Friday, July 14, 2017

Bristol Palin goes out of her way to point out that her two daughters do not closely resemble each other. Update!

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Bristol Palin has always said her one-year-old daughter Sailor Grace is her husband Dakota Meyer's mini-me, and now she's proud to note that their newborn Atlee Bay looks just like her. 

The 26-year-old mom took to Instagram on Thursday to share a photo of Sailor when she was a baby alongside an image of two-month-old Atlee, who was born in May. 

'Not even sorta kinda alike,' she wrote, adding that Sailor is a 'mini Dakota' while Atlee is a 'Palin baby'. 

And while they are both adorable, the sisters, who are just a little over a year apart, do appear to have very different features. 

At this point I am not sure if Bristol is just trolling IMers, or if she is simply trying to get out ahead of folks pointing this out for themselves.

You probably don't have to be a card carrying IMer to remember that there was quite a controversy surrounding when little Sailor was born.

And exactly who was the actual father.

So why would Bristol open that can of worms all over again?

After all we know she knows about the controversy, because she responded to it.

So what is it?

Is she feeling neglected? Is she feeling bored? Or is there perhaps another reason?

Update: By the way the Grizzled Mama is also promoting this article

Things that make you go, hmmm.


  1. Day-um lie-brul hypocrisy, complaining about celebration of diversity now!

  2. Anonymous2:18 PM

    They both have FAS.

    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      It appears you do.

    2. Anonymous3:54 PM

      Well they are both cross eyed, have wide spaced eyes and stuck out ears, you could be correct.

    3. Anonymous4:37 PM

      Regardless of the crossed eyes on both the ears on that latest one are way to big to even be believed!

      I hope they get those fixed before he or she gets too old!

    4. Anonymous5:06 AM

      4:37 no reputable surgeon will touch a child's ears until 4 years old minimum. I know of what I speak.

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM

    It's impossible to believe those 2 kids have the same father.

    Joey's daughter doesn't look so foreign from Dakota's DNA, but neither resemble him.

    There is no marriage license.

    No fact that they married, so Bristol can screw who she wants, when she wants. The marriage ruse is an act.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      You didn't search too hard for a marriage license. Real ppl have private weddings. Fake couple invite media into the ceremony.

    2. Anonymous3:13 PM

      2:45pm, get real. This real bitch has the Daily Mail on speed dial.

    3. Anonymous3:56 PM


    4. Anonymous4:49 PM

      As soon as there is a marriage license we will see it. Until then, no license, no marriage. Palins Meyers are into Fakenews marriage hype.

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Sailor has no chin, like grandpa Chuckie.

    1. Anonymous2:44 PM

      ...and Brissy before that gawd awful implant.

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Lol she literally just thinks it's funny how 2 babies can have the same parents and look nothing alike as babies. She and willow always joked they often looked different.

    Remember there has never been any legitimate question to the paternity of any of her 3 kids.
    She doesn't give a shit about idle losers who lie unless she thinks the bullshit might affect innocent people. Then she will sanction the liar.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM


    2. Anonymous3:14 PM

      You've never met these people, Alicia. You have no clue what they joke about.

    3. Anonymous4:43 PM


      She and Willow do not share paternity, that's why they don't look alike, duh! That's also why Piper doesn't look like them and Track looks like none of them.

      There are 4 kids with 3 different daddies. Guess which one is actually Todd's :-)

    4. Anonymous7:51 PM

      Hey 2:36. Her kids are innocent. The public is not who puts them on display, she does.

      She has control over what the public sees.Maybe she should get on with her life and quit trying to "Be somebody" .Her idiot Mama is a nobody now and i blame her for not giving Barstool a normal life. Palin used her kids so it's all Barstool has ever known.

    5. Anonymous6:03 AM

      Alicia is in dire need of Bristol's weight loss tea.

  6. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Is no one here a parent?

    1. Anonymous3:30 PM

      See 2:44 PM Pat Padrnos below.

    2. Anonymous4:45 PM

      I'll chime in, no, not a parent, never wanted that hassle and lack of freedom that comes from breeding.

      I know a few people who bred, but most of our friends are non-breeders who see no point in having children.

      In fact most of the people we know who bred did it without actually planning to do it and 75% of them wish they hadn't.

  7. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Imagine that...two offspring that don't look alike! Skipped Biology class, did she?

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Seems so!

    2. Anonymous6:40 PM

      I think of Judge Judy and how she would laugh at her mindset, then NAIL her.

  8. Anonymous2:43 PM

    So curious, how pale little Grace seems to be in all of the photos we see. Maybe they should have her iron levels checked.

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      PLEASE give it a rest. They're babies; why does everyone look for something wrong? I realize that she brings it on herself, but c'mon.

    2. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Not sure what you're carrying on about, 312pm. I was just expressing concern. Good to see that little Atlee's color looks better. More natural, I mean.

    3. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Gracie's Dad is white compared to a breed that fathered( humped her whore Mama) her sister.

  9. Anonymous2:44 PM

    She responded because she hates lying sociopaths who sit around idly inventing bullshit about her, her husband and their relationship and the baby they chose to have.

    1. Anonymous3:15 PM

      You don't know these people, Alicia. Up your meds.

    2. Anonymous3:21 PM

      She responded to what, exactly? She hasn't been talked about in months. Maybe THAT'S her problem.

    3. Anonymous3:36 PM

      They "chose" to have?? Are you saying abortion was an option?? Whoever you are, please think before you post. Beyond stupid.

    4. Anonymous3:53 PM

      2:44 Like many of us. I float around the web every day and read a lot, for hours. I can't recall the last time I saw anyone writing about Palin or any of her family much less 'inventing bullshit'. Last I read BrisDuh moved to TX. Didn't sound very sociopathic to me.

      I feel sad for those of you in her family or fanclub who feel obligated to waste your time defending them. If anyone in that bunch had anything interesting or productive to offer, the public would flock to them. As even you can see, that is NOT the case.

      They brought much negativity to themselves with their antics and rogue behavior. There's usually a price for trying too hard to attract attention.

    5. Anonymous3:57 PM

      3:63 PM - THANK YOU.

    6. Anonymous3:57 PM

      You mean, Bristol went off the pill on purpose this time, Alicia?

    7. Anonymous4:25 PM

      You mean Karen folks! Not @licia. Ok? Get it right!
      Headgames you play you pay!

    8. Anonymous7:33 PM

      Excuse me 2:44. Nobody but her cares.

      John Q Public does not sit around talking about Barstool Palin. Here's a clue if you don't want controversy than shut up! She is or could be a PRIVATE citizen but no she has to sell something and use her kids to do it.Bristol on her own is boring and so is her husband.

      Both are trying to ride a faded fame train instead of getting real jobs. Let's be clear here being a Mom is a job but normal Mom's don't use their kids to promote a shitty product they are trying to sell. Most normal Mom's don't set their kids up for critisism by srangers.

      It doesn't take a genius to have a kid it happens every day all over the World in other words big deal.

      It does however take a special kind of stupid to expose those kids to ridicule when they have no say, to treat your kid as a commodity. Children have no rights and they depend on their parents to protect them from this kind of crap.

      Barstool can sell her shit shakes all she wants but on her own without peddling her kids who would pay attention?

      "MY Shit Shakes give me the energy to keep up with my kids! and here they are! For your comments"

      I really wish there were laws protecting kids rights to their privacy and there are none. We see it here, we see it with the Kardashions and all the crappy self serving assholes who plop out a kid for a photo op.

    9. Anonymous9:38 AM


  10. Anonymous2:44 PM

    OK. I do not ordinarily get into posts about Bristol. Some how, some way this mentally challenged person is going to have to find her way through life.
    With that said - she is really pathetic. Leave yours babies out of your insanity. How many babies is this? We will never know - and I do not really even care.
    This fool is sending posts to Daily Mail on a regular basis. Guess what folks! Those flimsy articles are there for less than a day because NO ONE CARES!! No one cares who you have sex with or what those encounters produced. Give it up, Bristol!! You are history and so are your many children.

    Pat Padrnos

  11. Anonymous2:46 PM

    They look zackly the same to me ... body, two arms, two legs and a head.

  12. Anonymous2:48 PM

    This whole thing is really dumb.

    1. Anonymous3:08 PM

      It really is. "My kids don't look alike!" like it's big news or something. lmao

    2. Anonymous3:57 PM

      If she actually looks at her daughters, one has brown eyes like the Palins and other has light eyes like someone else. Who cares, Bristol? Do you and your two sisters look exactly alike? And the little one is two months old and a lot chubbier than sis was..she will change a lot by fall. How are you liking those 90 degree days day after day?

    3. Anonymous4:40 PM

      102 yesterday.

    4. Anonymous5:10 PM

      It's not about them not looking a like. It's that Bristol is needy for attention and she asks for chit and puts her off springs out to be viewed and scrutinized.
      It's about her fame for giving birth to bastards, all the family are famous liars.

      You have to verify if you are to trust them. Hence no verification of something as simple as a public record of a marriage certificate says something.

      It's all the history of Bristol and her mothering thing, since a young ag,e sadly thrust on stage by a sick mother that needed a family photo. Bristol couldn't help how she looked and the games and her mother played at that time. Bristol made a choice and she carried on being a liar and fool like her mother. Not good for kids.

      The public (except for the dishonest) are going to be honest about Palin (and now the name Meyer) bastards. If Bristol didn't need attention and use her kids she wouldn't have people being honest about what she is doing and how she uses her those kids.

      Sarah and Todd were married and look how they destroyed Track Palin. It's not about being married or not married. It's about being honest. The truth would set them free, but no way will they take that path in life.

      Palin kids will suffer due to the family tribulations they wallow in.

      All Bristol has done in her adult life is poop. Poop some poor kids and sells poopy tea crap. Facts are facts.

    5. Anonymous12:51 AM

      someone's got richer or with better taste between Sailor and (ugh) "Atlee."
      Poor Tailor has one of those hairbands just to show she's a girl, a moose-inspired neckerchief ; Atlee has a pink-and-white embroidered onsie and no phony hairbow.She's in pink, so no confusion; that navy moose neckerchief creates confusion.

  13. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Yawn ... wake me up if DNA shows Franklin Graham or Ted Nugent is the daddy.

  14. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Oh look. Attlee has her grandma's propensity to stick her tongue out. How precious. (and my spellcheck corrected the name..I assume that's where this one was conceived?)

  15. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Correct me if I'm wrong... but I thought Bristol publicly said she was going to quit posting pictures of her children on social media to protect their privacy... but hey... she also said publicly that she was never going to have sex again until marriage ... and I believe little Sailor was born out of wedlock . ...

    1. Anonymous3:16 PM

      When have we ever believed anything out of a Palin mouth? She just needs attention like Mommie.

    2. Anonymous5:21 PM

      Those kids are a commodity. She sells garbage on social media.

      That's what became of Bristol Palin. She probably doesn't make much money.

      Attention with babies make it possible she could get a raise. I doubt it. She is still dull.

      It's only her fake life that make people want to know if she is waking up yet. So we check it out and it is basically the same old same old.

    3. Anonymous5:50 PM

      5:21 PM - the best thing she "could" do is get off the internet and raise her kids to be educated, decent, caring human beings that make something of themselves instead of looking for quick handouts as she was taught from Mommie grifter.

      I remember the video in the kitchen 2008 with Piper sporting simple math flash cards at the age of seven. My kids knew theirs before they entered kindergarten. Am I bragging? No. It's called "valuing education," of which they do not and never will.

    4. Anonymous6:51 PM

      The part that gets me is plastering her kids' pictures all over cyberspace in the hopes of a quick buck even though questions abound re: paternity, FAS, etc. Questions that will become more, not less, obvious in time. People's heads explode when the obvious points are made. But the fact remains: Bristol could end it instanteously, all she has to do is stop pimping out her children.

    5. Anonymous7:29 PM

      6:41 PM - she changed her chin to become a wannabe Kardashian, Hollywood sure gave all of them their best shot, and no one cared.

    6. Anonymous7:37 PM

      6:51 PM - If she is looking for modeling jobs because of her name, they're babies as much as anyone else's. Cute, but I love babies. Exceptional? ..........

    7. Anonymous9:28 PM

      Sailor wasn't the only Bristol Palin child to be born out of wedlock. There's Trig, Tripp, DWTS baby, Haiti baby, Sailor, and maybe the last one born in wedlock--IF they are actually married.

    8. Anonymous7:26 AM

      9:28 PM . Bristol would be proud to have a marriage license and to show the world. The odds of her being actually married are bleak. Maybe one in a gazillion trillion odds.

  16. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Bristol and Sarah are both crying for attention again. What bullshit! It's been heaven not hearing from, or having site of, them constantly!

    I've not missed either at all!

  17. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Bristol said it best when she addressed the speculation over the elder one; "stop trying to create controversy where none exists, desperation is the ugliest thing".

    Pity for her kids that she doesn't seem to ever follow her own advice.

    I personally do not see a resemblance to Dakota in either picture. There, I commented. Did I just make the Palin's day or what?

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      I'd like to know where this supposed "controversy" exists. I sure haven't seen one, but that tribe is infamous for "making stuff up."

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM

      The "controversy" is what happens between Dak and Bris. May be he wants to know why she didn't use a donor that looked more like him. That way their set up would look better and be easier to sell.

      I don't think little At looks like Bris either. That may change over time. Sarah has baby pics of her oldest daughter. She can post the ones looking like At, if they exist. If not, she won't bother. They will just say she looks like Bris although the opposite is true.

      To this day I have never seen or heard of one picture of Track Palin in Afghanistan or Iraq. You know the kind real soldiers have when they are there doing things and with their bros out of country. Authentic mothers and families have framed beside the official uniform portraits.

      If you are operating some side show, like Palin/Meyer, then you do what they do and it stinks of contrived and faked.

      How is Bris doing without all her back up for baby sitting? What happened to Tripp? Is he back to his family in Ak? Getting ready to enjoy the end of summer and start school with his friends?

      Poor Charlie. His father has been weakened and he lost him for the most part. He has no siblings. His cousins on Track's side of the family are gone. That is if there is no Tripp.

      Has Bris posted what she is doing to keep Tripp and Sailor busy and meeting new friends since they moved to Texas? I love the Austin area. There is so much to do. The people are so welcoming.

      When I was there one summer I couldn't keep up with all the activities. It can be a social whirlwind. Especially for children. There was a lot of educational opportunity. Texans really go out to include and make newcomers feel at home and get to know their wonderful state. Both conservatives and liberals had terrific social skills.

      There may be much more hate now. Someone who is only known as a hater from infamous hater family may have a different experience.

      Bris needs to get involved with charity work and giving back to the community and do something about how she got her fame. She needs to be a genuine activist and show what she is about.

      I kinda feel sad for Dak. He has that huge weight around his neck. I don't blame him for going off with the boys. He will have to go back to lock up with Bris so he can see the little ones and get everyone out in nature and to activities. Plenty of opportunities for him to show the girls with guns. They can tour the luxury shooting range where the PTSD made history by shooting that other shooter, the one Bradley Cooper played in a movie.

      They are right there where the "Texas Tower Sniper" made history. Lot's of gun and shooting educational history to show and teach his family.

    3. Anonymous12:29 PM

      Can't imagine getting stuck with Brissle's . You make your bed,you lay in it.

  18. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Bristol is busily trying to scrape up a few bucks- hubby is trying to get some cheap scam off the ground because clearly all his other scams aren't bringing in enough to keep Bristol in the style she expects. Bristol has to keep posting pics of the new baby to plug her laxative tea and her boxes of Chinese junk because only baby pics get a response. Even Alicia is having trouble raising the enthusiasm to post in her various identities all over Bristol's pics.

    The new baby looks like Sarah Palin, not Bristol Palin.

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Speed dial Ivanka, Bristol, she sells Chinese junk with her name on it and makes millions! You're going about it all wrong! hahahahaha

    2. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Yep, speed dial Ivanka. She is Daily Mail worthy. They love her junk.

      Ivanka is a business woman and a doer. She also is the mother of 3 children.

      She travels the world and was head of the Trump Tower that was built in Russia. She will probably be in charge of the Trump Tower in Moscow also.

      Bristol could learn a few million things from the feminist Ivanka.

    3. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Actually, Ivanka and family have been supporting their failing business empires with laundered money from Russia for the past ten years or so. The three eldest Trump children will likely be in prison within a couple of years, as well as hubby Jared. Hopefully, RIC0 will ensure that the Trumps must forfeit their "ill gotten gains", and the family will end up with nothing, which is what they deserve as they are nothing but a mafia family themselves. Upon release from prison, pictures of her children might be the only asset poor Ivanka has. Just like Bristol?

    4. Anonymous2:32 PM

      It is awesome to think of where this little old meeting with the Russian friends and operatives could lead. Lovely to think of what RICO could do. Firing Preet Bharara was questionable, may have been more obstruction. One or many of Trump's slick moves will be unraveling, it will be delicious.
      Trump has been obsessed with getting dirt on Clinton. He missed the part where they were going after Whitewater (nothing-burger) except for leading to the Blue Dress Saga. Now Trump will be in a similar situation except worst, felonies and complicit family going down. Be patient, it will be a long and winding road to his hell on earth.

      If there is someway that the Palins get in the mix of the mafia don's prison bound that will be worth the wait.

      Russia, child and sex labor, adoption, who knows.

  19. ibwilliamsi3:40 PM

    Well, she HAD planned to live in DC by now. Scarah was going to be VP, and she was going to be "mini-Ivanka".

  20. LOL. She is so poking that tiger.

    It's still not too late for DNA on the whole brood.

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if the results showed that not only is Dakota NOT the father of Sailor but that Levi isn't the father of Tripp? He could sue to get all that child support back and then prosecute Bristol for larceny or perjury or something.

  21. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Well it looks like both children are barstools since both are cross eyed, whether Duhkota spawned the first or the second ....well I could care less. Most likely Duhkota is dressed in a male "romper" and cruising the gay bars in Austin for true love.

    1. Anonymous4:52 PM

      Not a Palin supporter by any means, but these replies are old and tired.

    2. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Palins are all old and tired. Old and tired is the response they get back.

    3. Anonymous5:41 PM

      Anonymous4:52 PM
      She is begging for ATTENTION!

  22. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Poor Barstool is so retarded and mentally ill that she will "out" her own secrets to seek attention. Next week she will be claiming her first born Trig for a few bucks.

    1. Anonymous5:18 AM

      That ship has sailed. Everyone knows.
      Even people in the university I work at , a conservative christian place, know it! I was so pleasantly surprised...but they have PhDs so there is that.........

  23. Anonymous4:35 PM

    That girl has been knee deep in shitty diapers since she was a young teen, for Piper and then for Trig, wherever he came from, and then this next batch of crotch fruits.

    26 years young and 3 recognized children and who knows how many others adopted out or raised by her parents as their "children".

    So sad to be so burdened so young. As most of you here reading can probably relate to when we were 26 we were either in college or beginning our careers, and children, if they were to be even considered would be at least 10 years + in our futures.

    If Bristol wasn't such a bitch I'd feel really badly for her fucking upz' her life so badly with so many kids, but hey, she knew nothing else coming from that crazy breeding family of hers.

  24. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Those hospital pics. So why did she have an IV after giving birth?

    1. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Probably had VD (or, as they say nowadays, a STD) and needed intravenous antibiotics.

  25. Anonymous4:56 PM

    The woman is not getting attention and she's selling her offspring's photos because she needs easy $$$.
    No one is paying attention to her Mary Kay Knorr written FB & blog, so they're trying the elder palin's FB.
    These women are so transparent. lol AND unlike REAL celebrities they have to chase the

    1. Anonymous5:25 PM

      Right? And to the Daily Mail no less, which is a bigger rag than TMZ and NE.

      Nothing wrong with being a parent and posting pictures of your kids. Heck, I post pics of my grandchildren time to time!

      She asked for privacy (see above), but HECK NO if there's $$ to be made. It's all she's got and doesn't even get the bank that "real" celebrities get IF they even post their children, which most don't for their protection.

  26. Anonymous4:57 PM

    She's just selling photos that's all. And she's not getting clicks. ROLF

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      The comments there are "moderated."
      Think she's loved much? LOL

  27. Anonymous5:51 PM

    The whole family are still selling guns. Like it is cute to use your kids to sell cigarettes, too.

    "Baby Atlee may be following in her father’s footsteps when she grows up as he has already taken her to purchase a gun:"

    1. Anonymous6:28 PM

      Wait until one of 'em blows their or another's head off. Their kind is exactly what we see day to day through Gryph's posts. Maybe THEN they'll shut up.

    2. Anonymous10:18 PM

      Well the Wasilla PD were going like a bat out of hell towards the compound the other day!

    3. Anonymous5:20 AM

      10:18 do tell! Track have an 'event' again?

  28. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Perhaps she is part of the ploy to deflect attention away from Donald Trump and cohorts. Else, why would we give a flying shit her kids don't look alike?

    1. Anonymous6:24 PM

      This has Mommie written all over it.

      Bristol the saintly, workin' SO hard, she chose life, blah Blah BLAH. Join me for the Mom's March in September!

    2. Anonymous12:42 AM

      My mother chose life, too, and had five children. All productive citizens. She'd never in a million years be caught dead at some Mom's March. She's doing more important things in her life, such as working for health care for all the babies born in this country that need affordable medical attention, the way her children had.
      I had just two children -- wonderful children. Not as much a "mom," if you're counting by numbers, but just as much a mom in terms of love and attention. I, too, will be busy doing other things; working to help the refugees sent to our county become settled, as well as my weekly work at the food pantry.
      Lots of work for moms to do, if they look outside their own homes. Sew some quilts for newborns who come into this world without any warm coverings. Fill a backpack with baby clothes, bottles, a baby book, wash clothes, hats, booties, and several outfits for a new baby and drop it off -- anonymously -- at a maternity ward, where poor babies often leave the hospital with virtually nothing to be dressed in.
      Lots of ways to be a "Mom."

  29. The Palins are boring and seeking attention. Ignore them.

  30. Anonymous6:23 PM

    These posts are Alicia bait.

    1. Anonymous6:35 PM

      And you can bet that $arah and Brissy etal are reading every one.

      Hi, girls, and I DO mean that maturity!

  31. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I wonder what this means - - - go to Dumbkota's Instagram page.

    Only three of the last twelve photos posted there show Baby Atlee. The other seven are of Duhkota -- lifting weights, fishing, flying lessons, visiting San Antonio -- so he's out carousing while Bristol is stuck at home the three little curtain-climbing rugrats.

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Remember out with the boys #soulsearching, Old Redneck? You don't post that if you're happy in your life.

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Arranged marriages are so passe.

      SOME one had to pretend love her to keep up the façade and 'Murika red white and blue.

    3. Anonymous7:51 PM

      Oh, I'm thinking he wanted into that life until he realized how stuck he is! Reality is SUCH a bitch.

    4. Anonymous7:52 PM

      7:00 PM Not with some cultures and/or religious cults.

    5. Anonymous8:04 PM

      I want to know where they get their money. Swimming pool, expensive house.

      Flying lessons are not cheap so what does Dakota do to earn this much? Sell guns? Speaking engagements?

      Most of the money he is using is his wifes from her former house sales which came from Granny Palins money.Well they better get a real job cause that well is running dry.

      Anybody know how the lawsuit is going? Remember Palin is suing the New York Times if i remember right for defamation.

      I bet she settled out of court. Any news on that?

    6. Anonymous5:27 AM

      8:04 PM
      DUH collects disability. I imagine he gets the maximum amount. If he claims the 2 girls and possibly Tripp and Trig, more money.

      He did have a certificate of marriage to Cassandra Meyer, no sign of a divorce. I don't know what he was telling the Marines, veterans and military. He wanted Cassie to keep her mouth shut. He may have paid her off by keeping her as a wife so she could collect part of the disability check.

      Although he lied to Bing West. When it came out that he was married, West and the military did not care about the truth and let all that ride. Behind the scenes the military could pay him disability for two wives, even if he is not married to BP. They don't treat everyone the same in the military. DUH can get by with his lies and all kinds of scams.

      He does speaking and collects fees. People will give a vet like him various benefits and pay them for endorsements and the like.

      I doubt that is his only scam. He has other ways to bring in money, he gets benefits and other funding. If you add them all together it is probably enough to buy things, maybe not enough to support BP as she wants. She can't have that much of an income now, I don't see her media sales to be that much.

      That is why she needs to use the children. DUH uses them to sell guns also. It all adds up.

    7. Anonymous8:51 AM

      He is trying to re-write his personal history, too:

    8. Anonymous9:09 AM

      8:04. Well, yes and no.

      As an MOH recipient, he receives a stipend of around $1,600 a month. As far as I know, that is fixed, does not change with wife, kids.

      If he was judged by the VA to have a service-related disability, yes, he will receive a disability pension, the amount of which varies with the percentage of disability. That is, is he 10%, 30%, etc., disabled? Disability payments are not taxable.

      Yes, he may also get speaking fees.

      While his MOH stipend and disability (if any) are lifetime benefits, the speaking fees will begin to dwindle.

      I notice, too, he seems to be tied in with several "charities: -- the one that was going to free people from human trafficking rings, a few odd "veterans' charities," and a few others. Got to figure they raise some amount of money, most of which is plowed back into fundraising, the rest of which goes into the directors' pockets.

      Then, you got to figure Bristol has something laid aside from Dancing With The Stars and her abstinence scam.

      My wife has an older cousin -- she, her husband, and their adult kids -- and now their grandchildren -- cobble together a very good living by scamming biblethumpers with their "gospel music," music lessons, divinity lessons, and the like.

    9. Anonymous9:51 AM

      Old Redneck9:09 AM, I know veterans on service related disability. They get more money for each child, the wife also. I have helped them with banking.

      Another Vietnam veteran gets almost $3,000.00. As far as I know he didn't have any outstanding fights like guns a blazing saving people. He was on a boat and traumatized when our guns shot up villages and he could hear the screams. He may get extra pay for somethings like Agent Orange.

  32. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Atlee? Who names a little girl Atlee? Ugliest name ever for a girl. Sheesh!

  33. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Bristol never came clean about the abstinence-only sex scam they committed against the good people of America. She has a ton of baggage she carries with her her at all times. She can drink all the shitty tea they send her, she won't shit out all her waste. She just passes on the toxic to those unfortunate kids and her space in the universe. It shows what waste she has made of herself.

    She is a breeder and she will never feel of value for long, unless she can get knocked up again and do her pregnant and baby routine. It's all she's done and all she knows.

    How abstinence-only sex ed keeps some people from reporting their sexual assaults

    1. Anonymous8:21 PM

      How soon people forget the heart to heart interview with GVS in 2009 when Brissy said "abstinence for all teens is not realistic," and then Mommie entered through that door. "HEY, you have a Candie's contract!"

      I HOOYED.

    2. Anonymous9:36 PM

      I felt really bad for Bristol that interview but have no sympathy for her. She made her choices and had none because NO education.

      Mommie will throw ANYONE under a bus. Even her own family if she comes out on top.

  34. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Behind it all is tiny simple Sarah desperately trying to re-establish a significant grift. Bristol the dullard is just a tool.

    1. Anonymous9:17 PM

      And there you go! It's pathetic but they're too dumb to know better.

    2. Anonymous5:46 AM

      @9:17, Dumb= Palin. Palin Troll= You.

  35. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Something is weird with both these girl's upper lips. As if they have a partial cleft palate that might have been repaired?

    1. Anonymous9:48 PM

      STOP! What is wrong with you?!

    2. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Three letters will explain that to you...FAS ( fetal alcohol syndrome).

    3. Anonymous11:17 AM

      9:48: Nothing wrong with me at all. Just an observation and a sincere question. Look closely and unbiased yourself and maybe you will notice the same that I notice.

  36. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Ok. Slightly O/T. Remind me: WHICH PRESIDENT gave DUH his MOH????
    Look at this a$$hole claiming it was DumbYa!

    1. Anonymous12:13 AM

      Yes, and his 'friends' reveal that they are as backwoods and treacherous as he is with their delusional hatred of PBO. As it is, Duh should be ashamed for trading on the MoH to make a few coins.

    2. Anonymous4:31 AM

      Figures! He is SUCH a putz.

    3. Anonymous4:48 AM

      Dakota Meyer is a disgrace and as dumb as a Palin. Bushy Scrub was into murderous cons at the time, he would be more likely to give a killer con man a medal for lying.

      The President trusted the military, who thought it was good PR, good to fool more young men into risking life and limb. They were looking for a MOH as a recruiting tool. The military could care less if the person they selected was a liar and undeserving. They needed a stupid tool and that's what they have with Meyer.

    4. Anonymous6:00 AM

      And he is what Prissy Brissy calls trading up!?!

    5. Anonymous8:14 AM

      Sure appears that Bristol Palin knows she is 'white trash' from Wasilla, AK since she thinks she's 'moved up' by marrying that idiot from Kentucky.

  37. Anonymous10:05 PM

    So, where are we at score card?
    Cleft Lip
    Chin Missing
    Cross Eyed
    Brain Challenged

    Seriously, people?????
    They'll have a hard enough time in that family.
    Leave them alone.

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Anonymous10:05 PM
      hey...the woman is putting herself out there... ANDDDD THEY ARE all of the above and more

    2. Anonymous11:19 AM

      10:05: Some of the points you listed are simple FACTS. Others are conclusions.

  38. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Time will tell!

  39. Anonymous5:58 AM

    I'm being honest because I'm confused with all the men she had relationships with before each baby was born.

    I don't think the true biological father's of her children were ever established.

    I don't remember if there were talks about the fathers wanted or threatened DNA tests because Bristol was acting up but when that was mentioned didn't Bristol straighten out and played ball so there wouldn't be one?

    So yes when she had several playmates (to say it nicely) of course her children would look different from each other and yes Bristol's three (or four) children looks nothing like the other.

    1. Anonymous6:25 AM

      Are you saying one of her four children could be Trigg?

    2. Anonymous6:29 AM

      Did the playmate with the canvas tent ever get a DNA test?

    3. Anonymous6:34 AM

      Whatever happened to Ruffles if there was a Ruffles?

    4. Anonymous5:26 AM

      6:25 Late to the show, but "welcome":
      Read the archives.

  40. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Does Coach Bristol use a baseball lineup card to keep track of who was in her batter's box and who was on deck to keep up with who got to fourth base with their bats.

    A baseball score sheet/lineup would have been helpful keep track of the hits and runs. To be a little bit more clearer or brazen if you don't mind, a score sheet would track who hit it and ran.

    Baseball sure can be a confusing game in Wasilla.

    1. Anonymous7:47 AM

      Did she play softball or hardball? What was her preference, big balls or small balls or both? Maybe it didn't make a difference as long as the batter can hit it over the stadium wall?

    2. Anonymous7:57 AM

      Hey batta batta, hey batta batta swing

    3. Anonymous8:00 AM

      Was it ever settled if Glenn Rice was ever on her mother's lineup card? What about Curt Menard Jr?

    4. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Anonymous7:57 AM, I think it is pronounced

      Hey batta batta, hey batta batta saa-winggg

  41. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Any news about Sarah Palin's lawsuit?

  42. Anonymous12:48 PM

    If Bush Chaney hadn't gone to Afghanistan and shock and awe Iraq there would have been no chance for Dakota Meyer to make up a hero story and get his medal and show disrespect for the then President.
    He would have never been able to get all he could out of taxpayers and the giving people that want to help those they think are heroes and deserving veterans.

    So it makes sense he would be proud to be with Chaney's tool and war criminal that got by with his crimes.


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