treat us Lymies. To admit the problem would be to open up the medical community to LOADS of malpractice/medical neglect suits.
      The Lyme literate Dr who diagnosed me told me the disease truly should be called Consumption, instead of Tuberculosis getting that moniker, as it makes one's body eat itself from the inside out as one's immune system goes haywire trying to attack the hidden enemy that is literally everywhere in the body. This is how my thyroid died(Hashimoto), and that was the first symptom for me.
      Alzheimer's patient brain tissue overwhelmingly have the spirochete present.
      I had to learn it all, as my Dr doesn't give a damn, lazy smug bitch. I would have sought out Doxycycline, 6 week treatment right off the bat, pronto if I'd just known what the hell was wrong with me all those years ago. By the time we knew, the 6-wk Doxy wasn't gonna do it. I got 10 months+ of some heavy duty antibiotics and the treatment made me even sicker for a couple years.

      People ask me what's wrong with me now, and their eyes glaze over during the first minute of explanation. I'd like to be a walking billboard for Lyme awareness, but honestly folks don't care unless it affects them directly.

      However,I'm THRILLED to hear that your daughter had a much better out come than I did, and it's proof that timely Diagnosis and proper antibiotic protocol will give the patient some quality of life. I hope she gets her liver numbers run every so often, as the antibiotics can do a number on the liver.

      Google Joseph Jemcek. He's one of the primary Lyme physicians in USA, and a pre-eminent infectious disease specialist. Read about what the government of NC and Blue Cross Blue Shield did to him,( and to us Lymies). This man wants to help people who are debilitated by this bacteria, and he got railroaded out of NC. He set up his clinic in D.C., and trains other Dr's how to treat very sick folk like me, with the Jemcek protocol. It saved my life, such as it is. I'm a shut in now. I'm 47, and my 82 year old neighbor moves about much faster and steadier than I ever will again. I walk with a cane, when I CAN walk, and I'm looking at wheelchairs now.

      Lyme disease is about to explode in this country. Wait and see what it'll be like in just 10 years. If you think obesity and diabetes will debilitate the American public, just wait and see what this fucking disease will do. It takes a healthy person and ruins them. There are documented instances where expectant parents have their miscarried fetus autopsied, and the little one's organs are riddled with Borrelia spirochetes. This disease KILLS, fast and slow, but the debilitation is what co$t$. I will get half a life span. Maybe. I've taught myself to damn well try to live it.

    3. Anonymous11:23 AM

      In Oregon, doctors no longer allow you a medical marijuana card if opioids were originally prescribed. Didn't used to be that way. They are forcing you, and a piece on the news today about addiction rates rising. I am so sorry to hear of your are not alone. This is a nightmare.

  5. Anonymous6:36 AM

    The days of going next door for a cup of sugar are replaced with "gotta bud?"

    1. Anonymous8:08 AM

      Or a clit tip? "porn consumption is $kyrocketing"
      " Creating a deeper, more engaging VR experience with haptic feedback was the logical next step to virtual intimacy." >{for anyone}

  6. Anonymous8:34 AM


  7. Anonymous3:25 PM

    It's so nice to not have to grow it ourselves (finally my heated/lighted greenhouse is free'd up for tomatoes and greens all year long) or find a decent supplier, instead you just go to the store and there are so many options.

    Even if it is 2-3 times more than the black market crap that's available up here it's totally worth it as it's cleaned of even stems and is pure bud, or even better you can do the oils and edibles.

    Most people aren't concerned with what it costs, obviously from how much we're spending and the tax dollars flowing to the state, we just want a really good product.


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